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June 2019

Budapest Music Center The collective and coordinated presentation of contemporary Hungarian music – the core mission of Budapest Music Center remains the same ever since its 1996 founding. BMC’s current headquarters opened in 2013 to serve the same goal with the 300-seat Concert Hall at the heart of BMC’s activities, complemented by Opus Jazz Club, the unique collection of the BMC Music Information Center and Library, and the award-winning releases by BMC Records. BMC Concert Hall provides an ideal space for contemporary and classical music performances and recordings, from solos to concert ensembles. The annual repertoire of 80 concerts spans from early music through classical and romantic masters to the music of the 20th and 21st century. Combined with high-tech solutions, the exposed original masonry walls from 1890 provide the Concert Hall with a unique character both visually and acoustically with their irregular surface and acoustic mass. Opus Jazz Club presents the most adventurous artists from the European and Hungarian jazz scene from Tuesday to Saturday at BMC. With its outstanding concert program, pristine acoustics, a coveted Fazioli piano, delightful cuisine and great Hungarian wines, Opus rightfully earns its place among the top European jazz clubs. BMC Hungarian Music Information Center and Library collects and shares information about Hungarian composers, classical and jazz artists and contemporary Hungarian music works through its free online databases and a collection of 100 000 books, scores and recordings, while also hosting recitals, lectures, movie screenings, and masterclasses. BMC Records has published over 280 releases by Hungarian and international artists of the contemporary, classical and jazz field since 1998, representing both traditional musical values and new approaches. 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8. | +361 216 7894 | info@bmc.hu | www.bmc.hu Tickets: bmc.jegy.hu | Table reservation for Opus Jazz Club: +361 216 7894 2

Classicus Quartet: Das Wohltemperierte Streichquartett VI. – E-flat (HU) June 1 2000 HUF



Concert Hall

program > Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet in E-flat major, K. 428 / Anton Webern: Langsamer Satz // Máté Balogh: Das Rhein am Tomasee / Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: String Quartet in E-flat minor, Op. 30

Photo: Bálint Hrotkó

"E-flat major – the key of love, care, and the intimate dialogue with God. E-flat minor - the most disheartening feelings of the deepest

featuring > Classicus Quartet: József Rácz – violin Réka Baksai – violin Péter Tornyai – viola Tamás Zétényi – cello With a short introduction in Hungarian by musicologist Zoltán Farkas

torments of the soul, the meandering thoughts of anguish, the darkest depression." Inspired by the words of F. D. Schubart, Classicus Quartet continues its unique string quartet series in the key of E-flat with works by Mozart, Webern,




Hungarian composer Máté Balogh.


j(A)zz! | Kompost3: Aloft (AT) June 4 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club Photo: Nikolaus Ostermann

Kompost3 has grown into one of the most exciting young formations of Austria’s jazz and improv scene. The band released four critically acclaimed albums and has been touring throughout Europe, in Mexico and in the United States. Their latest album is a groove oriented blend of mesmerizing soundscapes riddled with avantgarde and progressive elements which will keep the audience on the edge of featuring > Martin Eberle - trumpets Benny Omerzell - keyboards Manu Mayr - double bass, bass guitar Lukas KÜnig - drums


their seats.

Anima3 – David Grimal and the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra (F/HU) June 8 4000 HUF



Concert Hall

Photo: Benoit Linero

When an outstanding soloist plays, the orchestra’s energy is considerably multiplied. The holder of the prestigious title of National program > Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, Op. 92 // Violin Concerto, Op. 61.

featuring > David Grimal – violin

Youth Orchestra for the years 2018-2020, Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra will be joined by the world-famous French violin maestro, David Grimal for the latest concert of their Anima3 series at Budapest Music Center.

Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra Artistic Director: László G. Horváth


FAZIOLI Nights | Kálmán Oláh (HU) June 8 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club

Photo: László Dobó

One of the leading pianists of the Hungarian jazz scene, Liszt Prize and Gábor Szabó Prize winner Kálmán Oláh has gained international reputation as an artist who masterfully combines the elements of jazz, folk and contemporary




for his distinctive compositional style and his original approach to jazz playing, Kálmán has appeared with scores of well-known artists featuring > Kálmán Oláh – piano


including Lee Konitz, Randy Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, and John Patitucci.

Budapest Festival Orchestra: Jolivet, Harrison, Reich (HU) June 10 3200 HUF



Concert Hall

The Amadinda Percussion Group is turning 35 in the spring of 2019. As part of their celebrations, they will perform a chamber concert together with the legendary Budapest Festival Orchestra. The program at BMC will feature two concert pieces by the American composer Lou Harrison, preceded by an exotic French opening work by André Jolivet. The

program > André Jolivet: Suite en Concert for Flute and Percussion / Lou Harrison: Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra // Concerto No. 1 for Flute and Percussion / Steve Reich: Variations for Vibes, Pianos and Strings

concert closes with the Hungarian premiere of a piece by Steve Reich with the silvery sounds of four vibraphones intertwined with three string quartets.

featuring > Amadinda Percussion Group Anett Jóföldi – flute István Kádár – violin Conductor: Zoltán Rácz


New Jazz From Finland | Jussi Fredriksson Trio (FI) June 12 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club

A key figure in the active Finnish jazz scene, pianist and composer Jussi Fredriksson joined forces with two renowned compatriots of him. Fredriksson’s music has a highly narrative quality, unraveling in a surprising yet logical way. The endings are often unpredictable, and the trio’s way to get there is a joy to follow. At featuring > Jussi Fredriksson – piano Jori Huhtala – double bass Mika Kallio – drums


the core of their sound is a strong sense of unity, and an understanding of how each player can bring their own personality to the music.

GoetheJazz | Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE (DE) June 13 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club Photo: Dovile Sermokas

“No other young jazz band has caused such a stir in Germany in the last years as Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE” – says the acclaimed German music critic Wolf Kampmann. The group of four strong individuals cultivate a playful, stubborn, passionate playing. HÜTTE is burning with strong melodious compositions, avantgarde swing and expressive freedom. featuring >

After two successful albums of the band

Johannes Schleiermacher –

extended with vocal ensembles, the highly


energetic and award winning foursome is now

Tobias Hoffmann – guitar

going back to the core quartet.

Andreas Lang – double bass Max Andrzejewski – drums, composition


Far and Away – Piano Recital by Gábor Csalog (HU) June 14 Free




Photo: Bálint Hrotkó

A concert and listening session with pianist Gábor Csalog offering a deep dive into program > Ádám Kondor: Incremental Drift / Étude / Gábor Csalog: Chopiganini (audio recording) / Ádám Kondor: Musical blog - excerpts (audio recording) / Gyula Csapó: La Bimba Celeste / Tool az Óperencián (audio recording)

contemporary Hungarian pieces – including his own, inspired by Chopin’s études and the unconvincingly fake synth piano sound of the Sibelius scoring software. The performance will be followed by a panel discussion in Hungarian moderated by composer and cimbalom player András Szalai.

featuring > Gábor Csalog – piano


Drôles De Dames (FR) June 14 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club

Founded last year by three members of the smashing project, Supersonic, the Parisbased improvisational trio Drôles De Dames is exploring experimental soundscapes ranging from acoustic horn sections to electrified organic pop textures. Trumpeter Fabrice Martinez, tenor saxophonist and keyboard player Laurent Bardainne and jazz-punk-bear featuring > Fabrice Martinez – trumpet, electronics Laurent Bardainne – tenor

Thomas de Pourquery playing alto saxophone and also singing, set off a deep and free journey for new galaxies. Three souls for one hallelujah!

saxophone, synthesizer Thomas de Pourquery – alto saxophone, voice, echo


Péter Ajtai: Mingus, Mingus, Mingus (HU) June 19 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club

Photo: Igor Ripak

Péter Ajtai’s long-cherished dream came true with the formation of a group adapting the music of Charles Mingus, an artist surpassing all genres and classifications. The members of Ajtai’s ensemble are well-known figures of the featuring > Péter Ajtai – double bass János Ávéd – tenor saxophone Gergő Kováts – baritone saxophone Aram Shelton – alto saxophone Máté Pozsár – piano Tamás Geröly – drums


Hungarian avantgarde music scene. Instead of playing the music of Mingus note by note, they are grasping its essence and making it their own. The project is commemorating the 40th anniversary of Mingus’s death.

|Orchestra Nazionale della Luna (BE/FI/FR) June 20 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club

Orchestra Nazionale della Luna is rooted in the tradition of jazz but open to our time and all the horizons of our vast world. The sounds of a classical jazz quartet is expanded with the sounds of India and the Arab world mixed with electronic effects. An intoxication of swing rocked by modernism with spiritual depth, and sometimes the quirky humor of Fellini – these are the key features which make Orchestra Nazionale della Luna a musical meteorite.

featuring >

Manuel Hermia – saxophones, flute, bansuri Kari Ikonen – piano, Moog Sébastien Boisseau – double bass Teun Verbruggen – drums


Dominga Tango (AR) June 22 1800 HUF



Opus Jazz Club

Dominga Tango is on their very first European tour with a repertoire that includes traditional Argentine tangos and contemporary tango nuevo compositions. Given their atypical formation in the genre, they make their own arrangements searching for a distinctive style and a highly original sound. They will be presenting their first record, Chapa y Pintura, while already working on their second album featuring new tangos by female composers only. featuring >

Violeta García – cello Ana Micozzi – piano


Miklós Lukács Cimbiosis Trio: Music from the Solitude of Timeless Minutes (HU) June 26 2200 HUF



Opus Jazz Club Photo: Zsófia Raffay






cimbalom player and composer, Miklós Lukács, Cimbiosis has grown into one of the most distinctive formations of the Hungarian jazz scene. Their repertoire of original compositions keeps





new ways of expression. Cimbiosis will be presenting their latest material at Opus and will subsequently record their fourth album – featuring >

an upcoming release on BMC Records.

Miklós Lukács – cimbalom György Orbán – double bass István Baló – drums


Full program for June 2019 06.01 Sat 10:00 Music Educator Training In Hungarian 06.01 Sat 18:00

Classicus Quartet: Das Wohltemperierte Streichquartett VI. – E-flat

06.01. Sat 19:00 Form and Content In Hungarian 06.01 Sat 20:00 Tzumo Drums Band (HU) 06.02 Sun 18:00

Gábor Csalog Sundays – Dialogues with (the) music II. In Hungarian

06.02 Sun 19:00 Form and Content In Hungarian

Concert Hall Rooftop Hall Opus Jazz Club Concert Hall Rooftop Hall

06.04 Tue 20:00 j(A)zz! | Kompost3 : Aloft (AT)

Opus Jazz Club

06.05 Wed 20:00 Gábor Juhász Trio (HU)

Opus Jazz Club

06.06 Thu 20:00 Miklós Gányi Trio: Angle of Reflection (HU) – album debut

Opus Jazz Club

06.07 Fri

Opus Jazz Club

20:00 Emma Nagy Quintet (HU)

Anima3 – David Grimal and the Anima Musicae 06.08 Sat 19:00 Chamber Orchestra 06.08 Sat 20:00 FAZIOLI Nights | Kálmán Oláh (HU) 06.10 Mon 19:45 Budapest Festival Orchestra: Jolivet, Harrison, Reich 06.12 Wed 20:00 New Jazz From Finland | Jussi Fredriksson Trio (FI) 16


Concert Hall Opus Jazz Club Concert Hall Opus Jazz Club

06.13 Thu 20:00 GoetheJazz | Max Andrzejewski's HÜTTE (DE) 06.14 Fri

18:00 Far and Away – Piano Recital by Gábor Csalog

06.14 Fri

20:00 Drôles De Dames (FR)

06.15 Sat 20:00

Grencsó Open Collective, guest: Aram Shelton (HU/US)

Opus Jazz Club Library Opus Jazz Club Opus Jazz Club

06.19 Wed 20:00 Péter Ajtai: Mingus, Mingus, Mingus (HU)

Opus Jazz Club

06.20 Thu 20:00 EurOpus | Orchestra Nazionale della Luna (BE/FI/FR)

Opus Jazz Club

Riding in Harmony – Charity Concert with the Budapest Strings

06.21 Fri


06.21 Fri

20:00 Kálmán Cséki Trio: Awakening (HU) – album debut

06.22 Sat 20:00 Dominga Tango (AR) 06.26 Wed 20:00

Miklós Lukács Cimbiosis Trio: Music from the Solitude of Timeless Minutes (HU)

Concert Hall Opus Jazz Club Opus Jazz Club Opus Jazz Club

06.27 Thu 20:00 Krisztián Oláh Quartet (HU)

Opus Jazz Club

06.28 Fri

Opus Jazz Club

20:00 Linda Kovács Recycle (HU)

06.29 Sat 20:00 Mordent Quintet (HU)

Opus Jazz Club

We reserve the right to change the program. At Opus Jazz Club, seating can only be guaranteed with a table reservation by phone. For concerts after June 19, table reservations are automatically added during ticket purchase. We hold reservations until 8pm. For more information, please call +36 1 216 7894 17

New releases on BMC Records GRENCSÓ COLLECTIVE SPECIAL 5 WITH KEN VANDERMARK: DO NOT SLAM THE DOOR! In recent years István Grencsó has travelled very far from jazz in the traditional sense, or from free jazz. His concerts and recordings tend to feature spontaneous work that completely does away with composed or pre-improvised the



replaces which












from musicians and listeners alike, thus opening up a space in the area beyond the mostly unexplored borderlines between jazz and contemporary music. Vandermark is more firmly linked to the free jazz tradition: his pieces are organized around composed parts, and he is fond of building on the vigorous rhythms of the drum and bass. Within this framework there are intermezzos filled by the musicians with spontaneous, free music. Thus for him spontaneity is rather an occasional, supplementary element, whereas for Grencsó it has become the main form.

From the liner notes by Zsolt Németh



WEIDNER | DUMOULIN | GRAUPE | TERZIC MELANOIA Dejan Terzic is one of the few truly European musicians. Grown up and educated in Germany, he made his way through panEuropean and multi-stylistic collaborations from the very beginning in the 90s. He molded his very own style of expression along routes to the North and the South of Europe including collaborations with New Zealand and American musicians to finally integrating it with the primal musical ground of his Serbian origin in the East of Europe. Terzic started Melanoia in 2012 and earned the German Grammy, Echo-Award with Melanoia’s debut album as Best German Drummer in 2014. On the present album Terzic relies on the rapport of 7-string guitarist Ronny Graupe and alto saxophonist Christian Weidner. He also joins forces for the first time with totally wired keyboard wizard Jozef Dumoulin as trailblazer in the sonic wilderness.

From the liner notes by Henning Bolte



BMC is supported by:

1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8. / +361 216 7894 / info@bmc.hu / www.bmc.hu Tickets: bmc.jegy.hu / Table reservation for Opus Jazz Club: +361 216 7894 Parking spaces available in the Corvinus University Garage. Design & layout: and Pongrác Kacsoh / Cover graphics based on László Huszár's artwork / Published by BMC / Printed by HTS Art

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BMC English Highlights June 2019  

June 2019 English concert program highlights at Budapest Music Center

BMC English Highlights June 2019  

June 2019 English concert program highlights at Budapest Music Center


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