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WT Universe SALVE, how we say in the WTU (Wing Tsun Universe) :-) This month seems our first DVD in collaboration with Alfredo Tucci and Budo International. We d e c i d e d t o c h o o s e a s t h e content Siu Nim Tao (SNT) or 9 ways. The SNT is the basis of Wing Tsun / Wing Chun and the WTU Wing Tsun. The understanding of it is the basic condition for everything that comes after. The WTU Movements (forms) inhere functions, from which one can derive applications. The primary meaning deer Movements Although a Other, but derived applications due to the principles and interactions help to greater understanding. In the WTU we intr oduced an extra set because I consider that to be necessary, due to the present circumstances. Furthermore, we are in this video also our first partner Movement (Chi Sao) show. We thank Alfredo Tucci for this possibility.

Martial Arts Magazine Budo International 321 October 1 fortnight – 2016  

Traditional Martial Arts, Combat Sports and Self Defense Magazine. Free read & download. Online issue. 321 October 1 fortnight - Year XXV

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