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Modernizing local jewelry one shell at a time “If you love the ocean and unique jewelry that represent culture, I think that you would be drawn to the pieces that I create,” says Dayanara Calma, owner and designer of Vidalocal, a handmade jewelry line. Calma’s hobby turned into her own business around five years ago when she started selling her jewelry in a booth at the Chamorro Village’s Wednesday night market. Currently, Vidalocal offers ocean-inspired rings, necklaces and earrings, as well as custom orders. Calma designs and makes each piece, often with the desire to modernize traditional island jewelry. “Spondylus shells were used in traditional pieces that you see on leather cords and bracelets; I tried to create it to be a more modern piece, which is why I put it on a chain. That’s kind of where my inspiration comes from — traditional jewelry in a more modern sense,” she says. Initially, Calma wanted a storefront within three years of owning her business. However, her plan changed. “Three years went by; I didn’t have my shop. But I had a handful of retailers who were interested in carrying my jewelry. I saw it as more of a benefit for me because I was able to focus solely on creating my jewelry and doing what I love,” she says. Vidalocal products are available in multiple stores on Guam, such as the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum’s retail shop, as well as Seas and Sidewalks at the Micronesia Mall. Calma also runs an online store to sell her products. The products in her jewelry line range from sterling silver ocean wave-shaped rings to spondylus shell stud earrings and pearl necklaces. “I try to stick it true to my style and hope that people would like that as well. I’m glad that people like my style; there’s variety for everyone.”

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