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laos voluntourism In the very heart of what was once colonial French Indochina the traditional lifestyles of the rural communities continue much as they have for centuries. Modern life is however making its mark and there is a great need to assist these communities to develop sanitation, health and education standards. Explore beautiful Laos whilst spending some time assisting rural communities and learning more about the local culture. We offer a number of projects to organizations and groups.

Education Saving Lives Volunteer Service & Education tour

Seuang River Experience Volunteer Service in Ethnic Communities

Laos is the most heavily-bombed country in the world per capita and still has thousands of unexploded landmines. This contamination hinders poverty alleviation and social progress and your help can end the legacy of destruction. Visit North East Laos and assist communities that are finally safe from UXO contamination. Support local efforts in school building, village water supply & sanitation and income generation projects.

This is a unique educational travel destination for schools, universities and volunteer-service groups. Working in partnership with international and local NGOs our goal is to fight poverty, preserve traditional cultures and conserve nature in the area.

Seuang River Experience

Southern Laos Educational Adventures

Seuang River Experience is a cooperative educational-tourism partnership between Buffalo Tours and local authorities.

Don Daeng is a peaceful island in the middle of the gently flowing Mekong River in southern Laos. There is plenty of opportunity for meaningful community service projects because the island’s schools and healthcare facilities are in dire need of assistance. Volunteer groups will gain a warm welcome into the communities while providing a helping hand where it is urgently needed.

Experience a living-classroom of natural beauty and cultural history in the Seuang River Valley Learn hands-on traditional techniques from Lao village elders and develop leadership skills and personal confidence through group and individual outdoor challenges that are fun and experiential. Conduct community service and field studies, tailored to suit your needs and to complement your institutions’ core curriculum.


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We are seeking participating schools, university and community-service groups to fund and build specific community development projects in rural villages. Main projects include construction, restoration, agriculture, education and handicraft production but projects are tailored to suit.

Each school is unique, and so too are each of our outdoor education programmes. To ensure you get the right combination of activities for your students our team of experienced teachers and travel experts are ready to assist.

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