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4 DAYS Bangkok kanchanaburi Khao laem lake sanglaburi



Khao Laem Lake Kanchanaburi


Koh Samet

Bangkok – Kanchanaburi– Khao Laem Lake

Head out of Bangkok and drive to Kanchanaburi and visit the War Cemetery before continuing the last leg to the town of Sangklaburi. Upon reaching a small fishing village you will board the houseboat, to begin your scenic cruise to a sunset spot on this beautiful lake. The cook will prepare a variety of different Thai dishes which you will sample at dinner. Spend the following day kayaking to the end of a small bay near the Dai Chong Thong waterfall, a mere 30 minute walk through the dense rainforest. In the afternoon you will continue your visit to a ‘boutique’ plantation. The island the plantation is located on is inhabited by only seven people from the Mon ethnic minority. The plantation produces two unusual foods; the cacao plant and a rare, delicious kind of coconut which is prized for its rich oil and milk.

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES • Learn the story behind the ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ • Get off the beaten track in ‘the Land of Smiles’ • Enjoy a unique stay on a houseboat • Feast on delicious Thai cuisine • Ride elephants through the jungle • Meet ethnic minorities near the border with Myanmar • Discover hidden temples and cool waterfalls in the forest

Day 3-4

Khao Laem Lake – Sangkhlaburi - Bangkok

SUMMARY Experience Kanchanaburi at its best. Using your houseboat as a base, you will explore this stunningly beautiful region. Visit waterfalls, kayak on the lake, ride elephants and explore markets. A perfect itinerary for those wishing to enjoy a unique adventure away from the crowds.


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On day 3, paddle a kayak to several small limestone caves where you will have time to explore. At the caves there is a chance that you may encounter the bats that inhabit them. Return to the houseboat and cruise slowly north. Then enjoy a ride in a long-tail boat up a tributary river to a village populated by the Karen ethnic group. Here you will have the opportunity to ride elephants in the jungle. Climb aboard with your mahout and enjoy an elephant-back safari which will take you through the jungle. This will be followed by an exciting rafting adventure. The following morning, rise to learn the story of the ‘sunken temple’ as you pass by on the last leg of the houseboat’s journey to shore. Bid farewell to the houseboat crew and visit a beautiful temple and a Burmese market before continuing with a short drive to Sangkhlaburi town. Learn about the fascinating and unique history of the town from your guide and enjoy a stroll over the long wooden Burmese style bridge. In the afternoon, you will return to bustling Bangkok.

Phang Nga Bay Extension Easily accessed from Phuket, visitors to this natural wonder are sure to enjoy Phang Nga Bay’s dramatic and beautiful karst islands. Enjoy a cruise through the stunning scenery and go kayaking into secluded lagoons and diving or snorkeling to view the area’s pristine coral reefs and colourful fish.

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