Buenas - January/February 2020

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WHAT TO PACK Between carry-on bags, strollers, car seats and checked luggage, there’s a lot of little details to think about after picking a destination and planning events. Buenas compiled a list of absolute necessities. Carry-on bags can be stressful. Does each kid need their own, or should they share? An easy indicator is to take children to a park for the day or walk around the mall, with a backpack on. If they make it through the day with it still on, they can have their own. Either way, essential items to pack in a child’s carry on are: • Twistable crayons, coloring books, workbooks and notebooks • Cuddle and comfort items, like blankets, lovies or plushies • Lollipops or gummi bears to prevent ear popping • UNO and other easy card games • Handheld, easy food — apples, grapes, cookies, raisins and bite-size crackers. Pro tip: keep in pill container or kids tacklebox • Inflatable cushion, like Fly-tot, that allows kids to lay flat in airplane seats • Tablet, charger, extension cord or surge protector, headphones and headphone splitter (splitter so two kids can watch same program or game together) • Instant noodles, oatmeal and other meals made with only hot water — sometimes kids are picky, and these items are easily made from the beverage cart or coffee maker

Strollers and car seats… Should they be brought along? Checked with luggage or at the gate? So many questions arise when thinking of these seemingly essential items, and there are a lot of choices. If, after weighing the pros and cons of strollers, having one is in the best interest of the family, check it at the gate instead of at the ticket counter to provide extra storage as well as a place for fussy toddlers to relax. Keep in mind, most amusement parks and hotels have strollers for rent, and the cost of renting might outweigh the annoyance of bringing one with. As far as car seats, if kids are little and would require one if a car is rented, it might be a good idea to bring, and even use on the plane. Buenas January/February 2020 5

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