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2014 Jan to Mar We extend our sincere

Buds Voices

thanks to our friends and donors who are helping us in reaching out to the most disadvantaged children and

Empowered Nadiya, born HIV+ building hope in another Nadiya is 19 years old and positive speaker among young people living with HIV. She has been open about her status to adolescents living with HIV in the support groups to encourage them to be positive about their future. In a recent incident in her village a school friend whom she had know from small had come to know about her HIV status after a miscarriage. Her name is Reena (name changed) and she had been studying with Nadiya in the same school until 6th standard . As Reena’s parents died at a very early age and she was brought up by her aunt. Reena got married when she was 18 years and when she had a miscarriage she was

families with our services. If not for your helping hand it would not have been possible to help our children think beyond their existing circumstances. Your support has helped our children become the first generation graduates from the families we reach, prevent early marriages and school drop outs.

tested and found HIV positive. It became a big shock for Reena when she learnt her husband was HIV negative. Later on verifying how she would have been affected, she found she was infected from birth and her parents had died due to AIDS. On knowing this, her husband has deserted her

and she wanted to commit suicide. Nadiya, who comes from the same village had learnt about the incident went and shared about her status and how she is living healthy with treatment. She also brought her to the center to meet with the support

Upcoming Programs • Buds N Colors— Leadership Camp for emerging BUDS Leaders between May 13-16 @ Kotagiri, • Supporting 23 orphan children to enter under graduation this June 2014

group to feel encouraged to see others like her.

wants me out of the family

At the end Reena expressed

contracted to her child

“If not for Nadiya I would

though my presence at

have committed suicide, I

home. But after coming here

lost complete hope as my

and seeing many like me, I

husband had rejected me

feel supported and have

and now my aunt’s son’s wife


with whom I am staying

as she fears HIV may be

• Singapore International Foundation Volunteers from KK Children’s Hospital trainings May 28June 1st 2014

HEALTH Pongal celebrations: The support group of Children living with HIV (little stars) had Pongal celebrations at the government hospital on Jan 11th and about 20 children participated. It has been a yearly celebration that the children enjoyed sharing Pongal and sugar cane among them as well as have a closer interaction with the hospital staff. This has been the third year, the celebration has been held in the government ART center, Namakkal.

and orphan children) at the center on Jan 14th and about 30 children participated. Support group for women living with HIV: The first meeting for women for the year 2014 was organised in March to elicit the concerns they have around health and about their children’s future. The needs and the recommendations were presented to state chapter

Pongal was also celebrated in the power

of Makkal Nala Iyakkam to be included

club (a value education club for women

in the state health recommendation.

EDUCATION Handling public exams effectively seminar for students appearing for 10th and 12th exams: A one day seminar was organised for 10th and 12th students at the Buds of Christ

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

center. About 15 adolescents partici-

port from the District Child Protection Committee, under the Sponsorship Program from Govt. This enables these children to receive a monthly monetary support of Rs. 1000/- for

pated and were provided with tips in

SPONSORSHIP from District Child

next 3 years. Buds of Christ applied

preparations for exams. Experiences

Protection Unit

for 40 children and 24 children received support.

from previously passed out-students were facilitated to encourage the chil-

24 orphan children who are living

dren appearing for the exams.

with HIV, have been mobilized sup-

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Buds Voices

ADVOCACY Representation at the national level: Two adolescents, Shalini and Sakthivel were selected as representatives from Tamilnadu for the National Consultation for Adolescents organised by Positive Women Network from Jan 20th to 26th at New Delhi. It has been a firsttime experience for both of them to Caption describing picture or graphic.

meet other children like them from across the country. Jeyapaul, the director of Buds of Christ was the lead facilitator in the Consultation.

NETWORKING Geethalakshmi, Center In-charge of Buds of Christ was able to facilitate support to about 70 children from HIV affected families in Namakkal district with educational support through the OVC trust of TANSACS. The support was given to the children by the Mr Dhakshinamoorthi, Namakkal District Collector.

REVIEW of PROGRAMS The review meeting with the partici-

the participants of the Overcomers

improvement. However the spill-off

pants of the little stars and Overcom-

group will be moving into graduation in

benefit of the little stars is that three

ers was conducted to assess the learn-

the next academic year.

children who were drop outs from

ing the participants have derived from

school have been able to get back to

the sessions. It has been an encourag-

For the little stars there has been a

ing response especially among adoles-

mixed response in some children show-

cents from the Overcomers group who

ing increased level of understanding on

has been able to apply life skills espe-

the facts about HIV and AIDS while

cially in handling peer pressures. All

few children still have not shown much


school and are continuing schooling.

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Contact Us

164, 1st floor Kootapalli Housing Board Colony Tiruchengode 637 214 NAMAKKAL District Tamilnadu INDIA Phone: +91 4288 281722 E-mail:

Buds of Christ exists to empower child ren from the most disadvantaged communities, with a focus among children and girls who have lost their parent/s and is living in disadvantaged circ umstances of poverty, caste discriminated commun ities and HIV & AIDS. We recognize that children without the care of parents or guardian are often vulnerable to various forms of abuses and exploitation. We strive to empower these children to reduce their vulnerability and help them grow up to be capa ble adults in this world. We believe that unless children are emp owered, their wellbeing is not complete. Buds of Christ works under the H.E.A.L strategy with a mission

“to love, listen, learn and lead orph ans and vulnerable children to live life positively and with dignity and be children of hope and courage to their peers and to their community�



For an orphan adolescent girl living

healed of their hurts


with HIV, the art helped her to

through art. In the ex-

emote her suppressed pains and hurt

ercise she asked all the

feelings. The workshop strengthened

participants to express

the relationships among peers and

their likes and dislikes

led Buds of Christ to have a closer

through art. For most

look at the real concerns of children

of them exploring their

born with HIV.

feelings through art was a first time experience. The



An Art workshop was organised for

part of the exercise was it helped

adolescents living with HIV by Esther

even the silent adolescents express

Joosa, Director of the Arts of the

their feelings to their peers.

Earth, Singapore. For an orphan adolescent boy, the The workshop brought in 20 adoles-

support group of adolescents living

cents who were able to express

with HIV has been his strongest like.

Esther Joosa, is a volunteer from Singapore International Foundation who came all the way from Singapore to impact the lives of adolescents living with HIV

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