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Checked luggage is a whole different ball game. Best to start packing up to a week in advance. You can pack clothes and personal care items beforehand with no worries. If possible, put all last-minute items into one bag together, since they will probably be used first. When packing children’s clothes, depending on their age, put each outfit into clear bags, from undies and socks to accessories, like sunglasses and hats. This will make it easy for the kids to pick their own outfit for the day when on vacation.


If a family has assigned seats on the airplane together, without bulky items like car seats, don’t board with other families. Waiting to go later in the boarding process will give little ones less time buckled up and sitting still before take-off.


“Things to remember are extra change of clothing, spare gallon Ziploc baggies for accidents or for extra storage for things you need to put away quickly. Snacks, chargers, headphones, iPads/tablets. Have the airline app downloaded prior to the trip to take advantage of in-flight entertainment if that is available.” — Kayla Lewis, @kaylamarielewisable

“Don’t worry about what anyone else is thinking on the plane. Yes, kids cry and throw tantrums; it happens. Most people have kids and understand, and those who don’t will understand too. Everyone was a kid at some point, so keep focus on your adventure!” — Yasmine Al Awadhi, @therealityofbeingamotherof3

“Be sure to research the rides in the park to find out the percentage of rides your children can actually ride. Too often parents make the mistake of going to a park where the kids don't reach the minimum height requirement for rides. If an attraction site is not really within your budget, just know that your kids will already be so excited to travel, even walking & driving around looking at the area or even a simple ferry or train ride will keep their excitement." — Renee Tiong, @nice.n.neezy.hair

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Bulky items, like diapers, can actually be shipped ahead of time to your hotel. As long as the hotel allows it, send your items with the label “Hold for (Guest name), Arriving on (Date).” A holding fee may be charged.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Recognize that each family has their own needs, and don’t apologize or feel guilty for what your family needs. If a child needs a leash or a harness because they run away, that’s okay. If a child needs candy to calm down, it’s not the end of the world.

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