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Caring of Legs And Feet for Diabetics

Why do so many people with Type 2 Diabetes require amputation at some point in their life?

One of the most serious complication you can get if your have Type 2 Diabetes is Diabetic Neuropathy.

How do you avoid getting to the point of an amputation with type 2 Diabetes ?

Keeping them clean at all times. It means wearing good shoes and the proper support socks. Severe infection can lead to gangrene. That, of course, could lead to amputation.

There are other ways to help prevent the need for amputation if you have type 2 diabetes.

Quit smoking since it also reduces the size of blood vessels throughout the body. Keep a very close eye on your blood glucose levels. And be physically active.

Taking good care of your feet is extremely important. Visit your doctor if you find sores developing on your feet.

With diabetic life, taking proper care of your feet is almost as important as monitoring your blood sugar.

For more details. Please check out our website. Live a Happy Diabetic Life!

Caring of Legs And Feet for Diabetics Why do so many people with Type 2 Diabetes req...

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