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Minnesota-based Arctic Cat was the first manufacturer to build a UTV with an engine over the 900cc mark. The Prowler 1000 XTZ and the whole Prowler family get some nice upgrades this year.

PROWLER 1000 XTZ EPS ...................................................16 PROWLER 550 XT . .............................................................19 PROWLER 700 XTX.............................................................19 PROWLER 700 XHD............................................................19


Canada-based BRP enters the market in a big way this year with the all-new line of Can-Am Commanders.

CAN-AM COMMANDER 1000X..........................................22 CAN-AM COMMANDER 1000............................................23 CAN-AM COMMANDER 1000XT.......................................23 CAN-AM COMMANDER 800R & XT ..................................23


This year John Deere is making a push to bring their Gator off the farm and onto the trail with their recreational influenced Gator 825i.

JOHN DEERE GATOR 825i ................................................26

Polaris Ranger RZR-4 EPs ...........................................30 Polaris Ranger RZR-s ..................................................32 Polaris Ranger RZR Eps ..............................................34 Polaris Ranger RZR ......................................................36 Polaris Ranger CREW 500 ...........................................36 Polaris Ranger LSV ......................................................36 Polaris Ranger 800 ......................................................37 Polaris Ranger DIESEL ................................................37 Polaris Ranger RZR 170 ..............................................37

38 Yamaha

Responsible for the Side-by-Side recreation movement, Yamaha continues to make slight updates to the ever popular Rhino.

yamaha Rhino 700 fi sport ........................................38

44 Fat Rod Rhino

We take a detailed look at’s unique Fat Rod Rhino! This Rhino adds a flair of old school hot rod nostalgia and infuses it into off-road.

48 King Shocks

We take an inside look at one of the premier off-road shock manufacturers, King Shocks.

28 kawasaki

Kawasaki is back this year with a whole new choice of colors. Is there more in line for the Teryx? Read and find out.

kawasaki TERYX 750 FI Sport ......................................28 kawasaki MULE 610 XC ..................................................28

30 Polaris

Polaris is by far the most aggressive manufacturer in the UTV/Side-by-Side arena. With more new units each year they are becoming a force to reckon with. Youth models all the way up to sporty multi-passenger vehicles.

55 Dune season buyer’s guide

It’s that time of year again to get ready for the sand. Last issue we provided insight to long-travel suspension for your UTV. This issue we left out LT suspension and focused on products to enhance your dune experience.

66 Bikeman performance

Wake up your Polaris Ranger 700 or 800 with a Cyclone Turbo kit from Bikeman Performance.


ON THE COVER New UTVs are plentiful this year. Pictured on the cover are a few snapshots from Canada, Arizona and Montana as we check out the latest UTV & Sideby-Side offerings for 2011.




WE WANT MORE! Oh, man, I love this time of year. Time for new UTV models for us to check out and time for us to reveal them to you. If you have been following the last few issues, I have been hinting around that there would be some new UTVs for the coming year. So in this issue, I thought we would reveal a variety of new offerings from the manufacturers in our UTV Buyer’s Guide. While we don’t list every UTV and model available, we do list the major manufacturers that have made changes from the previous year. We focused on units that you can most likely check out and purchase at your local powersports dealer. There are only a few new units with significant changes, while the remainder of the units get some “freshening up” with graphics and minor details. Rather than just list the units with photos and specs, we thought it would be more beneficial to our readers to provide some opinions on each of the vehicles along with some reviews. In 2010, the most exciting vehicles to market were the Polaris Ranger RZR-4 and the Can-Am Commander 800 & 1000 models. Polaris kicked off the year introducing a midyear release with the RZR-4. While we were skeptical on its performance and how it would be received by the consumer, we were really amazed with this unit. This sporty multi-passenger vehicle at the start has a limited base of consumers that are looking for a unit that can carry 3 passengers plus driver. The RZR-4 will most likely not be used to perform any work duties, but will be used solely for recreation. If you only ride on 50” wide trails, this unit is not for you. The only UTV that fits this mold is still the original Polaris RZR. If you ride on trails 60” or wider, then the RZR-4 just may be of interest to you. We have driven the RZR-4 in the Arizona desert, the dunes in Utah and California, in the rocks of Moab, Utah, and in the mountains of Montana and Utah in the last seven months and are amazed with the capabilities of this machine. Also, this year was the introduction of the Can-Am Commander 800 and 1000 that we debuted in our Aug/Sept issue, and we were impressed with pretty much everything about it. We felt it was a great way for Can-Am to enter the market, putting their best foot forward. While there are a few things we would like to change, we can pretty much speculate that they will be one of the vehicles to beat, much like the Yamaha Rhino was some years ago. With that being said, I started wondering about where UTVs will be in the future. How much further can we push the design until it becomes somewhat stagnate like the ATV market with only a few minor tweaks here and there each year. What would you like out of a UTV? For us, we love suspension. The more travel the better. Wider is not a problem in the trails we ride in the Southwest, so we would love to see some Limited Edition UTVs from every manufacturer with a wider stance and long travel suspension, much like the Polaris RZR-S and RZR-4. For those of us in the Midwest and Eastern states where width restrictions are an issue, wouldn’t it be great to choose from more than one available 50” wide unit like the RZR? And what about those of us who like to drive in the mud? A few mud-specific ATVs have been introduced in the last few years from Arctic Cat and Can-Am. Wouldn’t it be amazing to buy, off the showroom floor, a UTV mud machine with 30” mud tires complete with snorkels and a winch? And wouldn’t it be cool if the manufacturers offered this as a factory accessory? I would personally love Honda to re-introduce the Honda Pilot, a vehicle that was way ahead of its time. Can you even imagine how cool that would be with today’s technology? I think there are still a lot of great opportunities for manufacturers to take advantage of and create vehicles that can be tailored to our specific recreational riding criteria. And what about the youth? Currently, the only major manufacturer that offers a youth version is Polaris with its RZR 170. Why is it that we can buy a youth Motocross or an ATV for our kids but not a sporty side-by-side? My best guess is that, as certain manufacturers see their market share dwindling, they will step up and be competitive, opening their eyes to opportunities that lay before them. Troy Merrifield Editor-in-Chief


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Yamaha Motor Corporation Court Verdit Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., Statement on Holt vs Yamaha Trial Verdict in Orange County, Calif.: Jury Finds No Product Defect with Yamaha Rhino CYPRESS, Calif. – July 27, 2010 – The jury’s decision in Orange County, California, to reject the plaintiff’s claims and award no damages in this case is appropriate. The jury made a decision based on the facts. The testimony and evidence during the trial showed that this unfortunate incident had nothing to do with the design of the product.

Fourth Jury Verdict For Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.; Jury in Alabama Rejects Plaintiff’s Claims Regarding Yamaha Rhino Yamaha Statement on Mathis vs Yamaha Decision in Alexander City (Tallapoosa County), AL CYPRESS, CA– August 12, 2010 – A jury in Tallapoosa County, Alabama today rejected the plaintiff’s claims and returned a unanimous defense verdict for Yamaha in Mathis vs Yamaha, a case involving an accident on a Yamaha Rhino in Alexander City, Alabama. This verdict in favor of Yamaha is the second in 24 hours and marks the fourth time a jury has rejected plaintiff’s claims regarding the Rhino’s design, finding no defect in the Rhino.

New Polaris Ranger Cab System from Curtis Ind. Curtis Industries Introduces New PathPro SS Cab System for Polaris Ranger 800 Crew Features include both functionality and versatility Curtis Industries LLC has introduced a new addition to its line of cab systems for the Polaris Ranger. The new PathPro SS cab system for the Polaris Ranger 800 Crew UTV offers functionality, versatility and value. Because this vehicle is used in a multitude of applications, the new PathPro SS cab system’s rugged design will withstand a host of obstacles.  Its main feature is the interior, offering almost 100% panoramic visibility, allowing the driver easy access to see in all directions with limited view obstructions. “This cab system far exceeds our expectation.  We believe end users will be satisfied with its superlative performance and lasting durability, states David Breault, Director of Product Management and Marketing.  Because the Ranger Crew is built with unmatched traction and hard-working technology, we wanted to produce a cab system to match. We have been watching the pulse of the industry and listening to our customers;  after reviewing the details of their input, we felt the timing was right to introduce this type of cab system.” Using quality 30oz clear, double-polished vinyl, the PathPro SS cab system seals snug around the entire vehicle, making the ride virtually air tight with minimal noise intrusion. Each cab features a steel roof with textured powered-coat paint and acoustic headliner that comes in 2 pieces, for easy shipping and assembly. The windshield is made from polycarbonate with quantum coating, allowing the ability for optional wiper usage and reduced marring.  Accessories are also available for these cab systems that include heaters, work lights, plows and spreaders. For more information on Curtis products please visit, or call 800.343.7676.

Yamaha is saddened whenever anyone is injured in an accident involving a Yamaha product, and the accident in this case underscores the importance of following the safety guidelines posted on the Rhino and in the owner’s manual, and to always operate the products in a safe and responsible manner. Drivers and passengers should wear helmets, protective gear including over-the-ankle foot wear, and the vehicle’s three-point seat belts at all times. The Rhino is a safe and useful off-road vehicle that has won virtually every “first in class” award and top safety ratings in independent reviews since its introduction. Yamaha stands firmly behind the Rhino and will continue to vigorously defend the product. To learn more about the Yamaha Rhino, visit our website



New Website Launched for Easier Shopping Xtreme Machine & Fabrication, one of the top manufacturers of UTV cages, bumpers, long travel and the original convex rear view mirror have launched their new website for easier shopping and information. Xtreme is also the builder of winning race UTVs for Robert VanBeckum and Austin Kimbrell. For more information, go to:


Keep Pumped Up with ViAir Onboard Air Systems VIAIR Corporation offers smaller Onboard Air Systems that provide all of the parts needed to make installing a more focused onboard air system simple, efficient & cost-effective. Now you can take compressed air with you for smaller tire inflation, air horn use and much more. These kits are guaranteed to solve your air source needs, without using much of the precious room on or o n your UTV. P/N 10002 – Quarter Duty OBA builds a maximum operating pressure of 120 psi and comes with a two gallon, 5-port air tank. For more information, please contact VIAIR Corporation, 15 Edelman, Irvine, CA 92618, or call (949) 585-0011,


a step up for pick-ups A leap up in safety and convenience! The most versatile hitch mounted step, ball mount and winch mount that money can buy! It’s a whole system! The new STEP n TOW swing out step is a versatile tool for pick-up trucks and SUV’s. It allows easy access to the pick-up bed or roof racks. From the durable galvanized, powder coated finish to the 18”, 90° swing out safe non-skid rubber foot- step, this product boasts quality through and through. Fits any standard 2” receiver, ideal for the home owner, farm, DIY, contractors, trailers (utility, travel, camping and boating), anyone and everyone needing access to the back of a pick-up truck or the roof rack of any sport utility vehicles. STEP n TOW always offers convenience and safety for everyone in the family or work place. Add the Universal Mount and STEP n TOW will accept any tool that normally fits into a 2x2 receiver, whether it be a bike rack, a mounted vice or an electric winch. Features at a glance • Fits any standard 2” receiver • 2” drop, 3/4” rise • Rated to 6000 lb (V5 certified) • Rugged two step galvanized then powder coat finish • Safe non-skid foot-step • 18” swing out step, locks into position, rated at 350 lb in the open or closed position • Winch Mount (2 bolt pattern up to 3000 lb) For more information visit:


gonepostal Do you have a great photo that you would like to share? We know you have a camera, so send it in for our reader mail section for everyone to enjoy. E-mail your photos to:

MILITARY STYLE Dear UTV Off-Road, My son and I just finished customizing our RZR-S to military style. Thank you, Simon and Rudolf Ross Via e-mail Hey Simon and Rudolf, thanks for the photos. This is one of the best Military-themed UTVs we have seen! We noticed the 2011 glove box in your older style RZR-S. How did you manage that? - Editor


PLOW COW Hi Guys, This is me clearing my drive up to the house in my Ranger in CO. Tracks are TATOU by Camoplast. On and off in about one hour. Top speed is around 30 mph with the tracks on. The location is Ridgeway, CO, 30 minutes Northeast over the San Juan Mountains from Telluride. Couldn’t even get close to the house without it. Thanks for the advice on which UTV would be helpful for my specific purpose. In the summer months, we love to ride our Ranger on the trails. Keep up the good work! Joel E Ridgeway, CO Via e-mail Hey Joel, that is an amazing piece of property you have there. Let us know when you need some help plowing the snow from your driveway and we’ll be on the next plane out. By the way, how would you like to adopt a hard-working, middle-aged man?- Editor

SEE YOURSELF IN PRINT! Let’s face it, we love to check out what other people are doing in their UTVs. This is your chance to show off your rides! Send in your entries and let everyone know what you drive and where you ride. FREE? And to encourage you to send in those entries, we’ve got a little incentive for you. So, the first 25 people to submit their photos and info will receive a complimentary 1-year subscription to UTV Off-Road Magazine. How sweet is that? WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? 1) Send in a photo of your vehicle. Digital images should be no smaller than 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (2 megapixels). Images can be a JPEG file (saved at maximum-quality), a TIFF, or PDF file. 2) Supply us with your name, address (to send your subscription) and any comments. 3) EMAIL TO: or write: UTV Off-Road Magazine 20280 N. 59th Ave., # 115-245 Glendale, AZ 85308



GONE POSTAL UTVOR READER MAIL - IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! RZR TO THE RESCUE Dear UTV Off-Road, Here is a bit about me, I am 37 years old and a firefighter/paramedic with 18 years of full-time experience. Presently I live in South Saint Paul, Minnesota. I grew up in South Dakota and was around dirt stock car and sprint car racing my entire life, and I even took a spin at driving a stock car for one season. Also I have been a racetrack rescue fire/medic and a track official for 15 years. In 2008 I bought my Polaris RZR and did some trail riding in southern Minnesota with the RZR and had a blast with it on the trails. Over the winter, in 2008, I was offered work with a new dirt sprint car organization being developed called the UMSS or the Upper Midwest Sprint Series. This series is a traveling race group with 360 cubic inch powered sprint cars with between 17 and 20 race events set up at dirt race tracks in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and I was their new fire/rescue official. Presently I also work for The Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wisconsin, one of the premier dirt tracks in the country and I have been their fire/rescue medic and track official for the past 9 years. I had a very busy 2009 race season with 60 events scheduled from April to October between the two groups I was working for, and the 2010 season I already have 62 events scheduled. I decided I needed a fast, reliable workhorse to help me do my job night in and night out at these dirt racing events, and that machine was in my garage. So over the winter and spring I removed a lot of stock parts from my RZR and loaded my machine with everything I needed to provide quick response to accidents, fire suppression, safety equipment and also track cleanup products. On the RZR I carry 18 fire extinguishers of different types, they vary from the charged water extinguishers with FireAde fire suppression additive, dry chemical and a large carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Also I carry many hand tools, battery sawzalls and side grinder/cutter tools for driver extrications, and lastly I also carry 10 gallons of track dry for fuel and oil spills. The speed and power of the Polaris RZR is one of the best reasons I use it for this type of job, I am arriving at the on-track accident scenes within seconds of their occurrence, and with these types of accidents every second counts. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting there quickly to check the driver’s condition, pull the cars apart, pick up the wrecked parts and clean the track of any fluid or debris to keep the show moving along at a good pace, and all of these things happen because the RZR gets me there fast. Along with my RZR being a great workhorse, the way the RZR looks with all of the add-ons I have applied is another great benefit. I get at least 10 people each night stop me to talk about my RZR or to take a picture of it. The RZR is a big hit with kids and adults of all ages at the tracks. My favorite comment came when I had a guy walk up to me and say, “That is one bad-ass ride you got there.” It is becoming so popular that the owners of the tracks have me pacing the field of racecars before the main event races with the RZR with my emergency red lights flashing that I have added. I am a big fan of UTV Off-Road Magazine, and it would be a great honor to have more people across the country see my RZR. It is a great and unique machine that helps me perform an exciting, important and fun job. Thank you again for your time. Brent Dvorak Saint Paul, Minnesota Via e-mail Hey Brent, thanks for writing to us about your tricked-out Polaris RZR. It’s great to see that you found a unique way to use your RZR and get paid for it. Well done! -Editor

TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. Engine - 951cc V-twin 2. Power steering 3. Baja-inspired round tube cage 4. New colors 5. Redesigned foot throttle

GREAT WEBSITES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



Arctic cat Prowler 1000 Xtz Eps


ure feat

story by joseph “joey D” Digiovanni // photography Enrico Pavia

The 2011 Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 XTZ is arguably one of the most powerful UTVs to ever hit the UTV market. When Arctic Cat introduced the 2010 Prowler 1000 XTZ, it quickly became one of the more popular UTVs for performance-minded individuals. With top speeds reaching the high 70 MPH range, the Prowler XTZ was the fastest UTV to hit the market. New for 2011, the Prowler XTZ 1000 receives more refinements, such as: new color offerings, Variable Assist EPS, upgraded high-performance Ryde FX gas shocks, a ROPS compliant Baja-inspired round tube cage, new digital gauge with seatbelt indicator light, a console-mounted automotive style parking brake and a redesigned foot throttle with a lighter spring. To introduce the new Prowler lineup, Arctic Cat lined up the ultimate threeday, 300-mile adventure from Mesquite, Nevada to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This was by far the longest trip as far as miles put on a machine that we have been on at a media introduction. Obviously Arctic Cat was sure that their new lineup of Prowlers would prove to be durable enough to take a 3-day thrashing from 15 Editors in the untamed deserts of the Southwest. And without a doubt, they were right. With Arctic Cat building upon their winning platform of power and performance, they retained the 951cc SOHC 4 stroke, 4 valve, and V-Twin Liquid Cooled H2 engine with EFI. Arctic Cat prides itself on putting power where it matters, to the ground! As power hungry enthusiasts we love when manufacturers have this mind set. To complement this “monster power mill” is the Duramatic Transmission with Low, High, Neutral, and Reverse. This year’s model has increased engine braking, which really helps when on a downhill slope. Not having to ride the brakes is great when trying to navigate rough and rocky downhill terrain. A front locking 4WD differential with an all-in-one 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock Rocker Switch button enables quick engagement when needed.

claims them to be the best, and they may be, I just think that with this type of power and aggression an adjustable compression/rebound coil over shock is necessary. With all of the different terrain enthusiasts will be taking the XTZ through, I feel the ability to adjust to your personal ride comfort is a huge benefit. Another new feature for 2011 is the ROPS compliant Baja-inspired round tube cage. One of the biggest complaints we heard over the last year with the Prowler lineup was the use of the square tube cage. It made it hard for aftermarket accessories to adapt to the cage style, and it also wasn’t the most appealing in the style department. Arctic Cat took note and introduced their new style round tube canopy for 2011, and it not only gave the Prowler a more appealing look, but it also now gives the Prowler the aggressive cage design enthusiasts and XTZ lovers wanted. In addition to the round tubing design the Prowler also comes standard with a very useable convex rearview mirror. I found it very useful while on our adventure to the Grand Canyon, I took pleasure in watching all of our friends eating our DUST! Interior creature comforts also took a turn for the better in 2011. A digital gauge redesign was implemented and includes a new seat belt indicator light to remind you of always keeping safety first when operating the

New for 2011 is the Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS). Arctic Cat’s Variable Assist EPS allows steering assistance to the XTZ before it even starts to move at idle. We find this extremely helpful when moving the vehicle at slow speeds, for example when moving in/out of the garage, off/on the trailer, but most importantly on the trail. We found navigating through rock gardens a huge benefit with EPS, allowing us to follow our chosen line with little effort. The EPS is also a tremendous help to the driver when in 4WD, especially when the differential lock is engaged. It takes away the fear of the wheel ripping out of your hand by reducing the torque necessary to steer the XTZ when changing direction with a full load in the bed or when traversing over tough terrain like rocks or deep mud. I feared a feeling of the vehicle being loose with the EPS when moving at high speeds. While you still get a feeling of “lightness” due to the shorter wheelbase of the UTV, the handling was still very responsive and oversteer wasn’t a problem. At the end of a long trail ride, your arms will be less fatigued due to the EPS, a feature that we welcomed. The stance and suspension were race-bred and performance calibrated with what Arctic Cat calls “Ride-In”. Ride-In is described by Arctic Cat as having roughly 2 inches of squat (depending on driver/passenger size) while providing 10 inches of ground clearance and 10 inches of suspension/wheel travel. I will attest that the Arctic Cat does have a rather sporty feel to it, especially at high speeds and when cornering under power. I really enjoyed the pull it had when coming out of a turn and off the line, and because of the power and stance sliding in and out of corners was exceptionally fun and sturdy. I never had the feeling of being too top heavy or the feeling of “bicycling” the UTV when turning hard through a corner. One area of the suspension we were slightly disappointed in was the gas-charged “Ryde FX” monotube coil over shocks. While Arctic Cat




Arctic cat prowler xtz 1000 eps Prowler XTZ. A new race-inspired steering wheel was also applied to the 2011 XTZ and works in conjunction with the 5-Position Tilt Steering set-up which is lever actuated and makes for an easier entry and departure from the vehicle. A console-mounted automotive style parking brake was also added and is a huge improvement over the 2010 model. Arctic Cat also took notice to what was being labeled as a “sensitive” throttle in 2010. So for 2011 they designed the Prowler with a new foot throttle that has a lighter actuator spring. This reduces the “jerky” feeling you get when applying pressure onto the throttle. Storage is not a problem with the XTZ, with plenty of cargo space both in the bed and under the hood. The XTZ has a 1,500lb towing capacity and a 600-lb payload capacity for the bed. The under hood storage box is rated for 25-lbs and is large enough to hold a backpack which we found really useful on our trip in the XTZ. The XTZ sports an 8.2 gallon fuel tank which provided surprisingly good fuel economy, even when driving the vehicle like we had stolen it across the Arizona/Nevada deserts. The rear bed cargo box also comes with bed rails, which give you some convenient locations to place your tiedown hooks. Still lacking is interior bed hooks, which would be handy to strap down smaller items such as camping gear or coolers. The Prowler 1000 XTZ will be available from Arctic Cat in two paint options for 2011. White Metallic or Viper Blue Metallic are the options, and personally I love the white! Gone is the aggressive hood scoop that was featured in the 2010 lineup, which I am a bit torn on. We lost the scoop to make room for the under hood storage, so I can accept that change. A new addition to the Prowler 1000 XTZ lineup is the 26” Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires. Wrapped around the 14-inch aluminum wheels, the Bighorns are some of the most reliable and popular tire options in all of the UTV market. The Bighorn 2.0s are lighter than the original Bighorns, and we encountered no issues on our long excursion through the brutal Arizona and Nevada deserts. The Prowler XTZ 1000 is outfitted with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes; they are predicable and we never felt that they needed more. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the performance, handling, and overall comfort of the Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 XTZ. It has all a performance minded UTV enthusiast can ask for and is primed for some very exciting aftermarket modifications. So run out, grab yourself a new 2011 Prowler 1000 and send in your pictures and stories to us here at UTV Off-Road Magazine. Who knows, maybe we will feature your kitty next!?


Prowler XTZ 1000 H2 EPS




Liquid with Fan

Engine Type

V-Twin,SOHC, 4-stroke, 4-valve

Bore x Stroke

92 x71.6mm


Electronic Fuel Injection

Fuel Capacity

8.2 gallons

Alternator Capacity

25 amps

Starting / Battery

Electric /12V - 30 AH

Drivetrain Transmission

Automatic CVT w/EBS

Gear Range

Hi/Low Range & Reverse


2/4 WD + Electric Diff Lock

Suspension Front Details

Double A-arm

Rear Details

Double A-arm


10 in.


10 in.


Hydraulic Disc

Tires (front/rear)

26 x 9-14 / 26 x 11-14

Dimensions Wheelbase

75 in.

Dry Weight

1315 lb

Ground Clearance

10 in .


118.75/61.5/ 79 in.


4 wheel hydraulic

Parking Brake


Load Capacity Underhood Capacity

25 lbs

Box /Flatbed Capacity

600 lbs

Towing Capacity

1500 lbs








Special Features

Cargo Box Rails, Gas Charged Shocks, Mirror, Aluminum wheels

Color options

White Metallic or Viper Blue Metallic


$15,599 US

Arctic cat prowler 550 xt


ure feat


>> Unveiled last year, the Prowler 550 XT returns as the


side-by-side that allows you to have it all: good looks, performance, and fun without breaking the bank. This year the 550 XT receives similar updates as the 1000XTZ and the 700XTX with an all-new Baja racing-inspired round tube cage (ROPS certified), new digital gauge and heavy-duty 14” aluminum wheels. The XT with its 545cc EFI powerplant is remarkably zippy on the bottom end and mid-range acceleration. In fact, on level ground you can expect to see speeds in the 50 mph range. Not bad!

Arctic cat prowler 700 xtx

f new

Engine Type / Fuel System:

545cc, SOHC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with EFI


Red, Green or Lime


ROPS certified – Baja-inspired round tube canopy

Retail Price



r e s!

>> Being the first ROV in history to actually complete

and win the grueling Baja 1000 race, that about sums up the undeniable performance and durability of the Prowler 700 XTX. This year Arctic Cat improved the overall esthetics of the Prowler, and we welcomed the change. An all-new Baja racing-inspired round tube cage gives it an aggressive, high-quality look. Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is awesome as well as the new steering wheel, digital gauge and heavy-duty 14-inch aluminum wheels. These changes are the highlights for the 2011 sport-inspired XTX.

Arctic cat prowler 700 hdx




Engine Type / Fuel System:

695cc, SOHC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with EFI


Green Metallic, Copper Metallic, Tungsten Metallic, Viper Blue and Advantage Timber Camo


ROPS certified – Baja-inspired round tube canopy, Power Steering

Retail Price

$12,999, camo $13,299

w UT ll ne


Built with an integrated highstrength, carbon-spring steel suspension system, the new HighBack Suspension Seat from Arctic Cat maximizes riding comfort for Prowler occupants. Taller and plusher than the stock bucket seats, this unit also features mildew-resistant, high-grade carbon fiber black and silver vinyl with double-stitched seams for extra durability. Sold individually, each seat bolts directly to the chassis in just minutes for a perfect fit. Fits all 2006-2010 Prowler models. The High-Back Suspension Seat is $349.95 U.S./$416.95 Canada. The High-Back Suspension Seat is available now at most Arctic Cat dealerships.

>> The Prowler 700 HDX is all new this year with an all-new chassis and an 85”

wheelbase. This is 10” longer than 700 XTX for improved ride and hauling capabilities, but retains the same 118” overall vehicle length. It comes standard with a Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering and a 5-position tilt steering wheel. The redesigned cab features a 40/20/40 sculpted seating configuration for three occupants. Arctic Cat increased the cargo capacity in the HDX over any other Prowler with a 41”L x 55”Wx 10”D tilting cargo box and a 1,000-lb cargo capacity. There are multiple tie-down points and cool detachable bed sides. They also added spacious left-and right-side wheel well storage compartments. With the increased load capacity, Fox FLOAT Air-Assist shocks were added for heavy-duty hauling. Engine Type / Fuel System:

695cc, SOHC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with EFI


Tungsten Metallic and Advantage Timber Camo


Fox FLOAT Air-Assist shocks provide Industry Leading ride and hauling, Allnew chassis with 85”wheelbase. (10” longer than 700 XTX), Redesigned cab with 40/20/40 sculpted seating for three occupants, Spacious left-and right-side wheel well storage compartments, Power Steering

Retail Price

$13,499, camo $13,799

Hey Honey! This guy says he’s here to help feed us... he looks pretty tasty... start the grill up! UTVOFFROADMAG.COM


Can-Am Commander 1000X

All n

ew UT


>> Can-Am’s all-new Commander 1000X is the flagship model in their five

model lineup. The X package comes with a great list of upgrades over the next model down, the XT. When you first view the Commander X, you will notice how aggressive it looks. This is due to the black and yellow color scheme of the body panels, seats and beadlock wheels only available on the 1000 X model. With the X, you get more than just a dapper color scheme, the extra $400 goes a long way with upgraded front and rear Fox Racing Shox. These piggyback shocks are fully adjustable with high- and lowspeed compression, high- and low-speed rebound, and multiposition preload adjustment. With this much adjustability, you can dial in your suspension performance depending on the terrain and personal preference. If that wasn’t enough, Can-Am added a 5/8” front sway bar that helps reduce body roll while cornering aggressively, ultimately enhancing the 1000 X handling in a big way. Keeping the rubber to the ground is important, and equally important is keeping the rubber on the wheel. Can-Am covered this with the addition of their 12” aluminum beadlock wheels. Beadlocks clamp the tire to the wheel which prevents the outer edge of the tire to de-bead. This is a great feature, enabling drivers to air down tires for sand or mud terrain as well as rock crawling. When it comes to tires we prefer the 12” tire and wheel combination over a 14” tire and wheel combo. The 26x12’s, like on the X, offer an overall comfortable ride. In the past, we have had no luck running a 14” combo in rocky desert trails, usually ending up in sidewall pinches and/or punctures. What does the X do better than any other Commander? While in Montebello, Canada, we had a chance to test all five offerings and the X package was by far the best. Outside of the attractive yellow and black details only found on the Commander 1000 X, we found that the upgraded Fox shocks were a huge plus in the overall ride quality. We would put the suspension at the top of the class, right under the RZR-S. Cornering is another huge advantage that the X has over the XT and base models. This is due to the addition of a front sway bar allowing the X to corner flat in high speed turns with noticeably less body roll than any other model. Another great feature that we love about the Commander X is the addition of the side rock sliders. A weak point we see on current UTV offerings is that the lower side plastics are exposed and susceptible to damage. Usually when we go out for a test ride, part of that test involves some sort of rock crawling. This always ends up with the lower body section being damaged. Whether cracked, broken, or heavily scratched, our new unit looks worse for wear. We give props to Can-Am for this functional and attractive addition. By the way, you can get these upgraded options from the Can-Am accessories catalog on BRP’s website at:

2011 CAN-AM COMMANDER 1000x Specifications ENGINE Type:

V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve (4-valve/cyl), 976cc

Fuel system: 1000

iTC with EFI and 54mm Throttle Body, 2 Siemens VDO injectors


CVT, sub-transmission with high, low, park, neutral & reverse. Standard engine braking

Drive Train:

Selectable 2WD/4WD shaft driven with Visco-lok front differential

CHASSIS Cage type:

2-inch diameter, high strength steel, ROPS-approved cage

Front Suspension Type/Shocks

Double A-arm with dive-control geometry. 10 in (254 mm) Wheel Travel

Rear Suspension Type/Shocks

Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) with external sway bar. 10 in (254 mm) Wheel Travel

Front brakes:

Dual 214mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers

Rear brake:

Single 214mm ventilated disc brake with hydraulic twin-piston caliper

DIMENSIONS Overall length, width, height

118.3 x 58.6 x 72 in


75.8 in

Ground clearance:

11 in.

Dry weight:

1287 lbs





Multi-function gauge: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip and hour meters, fuel, gear position, sport mode, seat belt and 4x4 indicator, diagnostics, clock, auto shut off


4 60-watt projectors with tail lights/brake light

DC Outlet

Accessory outlet, standard connector in the back (15A)


Black & Yellow

X Package

Front and rear Fox Racing Shox HPG piggyback shocks with dual speed compression, rebound and preload adjustments // Front sway bar // 12-inch Aluminum beadlock wheels//Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires // Rock sliders // Heavy-duty front bumper // Leather steering wheel // X-package seat trim and graphics



TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. Engine - 85 hp 2. Dual level cargo box 3. Stylish 2� ROPS cage 4. Quick latch side nets 5. Seating ergonomics

GREAT WEBSITES: 1. 2. 3. 4.



Can-Am Commander 1000

All n


>> This entry-level Commander 1000 has the same horsepower as the XT and X


models but lacks a few of the features. Compared to the XT, the base model is sans rear bed rails, wheel well mud guards, heavy-duty front bumper, winch and leather steering wheel. The base model comes with steel wheels and Carlisle Black Rock 27x9x12 in tires. Also a smaller digital instrument dash is included rather than the more impressive digital/analog gauges found on the XT and X versions. While the base Commander may not have all the snazzy features of the XT and X, it will save you $1000 plus in greenbacks. This will give you time to save some money and outfit this ultimate UTV with accessories to fit your needs.

Can-Am Commander 1000XT

All n

ew UT


Engine Type / Fuel System:

V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve (4-valve/cyl), 976cc / iTC with EFI and 54mm Throttle Body, 2 Siemens VDO injectors



Retail Price


>> The Commander 1000XT includes quite a few more features than the base

model Commander 1000. Upgrading to the XT will get you a 4000lb winch with wired remote control, 14-inch cast-aluminum wheels, Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires, heavy-duty front bumper, mud guards, analog/digital gauge, leather steering wheel and bed rails. Our initial test in Monebello, Canada, we gave high praise to Can-Am’s first entry into the side-by-side market. With aggressive styling, muscular power plant, and tons of innovative features, the Commander lineup will surely rise to the top of the list of “must-have UTV” for 2011. Check out our Aug/Sept issue of UTV Off-Road Magazine for our first look at the Commander lineup. We recently received 1000xt one of the first V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve (4-valve/cyl), Commander 1000XTs Engine Type / 976cc / iTC with EFI and 54mm Throttle Body, off the assembly line Fuel System: 2 Siemens VDO injectors for some long-term Colors Red, Yellow, NEXT G-1 Vista camouflage testing. So, stay BRP XL 4000, wired remote control // 14-inch cast-aluminum wheels // Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires tuned for our next Features // Heavy-duty front bumper // Mud guards // issue as we test the Analog / digital gauge // Leather steering wheel Commander 1000XT. Retail Price $14,299

Can-Am Commander 800R & RXT

All n

ew UT


>> The Commander 800R family is the

800r Engine Type / Fuel System:

V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve (4-valve/cyl), 799.9cc / iTC with EFI and 46mm Throttle Body, 2 Siemens VDO injectors



Retail Price




entry-level Commander. The power plant is an impressive 799.9cc of getup-and-go with an estimated 71hp. For those of you who want to save a little cash but still want more power than any other UTV, then the 800R is the ticket. With 20 more ponies than the Polaris RZR and only 14 hp less than the Commander 1000, the 800R has plenty of power. An XT package is also available in the 800R lineup with the same great features as on the 1000XT, although color choices are limited to yellow and camouflage.

800r xt Engine Type / Fuel System:

V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve (4-valve/cyl), 799.9cc / iTC with EFI and 46mm Throttle Body, 2 Siemens VDO injectors


Yellow, NEXT G-1 Vista camouflage


BRP XL 4000, wired remote control // 14-inch cast-aluminum wheels // Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires // Heavy-duty front bumper // Mud guards // Analog / digital gauge // Leather steering wheel

Retail Price


JOHN DEERE GATOR xuv 825i 4x4

All n

ew UT



TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. 812cc 3 cylinder engine 2. Low end torque 3. 44 mph top speed 4. 1500 lb towing capacity 5. 1400 lb payload capacity



812 cc, 4-cycle gas, 3 cylinder, Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC)


Fuel system:

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)


CVT, Forward (hi-lo), Neutral, Reverse

Drive Train:

On-demand true four-wheel drive system, Auto-locking front differential (on/off rocker switch), Positive locking, mechanically actuated (hand-operated) rear differential

CHASSIS Cage type:

1.75 in steel tube, ROPS-approved

Front Suspension Type/ Shocks

Fully Independent Dual A-Arm with adjustable coils 8 in wheel travel

Rear Suspension Type/Shocks

Fully Independent Dual A-Arm with adjustable coils and sway bar 9 in wheel travel


Front/rear hydraulic disk

DIMENSIONS Overall length, width, height

119 x 62 x 75 in


79 in

Ground clearance:

11 in.

Weight (incl. fuel/fluids):

1640 lbs


1,000 lb. cargo box capacity, 1,500 lb. towing and 1,400 lb. payload capacity


John Deere Green & Yellow or Olive & Black or REALTREE HARDWOODS HD® Pattern.



John Deere recently unleashed its most performance-driven Gator™ utility vehicles yet. Targeted toward the true outdoor adventurist, the 2011 lineup of Crossover Utility Vehicles (XUV) is packed with advanced features that deliver an unparalleled balance between work and recreation. “Headlining the 2011 XUV models will be the brand new Gator™ XUV 825i - the fastest and most powerful Gator ever produced,” said David Gigandet, tactical marketing manager, utility vehicles. “Anyone with a sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors will enjoy putting its best-in-class advanced engine system to the test.” Boasting 50 HP, it is the highest-powered engine in its class with superior low-end torque for taking on even the toughest tasks, trails, and terrain. Horsepower is delivered by an 815cc, liquid cooled, inline 3-cylinder engine featuring 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and electronic fuel injection. “And, the 825i can travel at speeds up to 44 mph,” emphasized Gigandet. “This is the fastest Gator we’ve ever built and this is an example of the commitment we’ve made to provide top-of-the-line XUVs for the outdoor enthusiast.” All the new Gator XUV models have a completely re-designed front and rear independent suspension system that delivers a superior ride through rough terrain. The new models are designed for less body roll and superior side-hill stability with either no-load or maximum cargo. Also, all the models sport an entirely new braking system that improves stopping performance over previous models. “John Deere has a long heritage in the utility vehicle category with the Gator as a tried and true workhorse,” said Gigandet. “With the introduction of the 2011 XUV, the new Gator lineup now delivers the innovation and top performance consumers desire, as well as the best in class utility, reliability and quality we’re known for.” The Gator XUV also features 1500 lbs. of towing and 1400 lbs. of payload capacity. The all-new hybrid metal and composite cargo box offers 16.4 cu. ft. of capacity,



the most in its class, and an available factory installed spray-in bed liner with 20 integrated tie-downs to help keep cargo in place. The sides of this cargo box are removable as well, giving the user a flat bed that’s easy to load and unload from any side.



r s! colo

TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. V-twin power - 46 HP 2. Opening front hood 3. Low end torque 4. Solid construction 5. Ergonomics

GREAT WEBSITES: 1. 2. 3. 4.

>> The 2011 Kawasaki Teryx carries over the same great features from last

year’s model, but with a change of exterior colors. In our June/July 2010 issue we reviewed the Teryx in our long-term review and were impressed with the low end torque that the 749cc V-twin provided. It seems to do everything well and is built solid with great driver ergonomics. If you take a look at what’s going on in the short course racing arena, for example LOORRS (Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series), the Teryx is by far the most winning UTV on the course. Nothing short of a Yamaha Rhino powered by a Yamaha R1 street bike motor can come close to the performance of this V-twin. Keep in mind, they still run these Teryxes at or under 800cc. We have heard rumors this year that Kawasaki will offer, as a factory option, an 840cc Big Bore kit. How sweet will that be! Also in the rumor mill, Kawasaki may also offer a +4 mid-travel kit with upgraded shocks and some other custom accessories that will be available as a limited edition model. We will have to wait and see if this pans out, but our guess is that if they are serious about this, they will get it to market as soon as possible before any new UTV models are announced. We think this will be a great addition and will be well received by loyal Kawasaki owners.

KAWASAKI MULE 610 4x4 xc

>> Bridging the gap between Kawasaki’s

traditional Mule line and their RUV (Teryx) line is the Mule 610 XC. The engine is a 401cc fourstroke, fan-cooled single cylinder with enough power to tow 1,100 pounds. The all-steel tilting cargo bed has a 400-pound capacity and has updated tailgate latches similar to the Teryx for easy opening and closing. Built for small job sites, the Mule 610 XC comes with Maxxis 2.0 for added traction, width and extra ground clearance for venturing off the job site. In an off-road environment, the Mule 610 XC can crawl over most obstacles without hesitation. We tested 28


co New

2011 Kawasaki Teryx™ 750 FI 4x4 sport Specifications Engine:

749cc, Liquid-cooled, 90-degree, four-stroke V-twin

Valve system:

SOHC, four valves per cylinder

Bore x stroke:

85 x 66mm

Fuel system:

2 x Mikuni 34 mm throttle bodies


Digital DC-CDI

Transmission: Final drive:

Continuously variable belt-drive transmission with high and low range, plus reverse, and Kawasaki Engine Brake Control Selectable four-wheel drive with Variable Front Differential Control, shaft

Front suspension / wheel travel:

Adjustable dual A-arm with aluminum-body gas-charged shocks with piggy-back reservoirs, fully adjustable preload, and adjustable rebound/ compression damping / 7.5 in.

Rear suspension / wheel travel:

Adjustable Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with reservoir-equipped gas-charged shocks with adjustable preload and adjustable rebound/ compression damping / 7.5 in.

Front brakes:

Dual hydraulic discs with 2-piston calipers

Rear brake:

Sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc

Overall length, width, height

116.4” L, 58.5” W, 75.8” H


76.0 in.

Ground clearance:

11.6 in.

Curb weight:

1395 lbs


Multi-Function Digital Meter with speedometer (mph or kph), fuel gauge, clock hour meter, odometer, dual trip meter and parking brake, R/N/P/4WD, water temp and oil pressure indicators


Lime Green / Galaxy Silver



! lors

it on rutted out trails in Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountains through sticky mud, and we were impressed with its performance. The only areas that left us questioning its off-road ability was tackling uphill accents. In a few areas, the Mule slowed down to, well, a mule’s pace, leaving us far behind our group. Slowly, but surely, the Mule made it to the top with no problem. We were excited and impressed that this machine was able to conquer the burley mountain. As a farm vehicle, the Mule 610 XC will get the job done and it will tackle most off-road trails in its path with an “easy goes it” attitude.

TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. Engine - 53 hp 2. Electric Power Steering 3. Long-Travel Suspension 4. Seating for four 5. More fuel economy


1. 2. 3.



Polaris ranger RZR-4 800 Eps


story by jeff Henson // photography Troy MErrifield

“FUN DEFINED” JUST GOT AN UPGRADE 2011 Polaris Robby Gordon Edition RZR-4 with EPS!

In 2010, Polaris stunned everyone with the release of the first four-seat sport side-by-side, the Robby Gordon Edition RZR-4. The competition continues to stare in envy as 2011 grows closer; Polaris is once again the only major manufacturer offering a “pure sport” side-by-side with room for four. However, Polaris refuses to sit back and wait for the others to catch up. “Model Year 2011 continues the undisputed leadership with improvements across the Ranger RZR line,” says Matt Homan, president and general manager of Polaris’ Off-Road division. “Polaris was the first manufacturer to offer side-by-sides that offered razor-sharp performance, and we will continue to innovate and lead the category.” New for 2011! This is a big, high-performance machine designed to deliver the ultimate ride to the driver and four passengers. It only makes sense that steering and handling performance should match the awesome power of the 760cc high output engine. For 2011, the Robby Gordon Edition RZR-4 in blue and white graphics now comes with Electric Power Steering (EPS). A non-EPS black and red model is also available, but once you’ve tried EPS, it’s hard to look back.

t yl ew s


P S!

with Podium reservoirs stake an astounding 12 inches of independent suspension travel - front and rear! This also provides 12-1/2 inches of ground clearance. That’s plenty of cushion for hardcore rock crawlers and mud bugs. Sand dune addicts and trail riders of all types will adapt quickly to the RZR-4 ergos. The 60-inch wide tire width, teamed with an ultra low center of gravity, provides stable handling characteristics over the most rugged terrain types. The cab is also ROPS certified (Roll-Over Protective Structure.) At 1,255 lbs., the RZR-4 weighs as much as some two-passenger UTV models. The Hits Keep Coming! Electric Power Steering, more miles per gallon, additional storage options and a great new look. Polaris listened to its customers and acted on their needs. It’s no wonder power sports dealers can’t keep these things on their showroom floors. For more information on the entire Polaris vehicle lineup, visit Polaris online at

Just like the Ranger UTV models equipped with EPS, the RZR-4 system works whether the engine is running or not – just turn the keyed ignition to the “on” position. It takes virtually zero effort to turn the wheel to full lock in either direction. Out on the trails, you don’t notice the additional weight of the extended cab frame and passengers, especially while cornering. The RZR-4 obviously feels longer, but it steers and tracks proficiently. EPS also doubles as a steering dampener, sucking up the ruts and rocks with very little feedback to the steering wheel. For an extra $800, the EPS is well worth it adding luxury to an already top-notch off-road vehicle.

No Robby Gordon graphics are on the black and red non-EPS model

More Great New Stuff! We were instantly hooked on the RZR-4’s new fascia, with its sleek cowl hood design and bold graphics. The new styling also increased radiator cooling with 29 percent more airflow. The engine management system has also been updated to perform better, make use of all available traction and be more efficient. Polaris engineers managed to increase the miles traveled on one tank of gas by 30 percent, and they did so without sacrificing power. The final two improvements may appear cosmetic at first, but we found them to be every bit as functional as EPS. First, there’s an “in-cab glove box” located under the passenger side dash. You no longer have to worry about your hat and personal belongings blowing out of the cab, and you no longer have to stuff them in the under-the-hood storage compartment. Just place them in the glove box and seal the door. Leg room isn’t hampered whatsoever.



Engine Type

4-Stroke Twin Cylinder


760cc High Output (H.O.)

Top Speed

61 mph/98.2 kph

Drivetrain Transmission/Final Drive

Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H; Shaft

Drive System

On-Demand True AWD/2WD

Brakes Front/Rear Brakes

4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Dual-Bore Front Calipers

Dimensions/Capacities Wheelbase

103.0 in. (261.6 cm.)

Overall Vehicle Size Length/Width/Height

130 in./60.5 in./75 in. (330.2 cm/153.7 cm/190.5 cm)

Fuel Capacity

7.25 gal. (27.4 ltr.)

Ground Clearance

11.5 in. (29.2 cm)

New cab side nets are also a welcome change. Unfastening just one buckle, unlike two before, permits easy access in and out of the cab. The new nets still offer plenty of protection, keeping your arms inside the cab at all times.


Returning Features The RZR-4 still packs explosive power via an 760cc twin-cylinder, fuel injected engine and Polaris “On-demand True All Wheel Drive.” The long travel A-arms (chromoly upper arms) teamed with adjustable Fox Performance Shocks



Digital Gauge, Speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Tripmeter, Hour Meter, Clock, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, Hi-Temp/Low-Batt Lights, DC Outlets (2)


Boardwalk Blue/Pearl White/Black (EPS Only) Gloss Black, Carbon Fiber hood, Red Graphics


$14,999, ( Black and red non-EPS model $14,999) UTVOFFROADMAG.COM


TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. Engine - 53 hp 2. In-Cab glove box 3. Long-Travel Suspension 4. Sporty 5. More fuel economy


1. 2. 3.



Polaris ranger RZR-s 800

story by jeff Henson // photography Troy MErrifield

fe new

e atur


New Looks, Performance And More Affordable! At first glance, you might not notice immediate changes to the 2011 RZR-S unless the front grill was bearing down on you, and that’s where the changes begin. The RZR-S as well as the standard trail equipped RZR and RZR-4 all got a face lift that not only looks more muscular, but is also very functional. The new hood and grill design directs 29 percent more airflow through the radiator fins. It’s a very welcome change, especially for those of you (like ourselves) who like to mash the gas pedal into the floor as you blaze across the desert sand. The RZR-S and all RZR models now come with the “High Output” version of the fuel injected, 760cc twin engine that was only available in the RZR-4 and RZR-S models last year, but with some significant improvements. The 2011 power plant provides 30 percent more range over model year 2010. The way Polaris achieved this was by refining the combustion chamber and modifying the fuel injector target on an all-new Bosch fuel injection system. Polaris also installed a new onboard idle air control system, which helps boosts fuel economy and reduces emissions, but doesn’t hamper performance. This engine gets up to 35 mph in less than four seconds and has a 63 mph top speed.

Lower Price! In tough economic times like the present, most of us probably consider spending less on future purchases, and Polaris delivers! Reduced production costs have allowed Polaris to reduce MSRP on the RZR-S by $500. For more information on the entire Polaris vehicle lineup, visit Polaris online at:

MSRP: Indy Red $12,499

Polaris also changed the way throttle responds at low speed by modifying the EFI calibration on the new Bosch EFI system, and by using a more progressive throttle cam in the new throttle body. When you’re backing up off of a trailer or navigating up and over rocks, low-speed throttle response is much more smooth and predictable. There’s no sudden lunge when tapping the accelerator from an idle position. It’s a much appreciated change for those who like to crawl rocks and technical terrain. Other changes to all RZR vehicles include: • New High/Low beam headlights with 20 percent more power and a 60w high beam. • New cab nets with larger buckles that can be easily accessed with gloves on. Now, disconnecting just one net buckle allows easy cab entry and exit. • New In-Cab glove box. • New Digital Gauge with clock. • Even more Pure Polaris accessories are available for all RZR models. Back To RZR-S! The 2011 RZR-S is the first stock vehicle of any type to feature ITP 900 XCT tires. Our day-long limited testing on the country trails of Cascade, Montana proved that the XCTs have a good bite, corner precisely and don’t hamper steering control. We’ll be looking forward to trying them out in the mud and sand during our future long term test, but results so far left us highly impressed. One change we didn’t expect was the swapping of last year’s FOX Podium shocks for new Sachs shocks with a 2-inch bore. Polaris claims the Sachs units provide greater cooling capacity, resist fading and provide a smoother ride. The shocks are adjustable. The fully independent front and rear suspension still provides 12 inches of suspension travel and 12-1/2 inches of ground clearance. The RZR-S stands at just over 60 inches wide.

Finally! The RZR line up receives 3-gallon capacity dry storage in-cab glove box. Located just under the passenger side T-handle, this is a long overdue enhancement.

The RZR-S (as well as RZR and RZR-4) comes with a ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) approved cab frame. We immediately noticed that the rear cab frame supports found on the previous year RZR-S are missing. This is simply because they’re not needed and omission helps reduce overall cost. The 2011 RZR-S comes in “Indy Red” color, however, two limited edition color schemes are also available for $500 more. You can choose from Gloss Black Carbon Fiber/Indy Red and Gloss Black/Orange Madness.

Limited Edition Models are available in two new colors: Gloss Black Carbon Fiber/Indy Red (shown) and Gloss Black/Orange Madness. $13,999 UTVOFFROADMAG.COM


Polaris ranger RZR 800 Eps photography Don mcneilly & jeff Henson

Trail and Dune Tested While Polaris’s RZR sport side-x-side has never prompted heavy criticism from our test riders, we’re always sticklers on finding ways to improve the vehicles we review. For the RZR, a few on our esteemed panel of experts have mentioned that they’d prefer a close ratio steering box. It’s a great idea, but unfortunately the lawyers and insurance companies have deemed close ratio steering too aggressive for side-x-sides. Yeah, it’s lame, but if you really desire faster steering, the aftermarket part manufacturers already have you covered. The other request also has to do with the steering; more specifically, the amount of terrain feedback that is transmitted to the steering wheel. Rocks and tree roots put a lot of side shock on the front tires, causing the steering wheel to occasionally dart left or right. It doesn’t necessarily hamper steering, but it can play havoc on those that like to grip the wheel with their thumbs to the inside. Those steering wheel spokes can hurt – but not with EPS! Electric Power Steering (EPS) Polaris uses a sealed electric power steering unit that operates with or without the engine running. All you have to do is turn the key to the “on” position and you can turn the steering wheel with one finger. It is a variable assist system as well, meaning from zero to 3 mph the electric motor provides full assist, and from 3 to 30 mph power begins tapering off. Beyond 30 mph, the EPS motor no longer

TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. Engine - 51 hp 2. Electric Power Steering 3. Suspension 4. 50” width 5. Tight turning radius


1. 2. 3. 34


provides steering assistance, allowing the front end to track straight naturally. Happy Trails To get a feel for how the EPS equipped Ranger would handle turns and obstacles, we headed for Arizona’s White Mountains. This mid-eastern portion of the Grand Canyon State is laden with trees and tight trails that suit all riders; from entry-level dirt fiends to the most adventurous off-road drivers. One thing we quickly learned to appreciate about the 2010 RZR is the heel pocket just under the gas pedal. It allowed us to hold the gas pedal steady for smooth acceleration and deceleration, especially over rough terrain. It also makes operation of the gas pedal much more comfortable and never fatiguing. On the wooded and open trails, the EPS system proved to be remarkably agile. When we needed to maneuver around fallen trees or boulders, it took zero effort to turn the steering wheel. At times, the trails were so tight that the Manzanita bushes would scrape along both sides of the cab frame. Embedded rocks that protruded along the edge of the trail provided a means to test the EPS system’s ability to double as a steering dampener. The front wheels bounced off of the rocks with very little shock passed on to the steering wheel. Even large, hard-edged rocks are no match for it. All the driver has to do is keep a light grip on the wheel. As we said before, your thumbs will love EPS! While navigating tight 90-degree turns around large boulders, we found the EPS system to be flawless. Occasionally we would find a tight hairpin turn

that proved too narrow for the RZR, requiring us to engage reverse gear to line up for a better angle. That’s par for the course, but muscling the steering wheel to get the tires pointed in the right direction is now a thing of the past. Every steering operation is simple with EPS. Coastal Dunes To complete our review, we went with a second terrain type that was completely different, the Oregon Sand Dunes. You might think EPS is useless in the dunes, but the Winchester Bay OHV area trails that hug the tree line and whip through the beach grass require you to be fast at the wheel. Left bank, hill, right bank, whoop section, hard right turn…TREE! You get the idea. If we can’t have a close ratio steering box, at least we can rely on EPS to make blasting through the sand a lot more exciting. Just point the wheels where you want to go and stab the gas! If you’re tailing your fast buddies on their sport quads, you’ll blow their minds at how well you’re able to hang right with them in the EPS RZR. EPS – Is It Really Necessary? No, it’s not. But if you choose to purchase without, DO NOT go for a ride in your buddy’s EPS equipped RZR later on. The difference in handling and steering performance is surprisingly substantial, and well worth the additional cost. You’ll kick yourself for sure. We threw every type of terrain and level of difficulty we could find at it and could not find a flaw with the EPS. We did, however, find plenty of reasons to want it. It kept us in complete control of our RZR and kept our arms fresh after several long days on the trail. While our test was performed on a 2010 RZR LE, Polaris continued its EPS






. Engi w H.O

ew All n

>> The original and only 50-inch wide side-by-side is back this year with more

ne! improvements. This year Polaris added an H.O. engine across the RZR lineup,

R ang

pumping up the power to 53 HP. (For more about the engine and other details, check out the RZR-S article on page 32.) The extra performance kick really wakes up this unit, and the power-to-weight ratio is well balanced. We feel that at this width (50”) Polaris most likely will not increase the horsepower output in the near future but we still have our hopes up that the RZR-S and RZR-4 will get a boost later in 2011. The most noteworthy upgrade to the RZR is the taller, extended rear bed rails. We have been wanting more usable cargo space on our RZR for some time, and now we have it. We only wish that this were at least an option for the RZR-S and RZR4. Speaking of much needed improvements, this year’s RZR lineup receives a dry storage in-cab glove box just under the passenger handhold. Other improvements are: New front styling for 29% increase airflow to the radiator, 30% improved drivability range, and easy-to-use side nets. » $10,999 Red and $11,599 Polaris® Pursuit Camo » LE models: $11,599 Indy Red/White, Sonic Blue/White and $12,399 Orange Madness with Power Steering.

e r!

>> The Polaris Ranger 500 Crew is all new this year. Based on the mid-sized Ranger

400 that was introduced last year, the Ranger Crew is stretched out to incorporate two additional passengers. Weighing in at just over 220lbs heavier than the standard 400, this mid-sized multi-passenger Ranger benefited from a 43cc power boost to 498cc. Polaris also added EFI to the fuel delivery system, leaving the Ranger 400 and RZR 170 as the only carbureted models. At only 32hp, this Ranger is surprisingly snappy, and the top speed is estimated to be around 44mph. The rear suspension is similar to its larger brethren with dual A-arms and 9” of travel. The front adopted the MacPherson Struts and tops out at 8” of travel compared to the Ranger 800 with dual A-arms and 9.6” of travel. The Ranger 500 Crew’s suspension is not as plush as the full-sized Rangers, but is leaps and bounds above their closest competitor, the Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans4x4. At 10 inches of ground clearance, the 500 has 3 inches over the Mule 4010. The Ranger 500 Crew lacks the ability to transform seating from 4 to 2 passengers like the Mule 4010 Trans4x4 and is lighter duty. Overall, this mid-sized multi-passenger UTV is an improvement in the speed and suspension department over current offerings from other manufacturers with similar payload and towing capabilities. » Prices start at $9,999 and are available in Sage Green, Solar Red and Pursuit Camo.






V! ad LS

>> Based off the Polaris mid-sized side-by-side platform, the Polaris EV LSV includes the necessary features to classify the vehicle as an LSV per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, such as a horn, turn signals, automotive-quality windshield and rearview mirror. With its 30 horsepower electric motor, quiet operation, up to a 50-mile range and 25 mph top speed, the Polaris EV LSV is the most capable LSV available. The unit features three modes: High for speed, Low for towing and hauling, and Max for maximum range to ensure the best use of power and battery life for any application. The Polaris EV LSV was built to be tough and reliable. Its 1,000-lb payload capacity, 1,250 lbs of towing, 500-lb Lock & Ride cargo box, and On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive for harsh terrain makes it a strong work partner. Polaris EV LSV also has VersaTrac with one-wheel, rear-wheel drive for a tighter turning radius. Its 48-volt AC Induction brushless motor provides high performance with low maintenance for maximum reliability. For recharging ease, the unit can be charged using a standard 110-volt AC outlet.


Single 48-Volt, High-Efficiency, AC-Induction Motor

Drive Train:

On-Demand True AWD/2WD/ VersaTrac Turf Mode

Front Suspension Type/Shocks

MacPherson Strut 8” (20.3 cm) Travel

Rear Suspension Type/Shocks

Dual A-Arm, IRS 9” (22.9 cm) Travel


4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Dual-Bore Front Calipers

Dry Weight

1,750 lb (795 kg)

Ground clearance:

10” (25.4 cm)


50W Headlight, LED Tail, Turn Signals


Digital Hour Meter, Mode Indicator, DC Outlet, Hi-Temp Light, Change Cycle Indicator, Battery Life Indicator, Turn Indicator, Horn, Mirrors, Windshield


$11,999 Sage Green



&s re HP

p eed

Ranger XP 800 Crimson Red LE $11,799


ew All n

R ang

e r!

24 HP 904cc YANMAR® Three-Cylinder Engine



! ures feat


>> Along with the RZR model, the 2011 Ranger 800 XP ($11,199) model also

received an injection of power. The Ranger XP gets a 760cc High Output engine, which equates to 50 hardworking ponies. This is only a 3 hp increase over last year’s model, so the power is not all that noticeable. What is noticeable is the top end speed. Now rated at 55 mph, this is a about a 5 mph increase over the previous year. Polaris was busy this year, and just about all Ranger models received some sort of enhancement. For the XP, the updated engine is the biggest update, but it also received a new digital gauge with clock, high and low beam headlights and a common upgrade across the board -- new easy-buckle driver and passenger safety nets. This is new to the Ranger XP as well as the Ranger 400 and 500 models. The new Polaris side nets extend down low to the floorboard for added security and help keep items that have fallen on the floorboards inside the cab. Another common item that we are seeing on more Rangers is the addition of Electronic Power Steering. A few years ago this was only available on the Ranger HD. This year they have three XPs with EPS which are available in Sage Green and Solar Red ($11,999), while the LE models include Sandstone Metallic ($12,599). EPS is also available in the Ranger Crew.

>> New for 2010 Polaris adds Diesel power to their ever-expanding line of

Rangers. Equipped with a 24 HP 904cc proven YANMAR® Three-Cylinder Engine, this Ranger shares the same full-sized chassis as the Ranger XP 800. The diesel engine, which is rubber mounted to transfer minimal vibration to the operator and provides a top speed of 35 mph. The diesel powertrain provides better fuel economy over gas vehicles and is perfect for single-fuel work sites. While at the 2011 Polaris media event in the Big Sky state of Montana, we had the opportunity to drive the Ranger Diesel in a trail environment. Although purpose built for work sites, the diesel chugged along conquering all the same obstacles as the rest of the Ranger family. On extended, steep uphill climbs, the diesel slowed down to turtle speed, similar to that of an 18-wheeler. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we drove through boulder-laden creeks and up steep creek crossings where the low-end torque was impressive at crawling speeds. With this in mind, the new 2011 Polaris Ranger Diesel gets the job done on the trail, and it will get the job done on the work site. The ability to use the same fuel as your truck or other heavy equipment will go a long way, and you will appreciate the smooth ride and payload/towing capacities. Available in Sage Green for $12,999.

>> The Ranger RZR 170 goes virtually untouched in 2011. Polaris upgraded the

air intake, which draws air from between the seats similar to the full-sized RZR. New features for 2011, Polaris introduced an optional Big Wheel Kit available for T-14+ riders. The Big Wheel Kit ads aluminum wheels, larger tires, different drive and driven sprockets plus O-ring chain, skid plate, warning decals and increased ground clearance to 7.5 in. The new sprocket and larger tires increase the speed up to 38mph, an 8mph gain from the base RZR 170. All youth models purchased from an authorized dealer come with a high visibility whip flag, speed limiter and safety video. Accompanied with these models is a DOT-approved helmet (two for RANGER RZR 170) to teach kids the importance of wearing the proper safety gear. In the U.S., dealers provide safety training for parents and rider with every purchase. Engine Type:

4-Stroke Single Cylinder 169cc

Fuel system:



Automatic PVT F/N/R; O-ring Chain

Drive Train:


Fuel Capacity

2.5 gal (9.5 L)

DIMENSIONS Overall length, width, height

85 x 48 x 55”


65” (165.1 cm)

Ground clearance:

6” (15.2 cm)


Indy Red


Starting out at: $3,999

Yamaha Rhino 700 fi 4x4



Yamaha 2011 Rhino 700 FI Specifications

>> The Yamaha Rhino is definitely the pioneer of the side-by-side sport utility

market. Yamaha introduced the Rhino in 2003 with a 660cc carbureted power plant and dominated the market for years. People around the country developed Rhino Fever in 2005 and 2006 and swarmed the dealerships, snatching up every Rhino they could get their hands on from coast to coast. It wasn’t until 2008 when Yamaha made any significant updates to the popular, all-time best selling side-by-side vehicle. The Rhino received a power plant upgrade from 660cc to 686cc, adapted from Yamaha’s leading utility ATV, the Grizzley 700 FI. That meant additional power through the entire rev range, but which is most notably in the low- to mid-range power. The addition of fuel injection was also a welcome upgrade, adding improved throttle response throughout the powerband, helping the driver take advantage of the improved low- to mid-range power. Fuel injection offers great performance at high elevation, as the system is able to detect and compensate for changes in altitude. Also in 2008, Yamaha added a set of tough polyethylene half-doors and a center-mounted grab handle to the Rhino for improved passenger comfort. For 2011, not much has changed. Most noteworthy additions are a new steering wheel and adjustable seat belts, providing more rider comfort in off-road conditions. New to the Rhino line is a White Armor Sport Edition that features fully adjustable piggyback shocks, one-piece cast aluminum wheels, injection-molded sun top, over fenders, Baja-inspired front carry bar, and a special graphics treatment. The Sport model also comes with dealer-installed LED tail lights, custom shift knob and black bed rails. While the Rhino remains a great machine that does everything well, it is slowly becoming a little outdated and it could use a face-lift in the style department, as well as a V-twin to keep up with the current side-by-sides on the market today. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a substantial update for 2012.


686cc liquid cooled w/fan, 4-stroke SOHC, 4 -valve

Fuel system: 1000

41mm Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI)


Yamaha Ultramatic® V-belt with all-wheel engine braking/H, L, N, R

Drive System:

Yamaha On-Command® pushbutton;3-way locking differential; 2WD,4WD, locked 4WD; shaft drive

CHASSIS Front Suspension Type/Shocks

Independent double wishbone; 5-way preload adjustment, 7.3-in travel

Rear Suspension Type/Shocks

Independent double wishbone; 5-way preload adjustment, 7.3-in travel

Front brakes:

Dual Hydraulic Disc, Twin Piston

Rear brake:

Dual Hydraulic Disc

DIMENSIONS Overall length, width, height

113.6 x 56.6 x 73 in


75.2 in

Ground clearance:

12.1 in.

Wet weight:

1199 lb

FEATURES Instruments:

Digital LCD Multi-function display; speedo, odo, dual trip, hour, clock, fuel, and gear position


Hunter Green, Red and the Sport Edition White Armor


White Armor Sport Edition that features fully adjustable piggyback shocks, one-piece cast aluminum wheels, injection-molded sun top, over fenders, Baja-inspired front carry bar, and a special graphics treatment. The Sport model also comes with dealer-installed LED tail lights, custom shift knob and black bed rails.


$11,299, Sport $13,099

TOP 5 FEATURES: 1. Reliable 686cc YFI Engine 2. Off-road versatility 3. Reliability 4. True locking differential 5. Ergonomics

GREAT WEBSITES: 1. 2. 3. 4. ohvaccess



r s!


productsreviewed TESTED


Guide to Colorado Backroads

$29.95 Go to: or call: 1.877.222.7623

The Goods Full color throughout • 100 Trails (27 new) • over 400 photos • 232 pages The trails are grouped into seven key areas in the heart of Colorado’s most beautiful high country. Most are convenient to Denver and the Front Range. A full-color format makes planning your next adventure simpler than ever. Easy, moderate and difficult routes are color coded, while symbols quickly show kinds of vehicles allowed on each trail. This includes unlicensed UTVs, ATVs and dirt bikes. A separate mileage log ties numbered locations along the route to a custom map and “Aerial Terrain” view. GPS coordinates are provided for each numbered location and may also be downloaded free from their Web site. Included are reverse mileages for all trails and historical highlights. Every book includes concealed spiral binding that lays flat for easy use. Heavy-duty plastic laminate cover withstands rough use. (Not available in square back format.) Dimensions: 6” x 9” Author: Charles A. Wells

The Verdict We took this book up on the Alpine Loop above Silverton and it was the best and easiest trail book to use that we seen. In face the 100 trails in this book may be the best batch ever put together in one place. The photos about each trail were great info so you could tell what you would be seeing before you left camp and helps you pack what you might need for the day. The spiral binding along with it’s 6” x 9” size make it easy to use and store in the cab area. No unfolding a paper map, everything you need to know for the trail your on is on two pages. There is both a mileage map of the area, plus a 3-D topo map so you can see what kind of terrain you will be going into. Also included for each trail is a easy to follow mileage log with GPS coordinates,


This is a must have for traveling in this area and we have used their books in Moab with the same success. You might leave your American Express card at home but don’t leave home without this one.


productsreviewed TESTED

KW Machine works

Universal camera mounts

STARTING AT $89.95 Go to: or call: 951-699-6338

THE GOODS KW Machine Works is keeping pace with the latest and greatest in Action Cam photography by providing a Precision Machined Billet Camera Mount and adapter for the very popular GoPro cameras. It provides a solid and secure mount for your camera, enabling great video or stills while traveling down the trail or track. Easily adjusted with one hand to capture all of your adventures inside or outside of your UTV, Sand Car, Motorcycle, Trophy Kart, etc. It attaches securely to a broad range of tube sizes. Clamps can be ordered in 1”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 1-5/8”, 1-3/4” or 2”. THE VERDICT Taking video of your next UTV adventure is a great way to share the experience with your friends. KW Machine Works has perfected the ability to mount your valuable camera in any position. This is by far the most flexible mount on the market today for the UTV video enthusiasts. The adjustability seems infinite with multiple swivel points, which is great for placing your camera for the best angle to capture your next adventure. Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and a nice satin black anodized finish, the mount will last forever with no noticeable failure points like typical plastic mounts. We have found a few cameras on the trail or race track with typical plastic mounts broken. This will never happen with the KW Machine works camera mount. In fact, we forgot to remove our camera from the top of our Can-Am Commander while loading it into our enclosed trailer, and it did not move. The only damage was to our waterproof case, which costs only $30 to replace, a much cheaper replacement than losing the camera itself.

Dual 180º GoPro adapter with 2” clamp

Recently, KW Machine Works has added a few additional GoPro adapters for more dynamic video. First on the list is their dual 180-degree GoPro adapter. This allows 2 video cameras to be mounted back-to-back, side-by-side, or staggered. Our favorite is the back-to-back configuration, which allows you to catch the action in front of you and behind you. This makes for great video-in-video movies for post editing. The second adapter is a triple, 360-degree GoPro adapter. This is perfect for catching the action in front of you, behind you, and on the side of you as you blow by your buddy on the trail or race track. How cool is that?

Single mount and adapter

Triple 360º GoPro adapter

Dual 180º GoPro adapter

We mated the KW Machine Works mount with the latest GoPro HD Motorsports Hero camera ($299.99) and mounted it to the latest Can-Am Commander 1000 as well as the Polaris RZR-4. Check out a few of our videos on our Youtube Channel at: Another great feature of the KW Machine Works mount is that you have the ability to mount up any point-and-shoot camera or professional D-SLRs like we use. This comes in handy while you’re on the trail and need a tripod. The new GoPro HD is amazing and now shoots longer video and comes with a rechargeable 1100 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery. It now has the ability to shoot over 2.5 hours of video on a single charge and up to 9 hours on 32GB SD card (not included). KW Machine Works has a winning combination of unmatched durability and flexibility, as well as high-quality video. If you want to capture your next off-road adventure, give them a call at 951-699-6338. They can hook you up with the right camera and mount. 40


GoPro HD Motorsports Hero Kit



productsreviewed TESTED


COPPERHEAD ECU FOR KAWASAKI TERYX INFORMATION AND INSTALLATION With the sweeping wave of technology that has nearly turned carbureted UTVs into antiques, we have lost the ability to simply change carburetor jets and adjust needle positions to get our UTVs running right. EFI is a great technological wonder-- when programmed correctly, machines like the Kawasaki Teryx 750 run smooth, adjust automatically for altitude, and pack a whopping power punch. That being said, any engine, exhaust, or intake modifications you make to your Teryx will warrant the need to adjust the ECU’s fuel mapping, just like re-jetting a carburetor. This is where the problem lies. With the stock ECU, no changes can be made to the fuel map. The engine’s sensors will compensate for altitude, but without a fuel programmer, you’ll be running lean. Velocity Devices has spent a significant amount of time developing a product that allows you to change your fuel maps, along with ignition maps, rev limiters, and much much more. Dubbed the Copperhead, the aftermarket ECU (engine control unit) replaces the entire stock system, instead of piggybacking onto it like the DynoJet Power Commander. The Copperhead unit retails for $485, but we’ve seen them go for around $375 online. With the kit, you get a CDI box that plugs into the factory wiring harness and the ECU, which is an aluminum housing with a two-position map switch, status light, and serial port to attach to the CDI box. Being able to switch the maps means you can have a speed-limited map for less-experienced drivers, and a faster one for those with more time behind the wheel. Installation is easy; plug the CDI box into the factory wiring, and the serial port into the ECU. We chose to mount the ECU to the bottom of the steel seat latch bracket using four allen-head bolts.

TUNING Before you start your Teryx (or other EFI UTV) with the Copperhead ECU installed, go online to and download the latest tuning software. The ECU comes with two pre-programmed maps for a stock Teryx, but modified UTVs must install a different map. The software available on the website isn’t as polished and easy-to-use as DynoJet’s PC5 software, but in basic text format, it is clear and easy to understand. Read through the instruction manual online to learn what all the tuning terms mean; you will need to know what you’re messing with if you intend on tuning your vehicle. If it seems overwhelming, take it to a qualified shop or dealership to help you out. The Teryx we tested the Copperhead ECU on has high compression JE pistons, Hot Cams, a Dalton clutch kit, Muzzys exhaust, and modified stock airbox. This meant that the stock map was in no way compatible with our machine. From Velocity’s website, we downloaded a 15% richer map profile that seems to fit our build almost spot-on. To install the map, follow these simple steps: 1. Plug the USB adapter into a PC and boot the Copperhead tuning software. 2. Open the desired map, and make changes to parameters if necessary. 3. Send the map to the memory pod (USB adapter), then unplug it from the PC. 4. Plug the memory pod into the CDI’s wiring harness, then turn on the UTV’s key. 5. A light on the ECU should flash, signaling the map was successfully installed! Once the correct fuel maps are loaded for your UTV, turn the key to the on position, and let the fuel pump prime for approximately one second. Crank it over, and enjoy that smooth-running V-twin’s idle thump.

TESTING We took our Teryx to our concrete starting pad (AKA driveway) for some preliminary testing to make sure the map was correct. The first launch in 2-wheel drive turned the rear tires into billowing smokey white blurs, so it was a dead giveaway that the mapping was correct. On the trail, throttle response is significantly quicker at all RPMs and speed, and the Teryx gallops like a purebred race horse. An added bonus with the Copperhead ECU is the ability to change the rev limiter, which granted our Teryx another 15-20 mph worth of top speed, depending on conditions. Tuning the ECU takes a bit of patience and some careful reading of the instructions to get right, but when you’re done, the results will put a permanent grin on your face. The Teryx will now blow the door nets off a stock RZR S, both in acceleration and top speed, and that we like. Overall, the Velocity Devices Copperhead ECU is an immensely powerful tuning device, and well worth the time and effort invested. Velocity’s support, whether online or over the phone, is topnotch as well. So if you’ve got an EFI UTV that needs a better tune, or just a little more oomph, your money will be well spent with the Copperhead system! AVAILABLE FOR: Arctic Cat Prowler 700 EFI, Yamaha Rhino 700, and Kawasaki Teryx 750. Copperhead CDI (non-EFI ignition programmer) available for most late model carbureted UTVs as well. Go online to for more information.



$485 Go to:’s hot rod inspired rhino

hat if you could build the UTV of your dreams? What would it be and how would it look when you are done? Did it live up to your expectation and ultimate vision? Would you have any regrets, wishing that you would have chosen to do something different? Most likely, we’ll never be quite satisfied with our vehicle, even after we have spent months or years building it. We met up with Joey DiGiovanni from in Glamis, CA to get the inside scoop on his 2006 Yamaha Rhino, appropriately named the “Fat Rod”. After talking with him awhile, we would say that he has come as close as it gets to fulfilling his UTV fantasy.



Joey didn’t even know he had a dream of building a one-of-kind Rhino like the one you see here until he saw one in action. In fact, when he first saw them back in 2005, he thought they were no more than just a stupid golf car. This was how many outsiders viewed UTVs, until they saw one in action or drove one. It wasn’t until that same year that Joey would be introduced to UTVs and appreciate their allure. It started when he went out to watch his buddy race a bone stock Rhino at Lake Elsinore Motocross Park. He was amazed with its capabilities and knew he had to have one. After selling his sand buggy, he purchased a 2006 camouflage Rhino in November of ’05 to cruise around in the dunes and surrounding desert with his wife and son. After a few outings, he realized that the Rhino would need an upgrade in the suspension department. With a limited budget, he traded his 1965 Ford

Galaxy for a long travel suspension that would give a smoother overall ride for him and his family. With the comfort issue solved, it wasn’t until 2008 that big dreams started swirling around in his head about his next big alteration. On one of his many dune trips, he caught sight of a few Rhinos from custom fabricators Magnum Off-Road. He knew from that instant that his Rhino would be chopped and dropped in the ultimate off-road fashion. Joey, a hot rod enthusiast at heart, wanted to take his Rhino in a direction that he has never seen before. A true one-of-a-kind UTV that incorporated his own style and personality with an old school hot rod flavor. A UTV that can haul the family on mild outdoor excursions and double as a hardhitting sport UTV when out with friends. With this in mind, in early 2009 Joey began building his dream for him and his growing family of five. His key objective was to build



something that no one else has with unique details that stood out from the crowd. The Rhino underwent an amazing transformation from stock in appearance to totally custom. At first glance, you might be confused if this is a Rhino or Teryx due to the hood lines. Early in the build, Joey experimented with other fiberglass Rhino hoods but was not satisfied with the overall look of the car. In his quest to be different, he teamed up with Trevor Smith of 747 Ink to fabricate a fiberglass hood and fenders that has cleaner body lines than other Rhinoesque hoods on the market. The new hood design was based off an 08’/09’ Teryx hood, but was widened several inches and all front cavities are filled in and the outer fenders reshaped. The hood tilts back to match the lower dash giving the Rhino a long, sleek side profile.

Climbing in the “Fat Rod” is similar to getting in your typical racecar, and the quick disconnect steering wheel makes this task a lot easier. Once inside, the Super T1 seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room for tall or wide drivers. The custom aluminum dash has clean lines and all button and gauges are easy to reach and in full view. The dash has been lowered several inches, allowing for a more open view, rather than your typical builds with lower roof lines that cut down on visibility. The Fat Rod starts like your typical Rhino but sounds vastly different, thanks to a Weller Racing 720 stroker motor and dual Muzzy exhaust. Mashing on the gas, the Fat Rod is not super peppy off the line like we anticipated, but Joey informed us that he is still working on tuning the Bronco dry clutch setup. Rolling from the sand flats to sand highway the Fat Rod runs strong and the power is matched well for the weight of the machine. The whoops on sand highway were not all that exciting, and we like it that way. The Magnum Off-Road suspension and Walker Evans 2.0 shocks worked well and the 720 stroker kept the car on top of the whoops in a floating fashion. Transitioning into the larger dunes the Fat Rod keeps its balance well, and we found it hard to lift a tire in aggressive cornering. With a lower center of gravity and center-mounted fuel cell, the Fat Rod is confidence building and never let us down. With optimal suspension and extra ponies to boot, we found little that this Rhino couldn’t tackle, and it kept a grin on our face throughout the day.

Unique features surround the utvunderground. com Rhino. One of the more unique features is the Class 1 inspired roof hatch designed and installed by Dynamic Services and Products in Escondido, CA. The door with its custom latching system is propped up with a gas shock for emergency exits.

Positioned only 5” above the floorboards, the custom upholstered front Beard Super T1 seats are moved out and back slightly for driver and co-driver comfort and improved center of gravity. With the seat moved away from the center, it gave Joey some room to put in a 10-gallon fuel cell aft of the engine in the center console. To fuel the Fat Rod, Magnum Off-Road built a custom fuel door in the top of the hood for a straight shot to the center-mounted fuel cell.

A total of five Baja Designs 6” Pre Runner HIDs are displayed proudly on top, perfect for night runs and lighting up the evening sky.

• Magnum Off-road +6 Long Travel • Magnum Off-Road 5 seat Chop and Drop chassis w/ plated and gusseted frame rails • Weller Racing 720 Stroker Engine • 2.0 Custom Valved Walker Evans Racing Coil Over Shocks

• Beard Seats • Rugged Radios Intercom and Radio • Muzzys Dual Exhaust • Wally World Custom Paint • Cognito Motorsports Spindles

• DWT Rockstar Wheels with OMF Beadlocks for dirt • DWT Diablo Bead Locks with DOONZ paddles for sand • Maxxis Bighorn Tires • Magnum Off-Road Heavy Duty Heim end Tie Rods • Gear One steering rack

The “Fat Rod” gets its plush ride from the Magnum Off-Road +6 Long Travel Suspension with custom valved Walker Evans Racing 2.0 coil over shocks, beefed up steering components like the Magnum heavy-duty heim and tie rods, a Gear One rack & pinion and Cognito Motorsports spindles. Sommers Bros 300m rear axles and 4340 grade front axles transfer the power to the wheels.

What you don’t see hidden in the neatly concealed center console is a snappy Weller Racing 720 Stroker engine with forged 102mm 10:1 compression pistons. A Mukini HSR45 Carburetor was added as well as a K&N intake and dual Muzzy exhaust for perfectly matched performance. Joey also built into the “Fat Rod” the ability to easily remove the rear seats, converting the Rhino from a family hauler to a sporty pre runner that can hold coolers, tool bags, gas cans, or spare tires.

Paint and graphics were masterfully applied by Rick “Wally World” Wallace, a well known painter in the off-road industry responsible for painting a few wellknown racers like Walker Evans and Ivan Stewart in their glory days. The flat black paint scheme has ghosted candy red scallops and custom “Wally Flake” similar to metal flake but with more glimmer. All topped with multiple coats of clear and custom freehand pin striping inside and out.

• Black Rhino Performance CDI • PBS Breather Systems siphon break and oil return system • Black Rhino Performance K&N open air intake • Custom aluminum dash, console, and engine cover by ZT Fab

• Exterior aluminum panels / Escape roof hatch by Dynamic Services and Products • Custom one off fiberglass race inspired hood and rear fenders by 747 Ink • Sommers Bros 300m axles rear and 4340 front.

• Baja Designs 6” PreRunner HID Lights & 2 front Baja Designs Fuego HIDs • Water temp and voltage guages by Black Rhino Performance. UTVOFFROADMAG.COM



KING King UTV Shocks by Mike Ingalsbee

Nothing beats a UTV when it comes to performance, utility and downright fun. Regardless if your UTV works for a living, spends its time exploring the wilderness or battles it out on the racecourse, you want the maximum performance possible. The suspension is the single most important system on your UTV. When it’s working properly, steering, braking and cornering are all enhanced. The shocks and springs affect so many aspects of your UTV, shouldn’t they possess the same qualities that influenced you to purchase your UTV in the first place, performance and utility? King Shocks builds a whole line of UTV shocks that exemplify performance and utility. King’s UTV shock designs are derived from their “Pure Race Series” shocks that compete and win in the toughest conditions on the planet. An otherwise stock Arctic Cat Prowler XTZ running the same King Shocks you can buy was the first ever UTV to win both the prestigious Baja 500 and the legendary Baja 1000 desert races. Off-road racing is downright hostile; desert temperatures range from below freezing to well over 100 degrees. The terrain varies from sand dunes and rocky washes to river crossings and high mountain passes. The courses are loaded with miles of undulating bumps called “whoops” as well as rocks, sand, silt and mud. King UTV shocks not only survive under these conditions, they thrive. Winning trophies and earning bragging rights are great, but how does that benefit you, the UTV owner? You may never race 1000 miles to the tip of Baja, Mexico, traverse the Atacama Desert in Chile, or race to the clouds on the slopes of Pike’s Peak, but King Shocks has in order to develop their products. Running a race like the Baja 1000 inflicts a level of punishment that just cannot be duplicated in the lab. Racing affords an opportunity to conduct what engineers refer to as Accelerated Destructive Degradation Testing. A single race can cause more abuse than most UTVs will see during their entire lifetime. King competes on the racecourse, but that doesn’t mean their shocks are high-strung race-only pieces. King shocks deliver unparalleled damping control regardless of the terrain or the task at hand. There is no single reason why King shocks perform so well, rather it’s a culmination of the complete package. During the initial design stage, King Shocks Product Development Engineers rely on their 100+ years of combined experience to analyze data gathered on the vehicle, including ride height, suspension travel, weight distribution, tire size, track width and wheelbase, just to name a few. Like all King shocks, the prototypes are made using the finest billet raw materials obtainable. Each part is machined to strict tolerances and hand assembled by experienced technicians resulting in a highly efficient precision component. They are then extensively tested by several drivers at all speeds in varied conditions. The result is an extremely durable shock capable of remarkable performance right out of the box. Most people are pleased with their performance as delivered and simply bolt them on and go. Others have special needs, depending on how or where they drive their UTV. King has them covered also; all King shocks feature the same race-inspired, take48


apart design that allows you to open them up with simple hand tools and fine tune the valving to perfectly match your vehicle or driving style. Not only can you tailor the valving to your wishes, you can also replace the seals and wear surfaces when needed so your shocks stay factory fresh for years to come.

King UTV Shocks have the same race proven technology contained in the Pure Race Series shocks that compete and win from Baja to Dakar. Regardless if you are racing, working or just having fun, King Shocks deliver unmatched performance and control.

Suppose you use your UTV for work during the week, then hit the trails on the weekends. King has a solution for you, too. King UTV shocks with the optional Wide Range Compression Adjuster give you 16 positive clicks of finely tuned compression adjustment from super soft to super firm with the simple twist of a clearly marked billet knob. You can soften your ride when just cruising, or firm up the compression when hauling a load, carrying additional passengers, or hammering rough terrain. When you decide to upgrade your suspension, don’t settle for anything less than King shocks, the most durable, most versatile and best performing shocks available.




• Available in 3x3 Latch & Link, 3x2 Latch & Link, 2x2 Latch & Link, 2 x 2 Buckle Style Harness Straps. • Complete containment device • Thick padding for increased comfort • Fully adjustable for various sized riders • Perfect addition to Beard Seats • 3x3 Beard Strap is SFI Approved Koronis Parts

From the trails to the track, the Charge FI fuel and ignition controller delivers unparalleled performance to your Kawasaki Teryx. Select from one of our performance calibrations or create your own custom fuel and ignition curve for any engine configuration. Features • Direct Plug-in Connectors. • Fully sealed controller. • Low speed limiting curve. • Increased vehicle speed. • Adjust fuel and ignition for any engine modifications. • PC Programmable for the custom tuner. • Less than 10 minutes to install. • Overrides reverse rev-limiter. • Easy to use MSD View software

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2009-2010 Kawasaki Teryx 750 PN 4244 $450.00

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ATR Polaris RZR Performance Rear Sway Bar with Quick Disconnect Feature ATR’s new Polaris RZR rear sway bar offers an increase in performance and strength over the stock unit and also has the added feature of quick disconnect links. This allows you to have the best of both worlds by being able to quickly disconnect your sway bar for added suspension articulation for trail riding, and reconnect it for more stability for higher speed riding. ATR Polaris Sway Bar is a bolt in replacement of the stock unit and takes about 30 minutes to install. ATR Sway Bar features 4 chomoly rod ends that allow for bind free movement and are teflon lined to ensure long life. Sway Bar links come in a zinc plated finish. Quality Bowtie style pins are used to be able to quickly disconnect and reconnect sway bar.

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Tony’s Toys New Radius Cages for Polaris Tony’s Toys cages built from 1-1/2” .120 wall steel. Can be built as seen or custom to fit your needs. Available raw, custom painted or powdercoated.

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Holz Long Travel Kit for Can-Am Commander “We designed the long travel kit to be a simple bolt-in solution,” said Mark Holz, owner of Holz Racing Products. “Just like our successful and respected Polaris RZR Long Travel +4 Kit, the Commander Kit will include all necessary hardware in one complete package.” Like virtually all Holz Racing Products, the Holz Commander Long Travel Suspension kit will feature precision, made in the USA craftsmanship and will undergo rigorous testing both on the track and off to ensure quality is industry leading. To achieve such high standards, the Holz Commander Long TravelSuspension Kit will feature tig-welded, chromoly construction; will include necessary hardware such as tierod extensions, longer brake lines and axle shafts; and will be finished in a durable black powder coat. While final details and pricing are being ironed out at this time, Holz and his crew of precision fabricators are pleased with the results thus far and are on target to deliver the Commander Long Travel Kit to market in unison with the Can-Am Commander arriving in dealerships this fall.

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Holz Introduces Polaris RZR Pre-Runner Rear Bumper Designed to fit all Polaris RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 models, the new PreRunner Rear Bumper is minimalistic in design’ allowing it to remain lightweight and deliver maximum protection. In addition, the new rear bumper serves up an ideal mount location for the spare tire. No more sacrificing bed space or looks in order to have a spare wheel and tire along for the ride. The Pre-Runner Rear Bumper is designed for protection, unmatched quality and durability and ease of installation. Precise tig-welded construction and a durable black powder coat finish ensure this bumper can withstand year-after-year, race-after-race of abuse. Plus installation is completely bolt-on using existing factory hole locations. No drilling or welding required! The Holz RZR Pre-Runner Rear Bumper comes complete with all necessary hardware and detailed instructions. Note, not a direct bolt-in for RZR-S models. The Pre-Runner Rear Bumper is in stock and ready to ship. MSRP is $389.00

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UTV Tech 2011 RZR Grill: Factory UTV RZR 170 Swingarm Kit Constructed from 1 ½ inch chromoly steel tubing and CNC machined ¼ inch high tensile steel axle holders. Mounts using Black Max Teflon lined 15,000 lb chromoly heim rod ends that can be adjusted for an extra 2 inches in length if desired. Powdercoated for a tough, long-lasting finish, this kit comes complete with custom molded UHMW skid plate. This setup will put the common RZR 170 broken swingarm issues to rest once and for all. $449 retail

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UTV Tech is proud to release a direct replacement for the 2011 plastic grill with an upgraded option that protects your radiator and adds a customized appearance to your RZR or RZR S. The hex pattern utilized provides strength of the product and optimizes air flow to the radiator. The UTV Tech Radiator Protecting Grill is made of 0.100 aircraft-grade aluminum and can quickly be attached to your RZR using the existing hardware that holds on the stock plastic piece. MSRP $49.00

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off-roadproducts NEW DragonFire Racing Custom Polaris RZR Doors Just like the famous “General Lee,” these doors are solid steel - designed specifically to take the worst hits the off-road can offer and protect you at the same time. And while they’re strong, these lightweight doors ensure your vehicle can continue performing at top speed. Bullet-style hinges make these new RZR doors a simple install and when you want to take them off, they’re a snap to remove - without the aid of tools. The doors have full open-width adjustability for both sides. To kick off the launch of these new RZR Doors, DFR Sport designed a custom Polaris Ranger RZR themed after the famous “General Lee” from the popular television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. There are a limited number of replica doors available for purchase. The all new DFR Sport Polaris Ranger custom doors come powder-coated black, but any custom color is available upon request. To help celebrate the launch and for a limited time only, DragonFire Racing is giving away free tie-downs for the first adapters of the highly anticipated doors. In stock and ready to ship, the doors retail at $595 for a pair.

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Weller RZR 800 Fuel Pump & Strainer New from Weller Racing! Application: Polaris RZR 800 Will outperform the OEM pump • OE turbine upgrade pump • Low current draw • Quieter operation • Much longer life Strainer included • Direct replacement part. Did your OEM Polaris pump leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere? Did you price out a new OEM pump? If so, you probably discovered that you need to buy the entire tank, and it costs over $650.00! You now have the option to buy this upgraded fuel pump/strainer for 1/3 of the price! You can keep your existing fuel tank and sender, just replace the pump! This service should take less than half an hour to perform and this part comes complete with installation instructions. MSRP $185.00

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Can Am Commander 800-1000 UHMW Skid Plate and A-Arm/CV Protectors Factory UTV has set the gold standard for UTV undercarriage protection for the last few years and look to continue that position with their offerings for the Cam Am Commander line up. These full coverage skid plates and A-Arm guards are constructed from 3/8 inch UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) plastic. Significantly lighter than aluminum, UHMW makes an ultra tough, super slick surface that easily slides over rocks rather than hanging up like their aluminum counterparts do. For the ultimate in UTV Protection, check out Factory UTV $399 Skids

$179 A-arm/CV Guards

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NEW Off Road Jack from Pro Armor Easily mounts a rifle, fishing pole, etc… for hunting and fishing. • 1” Tubular steel frame is sturdy yet lightweight. • Durable powder coat finish. Universal mounting locations for almost any accessory with use of “Quickfist” clamps (1 pair included) such as flashlights, shovels, extinguishers, tools, camping equipment’ etc… • Multiple jack mounting locations on base for use on almost any spot under the vehicle. Large, 21” long, sturdy base for use in dirt, sand, or muddy conditions without fear of the jack sinking. 2 ton rated scissor jack with a compact, lowered height of 5” and a massive 21” extended height allow the jack to slide under vehicle with a flat and lift them high enough to get a fully inflated tire on. Able to mount horizontally, vertically, or for use with the Polaris Lock and Ride system for both the RZR and Ranger XP. Sturdy ratchet strap system rated at more than 3000lbs to ensure secure mounting and hold almost any size tire. Can also be used for trailer tires and accessories and can be mounted to tongue of trailer or to inside wall.

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h, yeah! It’s that time of year again. Time to check out those soft, golden, powdery bodies of sand. We’re talking about the dunes, the only place on earth that you drive for hours on end with ever changing challenges that test the skill of driver and machine. For most of us, we spend the month of October gearing up for a spooky night of Halloween tricks, treats and parties. On the other side, there are those of us wrenching on our vehicles to get ready for opening day of Dune Season on Halloween weekend. If you’re into duning, we’ve put together a guide of great products to get you pumped up for the dunes. If you’re into looking good, sounding good, traveling in style and comfort, or are just interested in improving your vehicle’s performance, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a first-time duner or a seasoned veteran, remember to keep safety in mind, especially on busy holiday weekends. Here are a few tips you should not forget when visiting the dunes. Flags By law you have to have a safety flag that is a minimum of 8 feet off the ground. Helmet You should always wear a helmet, especially in the dunes. Trouble comes up quick and the only way to keep your melon intact in the event of an accident is to keep it protected. This is another law that ISDRA enforces. Goggles Eye protection is super important. This keeps sand out of your eyes - Duh! Necessities We make sure we have plenty of water or Gatorade. Even in the cooler months, you should continue to hydrate when you stop to take a break. Bring along a jacket for when your day ride turns into a night ride. Also throw in a tow strap, tools, flashlight and some snacks in case you break down. Time of day The worst time of day to drive in the dunes is from 11am to about 2pm. Why, you ask? This is when the fireball in the sky is directly above you and no shadows are cast. This makes it difficult to read the dunes and distinguish hills and valleys. The dunes will look flat, when, in reality, we know it they are not. Oh, yeah, and bring along some sunglasses or tinted goggles. General safety We mentioned flags, helmets and goggles, but other things you should consider are long-sleeve shirts and pants to help protect you from getting sunburned; boots, or at the minimum some sort of closed-toe shoes; 4- or 5-point harnesses are also great to have but not a necessity; seat belts of any kind are fine but you need to wear them. If it’s your first time riding in the dunes, go out with an experienced driver and let them lead. In no time you will learn how to drive in the dunes. It’s better to go out with two or more vehicles in case you get lost. Believe me, it can happen. The dunes all look the same. If you have no sense of direction, then bring along a GPS. And, as always when driving a UTV or any motorized vehicle, no drinking and driving. There is no need to ruin your weekend or someone else’s with impaired judgment from alcohol. Dunes are fun without it. Be safe and have fun! UTVOFFROADMAG.COM



• AWESOME STEERABILITY • SUPER FAST DUNE CLIMB without power loss! • Feel a difference right away with these all new EXTREMELY LIGHT TIRES from DWT. These tires look awesome and they perform even better. DWT DOONZ front tires are 25.5” tall x 10” wide. The rears are 13” wide. For a big tire, they are surprisingly lightweight. The 12” rears utilize an 8-paddle design that allows you to get a good amount of wheel spin and slide!

Fullerton Sand Sports

World’s largest “in stock” selection of Sand Tires For over 30 years we have been supplying tires and wheels to sand enthusiasts all over the world. Fullerton Sand Sports (FSS) can paddle anything from ATVs, UTVs, and Sand Cars, to Top Fuel Dragsters. We pride ourselves on listening to the customers’ needs in order to provide them with the best possible setup for their application. If you’re running a stock vehicle to a highly modified vehicle, FSS can hook you up! FSS is a direct distributor for Skat Trak, Sand Tires Unlimited, DWT, and ITP.

DWT racing

Introducing the unique new 3 piece SECTOR wheel from DWT. Made in the USA, this awesome new TRUE 3 piece wheel is fully serviceable and constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated 6061 .190 aluminum. All of our heat treatment is done in our factory, assuring a true and proper procedure. The Sector consists of two lightweight aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a stylish billet center. An airtight seal is formed by a strong rubber ring seated in a precision machined groove between each wheel half and the wheel center. Sector’s revolutionary 3 piece design allows you to separately change any piece of the wheel if need be. The rolled lip version of Sector wheel may transform from a trail wheel to a dune wheel by exchanging its halves to get a narrow or wide offset. This allows you to have one wheel for different kinds of riding, which saves you money. It also allows easy “in the field” tire mounting. These amazing new wheels are available in DWT’s signature “super hoop strength” Rolled Lip and Bead-Lock models. Our bead-lock models employ our exclusive riveted steel nut plate system which allows for quick and easy thread fix.

omf performance

OMF Performance Products, Inc. Super Lite Beadlock & Billet Centers OMF Performance Products has a new featherweight beadlock and billet center wheel for the world, available in 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”, and 14” diameters known as the OMF Performance Super Lite Beadlock and Billet Center. Like their original Beadlocks and Billet Centers, the Super Lite is built from aircraft grade 6061T6 aluminum plate, making them extremely strong. However, once in one of OMF’s six CNC machines, they machine pockets around the beadlock ring and billet center, decreasing the weight and adding a custom style. They decrease the weight by so much in fact that a 12x6 billet center wheel with the Super Lite Beadlock, Super Lite Billet Center, and inner reinforcing ring weighs in at an astonishing 9.2 lbs per wheel!! Custom sizes, bolt patterns, styles, and colors are available, and if you aren’t in the market for a new wheel OMF Performance can install these new beadlocks on almost any existing wheel!

zbroz racing

Photo by Stephen Clark

Exit shocks feature a 2” bore that is large enough to handle the demands of any type of terrain or riding style. Custom built to each rider, these shocks are specific to you and how you ride. They are available for most models with three options to choose from; X0, X1, and X2. The X0 is your standard piggyback coilover with no external compression adjustment. The X1 shock is compression adjustable with the simple turn of a knob. So leave the tools in your tool bag, all you need is your hands to get these shocks adjusted to your liking. The X2 option allows for both compression and rebound adjustment, again with a simple knob style adjuster. Of course, all come equipped with high quality springs and easy pre-load adjustment. Each set of Exit UTV shocks is custom built to each customer and comes with a 60 day ride quality guarantee. We keep a copy of each customer’s shock specifications to allow us to know exactly what went into your shock. Sold in sets of four shocks with springs. Photo shows X2 shock with compression and rebound knob. Available for: Polaris RZR, RZR S, RZR 4, Kawasaki Teryx Starting at $1800 (Set of four shocks sprung and valved for you)

king shocks King UTV shocks have now reached a new level of versatility and performance. They’ve taken the knowledge gained in their successful bid to win the Baja 1000 and domination of short course racing and used it to make a great shock even better. King UTV shocks with the Wide Range Compression Adjuster give you the ability to precisely adjust compression damping from super soft to super firm with the simple twist of a knob. The clearly marked knob offers 20 positive clicks of finely tuned adjustment. You can soften your ride when just cruising, or firm up the compression when hammering rough terrain or carrying additional gear or passengers.

walker evans racing

Walker Evans Racing performance UTV shocks are available for Yamaha Rhino, Polaris Ranger, Ranger XP, RZR, RZR S, RZR 4, RZR 170, Arctic Cat Prowler and Prowler 1000 XTZ, Kawasaki Teryx and Redline Revolt. Most are available in OE replacement and long travel styles. All shock parts are CNC machined from billet aluminum, inspected for precision fit and function and anodized for protection. Shock shafts are machined from a micro alloy steel then nitrite coated for strength and protection. All shocks are completely rebuildable and replacement parts are available. Walker Evans Racing shocks have outstanding fit, function, appearance and are made in the USA.

ridetech • Bolt on installation (No fabrication required) • Adjustable spring rates to accommodate various loads • Comfortable ride • Ability to level vehicle when loaded • Auto level feature available • Patented Sealing technology • 14yrs experience manufacturing air suspensions • Designed specifically for the UTV market • Still able to haul a load at work and haul ass on the trails • Maintain a specific ride height loaded or unloaded. High performance UTV suspensions do not have to be the same old spring & shock. Ridetech’s latest effort is definite proof of this sort of thinking. Our new UTV ShockWaves are aimed at the users who utilize these vehicles for work, play, or better yet, BOTH! Unfortunately, putting a heavy load on the front or back of your UTV will cause it to become unlevel and in some cases unsafe to drive. The new Ridetech ShockWaves allow you to add air to accommodate heavy loads, but then still take it out for trail riding while maintaining an excellent ride quality, level stance, and an all around safe driving vehicle. This is all achieved through adjustments in the amount of air pressure in the springs with only the touch of a button. These trick units are designed with performance, durability, and versatility in mind. A onetime installation of the Ridetech ShockWaves will cure the problem of replacing or adjusting coil-overs for good. With over 14 years of air suspension development behind us, we have implemented our knowledge of the automotive industry to the UTV market. Now you too can have the same suspension on your UTV that has been proven to enhance ride quality, handling, performance, and load carrying in the automotive aftermarket industry.



todd’s custom billet

www.toddscustombillet .com 2011 Polaris RZR V3 Full Cage

The new 2011 Polaris does not have the extra cage extention any longer, so we made it for you with our new V3 Sport Cage. *Full Cage constructed out of 2” aluminum or mild steel *A new aggressive look with extra down tubes and bed supports * Available with spare tire rack (Optional charge) *Lowered roof line to fit in any toyhauler. *Matching bumper, doors, weld-in mirror bung. seatbelt harness bar, etc, available upon request.

Long travel industries

Long Travel Industries cages for the Polaris RZR are constructed of 1-3/4 x .095 wall D.O.M. Seamless tubing on the main parts of the cage. Our cages are built lower than the factory cage so they will fit under most models of Toyhauler rear beds. Our cages come with two front grab handles and are rotated in to help keep hands inside. All of our cages are designed with optimum safety in mind. All B-pillars are behind the front seat away from the driver and passenger. Our 2-and 4-seat cages include a dash bar and seat belt harness bar. These are a must for strength and integrity. The main top bar is a one piece design with no breaks or welded connections for better strength. All of our cages feature front and rear harness mounts to the cage using 3/16 tabs not to the seat frame. Our 4 seat cages include a welded-in seat mount as part of the cage, unlike most others that use a seperate bolted-in seat mount.

if motorsports

Full Cage-Extremely strong, 3” shorter than stock cages. Full Cage Package- Available for the Teryx, Rhino, Ranger, RZR, Arctic Cat, and Big Red. Includes Rear Seat and mounts, harnesses removable cooler rack, and tilt option. Also available for prerunner style cage.

super atv

www.superatv .com SuperATV Aftermarket Roll Cage Hot new roll cage for the Polaris RZR. This heavy-duty cage is made from 1-3/4” steel and is a complete bolt-on accessory. Give your RZR the added protection and new look you want with a SuperATV cage. Cage requires NO drilling or welding on your machine. Price : $750 delivered 58


tmw off-road www.tmwoffroad .com

TMW’s new RZR 4 cage, custom designed to add functionality to your unit. Rear supports add on a safety factor and make the whole cage stiffer. Cages are made from your choice of mild steel, DOM or Chromolly tubing. Cages starting at $1599.00 Tops for all the cages are hand formed and bead rolled for that custom look. We include a drip edge in every RZR 4 hard top. Call for pricing.

racer tech Racer Tech’s roll cages for the RZR and RZR-S have been a top seller since they were released. With hundreds of these cages in the field, Racer Tech has increased a lot of people’s safety. It’s time to increase yours. These cages are not only the strongest proven cages on the market, but also some of the most appealing to look at. Everything that comes from Racer Tech is a functional piece of art, and these roll cages are no exception. We offer multiple options for these cages. Take your pick from the standard cage, which utilizes the factory side nets. The door bar version for increased side protection but maintaining easy entry/exit. Or you can choose the full door option for the ultimate in safety. The full doors include hand-made aluminum panels for both sides.

tmw off-road www.tmwoffroad .com

TMW’s new RZR Pre Runner bumper with race brace. This new bumper attaches to the fire wall of the RZR, making the whole front end stiffer and preventing the bumper from damaging the radiator in a front end impact. Starting at $299

Total Off-road

Total Off-Road’s new radius cages for both the two-seater and the four-seater. Custom built for all OEMs, and powder coated to your choice of colors. Perfect for those great days on the dunes. Starting at $899.00



turnkey Utv 2010+ Kawasaki Teryx BAJA Series Front Bumper Our new BAJA Series bumper is the only front bumper available built specific to the 2010 Teryx. Front bumper was designed specifically for the 2010 Teryx to follow the unique contours of the factory body. Features: 1/8” aluminum skid plate to stand up against impacts on the trail. Countersunk screws on skid plate for a smooth finish. Metal mesh screen to maximize air flow to the radiator. Heavy duty lower mounting system incorporated with skid plate allows bumper to withstand impacts. Available with or without light tabs. Unique styling. Multiple color options available. Bumper was designed for the hood to be opened with bumper installed. Made from American-made steel. MSRP: $449.00

trinity racing

Trinity Racing’s NEW 734cc big bore kit will set your new Rhino / Raptor 700 light years apart from the crowd. Our NEW Cylinder is not a reworked stock cylinder, it was specifically designed for this size bore, and that means even more reliability. This kit also features a custom105.5mm JE Piston with improved oiling properties over the stock piston. This kit will last long and give you the power you crave. Add to this a Pro Ported Cylinder Head and Racing cam and you’ve got one bad 734cc Rhino / Raptor on your hands. The 734cc kit includes a custom105.5mm JE forged piston, and a top end gasket kit.


Aerocharger RZR & RZR-4 Turbo Systems The most advanced turbo system for the Polaris RZR. Featuring the world-reknowned Aerocharger turbo. Proven time and time again to be the fastest spooling turbocharger in the world, the Aerocharger features variable-vane technology and a triple ceramic ball bearing design for the fastest spool-up in the industry. Experience maximum torque as soon as you put your foot down. Accept no substitutes, there is only one Aerocharger.

mcx-usa MCX-USA is proud to announce their RZR X motor swap. Fit into a lengthened RZR chassis, the turbocharged Apex motor is capable of 300+ HP. Unlike motorcycle engine swaps, the stock transmission and AWD are retained because nothing is worse than having to shift gears on a hill. MCX-USA has been offering performance turbo solutions to UTV customers since building our first kit for the Rhino 660 in 2007. Since then we have spent our time perfecting and tuning our turbo kits for the best power delivery and performance in not only the dunes but all riding conditions. MCX-USA turbo kits are easy to install, reliable and can be run on pump gas. Turbokits are available for all current brands and models of UTVs, including the new Can-Am Commander. e also offer big bore and stroker kits for the Polaris RZR.

epi performance EPI Severe Duty Belts Besides being famous for our Clutch Kits, EPI has become a recognized leader in the CVT drive belt business with our exclusive line of Severe Duty Belts. As the ATV/UTV industry grew and enthusiasts found more ways to modify and use their machines, we saw the growing need for a “Severe Duty” belt that could withstand the stress and heat of severe applications. All of our Severe Duty Belts are constructed to our specifications using the highest quality materials and the latest technology. The result of this testing and development is the EPI Severe Duty Belt that outperforms any other belt you can buy. Developed and tested alongside our Clutch Kits, our Severe Duty Belts are a great way to upgrade the performance and reliability of your CVT system. Install one today and hit the dunes worry-free! EPI Severe Duty Belts are available at your dealer. Prices starting at $124.95

piaa New PIAA UTV Light Bar – A Brilliant Solution to Adding Auxiliary Lamps to Popular UTVs

PIAA Corporation, the world leader in Powersports lighting, has introduced a new UTV Light Bar that can mount up to four 8-inch PIAA lamps – HID or halogen – atop a UTV, including such popular models as the Polaris Ranger and RZR, Kawasaki Tyrex, and Yamaha Rhino. Typical of PIAA products, the PIAA UTV Light Bar showcases the concept of form following function. It is constructed from a single length of 1-inch diameter cold-rolled steel tubing (shaped via computer-controlled tube bender). A single TIG-weld joint ensures strength; the powder-coat finish assures durability. Lamp attachment is equally well thought out: Billet aluminum brackets provide easy mounting and adjustment of any PIAA lamps up to 9-inches in diameter. The PIAA Light Bar will accommodate four 8-inch round lamps for Ranger, Teryx, and Rhino applications, and three 8-inch lamps on the RZR. The PIAA UTV Light Bar without lights has an MSRP of $449.98. Charge of the HID Light Brigade New PIAA HID Conversion Bulb Kits for ATVs, UTVs PIAA’s new HID Conversion Bulb Kits deliver a bright 6000-Kelvin light beam for maximum output -- three to four times the output of stock halogen bulbs -- with an eye-saving daylight hue. Also, PIAA HID Conversion Bulb Kits feature the most compact and lightest ballast of any conversion kit available, making it easy to install regardless of the application. In addition, the relay harness provides protection for switches and draws power directly from the battery, resulting in safer operation and uncompromised bulb performance. PIAA HID Conversion Bulbs are a direct factory replacement. Each PIAA HID Conversion Bulb Kit comes complete with bulb(s), ultra-thin ballast, igniters, relay harness, hardware, harness ties and installation manual. MSRP for all dual-bulb kits is $319.99; the single-bulb kit is $154.95.

baja designs

The Baja Designs Strykr is the next generation of LED lighting. At 3500 lumens of light, it outperforms competitive products in a package half the size and 1/3 the weight. Features include in-house designed custom TIR reflectors to optimize optical efficiency and give precise and customizable beam patterns. The integrated Atmel microprocessor provides dimming and strobe modes as well as advanced thermal management to maximize light output and LED life. Baja Designs patented housing design gives the lamp extreme durability and the unit is completely waterproof. Beam patterns are fully user customizable and the hard-coated polycarbonate front face is incredibly durable and easily replaceable. Baja Designs is so confident in the construction of this unit that they offer a Lifetime Warranty to back it up. The Stealth is available in 10” to 50- inch lengths and starts at just $429.95.



muzzys performance Can-Am Commander 1000 Exhaust Systems from Muzzys - Designed exclusively for the Can-Am Commander 1000 - Available in two styles - STANDARD - for stock cargo bed or RACE for bed delete kits - Large diameter triple stepped head pipes - Muzzy siamese collector increases low and mid range power - Large diameter dual oval aluminum mufflers (available in brushed, polished or black teflon) - Billet aluminum muffler mounting brackets - Front and rear oxygen sensor bungs - USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores - Awesome V-Twin Sound - 96dB (92 with optional Whisper Cores)

twisted stitch seats

The Twisted Stitch Excel suspension seat features the highest containment of any Twisted Stitch UTV seat with a cutting edge design that utilizes large pass-thru shoulder and lap belt holes for easy seat removal to access under seat storage. The Excel also includes a loose bottom cushion design for improved comfort, cleaning and option to change cushions for different height drivers. A vehicle specific mounting design allows the Excel to be bolted into the RZR, RZR 4, Teryx and Rhino. The Excel is available from Twisted Stitch Seats or an authorized dealer

tribal whips

Two new exhaust systems from Muzzys will unleash the power from the already powerful Can-Am Commander. The Muzzy STANDARD System locates the mufflers in the stock muffler area allowing the lower cargo area to remain untouched. The Muzzy RACE System places the mufflers centrally below the main cargo bed. The RACE system requires cargo bed modification such as the upcoming Muzzy Bed Delete Kit. Both systems feature equal length, large diameter, triple stepped head pipes that merge into the exclusive Muzzy siamese collector and out into large diameter 16” mufflers. The 2-1-2 design allows for proper scavenging effect with no restriction in flow. The result is seemingly unlimited top end power with low and mid range increases that ordinary dual exhaust systems can’t touch. If your ears want a low, aggressive “small block” exhaust tone treat them to either system. They’ll thank you as well; sound testing resulted in a mere 96 decibels (92 decibels with the optional Whisper Core kit) Available with polished, brushed or black Teflon® muffler finishes. From $949.95

utv, inc UTV Inc’s New Easy Open - Easy Close Polaris RZR Doors UTV Inc’s new Polaris RZR doors will fit 2008 through 2011 Polaris RZR and RZR-S models. These sturdy steel frame doors mount to the OEM cage bungs in the front and rear. They also utilize the frame mounting point where the side net bar attaches. They are made from 3/4” .120 wall mild steel and skinned with 5052 .063 thick aluminum. These doors are sturdy and they use an automotive style latch system for easy entry and exit. When opened 90 degrees, you can lift the main door panel off for easy access for service. Doors can also be removed while trail riding/rock crawling and don’t want to have your vision obstructed. All of these great features come in a door that is one of the lightest on the market. They come with a durable Satin Black Powder Coat and Retail for $499.95 Tribal Whips: LEDStixx LED Light Bar A powerful and bright new series of LED driving lights produced by Tribal Whips. LED Stixx let you create the light that lights the places you need. You choose the length of the light, the color LEDs, and the LED lenses to focus the light in to the places you need it. Set your light up with single or multiple circuits. Multiple circuit lights can be made to provide running, brake/stop, backup/reverse, or driving lights. Of course there are some standard selections that you can choose from, too. UTVOFFROADMAG.COM


xtreme machine and fabrication

When you’re out duning it’s alway’s good to have a good set of mirrors on your UTV to see all of your friends behind you. Our original concave rearview mirror has great side viewing in the smallest of space. Our billet side mirrors have great visibility without sticking out too far off of the roll cage. Both mirrors come in polished billet or black powder coat. Roll cage mounts available for the Commander.

mafia industries

Fiberglass replacement bodies for the Rhino, Teryx and the RZR. Hood: Widened 2.5” on each side and the center hump has been squared off and widened. You take your stock grill and lights and bolt them through and they still hinge foward. Dash. Direct bolt with the stock plastic screws. The center section is squared off to match the hood. Doors. Drill and self tap into the stock lower section of the cage. Rear Fenders. Widened 4” on each and lifted to clear 26 x 11 X 14 with a 6” long travel kit. Bolts in the stock bed location with the plastic screws, or can be set up for custom race applications. The lower front corners are molded into the rear fenders and bolt on the bottom side of the floor. All four pieces retail at $1195.00

rhino parts and performance

Rhino Parts & Performance Is excited to announce a new line of universal billet UTV clamps in 1.75” & an LED Billet Rotating Dome light • Universal Billet 6061 Aluminum hard anodized heavy duty clamps • For Adding Lighting, Gun Racks, Whips & many other options • Heavy duty design, set screws for added stability & uses stainless hardware •Custom logos available for larger orders (Dealers please call for quantity pricing) •The LED dome light can rotate 360 degrees & has 2 mounting options A clamp style & weld-in bung style for ease of install..

todd’s custom billet 2011 Can-Am Side Doors

*Side doors with front opening for the new Can-Am Commander. *Made to bolt on to stock cage or TCB’s aftermarket cage. *Light weight, sturdy. *Designed not to rattle, made in a precision jig. *Powder coated black or raw finish. *Doors allow more door space opening than stock cage with nets. *Front opening spring latch system, no cables to worry about. *MSRP $899.00

2011 Can-Am Front Bumper



Todd’s Custom Billet front bumper is made out of 2” mild steel. Bumper is mounted on the frame in 4 spots for a rigid sturdy fit. The weight is approx. 16 lbs lighter that stock front bumper. MSRP $419.00

CYCLONE TURBO KITS for the Ranger 700 & 800

With all of the hype of the RZR, some people feel that their Ranger has been somewhat forgotten. Well, Bikeman Performance hasn’t forgotten at all! Though Bikeman Performance offers turbo kits for all of the RZR models, they have recently released very strong running turbo kits for both the Ranger 700 and 800 models. They are designed to run on premium pump gas, or you can upgrade to a third fuel injector and turn up the boost for greater power and boost. In this article we will be focusing on a Ranger 800. At a mere 45 horsepower stock on the 800, the BMP performance exhaust system alone adds 6-7 horsepower at the crank. But that wasn’t enough; BMP felt the 800 Ranger was a perfect candidate for a turbo kit. The motor has proven itself to be a strong runner with a tough crankshaft and plenty of torque, but it felt the big Ranger could use a lot of help in the performance category. About Cyclone turbo kits Bikeman Performance manufactures their own line of performance exhaust systems for the Ranger models, so they started by making a special performance header and muffler designed specifically for the turbo. The kit uses all of the stock exhaust mounts and hangers, and on the 800 some of the stock exhaust heat shields are still utilized for a very sane installation. So the main part of the kit includes the performance header, center pipe, T15 series turbo, muffler with billet end cap, intake charge tube, airbox intake

adaptor, K&N filter, feed and return oil lines, oil dip stick tube, and boosted EFI controller. All of the exhaust components and intake components are ceramic coated and polished so they look trick and hold up to the elements for the long haul. The 800 kit we are testing is designed to run on 91-octane premium pump fuel. It is designed to run at 7 psi of boost, which provides a 50 percent gain in horsepower with just the turbo, but with the higher flow exhaust system gains of 60-65 percent is what is achieved. And with the BMP clutch kit and ECU reprogramming to raise the rev limiter, the power to the rear wheels is nearly doubled. We will go over those options later in the article. How the turbo works. Turbos have been around for a long time, and with modern technology of electronics and EFI systems, they can be used to boost horsepower easily and reliably. For the people who haven’t learned yet what a turbo does, it’s really quite simple, yet very technical, to tune them properly. What the turbo does basically is it uses the exhaust pressure to turn a turbine in the turbo housing which, in turn, spools up another turbine that increases the pressure of the intake track which runs through what is called a charge tube between the turbo and the throttle body. The basic rule of thumb in the turbo world is that 7 psi of boost produces a 50 percent increase in power. And depending on the compression and timing of the motor, BMP has found that the Ranger 800 can handle 7 lbs of boost on premium pump fuel. In order to run more than 8 lbs of boost, the Ranger 800 needs to run race fuel, and it also needs an additional fuel injector. But unless you are racing, the standard kit with 7 psi of boost works out very well to enhance performance. In order to make the turbo work properly with all of the extra boosted horsepower, the clutches need to be modified to put the power to the ground. Otherwise, you would just hit the rev limiter as soon as you hit the throttle and the machine wouldn’t perform to its full potential. So BMP has developed a special performance clutch kit for the turbo application. They start with a new special set of adjustable clutch arms for the drive clutch that are much heavier and more aggressive to grab the belt. The primary clutch spring was developed to aid in engagement and backshfting the big turbo cam arms. And the secondary clutch is completely replaced with a Team roller clutch, spring, and custom cut helix cam. This clutch kit will harness the boosted power so that your machine performs much quicker and keeps it from hitting the rev limiter.



Bikeman Performance also recommends having the rev limiter raised in the ECU. With the relatively low 6300 rpm rev limit, raising the rev limit up to 7000 rpm allows the motor to breathe and produce greater power. BMP has you send your stock ECU to them to have an additional chip added to the

ECU board which allows them to change the timing curves and rev limit per application. An aluminum heat sink is also added to keep the modified ECU cool. This really works well on the turbo application. Performance gains are dramatic, with a 10 mph gain in top speed and wickedly faster acceleration. The Ranger 800 used in this test has a fully enclosed cab with windshield and side doors. This adds a lot of weight and slows the machine down. You will notice in the graph that BMP shows how this machine ran with the cab installed versus a machine without a cab enclosure. Then you can see how the Ranger 800 with the BMP Cyclone Turbo is faster and quicker by a significant amount. In a drag race, it’s not even close. You can view the race of the cab enclosed turbo Ranger 800 compared to the stock one on YouTube by checking out this link. http:// or search YouTube - BMP Ranger 800 Turbo.

their products. You know that when you call, you can be assured they have the knowledge to provide you with the proper components and technical support you expect from a performance company of this nature. BMP wanted us to know that they offer their Cyclone Turbo kits for the Ranger 800, Ranger 700s, RZR-S and standard RZRs. Crew models included! They also have a few more tricks up their sleeve with special turbo camshafts, porting, and third injector race turbo kits that run up to 14 psi, which will more than double your horsepower from stock. They even offer special billet clutches for RZR and Rangers that will gain even stronger acceleration and an additional 8-10 mph of top speed. The quest for power and speed never seems to end for these guys!

The neat part about the Cyclone Turbo kit is how user friendly it is. You can take it mudding, climbing, trail riding, hunting, whatever you need to do. This test machine is all camo and used for hunting and trail riding. BMP spent a lot of time testing this kit all over the country. They spent time testing them in the dunes of Glamis to the woods of Michigan. From cold to extreme heat in the desert, from climbing to cruising to jumping to mudding. One thing you will notice is there isn’t an intercooler. BMP tested in extreme heat and found that even in 95-degree air temperatures, the intake charge tube temps only increased to 105 degrees. This is attained because the motor’s charge tube is so short and is ceramic coated to dissipate heat. The short charge tube also is why the BMP kit has such quick throttle response. In testing, BMP found that by adding an intercooler, the intake charge temps we only slightly cooler and it had substantial turbo lag unless the engagement was raised to point the engagement was somewhat abrupt. This is because with the intercooler, the charge tube would have to be nearly 4 times the length. Not what they wanted to achieve in a kit for all around uses, or even for race applications in that respect. You can see that Bikeman Performance has put together a top-notch kit for the Ranger 800 that can be installed in about five hours. They have the clutching and electronics that really brought the kit full circle. Bikeman Performance is a full hands-on shop that designs, develops, and produces 68



Bikeman Performance Pricing: Cyclone Turbo Kit - $2,995 Stage 2 Turbo Clutch Kit with Roller Clutch - $599 ECU High Rev Rechip - $399 715-294-4575




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