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vietnam voluntourism If you want to make a difference whilst on holiday then our Volunteer and Educational Travel Experiences are for you. Through Volunteer and Educational Travel, our aim is to provide you with an alternative, affordable and unique experience that will not only change your outlook on life but will also make an enormous difference to the lives of the communities you work in. Your placement is part of a wider development plan that aims to bring about sustainable long-term changes. You will live in the local community and work alongside its members to achieve these development goals.

Vietnam Village Treks in Mai Chau

Mai Chau Experience

This scenic valley is home to many economically disadvantaged ethnic minority groups. Annually, Buffalo Tours sponsors and co-ordinates a medical trek project with Seattle Community College to provide health check-ups and immunization for children. Many local people see a doctor for first time. American and Vietnamese doctors, nurses and students volunteer their skills and time to make this life changing event possible.

We work with schools, university and community service groups to fund and build specific community development projects within rural villages. Projects are based on a strict needs analysis process but typically involve construction, livestock improvement schemes and health education. During the volunteer work we encourage taking an active role in village life and there are opportunities to visit local schools, community health clinics and learn about traditional crafts.

Volunteering at Orphanages, Schools and Disabled Children‘s Centres

Cu Chi Wildlife at Risk

Buffalo Tours works with carefully selected orphanages, schools and centres around Hanoi that do not receive government support and rely on private donations and assistance. Many of these centres are homes for children suffering from ‘agent orange’ syndrome, which has been passed from generation to generation, and other health related problems. Groups can volunteer their time to assist with construction, renovation, health and educational projects.

The centre is unique in being the first of its kind in southern Vietnam. At WAR’s Rescue Centre volunteers dedicate their time to assist the permanent staff in providing clean, safe, natural environments for rescued wildlife. Volunteers are involved in many different activities and will learn a lot about endangered Vietnamese wildlife.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve Project We work with several villages in a very remote area adjacent to Pù Luông Nature Reserve. We are seeking participating groups to fund and build schools, school libraries, water filter systems and access roads to these remote villages. There are opportunities to provide scholarships to deserving students who are at risk of dropping out of school owing to family poverty.


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