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Panorama Residence Suites

House ordinance To make living together in the Panorama Residence Suites as pleasant as possible, the following rules must be observed.

Quiet at night time The peace and quiet of fellow residents at night time must be especially respected from 10.00pm until 7.00am. Quiet must be maintained at night time in all the suites, hallways and exterior areas of the premises. It is not permitted to cause noise due to music, voices, repairs, vacuuming, etc., which might disturb the neighbours. Smoking The Residences are monitored by a fire alarm system. Smoking is therefore strictly forbidden in all rooms. This includes public areas such as stairwells as well as the Residences. The costs of calling out the fire service due to a false alarm shall be borne by the Resident in full. Smoking is permitted in the exterior area. Cigarette ends must be removed properly. House doors All access doors must be kept closed at all times to ensure the security of all Residents. Waste Normal household refuse must be disposed of using the chargeable refuse sacks in the containers provided for this purpose. Bulky waste may be disposed of subject to a charge by agreement with the hotel management. Pets Pets are not permitted to disturb the peace and quiet of the house. Dogs must be kept on a lead within the common areas. Cleaning and maintenance The rented areas must be maintained properly and carefully. Appropriate pads must be placed under heavy furniture to protect the floor and furniture feet must be fitted with Teflon glides.

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