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Just what is the “Battle of the Forum Builds” anyway? Well, two popular Teryx-related forums have been building custom Kawasaki Teryxes for their online members. They both started this project so that viewers could gain more knowledge of what can be done to their personal vehicles. They both did their research and sought out companies that they viewed as the best to help them out and, more importantly, to give insight to their members about specific products that they might not be aware of. We, here at UTV Off-Road Magazine, were fortunate enough to be the first ones to check these one-of-a-kind Teryxes out. We also gave the public a chance to vote on our website for which ones they liked, from a pure aesthetic point of view, as well as some of the performance modifications they have done to each unit. 44


The first unit is from Michael Vespucci at TeryxHQ with his masterpiece on wheels. Mike chose to go with an airbrushed flame and skull paint scheme and a radius cage that makes his unit unique. The second unit comes from Brian Bush at, and his clean, candy red and silver paint scheme with a low profile raked cage. It’s clear that both of these Kawasakis look great, and they obviously appeal to different people in different ways. The purple and silver tone of the TeryxHQ unit was the overall choice from our online voting poll. TeryxHQ gets the “Viewer Choice” title. With 2,683 total votes, the TeryxHQ unit won by capturing 52% of the votes, while the TeryxForums unit was close with



48% of the votes. Mind you, this was based on pure looks alone and not on performance, comfort or suspension handling. Since we were the only ones that actually drove these machines, it was only right that we pick a Best Overall winner based on looks, performance, comfort suspension handling, as well as overall fit and finish. What little time we did spend driving each of these units, the Kawasaki from TeryxForums stood out to us the most. Brian’s Teryx has the overall package, and everything worked flawlessly. His attention to detail is spot on, and everything from the stereo, to the performance, to the suspension was in working order and dialed in. For this, we awarded the “Best Overall” title to the TeryxForums Kawasaki.

And if you are wondering just what wasn’t up to par with Mike’s TeryxHQ Kawasaki, it really came down to an overheating issue that plagued Mike’s Teryx. This did not give us the opportunity to give his Teryx a full workout on photoshoot day. We are certain that it has nothing to do with any of the components or engine work he has done, but rather a minor detail that was soon rectified shortly after. Oh, and if you are wondering about the performance of his engine mods, all we can say is “WOW”! The 840 kit really wakes up the Teryx to exciting levels. If Mike brought out his unit with everything buttoned up, he would have had an edge over Brian’s unit in the performance category alone. Let’s take a more detailed look at these units.





The crazy airbrushed skull art was layed down from the demented mind of Shawn Wilken at Airtite Art. Shawn has over 20 years of airbrush experience in the automotive industry and is one of the best in the game. The overall paint scheme is one of the key elements that drew the attention of thousands to vote for the TeryxHQ Kawasaki. Contact: Shawn Wilken @ 623.210.6180

The nice throaty sound and extra performance out of the tail end came from Muzzy’s Performance (541.385.0706). Combined with the Four Stoke Tech (814.842.6159 ), 840cc Big Bore kit w/stage III cams, all built at the performance minds of Weller Racing (480.507.4771) Mike’s Teryx is the fastest we have had the pleasure of driving.

Adding comfort and style to the interior, the Teryx Kawi installed front and rear seats and a rear bench mount from Twisted Stitch (714.773.0233). The front seats were lowered with help from SDR Motorsports seat lowering bases. (800.277.2280)

Getting some basic instrumentation that is lacking in the standard Teryx, Mike added Trail Tech Vapor Computer (360.687.4530) & billet dash mount. Black Rhino Performance gauges were added to monitor volts and fuel 619.561.5000. Thumping tunes were installed with the help of Unleashed UTV (602.246.4011) and noise came from the SSV Works ( Center Console Subwoofer.

Adding some extra protection and suport in the rear is the stylish bumper from SDR Mortorsports (800.277.2280) and if you need to tow someone out of trouble, Mike has a Double Trouble Hook (480.518.1210) Recovery Kit that will get the job done.

Perched on top of the TeryxHQ Kawasaki and lighting up the night sky is the 40” Edge Series LED lightbar from Rigid Industries (480.655.0100). This is the toughest and brightest LED lightbar on the market.

OTHER PRODUCTS NOT SHOWN PWR Performance 877.656.9256 Aluminum HD Radiator Kit

Increasing air flow to the performance mods, Mike slapped on the Tribal Carbon Fiber (517.688.3340) cold air intake for some fresh air and complete his carbon fiber details that is seen throughout.

Extra light weight wheels are a product of HiPer Racing Wheels (877.464.4737) The 14” dual beadlock carbon fiber wheels recieved some extra carbon fiber details from the crew at K2 Concepts (951.675.1303). The Teryx recieved some new shoes from Goodyear Tire ( to keep this tire/wheel combination as light as posible. One of the best aftermarket tailgate latches, in our opinion, is product of AXIA Alloys (480.216.6266). As most of their product line, they come in satin, polished or black anodized. Also from AXIA Alloys are their billet panoramic rearview mirror, billet convex side mirrors and billet mount for LED lightbar.



Dragonfire Racing 800.708.9803 Dynatek High Output Coils

Dalton Industries 902.897.3333 Clutch Kit & Billet Clutch Cover

Dynatek 800.928.3962 Programmable CDI & Programming Kit aFe (advanced FLOW engineering) 951.493.7100 - Air Intake

Affordable Powder Coating 602.272.7646 Maier Manufacturing - 800.336.2437 - Full Body Kit All Powder Coating and Ceramic Coating Factory UTV - SafeGlo Whips NightOwlHIDs ½” UHWM Skid Plate 909.261.3154 602.510.7999 Teryx Unlimited LED Whip & Fiber Optic Whip Factory Lighting HID Conversion 623.581.1620 Grant Products TMW Off-Road Teryx Maintenance & Factory 818.247.2910 480.969.9261 Kawasaki Parts Fibertech Steering Wheel Fuego HID Lights: $345.00ea X-Tream Clean - 704.236.4391 - Cleaning Motorsports Squared Unisteer Performance Products 800.338.9080 949.713.5193 Electric Assist Steering RPS Fire Extinguisher Mount

The one off custom radius cage, aluminum roof, bolt on-doors and quick release cooler rack are all from the creative fabrication minds of FST Motorsports (602.484.7127). Helping in the suspension department, FST Motorsports also outfitted the TeryxHQ with their sweet 6� over long travel kit with King coil over shocks. Given needed strength, 2X Motorsports (480.844.0429) added their heavy duty tie rods on either side.





Trinity Customs - - Brian’s Teryx stock plastics received a custom candy red paint job with sleek graphics that flow well with the body.

Xtreme Machine and Fabrication -- -- From Xtreme MF the TeryxForums Kawi was updated with a custom four-seat cage, light bar, rear seat bracket for removeable bucket seats, a 5” over long travel suspension, axles, front bumper and a host of billet accessories.

Baja Designs - - 5 - 4” Fuego HIDs were added along the top to light up the dark for the ultimate night riding adventure.

FST - - Custom front and rear gusset plates w/ the TeryxForums logo laser cut into them makes a nice touch - FST throttle and brake pedals (not shown)

Axia Alloys - - Black anodized billet side mirrors along with a host of other billet accessories.

Double Trouble Hooks - - DTH recovery hook kit

DragonFire Racing - DFR steering wheel and quick release hub

Night Owl HIDs - - Factory replacement HID lighting with Hi/Low beam

SSV Works - - Center console sub box w/10” speaker, front and rear kick panels with 6.5” speakers perfect for tunes on the go. Muzzy’s Performance - - For the ultimate performance and sound, dual exhaust was added.

JP Cooler - - Soft cooler

OTHER PRODUCTS NOT SHOWN Rugged Race Radios - - Four-person intercom kit with race radio, and custom infant headset Elka Suspension - - Sport shocks for XMF long travel

PRP Seats - - PRP carbon fiber w/ red double stitching high back seats and 4-point harnesses. 48


Quick-Light - - Fiber optic dune whip Accutronix - - Custom engraved rear gusset plate w/ license plate mount

AFE - - Air intake

SDR Motorsports - - Four seat lowering plates

Affordable Powdercoating - All powdercoat on vehicle provided by Affordable Powder Coating

Skat Track - - 25x10-12 front buffs - 25x10-12 rear 8 paddle

Bob Nolan Amsoil - - All fluids

Induced Fabrication - - Custom fabricated dash panel for intercom, radio, and switches

Dynatek - - CDI ignition



Battle of the Teryx builds  

Article from UTV Off Road Magazine featuring the Battle of the Forums Builds between Teryx Forums.ner and

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