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The 40th anniversary of the battle for

Hill 881 South, April 29, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas.

3/3 Mike Company and 2/9 Kilo.

2nd assault on Hill 881 South, Vietnam. April 30th, 1967 by 3/9 Kilo Company

Marine air assault during the hill fights outside of Khe-Sanh, Vietnam. cira 1967

Publications currently written, paintings and bronzes are in process of completion.

Dry Dock Hoona, Southeast Alaska

Charles W, The oldest working shrimper out of Petersburg, Southeast Alaska Supply plane for Kate, Southeast Alaska

he adventure started as we left the sea locks T

at Seattle and entered the mouth of the inside passage that lead north to Southeast Alaska. The boat was a wooden old trawler name the Sea Comber. We would travel the many narrow fjords of Southeast Alaska with the shores lined at low tide by granite rock with tall cedar trees rising above the high tide water mark. Eagles sitting in there tops, you could feel their eyes on you as we pass. We would drift before glaciers waiting for the crack that would send tons of ice from its colorful face ending a thousand year journey from some far off summit in places like Tracy Arms and Glacier Bay. The seasons would change as we visit many small small Native fishing villages that dot the many islands of Southeast Alaska. We would pass whales, sea lions, and enjoy the antics of otters from out railing as we pass. Truly a spectacular land.

Heading for Mt. Fairwheather just off of Icy Straits. Southeast Alaska.

Heading South, Southeast, Alaska

As a young teenager I watched a movie

about a search in Africa by a young member of the British exclusive Explorers Club. He was sent to Africa to find a missing member, Dr. Livingston. A trek full of great effort, danger and adventure. Years of searching through the rugged landscape of Africa following rumors of his where about’s, he found and befriended him. Livingston would not return to London with him. This left his story in question his membership in disgrace. He had to return to Africa to finally reinstate his credibility. I had to go to Africa from this experience and I did. Across Namibia, Botswana, Sambia and Zimbabwe and I got to say Dr. Livingston I presume, but it was to a bronze sculpture of him at Victoria Falls. My three trips to Africa have left me with many wonderful chapters in my great book of memories.

Poachers in Victoria Park


he steamship Portland docked in Seattle the spring of 1898 with a ton of gold stacked on her foreward deck sending the cry of gol heard around the world. The only trouble with that was it had taken two years from its discovery in the Yukon to make it down to Seattle, for all practical reasoning the big gold claims had all been found by then. The lower states were in hard economic times still feeling the effects of the Civil War two decades before that sent people west ward into a vast land of no inter structure and still were mostly dirt farmers and small ranchers struggling with the elements. Many grab the bag of hope and streamed north to chase a dream creating the term “Sour Dough� which stood for sour on Alaska and out of dough. Some found gold but most just found out about themselves.

Other books in progress,

Sword and the Brush Mans conflicts with his fellow beings has been recorded by artists on the smooth faces of rock cliffs to paintings that hang on the massive walls of many great museums throughout the world. A action that has never changed since man launched his first rock in fear, anger, or power over another. Since the beginning of mankind our religions have changed, governments have fallen that were thousands of years old. But the principals of war has not. Only the weapons have changed to the point man can destroy this earth with a push of a button.

Twentieth Century Art Warrior The first commercial art gallery opened in the sixtieth century in Paris, setting artists free to seek their own way in the art world, instead of being used like a visual house decorator for the owner, but now he must make his own way to finance his way of life with his art. The next big break for the artist came in the twentieth century was an establish route of outdoor art shows and in shopping centers. To be accepted in today’s art galleries takes years at slugging it out in these open air arena across this vast country. Building his character, improving his art skills and bonding with the determination it takes to become one of these magnificent warriors that campaigh their way across this land. This book is a insight to this world with some humor.

For more information about purchasing books and limited edition prints of the Art of Austin Deuel, contact: Desert Winds Publishing 602.301.1383

Art of Austin Deuel  

Paintings and books by Southwestern artist, author and traveler, Austin Deuel

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