Buenas - January/February 2020

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NO pre-balutaning

Bring food or drink as chenchule’ when you can

Balutan is basically taking leftovers. It’s a way to help your host get rid of excess food in a manner that it doesn’t go to waste. It’s also great because you get to eat fiesta food for like, a week. But it’s done AFTER everyone has eaten. There are some sneaky types who try to balutan the best food BEFORE the table has even been opened up to eat. It’s not illegal or anything, but it SHOULD be. The bottom line is to always show respect. This isn’t a fast food joint, after all. This is a family opening up their home to help celebrate a sacred day. If you show the same courtesy you’d like others to show you, you should be welcome to eat, make merry and pack many a balutan plate for years to come.

Hey, we know. The economy’s rough. Sometimes you can’t get together quite enough cash or resources to bring something to contribute. But you know, do what you can when you can, right?

Buenas January/February 2020 9

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