Buenas - January/February 2020

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TRAVEL THROUGH TIME FOR A TIMELESS CLASSIC Rotten Apple — Guam’s only steampunk-themed restaurant and bar, and brainchild of celebrated local chef and restaurateur Eddie Chien — provides one of the most unique dining experiences onisland, allowing patrons to stylishly travel through time to an alternate history Victorian England. Much like the steampunk genre, Rotten Apple’s menu is a combination of both the innovative and the classic. And when Rotten Apple decides to do classic, they mean it. “When we do a classic cocktail like the Old Fashioned, we take a lot of pride in making sure it’s historically accurate, that it’s done right,” Shaun Penaflorida, bartender at Rotten Apple, says. “For instance, with the Smoked Old Fashioned, we take the time necessary to stir it correctly, which is 30 seconds or more. A lot of other bars don’t bother to take the time to do that because they’re focused on just making it quickly.” In keeping with the striking decor, Penaflorida says they also make a point to emphasize showmanship, as when they smoke their Smoked Old Fashioned underneath a glass dome, which gives off a dramatic plume once removed. But no matter the entertainment value, Penaflorida says quality ingredients and skillful preparation are what sets Rotten Apple apart from other establishments. “If you look at an Old Fashioned, the ingredients are pretty simple,” he says. “What makes a real difference is the quality of the ingredients, and how you put it together.”

Smoked Old Fashioned • 2 fl oz straight rye or bourbon whiskey • 1 large sugar cube • 2-3 dashes bitters • twist of orange peel • cherry • Choose your smoke: hickory, applewood, mesquite or cherrywood Place the sugar cube and orange peel in a small bowl. Cover and infuse the sugar cube and orange peel with smoke and let sit for about one minute. Place the sugar cube in a whiskey glass and then soak in the bitters and a little water. Muddle until sugar is dissolved. Add ice cube to the glass and then stir with a spoon. Add the whiskey and stir. Then add the twist of orange peel and cherry. Cover the glass and then infuse the entire drink with smoke.

Photo by Burt Sardoma Jr.

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