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Issue 2 | February 2013

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Cover Story- Love is all about being in Love!


Meet People • Interview with Deven Bhojani


• Startup Talk with Ritesh Ambastha


• Star of the Month- Meet Samajhdar Sintu


Essence of Life


Love Special • Incredible Love


• The Angel of my Dreams


• My Lonely Path


• Being Committed


• Top 10 Love Facts




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Credits Design & Interviews § Nishit K. Jariwala Editorial § Bhavik Lathigara

Features Compiled by § Asha V. Kumar § Amee Jariwala § Bhavik Lathigara § Siddharth Jhala § Ankur Mehta

TEAM BB Founder § Nishit K. Jariwala

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Photographer § Abhishek Pathak


It is a matter of happiness that we are getting so much esteem from our readers and all people concerning with BuddyBits E Magazine, for us it is like an energy drink that energizes us and makes us serving nice content. Actually, this magazine has been designed in a way that, it could include all tastes. It would be a gratification for us to fulfill all flavors that readers would like to taste. If I say something concerned with this issue, falling in love, proposing your loved one, dates, candle light dinner and all things are so much delightful. For youngsters of modern era Valentine Week is like a season of love. They enjoy it like heaven. For them wandering here and there, enjoying parties, musical concerts and so many things are blissful. In the other side rejections, departure and break-up also exist. We have tried to integrate all kind of stuffs in this second issue of BB. I trust it would be an aweinspiring experience for all readers. This is not only a magazine but also a journey of something that is in connection with everyone’s life. Yes, we are here for encouragement, for amazement and for all good things to spread among you people. We are here again with new stuffs and attractions, so much fun, heart touching articles and many more. This issue is dedicated to LOVE and all the things linked with it. We are so much happy to present a Valentine special BB issue for all readers. Readers! Now be ready for an ultimate ride of reading, because you are going to read so many things that will become a memory that will never fade away from your mind. It is also possible that some of the stories are related with your life. Be ready! For all new astonishment that has a power to shake you entirely.

Bhavik Lathigara (Deputy Editor) bhavik@buddybits.com

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Love is all about being in LOVE! I don’t understand how to define this Love. I don’t understand how to confine “love” in few words. Love is divine and selfless for some and for some it is unconditional and steadfast. I don’t know when it strikes and when it absconds. It is beyond one’s imagination .I had been pondering about the charm and power that this love possess. It definitely has something magical or say something beyond one’s control. People whose life is touched with this power are blissful and so now do you realize what binds you and me and trusses us with the almighty god?? Yup it’s “LOVE” a four letter word with four thousands watt energy. A current of love is never shocking. It’s sweet as nectar, as pure as a child’s inquisitiveness and as peaceful as nature’s waterfall. I have been lucky enough to have many loved ones in my life. It has been a shield during my steep and shallow days. Love has never been a weakness for me; on the contrary it’s been my biggest strength! My family’s immense love has transformed a wrecked animal like me into a sensible being. My childhood friend once asked me out of curiosity what is difference between “LOVE” and “LIKE”. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

I was astonished because actually i didn't have any answer to her question. I rushed into the kitchen that afternoon and asked my mom.”Do you like me??”She replied “Yes, i do”. Then i asked her “Do you love me??” .She once again replied “Yes, i do”. Then i asked her what is the difference between “LOVE” and “LIKE”. She left her chores immediately and stood by me, held my hands tightly and replied “When you like someone, you are only impressed or you only appreciate the good things in that person. Your friends like you because you are smart, sweet, polite and helpful. But when you love someone you like and accept that person’s flaws along with their good qualities. Love is unconditional dear. I and your papa love you. We love you for what you are. We love even when you scream and fight with your brother, we love you even when you get irritated and snap the door at us, and we love you even when you become impulsive and rigid. Whatever wrong or right you do just know one thing you are very precious to us and we love you”. I jumped with great joy because that’s the first time that someone made me believe that i was so special for them. I guess we all had such realizations somewhere someday.


Love is a deep sea where every single drop of love demonstrates the relations that exists between two entities. A mother’s unconditional for her child, a friend’s rock steady love for another friend, the sweet brackish love between siblings, a gardener’s love for his garden, a child’s love for its toy, a person’s love For one’s things and the saga goes on. Today’s generation has a different perception regarding love. For them it is not a moral support or emotional must but just a matter of status. For a boy it’s a matter of pride when he has more than one girlfriend. For a girl it is merely a great jovial moment as her demand amidst her group of friends amplifies. To add icing on the cake, dating has become easier and soother, all thanks to the social networking sites. Sitting at Home one can easily surf through various sites and become friends and enjoy the pleasures of being in a virtual relationship and love. No one wants to put In extra efforts to gain the pleasure of being in true love or relationship. Love is been restricted to just a device window or a chat box message, emoticons, Smiles, e-cards and one-liners are enough to keep your loved ones happy. People no long feel the need to have those long waiting for their loved ones. People don’t feel the need to pen down the genuine feelings in letters for each or exchanging pleasantries in any other manner. No more blushing, no more rushing, no more long commitments, no life time adjustments, just fun and frolic moments. People want romance but it should be freelance. We expect our love to take off as the car race of fast and furious movies and it does but it lands in a no Man’s island. The relations and importantly the love have become very fragile. Life is very hectic and it’s on a great run, i understand that. But love is also a must. It is a need for our soul, a shade for our life and a gleam of light in our gloomy lives.

But one question always disturbs me what about all those whom the breeze of love has never touched? Do they feel the same about being loved as i do? Or they believe that love exists nowhere? I had seen people getting provoked when someone rejects their love, or neglects their presence and make them feel left out or unimportant. Such people get agitated. Some of the hapless people who have been deprived of love have turned evil, malicious or insane. That’s what i exactly trying to drive you Folks. Places or relations where there persists no love have turned bitter initially, Strained as it progresses and it completely transforms into darkness and immoral ways in the end. Brothers turn hostile when one realizes that one is more beloved then the other. Friends turn foes when one finds that the latter is trying to seize her loved one. Love is a boon. Don’t change it into a curse. Peace and harmony exists where there is love. Just love, spread it everywhere. Love builds relations based on trust and truth. Love is boundless. No charges or taxes are implied for Loving someone. Spread the love. Loving makes gives you endurance and reason to live. Love everyone around. Love yourself first. Love god for his magnanimous grace. Love you friends for their rock steady support, love your work, love your stuff, and love your neighbors. Love every season, love with no reason. Love the fact of being in love. Treasure the person that you are in love with. It’s precious; please don’t let it rip away from your lives. Hope in this season of love we rejuvenate the feeling of “LOVE” in our lives.

Asha V. Kumar is Features Editor in BuddyBits. She is pursuing her Engineering from V.V.P., Rajkot.

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deepburning and unquenchable. - Bruce Lee

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


MEET PEOPLE Deven Bhojani is an Indian TV serial actor/director; mostly known for his character Gattu in Baa Bahoo aur Baby. He is a theatre actor who is best known for his Gujarati plays and dramas. While he is usually associated with comic roles, he is also known to portray supporting characters to the most extent. He has won many awards for his performance in various serials and directorship in superhit series Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. BuddyBits.com exclusively took his interview. We got to know many interesting things about him. Here is an extraction of our conversation with Deven. Have a look!


Interview with Deven Bhojani

I am a proud Gujarati – Halai Lohana by cast. I am born and brought up in Mumbai. My Kul-devi Maa is in Morbi near Rajkot, Saurashtra.

Films gave me ‘money’ when I needed the most i.e. when I wanted to buy a new house and a car for myself. Film ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ gave me recognition as an actor in the Film and TV industry. It was the trigger point of my journey in Entertainment Industry.

Tell us about your educational career.

How you got into directorship, and share your experience as a director.

Tell us something about your early life and about your connection with Gujarat.

I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant, but thank God, I ended up being an Actor / Director / Producer. I could manage to complete my Graduation (Commerce) though from a reputed college of Mumbai (India) named Narsee Monjee (N.M.). I have studied Film-Making from one the best Filmmaking schools in Hollywood called University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, USA. Tell us about your experience as an actor in Gujarati theatre, television and films. I have been having a great time in all three fields of Entertainment for last many years. Though lately, I have been keeping busy only with television. I’m fortunate that my hobby of ‘Acting’ and ‘Directing’ turned into my Profession, which doesn’t happen with everyone. Theatre recognized my talent and helped me grow as an actor and as a person.Television gave me money, security, confidence, love, respect, awards and immense popularity. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

I learnt the ropes of ‘Direction’ during JJWS, as I had worked as an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR to Mansoor Khan while making JJWS. Independently, I started direction by directing a few episodes of ‘EK Mahal Ho Sapno Ka’, when a director fell ill and the producers had to meet the deadline. I’ve won many awards for directing‘Sarabahi v/s Sarabhai’ and a couple of awards for creatively directing ‘Baa Bahoo Aur Baby’. Share your experience with Hats Off Production. J.D. Majethia and Aatish Kapadia are the key persons behind HATSOFF PRODUCTION. Personally, they both are my two of the best friends. Professionally, we have worked together on many projects and the success ratio remained 100%. We have loved working with each other and the work brought us even more closer. You are playing Gattu again on Life OK. Would you like to share something on it? It is must be one of the rarest thing happened in television industry; where an iconic character of an old serial (Baa Bahoo aur Baby – Star Plus channel) entered in a new serial (Alaksmi – Life OK channel).


This may start a new trend of reviving popular old characters. Honestly, initially I was a little skeptical when producers approached me, but later I thought; it would be great fun to relive mine and audiences’ favorite character. I felt really nice & loved; when I was told that it was channel’s idea to bring Gattu in Alakshmi.

You have worked in Agneepath. Share your experience from the set of Agneepath. I had been avoiding to do a film since I was not getting good roles and was busy more with television, but I got a call from Dharma Productions (KARAN JOHAR), which is one of the the biggest banners of Film Industry, I thought ‘let’s meet at least!’. I got the script and character narration from the director Karan Malhotra, also got a hard bound copy of the full script – They were ready to accommodate my dates – Then there was no reason to say a NO!. On the sets, everything was very professional – well organized, people were disciplined, director knew his job very well, co-stars Hrithik, Priyanka, Rishi Kapoorji were very supportive and without any hangups.

Deven Bhojani inAlaxmi Ka Super Parivaar

How challenging the role of Gattu is for you?

A few of my scenes were chopped off in the final edit – but I understand, it happens and I have accepted it very gracefully. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai was the biggest hit. Would you like to share your experience from the set of SVS?

Gattu is/was a very difficult character to play – Before I started shooting for BAA BAHOO AUR BABY (Gattu); for a few days, I use to go to a CHILDREN’s HOME (for Autistic children) to observe children over there.

I was fortunate that I had a great team of cast and crew. On first day, I was a little intimidated by senior actors, but within a couple of hours, I managed to take command.

It helped me learn nuances of this character – Their gestures, postures, mannerisms, how they talk, walk, how they feel, how they relate and understand things & people,etc etc. I owe a lot to those children.

They were very supportive and didn’t bring their ‘Seniority syndromes’ in the work. Major credit for the super success of SVS should go to it’s amazing writing.

Even today, while playing GATTU, I request the whole unit to stop moving even an inch during my shot – to concentrate better. I need a few seconds of complete SILENCE before and during the shots. Sometimes, I get carried away for a couple of seconds, even after I hear a ‘CUT” from the director.

Audience is demanding the next season of SVS, have you planned to launch next season?

Tell us something about Mrs. Tendulkar. It was a nice character, but I feel, I could have performed it a little better. The serial was appreciated but still, it didn’t work the way we had expected it to work!

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

I’m glad that audiences loved SVS and consistently demand for its next season, which is not a very common thing in television; but only the producers and the channel can answer the question ‘When is it possible?!’

Rapid Fire with Deven Bhojani P11 >>


It’s the general belief that Fame change people; specially add ego characteristic. What’s your point of view on that?

M. They were like roller-coster rides of life! Years back, a bike accident I met with, is the saddest memory.

It varies from individual to individual. I somehow fail to understand, how some people change after they become successful.

My friend’s girlfriend almost lost her life, who was the pillion rider. With God’s grace, now she is absolutely alright and she & my friend are happily married for last many years.

You are in field of Glamour, which is basically known as gory deep down. What you think? I think, glamour industry is wonderful and mostly there are nice people around.

Who is your Inspiration? My 4 best friends are my inspiration.

What is more important, Degree or Passion? Why? Talent is the most important, passion and honesty towards work helps to sustain for a longer run. Weirdest or Unforgettable moment of your life. My drama tours (National & International) were very enriching.

Questions from our Facebook Fans


• Did you have crush on someone in your college? (Anvy Sharma, Surat)


Yes, but it was just an infatuation. Later I realized that she was not ‘my’ types!

3. 4.

• Which is your favorite Gujarati cuisine? (Tirath Mulani, Ahmedabad) ‘Undhiyu‘ (especially made by my mother) and “Kachori wali Daal-dhokli‘ made by my wife. Yuummmm! Muh me paani aa gaya!

What is your future plan? I don’t plan things much in advance. I flow with the life. Currently, I’ve joined hands with one of my best friends, a known film-maker Vipul Shah to co-produce TV content.

Website For Sell www.FunnyJokeslol.com BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

Vipul Shah (a known Filmmaker – Aankhen, Namaste Lodon, etc), He is also my business partner. Jamnadas (JD) Majethia (a known Tv Producer – Hatsoff production), Paresh Ganatra (a known Tv & Film actor – CHIDIYA GHAR fame), Aatish Kapadia (a known Tv writer & Co-producer in Hatsoff Production)

Hits: 1,23,711 Facebook Fans: 263 Page Rank: 2 Call: 9898000024 Email: siddharthmjhala@yahoo.co.in


Rapid Fire with Deven Bhojani Favorite Movie: Pursuit of Happiness Favorite Actor: Aamir Khan. Ranbir Kapoor Favorite Actress: Sridevi, Kajol Favorite Cuisine: Mexican food Favorite Quote: Be honest to yourself! Favorite City: Mumbai. Favorite Holiday Destination: Las Vegas, Venice. Which things turn on your mood? A good movie, quality time with family & close friends, when I genuinely feel that I have done a good job (which is not very usual). Which things turn off your mood? When I see Hypocrisy, ‘kaam-chori’, carelessness, Lie.

Thank you for liking my work. I will try my best to keep entertaining you as much as I can. - Deven Bhojani

We all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon. But that doesn't diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives. - Anonymous

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Interview with Ritesh Ambastha

It was a very nice experience for us to take interview of Mr.Ritesh Ambastha. You will be able to understand and make yourself ready for upcoming things that will cross your path when you will be approaching the market. This interaction will awake you people. During his first job, he realized that world is completely different from what he ever studied in his academics and also observed that the syllabi of the colleges are not at par with the advancements of the industry practices. From that moment, he strongly decided to help the students in India, mainly engineering students of Tier -II and III cities, to expose them with current market trends and make them more aware about recent happenings in the industry by conducting various workshops and seminars, iWillStudy is an outcome of that. We are presenting the communication made between us, it was a small effort made by us to reveal his journey right from his student life to his professional life. Have a look!

Please tell us something about yourself. I am experienced software professional in Mobile, Web Development, Search Engine Development and Location Based Services application domains. After completing my degree in Computer Engineering, I joined Powai Labs Pvt. Ltd., which was a start-up company supported by IIT-Mumbai. As soon as I finished my training from Powai, I was selected as a Research Assistant in IIT where I worked on J2ME based mobile applications. After that, I joined another IIT Mumbai initiated start-up company, Mobiance Technologies. There, I worked on various Mobile and Web based mapping and mobile tracking applications. Then, I joined Reliance BIG Entertainment where I worked for a couple of years. Now I am founder and CEO of a company that works in the education domain – iWillStudy.com. How did you get in to IIT Bombay? During the last year of my engineering I got fascinated to see the research and development work at IITs. I started watching those work closely – started chasing professors at IIT Bombay. Luckily I got my first chance to work as a Project Trainee at Powai Labs Pvt Ltd – a startup by IIT Bombay. There I worked for 6 months and developed Java Swing applications. While working there I gathered more information for joining some research work at IIT. I kept a close eye on IRCC – Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC) coordinates sponsored research and industrial consultancy projects at IIT Bombay. Through such projects, researchers at IIT Bombay solve problems arising in industry and conduct basic and applied research.There was an BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

opening for a Java developer who can build maps based project – both for web and mobile platform. I applied for the position of Research Assistant and passed the interviews and written exams. I worked under the esteemed professor S. Arunkumar – [Ph.D. UC Berkley] for more than a year on this project. Later on few more researchers joined the project and I became the project lead. I enjoyed my journey at IIT Bombay. Gradually my interest to make consumer centric products evolved and I moved on from Research to rapid real products development in the next startups. Would you please tell us about the difficulties that you have faced in the initial stages of your technical career? I was never a shy guy, but used to face problems in my early days. It took me more than a year to conquer the faith and build the confidence. I took all difficulties as challenges and tried to learn new things every day. The first challenge was to cope up with my own professor at IIT Bombay. I had to work nights and days to sustain the pressure and perform up to the mark. There were endless challenges! How difficult was it for you to convert your dreams in to reality? Well, this was the toughest time of my life. I was well settled and was earning real good. I had thought about leaving my jobs many times in the past, and I realized the right time has come. It’s a realization process post aggressive selfintrospection. I was talking with myself all the day and nights, and was ready to take up this challenge. There was nothing


wrong to give it a try, and there was nothing to lose. I never cared about luxuries and a well settled monotonous life. It was a tough decision but was more or less pre-planned. What is iWillStudy.com?

Yes, it was difficult. I was always looking for someone who can think and can work like me, someone who can have the similar vision and dream. After a long wait and self-realization I found that it’s a myth. I started this startup alone. I knew that I can make a good team; I can train them and mould them to work on the similar lines. Luckily I found few good people in the long run and am delighted to see them in my team. I don’t believe in finding the right team. I believe in meeting the right person and find out the mutual synergies to work together. Say something about the challenges you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey so far.

iWillStudy.com is a virtual platform for graduates from engineering and other streams. iWillStudy.com allows the user to view the latest tools and technologies and current trends in the field of technology, and helps them come up to speed with the job market demands. iWS is currently working in three domains- iWS Events, iWillStudy.com and iWS-Training & Placements. As a part of iWS Events, we organize knowledge- intensive technical seminars and workshops in colleges. We invite industry experts from companies like Red Hat, Reliance, Nokia, IIT Mumbai, and eInfochips to provide guidance. iWillStudy is a social portal, which works as a virtual platform for helping students learn new technologies in a collaborative, community- driven way. It is a social network website specially designed for students. They can start groups, discussion forums, ask questions and share knowledge by making contributions to various channels. They can also build an online resume. This provides an instant visibility to their profile and provides them with an opportunity to connect with recruiters. Highly skilled professionals also contribute to our forums. Today, there are more than 1650 registered students on this portal. Through the iWS-Training & Placement segment, we provide training in the latest tools and technologies. This segment innovates and delivers multiple educational products to the market. Finding a right team who can share your vision is always challenging task for any entrepreneur. How difficult was it for you? BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

We opted to prioritize brand creation over revenue generation in the first year of our startup. We kept our customers happy while keeping our pockets almost empty. This was a disastrous and a risky strategy. A time came when I was left with nothing. The only thing I was carrying was the faith among my customers and the name of the brand in the local circle – Ahmedabad, Rajkot & Facebook.I managed and poured in some more cash in the company and redefined the revenue model. We opened up the training center too and started working on three fronts very aggressively – Events (Seminars & Workshops), Training Programs (Longer duration programs) and Social portal. We worked on Training & Placement opportunities at various colleges and bagged few good offers. This was a tough time. I lead a very competitive team of engineers and MBAs at iWillStudy.com. This is a challenge to motivate, inspire and encourage them on regular basis. For me, a company is all about the people. Keeping competitive people in the team is one of the biggest challenges of a startup. What are your revenue models? Our event – Seminar/workshop business is based on the fees and the sponsorship model. There are models following which we generate revenues by keeping fees for our events – both for participants and sponsors. Our website – This is an advertisement based model where we make money via ads. We are now set to provide premium content on paid basis too. Our training center – This is a fee based initiative where we enjoy the profit margins and keep the


startup cash-flow in balance. Say something iWillStudy.com?


What next after iWillStudy.com? Do you have plans for expansion in or outside of Gujarat? your



Vision is to connect maximum number of colleges across India and connect academia & industries in various possible ways. We wish to provide services in all the areas of education wherever we get a chance to bridge the gap between industry and academics.

We are working on our expansion model. We are planning to set up branches of iWillStudy.com in Pune, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhopal, and Cochin in the coming years. We have also been talking with a few investors who will help us with our venture expansion.

Ritesh’s Message for Upcoming Young Entrepreneurs! What advice would entrepreneurs?






The hardest thing about a start up is to make a start. Then, the most important objective is to keep it alive. 2-3 years ago, I was alone and had a vision. I was making good money for my professional experience and age. But, I had more reason to exist in this world; to create values for the society. That was the only thought that forced me to quit my job and take this risk- a risk to help people. I was on my way to create values, and in turn, create intellectual capital. The second principle is to create people! A company is all about people and you have to take risk in believing in people. You don't need a big plan when you begin. Keep visiting cards, an information brochure, and a business suit ready-to-wear, and jump into it!

Interview Credit: Special Thanks to Trupti Awati for the Interview.


The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough. - George Moore

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Meet Samajhdar Sintu!

Sintu is an Indian comic character ; a boy who is hardly 7 years old. In his daily life he faces a lot of environmental mishaps and learns in his innocent ways how to save the world at a very lay man level. In every strip Sintu advices the common people how to save the environment. The important thing to notice is that Sintu doesn't talk about the problem, he gives the solution. And that is what makes him so different. Let’s know more about Sintu. What is the concept of Samajhdar Sintu comics and website? Samajhdar Sintu comics are India’s First series of Environmental Comic strips, certified by The Limca Book of Records, which revolve around the story of a boy ‘Sintu’ who commits mistakes in his daily life and tries to learn from them. He then propagates his idea of green living and help people in executing their lives the Sintu way.

How did you characterise Sintu? Sintu was designed as a 7 year old kid. This was so specifically chosen because the simplicity of a kid is something which can carry away anyone’s thoughts. A kid will always love to follow someone who is loved by others and an elder person can always get envied and can try to become the loved one by doing the good deed. So the idea of a small kid crept in.

Who are minds behind Samajhdar Sintu? Samajhdar Sintu is jointly run by Anushree Poddar, a graphic designer by profession and Saurabh Pacheriwala, an environmental engineering student. Anushree does the illustrations and handles the designing of the comics and Saurabh does the content part of it. How the idea of such initiative came in your mind? Graphical representations are somethings which people usually adopt after having a look at them. They are easy to apprehend and are more easily digestible. The issues of environment and the serious concerns are being raised every day but none of us pay heed to the articles printed and the essays written. So, we came up with a comic representation which can actually mingle with the society much easily.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

Saurabh Pacheriwala & Anushree Poddar How did you maintain promotion of Sintu? Social media marketing as well as regular events have kept Sintu alive in the hearts of people. Our association with Times of India, Newspaper in Education edition for more than an year gave Sintu a lot of hype; and that actually built up half the market for us. The rest, as they say, are wonders. Did you get motivation/ appreciation from any organization/ government/ media? Our work was always appreciated by the media. As mentioned, The Limca Book of Records declared Samajhdar Sintu as a National Record holder for being India’s First Environmental Comic Strip.


This was a huge milestone on our way to progress. Apart from them, various media sources have been talking about Sintu and many othe rreputed institutions have always supported the cause Sintu is working for.

look for a comic book every month. We plan to expand the reach of Sintuics across the country and at a very cheap cost. Sintu is coming up with his paltan. Tell our readers about his paltan and your 3D comic book.

What's your future plan? Currently, we are working on a 3D foldable comic book named ‘Sintuics’. Derived from the name of Samajhdar Sintu, these comic books contain not only environmental knowledge and information but they also have some off-beat stuff which will make you

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

The paltan, as we term it, are the friends and family of Sintu who accompany him in his activities and always support him. For the first time it will the entire be introduced to you on the launch of the first 3D foldable comic book ‘Sintuics’.


Uncommon StoriesOf Common People!

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Love is not love actually!

There are so many undefined terms we have to live out with; there are so many ways for interpretation; there are several ways to visualize things. Many times people fail to interpret and as it is said ‘To err is human’, it’s obvious. I have been watching people talking about love and relationships for so long time, sometimes I wonder how could they manage all these things? Are they able to understand all these things which they call love, likeness or affection? As per the psychological perception love is one of the very common feelings individual feels as per the time, but he can’t say firmly what he is saying or doing is about love or not because, he may not sure about it. There must be some parameters taken in consideration while talking about love or that kind of relations. Generally, people interpret likeness as love but actually they don’t know what they are doing. Likeness towards something is temporary and it doesn’t have capacity to bind individual in relations, it disappears automatically after sometime. If we talk about love “it’ll never fade away because it is having strong bonding than likeness” and this small definition or say “belief” is said by philosophers and even from common people we can hear this small definition of love but as I said formerly love is an undefined term and will remain undefined. Yes, that is another thing that, you can indicate or exemplify love by various cases such as love between mother and child, love between married couple etc. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

One sterling example I would like to indicate here is about the love between a child and its mother. Everyone knows about the great and selfless love between mother and her child. Mother’s love is everlasting and simply great. Nowadays, people are going in wrong ways, especially, collegians are ahead in misinterpreting love. They consider likeness as love but as I said before it should not be like that. Love itself is a high level thing so expecting something more than love would be merely thoughtlessness I suppose. As far as ‘true love’ or ‘real love’ or any other similar words are concerned there is no such thing exist, the only thing exist is love, nothing more than that. One concrete thing strikes in my mind is that, if people will continue misinterpreting love and start falling in such likeness related thing which doesn’t have any connection with love they’ll be going to suffer for sure because, they even don’t know the realistic concept of love and they are running towards it like a dumb. Bhavik Lathigara is an Engineering student from Rajkot and writes “Essence of Life!” in BuddyBits.



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BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Incredible LOVE!

Feeling of love is so much adorable; sometimes individuals get their love by luck and sometimes by effort. As far as luck and effort are concerned people claim on luck to make their love succeed but there are so many things affecting Love. Love is everything and everlasting, almost every relation has love inside it. Forms of Love differ from person to person but main concept remains same and that is Endless Love. People are so much crazy about love and if they get their love they feel everything as awesome as never before. February is the season to retreat the emotions with a tenderness and blossom the flower of LOVE. After a new year’s bash February comes with soft whispering of cupids and spread the love all over. Of course the main reason is Valentines’ Day. Usually people know about Valentine’s Day and its regards with St. Valentine. There are countable beliefs behind it. But the most popularly related like this, that once in Rome there was a priest in whose era the emperor have passed the ordered of marriage denial for army soldiers. Thinking they would not be very effective in their jobs if married. So, the priest apparently preformed secret marriage ceremonies for soldiers and their sweethearts. Helping love birds priest became saint. And in his remembrance Valentine Day is celebrated in all over the world. But as a matter of fact it’s not the only one reason for romance. May be it’s the time of spring that also chirping love in air. The term LOVE is universally varies, having no measures, no specifications but there is something that counts for its existence, which is an unconditional behavior of caring. Well, that’s a mature feeling. But for an amateur, starting is like flying on 9th cloud. Nothing seems to matter more than imagination and dreams to be with loved ones. One moment you are laughing a loud with the memories you share with the that special person, and the very next moment your sad and willing to cry because of the distance in between. But at the point when just one tear rolled out you smile by sitting with the photo and enchanted in happily ever after land. So, one can say that the Love is a charming paradox. And the gloom of pain is shiny and shimmery which beautifully crafts your dreams, once in love you can’t help but smiling. Such silly expressions they are but yet you can’t help it. Every hour is having 60 different thoughts, imagination, and dreams of the delighted happy future life. It’s amazing how a single feeling is able to produce all other emotions. In love there is not just one thing to be considered. It could be seen in various ways. Like as mother’s care, father’s protection, sibling’s teasing, friend’s support and partner’s withstand. Such vast areas are covered. But besides all this, love relation stuff. There is a pure feeling of love. Not for anyone but for everything. That’s the beauty of human existence. If anyone asks me whether I am in love or not… I would please to say I am not in love but love is in me. Love has power of supremacy. Love has power to turn ordinary in to extraordinary. It can change your visions, gives you strength, help you to sustain. And with all these it leave sweet curve on your lips like forever. It teaches you to accept every thing with delightful heart, including grief. It creates a platonic relation with you to yourself only. Yes, it sounds little complex. May be that’s why you can’t define love as any theorem. God must‘ve been in an amazingly in blissful mood, when he created the feeling of Love.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


Once I read stories about Love. In one the conclusion was stated that, “where ever love goes, happiness and prosperity follows.” Where the other one, which is happened to be my favorite stats that “even time respect love, because without love world is not worthy to live.” But besides all these, on article about love by Swami Vivekananda has left a mark in my mind. The article greatly helps me to develop my idea. Or you can say I am very much influenced by the thoughts as well. Article starts by the symbolic representation of Love by water holding in an open palm. And after thoughtful explanation by Swami Vivekananda, the summary of the article goes like this, “Love is meant to be free; you cannot change its nature. If there are people you love, allow them to be free beings. Give and don't expect, Advise, but don't order, Ask, but never demand .” As already said that love can’t be explained, yet for me this is the nearest explanation of the term Love. It’s a simple lesson to make life beautiful. But most of the time simple things are more difficult. Just like the saying, “It is very simple to be happy but very difficult to be simple.” To implement swami Vivekananda’s conclusion, you can do nothing but the practice. A lesson may take a lifetime to truly practice. But, it is the secret to true love. To truly practice it, you must sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet hold on the behavior of an unconditional caring. By the way, many times we see examples for the unconditional bonding of love. There are so many people out there in this world, which actually became an example of unconditional love. Person dealing with Handicapped partner. Parents caring of a mentally retarded child. etc. They never feel the burden; instead they are happier than a regular person because, they have their loved ones nearby. There are countless things we can talk related to Love. Everyday everything relates to Love. Our daily life, including professional and personal matters. Our relations, culture, festivals and so many notorious things. Everything is having at least a stone of love deep in the base. Even every religion is based upon it. In Christianity, Jesus crusade for sake of his followers. In Hindu Mythology Krishna charitra and many more is totally based upon it. So many incidents are there to describe. For an example the festival described in Hindu Mythology, usually comes in February. Called ‘Vasant Panchami’ means the fifth day of spring. As per another mythological story, this day Lord Rama ate half tasted berries (ber) of Shabari and honors her divine love for him. Anyway, here not very much keen to illustrate the whole story but just one point to make out that even God is obliged by the love. So at the end may we all find love within ourselves! - Amee Jariwala

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



The Angel of my Dreams!

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


Those were too great days actually, but I didn’t take that much interest or say I didn’t have adequate sense that I could grab the chance. It’s a matter of regret for me that, I didn’t do that. If I would have done it at that time, everything would have been in favor of mine. Sometimes time reminds us that we’ve lost such things which we could make ours. She was not a stunning beauty but for me she was so pretty. I had always dreamed about her and even today I do the same because feelings are everlasting and they stay forever. Someone truly said that, “Love can’t be hidden”, you cannot conceal your love if you have it for someone. Those days were not flexible enough so that, I could express what I wanted to. One thing I would like to say here that, whatever had happened was pre-written in my destiny. In other sense, circumstances also played a crucial role in all these. As I always say time is a running gear of our life and we are supposed to move as per it. If we’ll not move than it’ll throw us out of the system. While I was going through all these I forget almost everything and it was like a sensation I had for her but for her it was nothing like that. When I realized that, I was hurt a lot. I always asked myself that Why she didn’t love me? Why? But then thought how could I answer that question? And of course it was not in my hand to gain the answer. Probably she was not made for me; she was hiding something before me. Yes, I always felt that she was hiding something before me. She also had some fears about which I was not sure. I had heard her voice years ago but I still remember her voice and I feel she is saying something in my ears. I kept on convincing her but I failed finally by getting same answer and that was “NO”. Her “No” had become familiar to me. After so many efforts I had decided not to ask her again because every time I approached I got the same answer and I think it was projecting me as a JOKER but I realized it later. She had no special place in her heart for me as I had for her. I always had that dream that if I could make her mine but then I realized that it was not possible. I did not believe in proposing girl and saying ‘I love you’ and all such things but I had used a noble way to express what I wanted to but as per my luck or say her lack of knowledge about love, I always had a pessimistic outcome and that was her ‘NO’. I think she was right with her point of view because, one must not ignore society and it's never ending rules, responsibilities and other related bondages that can be found in a respectful girl. She had her own dreams, she had once told me about it and I had paid attention towards it and also gave her my support and encouragement so that she could fulfill her dreams and aspirations. But for me she herself was a biggest dream. Many times we picked up fights and again drew closer but alas! At last everything was in vain. Her innocent smile, her cute face, her silly arguments was so much endearing to me and it will remain confined forever in my heart. I cannot forget those ritzy moments we had spent together. And finally I realized that it was just a dream of, when I woke up that morning. I didn't know where she lived, I doubted her existence, and I didn’t recollect anything more because it was just a dream only. i realized may be such an angel existed in heaven only because this earth has no capacity to accommodate such angelic person like her. - Bhavik Lathigara

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



My Lonely Path

This feeling is so frustrating To walk all alone on this path without you You left me all alone when I needed you the most You left only the reminiscence of love which is getting Somewhere lost The path is lonesome, the path is cumbersome I don’t know where I am heading on, I don’t know why I am hanging on things that are already gone Those moments were sweet, those memories were a treat, Now the days are murky, And the nights are more sulky I miss being in love, I miss being with you I miss your smile, I miss your laugh I miss the way you teased me, I miss the way your jokes freezed me I can never forget our worthless fights I can never forget your harmless lies My days passed with ease when you were around With your presence I felt as if I was never on the ground The long walks with you were mesmerizing The long chats with you were most cherishing You walked away out of my life then, This agony of mine I can’t express to anyone I promise, your place would be taken by none Even today your mere presence is as bright as a sun I cry day in and day out I feel like going on the roof top and shout “Hey you moron how lonely I am, can’t you see? I miss you a lot, please come back to me.” - Asha V. Kumar

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Being Commited!

Being COMMITTED is not a constraint imposed on you, it’s a very special bonding between two people living as one soul. If you want to have a healthy relationship, try to know each other’s priorities, needs, likes, dislikes, similarities, differences andalways respect them. Always show loads of love, care and feelings for each other. Avoid saying NO. Make them feel required. Ask for their opinions. Let them know they are so important and very special to you. And never take each other for granted because soon you might have to regret for it and who knows it might be too late. Give each other some space but this space shouldnot create a gap between you two. Even if u fight a lot, at the end of day make sure you tell each other "I love you so much Darling" and mean it, show it because Action speaks Louder than words. Always show more love after each fight and misunderstandings. Go Naughty with each other. Be more Romantic. It will build more Love n Trust between you both. Talk to each other till late nights. Talk crazily, stupidly and madly with each other because before being an extraordinary lovey-dovey couple you should be crazy stupid best friends, to whom you can share any damn thing without worrying a bit. May be you have to change few habits your partner don’t like. Your responsibilities increase. Your freedom goes away. True, but you know it feels AWESOME to be in love when someone loves you back. Completely, madly, truly. If you want someone in your life forever, you should put some efforts to show they are the most important portions of your lives, your heart and your better half & then you’ll feel happy and complete because you need not worry. You have a forever true love wo puraane jaamane wala forever which has no end. - Ankur Mehta

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



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Top 10 Love Facts!

Timing significantly influences love. Individuals are more likely to fall in love if they are looking for adventure, craving to leave home, lonely, displaced in a foreign country, passing into a new stage of life, or financially and psychologically ready to share themselves or start a family.

Some individuals who claim never to have felt romantic love suffer from hypopituitarism, a rare disease that doesn’t allow a person to feel the rapture of love.

Falling in love can induce a calming effect on the body and mind and raises levels of nerve growth factor for about a year, which helps to restore the nervous system and improves the lover’s memory.

Having a romantic relationship makes both genders happier. The stronger the commitment, the greater the happiness!

The Eiffel Tower is the most popular places, a person applying for express love or lover.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


People are more likely to tilt their heads to the right when kissing instead of the left (65 percent of people go to the right!).

Philadelphia International Airport finished as the No. 1 best airport for making a love connection, according to a recent survey.

Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don’t.

Studies show that if a man meets a woman in a dangerous situation (and vice versa), such as on a trembling bridge, he is more likely to fall in love with her than if he met her in a more mundane setting, such as in an office.

Engagement rings are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the ancient Greeks maintained that that finger contains the vena amoris, or the “vein of love,� that runs straight to the heart. The first recorded wedding rings appear in ancient Egypt, with the circle representing eternity as well as powerful sun and moon deities.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

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Rating: 3.5/5 Story: 3.5/5 Direction: 3.5/5 Cinematography: 3.5/5 Music: 4.5/5 Star Cast: 4/5 Dialogues: 3/5

MOVIE REVIEW Rooting a simple story in a realistic middle-class world far removed from the glossy surfaces of Rock On!, Kapoor can’t shake off his fascination for buddy pictures, but in Kai Po Che we’re treated to a more honest, assured portrait of friendship that never feels as conventional as his National Award-winning previous film. At a crisp two hours, Kai Po Che is enriched by its sweeping score and by Kapoor’s deft handling of the film’s varied moods. Kapoor tackles sensitive issues like the Gujarat riots with equanimity and empathy, and Anay Goswamy’s terrific camerawork complements the director’s vision intuitively.I’m going with four out of five for Kai Po Che. It’s only February, but one of the year’s best films has arrived. KAI PO CHE, Abhishek brings alive the characters and events most persuasively. He borrows from the novel, but at the same time adds a lot to it with his deft execution. Resultantly, what emerges is a movie that evokes myriad emotions in the viewer. You smile, chuckle, get anxious and jittery, also moist eyed on

Kai Po Che! several junctures. Attention-grabbing in entirety, absorbing you into its world from the onset itself, KAI PO CHE blends fiction and facts dexterously, recreating a story on celluloid that's credible and noteworthy. On the whole, KAI PO CHE is brimming with solid content. Watch it for the spirit it is made in. Watch it because it's the kind of cinema that pushes the boundaries. Watch it because movies like KAI PO CHE need to be encouraged. A film that deserves an ovation! Based on Chetan Bhagat's The 3 Mistakes of My Life, in his second outing, Abhishek Kapoor raises the bar by giving us a thoroughly enjoyable film that showcases the strong emotions between the three protagonists who are boisterous, ballistic and at times plain bored. Despite the disturbing backdrop of death, destruction and politics, Kai Po Che is very likeable. Between tears, you find yourself smiling, because it's the story of friendship and human triumph above all else. Note: You will not like this movie if slice-of-life films with intense emotions are not your cup of tea.

Verdict: First half of the movie shows bonding between the characters. It’s charming. You will love the first half! Where as second half of the movie is full of up and downs. Brothers for life! didn’t justify well. End of the movie could have been better, according to me. Although it is one of the movies you should never miss. Amit Trivedi’s music is excellent. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


Rating: 4/5 Story: 3.5/5 Direction: 4.5/5 Cinematography: 4.5/5 Music: 3.5/5 Star Cast: 4/5 Visual Effects: 4/5



Vishwaroop is an action drama based movie about terrorism in Afghanistan that would be remembered for years to come, for all the good, bad and controversial reasons.

the real life on terrorism in Afghanistan shot in USA. Though the screenplay is brilliant, editing could have been way better, where there is really slow pace in some scenes which makes some audience feel bore.

Vishwanath (Kamal Haasan), a classical Kathak dancer is forcefully married to Dr. Nirupama (Pooja Kumar), who is a nuclear oncologist. Nirupama is attracted to her boss, who has links with the terrorist group handled by Omar (Rahul Bose). There is another side to Vishwanath, which is revealed when he and his wife are captured and tortured by the terrorists. The rest of the story revolves around how Vishwanath and his team protect New York from the terrorist’s attacks.

For one thing Viswaroopam lacks soul. As a viewer you would not feel engaged .The movie ends when we were waiting for something big to happen so it gives the feeling of incompleteness. The film is sloppy at times.

Kamal Haasan is as effective as ever. He has done a fabulous job as dance teacher and Jihadi trainer. Pooja Kumar is expressive, confident and has a cute sex appeal which is hard to miss. Rahul Bose is fine as the baddie. It has Excellent technical aspects like action, cinematography, screenplay innovative story about

First half is much more exciting and when enters the second half the story starts dragging, but gets its pace and interest with the flash back showing the bygone of Viswanath. Mainly the background music didn’t fit into the shots, ehsaan loy fails in his attempt. Viswaroop doesn’t have any commercial elements and lacks mass entertainment. Watchable, For a Kamal fan everything in it, but for a normal viewer it can’t reach the expectations.. It is just average flick. As the movie ends with some questions to answer, there is a second part of Viswaroop coming sooner.

Verdict: Go watch Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroop if you want something new and with high technical values and with good performances and high voltage action sequences. This kind of movies can be rarely seen in bollywood. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


MOVIE REVIEW Inspired by a series of real incidents from the 1980s, S26 is a logically scripted and intelligently-directed mind-racing thriller revealing the story of a group of conmen who rob politicians and businessmen huge amounts of black money by masquerading themselves as CBI & IT officials.

Special 26 second half where S26 scores all its points. S26 have an unnecessary love story, which frankly could have been easily avoided.

Movie was plotted on strong story, with great execution by all actors. Akshay Kumar plays a perfect CBI Officer role with no nonsense. Anupam Kher, as usual, has done his job and Jimmy Shergill along with Divya Duttahave done justice to their roles.Kajal Aggarwal has no scope for acting But it’s Manoj Bajpayee’s glamorous performance that is more likely to remain in the audience’s mind for a long time. The background score however is impacting. The cinematography is beautiful. Mujhme Tu is a wonderful romantic track. Story

Rating: 3/5

This movie is based on the real time day light robbery in Mumbaijeweler shopby a gang of 26 ‘innocent’ consproclaiming themselves as CBI officers. It captures the 80′s era beautifully, especially the Delhi, Bombay, Chandigarh of the eighties with early Maruti’s and Fiats on the roads. The film begins well and the director grabs your attention right away. Its

Story: 3/5 Direction: 3/5 Cinematography: 3.5/5 Music: 2.5/5 Star Cast: 4/5 Dialogues: 3/5

Verdict: Special 26 is a thriller that reveals a young film making brain at his creative best. It’s a perfectly enjoyable well-written, well-made film about somewhat remarkable events with its shocking, smart and unpredictable climax.The entire film is paced perfectly and editing too is good. But, having said that Special 26 doesn’t turn out to be a flawless experience it’s not high on suspense and thrills and looks flat at few places but For some of the obvious reasons i’ll go with 3/5 bits.

MOVIE REVIEW 'Murder 3' is the official remake of the Colombian movie ‘The Hidden Face’. The story revolves around a hot-shot fashion and wildlife photographer's (Randeep Hooda) mysteriously missing girl friend (Aditi Rao) and the new girl (Sara Loren) that comes into his life holding the key to the mystery. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

Murder 3 Story A mystery thriller, Murder 3starts with a lovely couple, Vikram (Randeep Hooda), who is a small-time wildlife and fashion photographer, and Roshni (Aditi Rao), who is a successful Architect, where they both lives in an amazing locales of South Africa.


Soon Vikram gets a big contract in India and so the couple shifts somewhere far away from Mumbai and its city traffic, and started to live happily there. Later on Roshni go missing and what happens when the secret reveals of mysterious disappearance of Roshni is what the movie all about. There’s hardly anything worth mentioning about the film’s first half. It’s slow, irritating and unreal at places but second half does have some attention-grabbing twists revealing main part of the story, but it's during the climax which gives a good twist in the storyline, but overall it’s not up to the standard of usual Bhatt Camp's movie. Music by Pritam and Roxen band is good. “Teri Jhuki Nazar” and “Mat Aazma re” are wonderful tracks. Background Score is below average and Cinematography is nice. Rating: 2/5 Story: 3/5 Direction: 2.5/5 Cinematography: 3/5 Music: 2.5/5 Star Cast: 1.5/5

Ankur Mehta, an IT engineering student from Rajkot, is a Tech Blogger and a movie critic at BuddyBits.

Verdict: Murder 3 has many loopholes and lacks logic in several places. It delivers no grand moments in terms of either style or substance. It thrills, yet fails to captivate. This one's a downer for Murder fans. More than anything else, this Bhatt production is a waste of an opportunity of what could have been an edge-ofthe seat suspense thriller. I am going with disappointing 2/5 bits.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Sex on The Moon Hard to believe, it’s the biggest heist in America, of the most precious rock! Yes it is a moon rock, stolen for his girl friend! Everyone promised his girl friend to bring moon and stars for her, in reality it doesn't even go as far as the vegetable market but Robert Thad got her girl friend a real moon rock. An un-put-downable book, I promise.


All I Ever Wanted All I Ever Wanted is a song by Swedish eurodance musician Basshunter. The melody for "All I Ever Wanted" is largely a remixed version of Daddy DJ.


The Next Three Days Think you can do anything for your girl friend or wife? Watch this movie.

Siddharth Jhala is an engineering student from Rajkot and an active team member. He is Marketing head and SEO expert in BB.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Have Fun with “Facebook Graph Search”

What is Graph Search? Facebook Graph Search system allows users to make natural-language queries in search of Facebook-based information about friends, photos, likes, and other content. For example, you could input “Friends of friends who like android smartphones” and see a list of people who qualify that description – provided their information is public. The Graph Search feature combines the BIG DATA acquired from its over a billion users and external data into a search engine providing user-specific search results. This is an interesting move to provide search results from “trusted sources”, and thus is definitely different from the search results provided by Google and Bing. Facebook is landing into the search space, and could deal a big blow to Google. Boon for Advertisers Even the investors are seeing a lot of potential opportunity for Facebook to deliver valuable ads via Graph Search, because the ads can be delivered with accuracy and credibility – trusted as recommendations. Another attraction for the advertisers is the tremendous reach of Facebook – 1 billion people, 240 billion photos and nearly a trillion connections. Technology behind Graph Search In its most technical form, a graph is a set of nodes that may or may not be connected to edges. Nodes often represent data. The graph theory doesn’t concern itself with what the nodes on the graph actually represent, but as soon as you integrate an application, it becomes quite useful. Graph search uses a search algorithm similar to traditional search engines such as Google. The new search feature is distinguished as a SEMANTIC SEARCH ENGINE, searching based on intended meaning. The service processes searches of up to 112 characters.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

The Open Graph feature allows developers to integrate their applications and pages into the platform, and links Facebook with external sites. The feature operates by allowing the addition of metadata to turn websites into graph objects. Privacy Concerns The social media analytics company Crimson Hexagon reported that 19 percent of users discussing the launch of the feature were stating concerns about privacy. An Edelman study found that 90% of consumers are concerned about the data security of their online information, and around 70% reported that privacy and security was a concern they had towards their social media presence. Graph Search respects the user’s existing privacy settings. For example, if only your friends can see your photos, no one else can see those photos in their own searches. People can still find out the buried information using this powerful search tool. As Gizmodo pointed out, someone could use Graph Search to find a list of single female friends of friends, who live in the same city having similar interests. You must manage your privacy settings. Visit your Activity Log to manage what shows up about you in the Graph Searches. Also, use the privacy settings to hide your location, photos, or status updates from certain group of people. Also, check your privacy settings and check “Who can see my stuff” section. Also, visit the “Timeline and Tagging” section to review that can see photos and posts that you’ve been tagged in.

Ritesh Ambastha is the founder, and the brain behind iWillStudy.com. He writes technological articles on BuddyBits.com.



Apps for your LOVE!


Send beautifully designed postcards to your loved ones. Featuring Talking Tom and Angela, Tom's femme fatale. This beautiful app features romantic animations of tom kissing angela. It also have 9 beautifully designed postcards that you can send to your loved one.Has 3 catchy songs to switch between and yes whole lotta fun. 3. JustWink

As the avocado fruit grows in pairs, this app is also made for just a pair. It is like a private messaging app for just you and your lover. Nobody else other than you two. It is beautiful app that allows you to share pictures, share lists for everything from weekly groceries to new date ideas, and of course, message each other. You don’t have to worry about the privacy as all your data is stored in an encrypted format.Mobile hugs and kisses can be sent to your boo, making their day. It also have complete archive of your chat, if anytime you want to refresh your memories. Avocado keeps your favourite person as close as your phone. It is the fast, reliable and fun way to privately stay connected with your partner no matter where you are. 2. Tom’s Love Letters

JustWink lets you send realistic greeting cards from your phone to your friends. It lets you personalize and send awesome, realistic greeting cards from your phone to your friends, family, and beyond, via email, Facebook or SMS, and real mail. The cards vary in attitude from touching to tonguein-cheek, and they include fields for inserting your own photos and captions. You can also set reminders for various events, which will come in handy beyond Valentine’s Day.

Aditya Chowdhary is an Engineering Student from Ahmedabad. He is a Tech Geek at BuddyBits.com.

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. - Kay Knudsen

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



My Valentine will be..

You are always there when I need a hug. You are always there when I need someone to love me. You understand every heartbeat of mine. You are the best of the best friends I have. Your gentle eye teaches me lessons of colorful life. Your strength and infinite love guides me through my life and gives me wings to fly. Your delicious yummy food makes me insane and elates my mood when I'm low. You are the only one whom I can trust blindly. You have taught me "love with all your heart &without expectations!" I want you to be my Valentine forever because I love you my most beautiful angel! Disha Shingala, Rajkot Love means connecting two hearts. The most special person in my life is my sister Komal. My sister blister is someone who understands my every move and every breath of my life. I adore her the most. We hug, we fight, we cry, we shout, we love, we hate, we share everything single moment with each other. She is my world and the most extraordinary person in my life. This year my sweetest cherry berry Kittu is my valentine and I just want to say her one thing “Thanks dear for being there for me�. Khushali Rupareliya, Rajkot Friendship is most beautiful relationship for me in this world. This friendship is as sweet as black forest pastry. We have ample of love for each other which is entirely unconditional and selfless. My dearest friend Ashu is my apple pie and a sweet heart. She has always been a rock steady support during tide & ebb of my life. We are two completely different sides of a coin but one thing that binds us together is our love for each other. This year I would like to dedicate my valentine day to my dearest friend Ashu and I just want to say one thing that you are the most special one in my life & I cherish our friendship a lot.

My sweetheart, my darling and my best buddy is my grandfather (my dadu). He is the most idol and sorted person for me. He loves me boundlessly. He understands me thoroughly and most importantly my feelings. He treats me as he is my best friend. In childhood I never needed any friend because my dadu always there to play with me. Hide and seek was the most favorite game that we played. He never complained of being old. I always taught him salsa and he did it with such a grace even at the age of 75! Write now he is 85 but still he is younger at heart and full of energy. He is always willing to do any work of mine with full enthusiasm and joy. He thinks like our generation, so I never feel generation gap and I can share anything & everything with him. I love him so much and hope I can become even half as good as him someday. He was, he is and he will be my 1st valentine always. I love u dadu. Rujul Mankad, Rajkot Love!! Love is all about caring, sharing and giving. Love is all about to understand each other very well. Today I will tell about me and my future bhabhi's love. She understands me very well and adores me a lot. She is shares every minuscule things of her life right from her favorite brand of watch to her favorite clothes and other stuff. I am in complete awe of her. I feel lucky that a very simple, beautiful, calm yet fun-loving person will very soon be a part my family. I am very eager and excited to have her in my life. So my beautiful valentine this year is my beautiful would be bhabhi, Kinjal. With lots of love. Khushbu Parmar, Rajkot

Compiled by- Asha V. Kumar

Bhagvati Vekariya, Rajkot BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Winning Entry by Nisarg Joshi

Result of Photo of the Month Contest (February Edition) Winner of the Contest • Nisarg Joshi from Ahmedabad (Chosen by Fans & Team BB) • Lucky Liker Meghna Rawat from Ahmedabad (Random Selection) Top 3 Most Voted Entries 1. 2. 3.

Nikita Solanki from Ahmedabad Nisarg Joshi from Ahmedabad Rishabh Shah from Tumkur

Top 3 Entries Chosen by Team BB 1. 2. 3.

Nisarg Joshi from Ahmedabad Rishabh Shah from Tumkur Raj Gandhi from Surat

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Most Voted Entry by Nikita Solanki

Third Most Voted Entry by Rishabh Shah

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013




No Quick Fix Solution!

Golmaal was in a fix. He needed Rs 10,000 badly and did not know whom to ask. He approached his friend, Malamaal for a loan. “I promise to return the money in a month” he said. But, like the money, his promises also vanished into thin air. Now, Malamaal started getting worried about getting his money back. To get rid of his constant pestering, Golmaal approached Dhaniram, a friend with whom he had not been in touch for ages. He made the same request and the same promise to the unsuspecting Dhaniram and managed to get Rs. 10,000 from him as well. After getting Rs. 10,000 from Dhaniram he went straight and handed it over to Malamaal. He heaved a sigh of relief now that he had managed to return his debt. Another month went by and it was time to pay back Dhaniram. By now Golmaal had discovered a nice solution. Golmaal ran back to Malamaal and asked him again for Rs. 10,000 which he promised to return in a month’s time. Malamaal now trusted his friend to return his money and thus lent him the money willingly. Golmaal gave this money to Dhaniram. Golmaal figured out that he was not just making things work well for him, he was keeping both his creditors happy too! Month after month, he kept taking from one to return the other’s debt. However, fraud does not have a very long life and soon, Golmaal became a victim of his own devise. He got confused as to who he had borrowed from and whom he had to return. He did not know whether to take the Rs. 10,000 from Dhaniram to give to Malamaal or vice versa. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

He got rather tired and wanted to solve this issue permanently. He called them over for tea. He introduced Malamaal and Dhaniram to each other. When they were about to leave, he simply said, “I have to thank you both for having lent me money. But now, it is getting quite confusing, having to deal with the two of you. Do me a favour, just keep exchanging Rs. 10,000/- between the two of you every month!”The friends were appalled, to say the least! Many of us solve our money problems like Golmaal. Borrow from here, give there. Take profits from one running business and invest in some other business that is making losses. But we need to understand that these are nothing but temporary solutions. They will raise their ugly heads at some point or the other. The vicious circle would thus go on and on, never letting you get out of the clutches of financial problems. The ancient Indian system of Ayurveda had a permanent solution to good health and vitality. Ayurvedic medicines worked on principle of prevention of disease rather than its cure. And why would a healthy person feel the need for any medication?

Suresh Padmanabhan is an author, public speaker, columnist and creator of Money Workshop. He writes a column- "Secrets of Wealth" on BuddyBits.



Hardware & Software of financial freedom

Hi friends, Taking cue from my previous article let me take you ahead in the journey towards financial freedom. Coincidentally this article is aligned to be published on the Budget Day so I shall also talk about it in this article. Now its my duty to bring it to your notice the important aspects of personal finance which I happen to call the HARDWARE and SOFTWARE of managing your money. I am of the opinion that like any electronic device which is automatic in nature has both these aspects which run very much in coordination to give you the feel and the comfort that you desire. Now the important thing in my above statement is the COORDINATION which you need keep in mind.

one big question and I would like to cover it in my upcoming articles as to ü Who is an Expert and How to hire one & ü Why pay fees for advice. I know by now you are impatient and desperately want to know what are the Hardware and Software aspects of attaining the financial freedom . Lets talk about Software first. Now irrespective of the physical structure in place you need a system that makes the physical structure work efficiently. Likewise its important to learn the software for better functioning of the hardware and unless you learn and master this first you will surely not be able to run the hardware properly.

Also I would like to add is that YOU can achieve financial freedom in 2 different ways

So what is this Software that I am talking about. It includes many things like:

1. 2.

• Importance of Budgeting. • Your belief system about Money. • The Seven Stages of Money Maturity. • Understanding Fear and Greed Cycles in Human Beings. • Discipline. • Understanding of Macro and micro economics. • Understanding the effect of Compounding and Inflation , etc.

Doing it all by yourself. Taking paid help from an expert. ( Beware of FREE advice, rather pay the FEE for the same )

Now both these methods that I have mentioned here have their own PRO’s and CON’s. Which is a better method is a subject matter of debate and the opinions vary from person to person. Hailing from the field of Personal Financial Services I may sound a bit like I am taking sides but I am not, and would say I prefer the 2nd method to the first one. And I have reasons for the same. The reasons are linked to my earlier article in which I mention you the art of WORK SMART. Now irrespective of the path you take, you need to learn both the Hardware and Software to achieve Financial Freedom. And in today’s world of huge competition its Smarter to take help from someone who has the attitude, skills and knowledge about the same and can guide you in the right direction.

Now it may look a very huge task to understand the above things but don’t worry I shall make them easier for you to understand to apply in your day today life with the help of this Column regularly month after month. As mentioned before in this article before, I shall now talk about BUDGET here as it is the Tax season and the publishing of the magazine coincides with BUDGET DAY in the Parliament. Something About Budget:

If you want to achieve it all by yourself you need to manage all the three things over and above the herculean task on you of earning money and feeding your family. So I feel its smarter and faster way to achieve Financial Freedom by outsourcing certain things to a subject expert and pay necessary fee for the same. Now Who is an expert and who is not is BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

During 1760’s, The Chancellor of the Exchequer in England would carry the statement of government Finances to the House of Commons ( Lok Sabha of England ) in a leather bag. The French word for such a bag is BOUGETTE , which became BUDGET in English. And since then the word Budget started


being used as THE WORD associated with Managing Money.Therefore the Finance Minister is often captured on the Camera holding the Budget Bag as if he were a magician about to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Why is Budgeting so important? And what is the similarity of household budget and Union Budget. Well what Budgeting means is very simple. Lets say You earn X amount of income and you have Y amount of expenses and you maintain a record of all your expenses and income to stay informed as to how much money you can Save. Similarly, the computation and classification of the Revenues and Expenditures of a household is called household budget and that of Govt of India is called a Union Budget. Now lets understand some basic definitions If expenditures < Income = Savings. If expenditures > Income = Deficit. So these basic definitions show you why is Budgeting so Important. If you work Smart and keep your expenses less than what you earn, YOU SAVE MONEY. This can be invested and put to better use in order to enable your money earning you more moneyin form of Interest, returns or dividends. Now if you are spending more than what you earn you are having a Deficit and you have 2 options. Use your previous savings to spend or borrow money.

This is exactly the situation prevailing in our country. Govt of India is currently spending close to 6% more money than it is earning and hence there is immense pressure on the Finance Minister to deliver a Budget which decreases the expenses, increases the income (which means more taxes to be paid by people) and bring the deficit level to around 3% which is the ideal level which has been globally accepted. It is a situation to worry as it was the sole reason why European countries like Spain went Bankrupt as their expenses are almost 100% more than their incomes and US is on the same path too but is surviving because of large Reserves(savings) and many other factors. You will be having more questions like how does the Govt earn money and also how is Budgeting related to Financial Freedom. I shall inform you about the same in the next article. Till then keep Smiling and invest in increasing your knowledge about finance. God bless you all.

Shivang N. Desai is an Associate financial planner and founder of SD Finance. He writes regular column on Money Guru in BuddyBits.

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I can no longer think of anything but you. In spite of myself, my imagination carries me to you. I grasp you, I kiss you, I caress you, a thousand of the most amorous caresses take possession of me. -Honore de Balzac

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


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Climate Change – Causes and Outcomes in a Nutshell The worst outcome of human impact on earth… The major phenomenon of this decade that defines new ways of life, sets new norms on trade and production, that changes us all for good… We are all familiar with the term “Climate Change”. But, what is it? Literally, climate change means a statistical change in the average weather conditions over a certain period of time. What we understand from the term today is not a mere climate modification, though. Rather, it refers to a specific and unique occurrence that affects the whole world. It is called the “anthropogenic climate change”, in other words: climate change triggered mostly by human impact. Temperatures are observed to reveal unnegligable increases in the overall face of the world. Extreme droughts are followed by unprecedented floods. Polar ice is being melted down. Sea temperature gets higher constituting a jeopardizing the bewildered. Therefore, even though some places on earth do go though a cooling period, the term “global warming” is often used interchangeably for modern day climate. So, what did we do all of a sudden to heat up the climate? Before answering this question, we must caution that the answer is related to certain types of gasses that act upon the world’s atmosphere. Green house gasses they are called, for the green house effect they create. Methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are among the well-known green house gasses, to name a few. BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

You might be objecting this statement saying that carbon gasses are released with or without human impact. You are right. They are naturally present in our biosphere due to many natural events such as plate tectonics, volcanism or even from mere animal excrements. What’s more, life on earth is actually bound to these gasses. Because, these gases act as thermal blankets for the atmosphere. In their inexistence, the heat couldn’t be absorbed in the atmosphere, thus the temperature would be zero. The problem, today, is that the blanket over the blue marble has got extremely thick. Over the last 80 years, huge amounts of greenhouse gases have been released to the atmosphere. The major causes of this increased emission are of human impact, such as fossil fuel combustion, aerosols and cement manufacture. The way we produce, the way we travel, the way we build… everything we do has been adding up to the carbon concentration. Moreover, deforestation and ozone depletion, two other anthropogenic hazards of our century, have been magnifying the affects of GHG emissions. Scientists and politicians are now questioning what we are awaiting as the earth goes on to heat up. The retreatment in the size of world’s glaciers are considered to be the most manifest indicators of Global Climate Change. Glacier National Park has already lost 65 % of its size. Vegetation, insects and ice cores also indicate the scope of the impact. Unless our impact on our environment goes through a radical change, we should be ready for worse repercussion along the 80 years to come.



Save Water, Save Life!

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013



Bhoomi Trivedi Live in Concert Dholna Rock on Title Track Subhah Hone Na De Govind Bolo Fevicol Tumhi Ho Bandhu Ishq Sufiyana Pareshaan Radha Sanedo

Bhoomi Trivedi really rocked the stage with her fabulous performance at Nirma University in Horizon 2013. She made audience dance with her tracks Rock On, Govind Bolo, Fevicol Se and of course Sanedo.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


Mohit Chauhan Live in Concert

Mohit Chauhan is a real rock star. He made audience dance as well as sing with his performance at Horizon 2013. Overall it was a fantastic evening at Nirma University.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013

Jo Bhi Mein Nadaan Parindey Sadda Haq Thoda Thoda Pyar Barfi Kuch Khaas Hai Naina Lagiya Ye dooriyaan Masakali Kuch Dino Se Tum Se Hi Pi Loon



Over 33,000 people, including 36 national and 16 international athletes, took part in the first ever Surat night half marathon organized in the diamond city on 23rd February amid lots of excitement and joy. The international runners were mainly from Ethopia, Kenya and Nigeria. Hindi film actors Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea, cricketers Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan flagged off the race.

BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013


BuddyBits E-magazine | Issue 2 | February 2013




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