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February 13, 2014

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Tips for newlyweds about to merge finances Special to the Surveyor

Newlyweds often have a lot on their plates upon returning from their honeymoons. One of the more critical issues they must address is their finances and how those finances will be combined going forward. Combining finances can be a touchy subject for many couples, especially those who had not given much thought to their finances prior to tying the knot. But there are steps couples can take to make the process of merging finances go more smoothly. • Discuss finances early and often. Allowing finances to be the elephant in the room is a mistake, as couples do not want to begin their lives together treading lightly around an issue as significant as finances. Couples should discuss their expenditures and spending habits as early as possible, as one of the biggest hurdles newly married couples must clear is coming to grips with one another’s financial habits. If such habits have already been discussed, then developing a financial plan will be much easier once that time comes. When discussing finances, define both short-term and long-term goals and how each of you can adjust your spending habits to make those goals come true. • Pay off any debts. The cost of weddings has skyrocketed over the last several decades, and many newlyweds find themselves in a considerable amount of debt upon returning from their honeymoons. When merging finances, couples should prioritize paying down such debt, as debt is a significant source of stress for newlyweds and long-married couples alike. Newly married couples with little or no debt should avoid spending above their means in the months after they get married. Such spending is commonplace, as newly married couples often want to fully furnish their new homes or reward themselves for pulling off their weddings. But new debt can be just as stressful on a marriage as debt from the wedding, so avoid this potentially problematic pitfall by paying down existing debts with your newly merged finances. • Make note of mutual expenses and open a joint account to pay for those expenses. Mutual expenses like mortgage payments, food and utilities should be the responsibility of each partner, and a joint account should be established to handle such expenses. When opening a joint account, discuss how much and how often each partner will contribute money. One partner might earn considerably more money than another, so work out a reasonable agreement that details how much each partner Courtesy photo will contribute each month, and whether such contributions will be made on a weekly, bi-weekly or Merging finances is an issue many newly married couples face monthly basis. upon returning from their honeymoons. • Make concessions for one another. When merging finances, couples often discover that they don’t see eye-to-eye on how each person spends money. Couples who successfully merge their finances often note the importance of making concessions with regard to their partners’ spending on certain hobbies or luxuries. As long as those hobbies are not putting couples in debt or jeopardizing their financial goals, couples can make concessions so their partners continue to be happy and enjoy their favorite activities. Merging finances is an issue that looms for many newlyweds or couples about to tie the knot. Though it’s not always easy, merging finances early and discussing goals can ensure newlyweds get off on the right financial foot.

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Wedding websites help spread the word Special to the Surveyor Planning a wedding is no small task, and most couples look forward to the day when they’re no longer fretting over floral centerpieces or agonizing over seating arrangements. Though weddings have become more complicated in many ways, the Internet has made some things simpler for couples planning their nuptials. Perhaps nowhere is that more true than with regard to sharing information. The Internet has made it easy for couples to keep friends and family abreast of the details that go into a wedding. Many couples have even developed their own wedding website, updating the site whenever they make important decisions, such as when and where the wedding will take place, where guests can stay, and all the other information guests might need. Such information used to be sent out via traditional mail, but now couples can simply direct friends and family to their wedding website, saving time and money while also benefitting the environment. But before couples design their websites, it’s first helpful to determine if it’s actually necessary. Couples who are planning more intimate affairs with few guests might find a website isn’t necessary. In addition, couples who are having a local wedding in which most of the guests live in town and won’t need to travel or make hotel arrangements, can probably

Berthoud Weekly Surveyor • February 13, 2014 Page 11 get by without creating a wedding website. However, couples who are planning a larger affair and/or an out-of-town wedding and are expecting guests from all over the map can utilize the Internet to make it easier to communicate with prospective guests. When developing a wedding website, there are some things a couple should consider. • Timing: Don’t establish the website until you have settled on a date and location for the wedding. The site can be a great way to share your story with friends and family, but its primary function is to act as a resource for guests. If no date or location has been picked, then the site won’t prove too helpful to guests. But once a date and location have been chosen, set up the website as soon as possible, ideally several months to a year in advance of the wedding. Doing so gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make airline and hotel reservations. • Information: When designing the site, make it easy to navigate so all the information a guest might need is readily available. Couples who are not techsavvy can utilize an existing website like TheKnot. com, which allows its members to create a premium website that can include exclusive designs, links to a couple’s online registry, photos, maps of the event location, and a host of other pertinent details. Some wedding website services charge a relatively small fee to keep the site running for up to a year. Couples who feel they can create a site on their own should be certain to include the date, location, directions and maps to the event locations, hotel accommodations, and wedding registry information. Those who want to go the extra mile can include photos, the story of how they met, information about members of the wedding party, and a guestbook that well-wishers can sign.

Did you know? Special to the Surveyor

Though many couples still tie the knot in traditional religious ceremonies officiated by a minister, priest, rabbi or other religious leader, more couples are embracing less traditional ceremonies that can be officiated by secular officiants. Humanist weddings, for example, may be officiated by someone who shares the same philosophy of life as the bride and/or groom, and such officials typically have no religious affiliation. Civil ceremonies are another type of wedding ceremony for couples who do not want a traditional religious wedding. Civil ceremonies are often presided over by a justice of the peace, political official or even a certified notary public. The rules regarding civil ceremonies vary from state to state, so couples considering a civil ceremony should do their homework before moving forward with any wedding plans. Couples with different religious backgrounds who still want a religious ceremony may want to consider an interfaith ceremony that includes traditions from each faith and may even include religious leaders from each faith.

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Congratulations to all our Berthoud brides and grooms The Surveyor welcomes engagement and wedding announcements.

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Page 4 Berthoud Weekly Surveyor • February 14, 2013

Wedding trends for 2014 W

edding trends come and go. Some trends are popular nationally, while others are more regional. Many things affect wedding trends, but today, nothing seems to be more powerful Surveyor than Pinterest, Columnist a photo sharing social media site. “Every bride I’m working with uses Pinterest. I get brides and their mothers sending me pins to save as Heidi notes for their wedding. I’d say Kerr-Schlaefer that Pinterest is the new bridal Bible,” said Christine Kovacs Forster, owner of My Big Day Events, LLC in Loveland, Colo. Forster says that in Colorado outdoor weddings are trending. This allows the couple to do a variety of popular

things at their wedding, such as having their pet in the ceremony or playing outdoor games. Pinterest is filled with photos of outdoor weddings featuring backyard games such as corn hole. “Brides want burlap and lace with the shabby-chic touch,” says Forster. “And all of the weddings I’ve booked so far this year are outdoors. Photo booths are still in, but the outdoor games are becoming more and more popular.” Photography is more popular than ever, and couples are doing more and more elaborate photographer sessions. Each photographer is different, but unique engagement photos and weddings shots are definitely a musthave for today’s bride. The color of the season is light pink, and Forster says she’s also seeing a lot of yellow, grey and white. Camouflage is also hot at Colorado and Wyoming weddings, often in pink or white. Barbecue is a common food choice for the • Finalize arrangements for church and ceremony.

Wedding Timeline Nine — twelve months • Visit clergy to discuss service and facility. • Start working on a guest list. • Work up a budget. • Find a reception site • Choose your attendants. • Shop for reception entertainment. Six — nine months • Book your caterer. • Book your photographer/videographer. • Shop for your wedding gown. • Plan ceremony music; select musicians. • Shop for your honeymoon. Four — six months • Order invitations and party favors. • Make sure all deposits have been made and contracts signed. • Shop for groom’s and groomsmen’s tuxedos. • Organize accommodations for out-oftown guests. • Select a florist.

Two — four months • Address invitations. Send out six-eight weeks prior. • Buy attendants’ gifts. • Select a baker and order wedding cake. • Buy wedding rings. • Buy accessories (cake knife, toasting glasses, guest book, etc.). • Make plans and reservations for wedding rehearsal and dinner.

casual outdoor Rocky Mountain wedding. Over the past dozen years or so, the traditional wedding cake has taken

a back seat to cupcakes, and while these tiny cakes are still hot, trending this year are alternative dessert bars. Candy bars and cookie bars are popping up at wedding receptions everywhere. Pinterest has created a lot of DIY or do-it-yourself brides. However, brides should be aware that projects appearing on Pinterest are often elaborate and require a lot of resources to implement. “Every bride has a glue gun these days, but this doesn’t mean that they have the time and resources to do all of the set up for their wedding,” said Forster. “So more and more DIY brides need an event coordinator or event

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planner because there are so many little details that they saw on Pinterest that they loved, but they need someone to execute it for them.” Pinterest isn’t only used to find wedding decoration ideas; it’s a popular place to find inspiration for wedding hairstyles, nails and fashion. Bouquets are also frequently pinned by soonto-be-brides. “I can only imagine the requests florists are getting,” said Forster. “A bride sees some gorgeous photo and doesn’t realize that the flowers aren’t in season or that the bouquet is completely unrealistic for their budget.” “This is definitely an issue with Pinterest. So much of what the brides see is really impossible for them to really execute,” she added. This is one good reason to hire an event planner. A planner will not only help a bride execute her vision, but also helps her to stay within a budget. If you’d like to see all the interesting wedding stuff that’s trending today, just hop on Pinterest and browse “weddings.” There are thousands and thousands of pins in this category featuring everything from dresses to horse drawn carriages.

One — two months • Arrange final bridal and attendants’ gowns fittings. • Confirm all reservations for ceremony, reception and honeymoon. • Obtain marriage license. Two weeks • Pick up all gowns and accessories. • Make sure photographer and/or videographer has a list of photos and events to be captured. • Make sure musicians have the music specified. One week • Confirm seating arrangements and final count. • Have rehearsal and dinner. • Pack for honeymoon. • Relax and get plenty of rest. Remember, you have planned for this event with the help of many qualified individuals. On this, the most exciting day of your life, concentrate on being happy, no matter what happens. Enjoy the new life you are beginning with your true love.

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Berthoud Weekly Surveyor • February 13, 2014 Page 5

Things to consider when mulling a destination wedding Special to the Surveyor

According to a study from XO Group Inc., creator of wedding websites and, 350,000 destination weddings take place annually. Such figures reflect a growing trend of couples who want to tailor their weddings to their own personalities, even if that means tying the knot in exotic or unusual locales. But as popular as destination weddings have become, couples who have had such weddings can attest that planning a destination wedding is not necessarily easier than planning a more traditional ceremony close to home. Though destination weddings can make for memorable affairs, there are some factors couples must consider when mulling whether or not to have a destination wedding. Guest list The XO Group study found that destination weddings have an average of 86 guests. When sitting down to organize their guest lists, many couples realize they have well over 100 guests on their lists. Such couples may find a destination wedding especially difficult to pull off, as resorts may or may not be able to accommodate such a substantial number of guests. In addition, couples who hope to invite children to their weddings might want to reconsider a destination affair, as those youngsters’ parents will have to foot the bill for additional airfare and accommodations and, depending on

when the wedding takes place, pull the kids out of school for an extended period of time. Couples with smaller guest lists might find a destination wedding much more manageable than those whose guest lists crack triple digits. Another thing to consider is that the larger the guest list, the more likely many of those guests will not be able to afford to attend or get enough time off from work to make it to a destination wedding. Couples who want to ensure all of their loved ones can be there with them on their big days might be better off avoiding destination weddings. Accessibility Accessibility is a common concern for couples considering destination weddings. Destination weddings typically ask guests to travel far to attend the ceremony and reception, but there are ways to make that travel less of an ordeal. When choosing a location for their destination weddings, couples should consider the cost and convenience of travel. Remote islands are not very accessible, and as a result guests will likely have to pay a pretty penny for their flights and lodging. In addition, the more remote a destination wedding locale is, the less convenient getting there figures to be. Nonstop flights likely won’t be a possibility. Before choosing a locale for a destination wedding, research flights, making sure that affordable flights are

available within spitting distance of loved ones’ homes and that they won’t have to suffer through multiple connecting flights when traveling to and from the wedding.

Weather Weather is another factor couples must consider before choosing to have a destination wedding. The XO Group study found that 30 percent of American couples who have destination weddings choose to tie the knot outside of the continental United States. That’s a distinct disadvantage for couples who likely are not very familiar with weather patterns overseas. Couples who choose outdoor weddings close to home are often familiar

enough with local weather patterns to choose a wedding date that likely won’t be interrupted by harsh weather. But choosing an overseas or distant locale erases that comfort level, and couples may find themselves worrying about storms or other inclement weather conditions as their wedding days draw nearer. Before choosing a locale for their destination weddings, couples should thoroughly research each potential destination’s weather patterns. Brides, grooms and guests alike don’t want to do all of that traveling only to end up indoors because it just so happens to be tropical storm season. Competition As destination weddings have grown in popularity, the competition for idyllic locales and top-notch venues has increased. That competition is great for venue owners’ bottom lines, but it might not be so great for couples looking to keep their wedding costs down. Costs might be considerably less in the off-season, but that’s also when storms and inclement weather tend to take hold, Booking a venue early can help couples mitigate some of the costs of a destination wedding, but the growing popularity of destination weddings might make them out of reach for couples working on tight budgets.

Page 6 Berthoud Weekly Surveyor • February 13, 2014

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Brookside Gardens Event Center Berthoud’s own destination wedding spot By May Soricelli The Surveyor Tucked away from the highways, bustling cities, and nestled in a quiet town, is an unexpected, charming wedding venue in Berthoud. A couple who does not want to travel far to an exotic destination wedding can find a very beautiful, lush wedding spot here in Northern Colorado. Brookside Gardens is a unique facility that is true to its name. Artfully landscaped, the scenic exterior designs include a babbling brook running through “The Gardens,” a name that captures the lush environment of colorful plants, foliage, trees, flowers, and other assorted greenery. The outdoor ceremony area is a spot that allows Colorado’s nature to shine and the warmth of spring, summer and fall days to be fully utilized. “Nestled just outside of historic downtown Berthoud, Brookside Gardens is a unique indoor-outdoor venue that offers an endless amount

of options for you to plan your special event. With three acres of lush landscaping accented by water features, beautiful arbors and mountain views of the Front Range, the facility is designed to host your wedding in elegance and style,” read a statement on Brookside’s website. The garden views are accented by several unique architectural structures, one of which is a pristine 100-yearold Victorian home that provides an ideal setting for the spacious bridal suite and groom’s room. These rooms allow the wedding party to have a comfortable, private environment to get ready for their special day. The stairs leading down from the bride’s suite have a grand entrance factor as the bride descends the stairs during the ceremony. The ceremony of a wedding is conducted on the outdoor patio which is encircled by vine-covered arbors The number of arbors will be added

Did you know...? Symbolic gestures are commonplace during wedding ceremonies. The exchange of rings, stomping on a glass and lighting of candles are each among the various traditions associated with different faiths. Couples who would like to try something a bit different can opt for pouring sand. Choose two different colored sands and decorative vessels that can hold the sand until a special time in the ceremony. You also will need another large, clear container that will contain the sand once it is poured. A glass vase or heart-shaped vessel works well. To symbolize the joining of two lives together, both the bride and groom can take one of the colors of sand and begin pouring them together into the larger container. The ribbons of sand will join and meld together, much as the couple’s separate lives will now become one. The finished sand art can be kept on a mantle as a remembrance of the wedding day for years to come.

to this season at Brookside and will be adorned with fabric for cool shade during ceremonies. Wedding receptions are held in the elegant reception hall which is split into two versatile areas: a large old-fashioned style “fireplace room” connected to a stylish tented space complete with twinkly-white lights. Brookside staff refers to this space as a “blank slate” which provides a

backdrop to any theme of decor that the bride and groom bring to the table. The newest addition to the facility is the full service bar with a new liquor menu which will be available soon for future events. One of the unique accommodations specific to Brookside is the provision of a bride’s wedding supervisor which is included in the price of the event at no extra charge. The wedding supervisor is in contact with the bride from the very beginning of the process, which is usually six weeks or more, starting immediately after the event is scheduled and remains in close contact the entire time. A bride can look forward to the wedding supervisor’s assistance with planning and provision of vendors, as well as other areas of needed help. Alongside the wedding supervisor works a crew who is available to help with set up and other necessities on the day of the wedding.

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Brookside has received a lot of positive feedback from their brides, grooms and guests. They enjoy making the experience as wonderful, seamless, and memorable as possible. “Our experience was great! The venue is beautiful and the staff was extremely accommodating and kind. Any of the glitches that happened with our wedding I didn’t even know about because our coordinator from

Berthoud Weekly Surveyor • February 13, 2014 Page 7

Brookside had it fixed before the news could even get to me. It was an awesome place to celebrate such an amazing day in our life,” said Aubrie Flanagan, of Firestone, who was married Nov. 28, 2012, at Brookside. Brookside’s future brides and grooms will enjoy new on-site lodging being introduced in the near future. Stay tuned to the Brookside Gardens website and Facebook page for updates on the addition of cabins to

the site. Because Berthoud is a small town, the only local accommodation for the wedding guests is the Berthoud Inn. Hotels are available in Loveland and Longmont. This can prove difficult for those traveling to the wedding who are unfamiliar with the area. The addition of several cabins on site will make travel easy for out-of-town guests and the newly wedded couple. According to Brookside staff the

majority of couples who use the facility are from Northern Colorado, but others have come from as far as Laramie, Wyo., Denver, or as far as Nebraska. Brookside Gardens Event Center is Berthoud’s very unique wedding venue that is an ideal place for a bride and groom to invite near and far relations to gather in celebration of their special day.

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How to stay energized throughout your wedding day Special to the Surveyor A couple’s wedding day is the culmination of months and months of planning. For most, it is one of the most memorable, magical days of their lives, filled with fond moments of time spent with close friends and family. As enjoyable as a wedding can be, most brides and grooms who have already tied the knot can attest that a wedding is a long, often tiring day. It is very easy for energy levels to wane. To ensure you have enough energy to last through to the final good-bye of the evening, follow these suggestions to remain energized. • Recognize your wedding day is a very long day. It’s possible to rise quite early in the morning to begin prepping with makeup, hair styles, wardrobe and more. If the party is an evening reception, it could last until the wee hours of the morning. You may find yourself up for nearly 24 hours, when the cameras will be flashing and the video rolling. Naturally, you’ll want to look your best throughout. • Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Get to bed early the night before so you will get ample sleep and look rested. It is understandable that nerves and excitement may get the best of you and make it difficult to fall asleep. If you often grow anxious and

struggle to fall asleep before big events, their gowns — it is essential to stay talk to your doctor prior to the wedding hydrated. Dehydration can result in to ask if you can be prescribed a oneheadaches, weakness and dizziness time-only sleeping pill that will ensure and may make you feel cranky. Be sure you get to sleep to consume wapromptly. Do ter throughout not take this the day. medication with • Pack some alcohol, and be snacks. The sure to take it time between only if you can breakfast and get a full 7 to 8 the cocktail hours of sleep. hour of a wedOtherwise you ding may be may experisignificant. In your wedence medicine hangover. ding “survival” • Enjoy kit, be sure to a hearty pack some easy Courtesy photo breakfast. At snacks to eat. Remembering to eat well and drink plenty breakfast on Trail mix can of fluids can help couples stay energized the morning of throughout their wedding day. be nibbled for a your wedding, boost of energy, consume a comand a banana can take the edge off of hunger pangs. bination of carbohydrates and protein. Avoid anything messy that can drip The carbs will provide the initial burst onto clothing or get stuck in your teeth. of energy you need to get going, and Arrange to have snacks stowed in the the protein will keep you feeling full. limousine or another mode of transA combination of whole wheat toast, fresh fruit and Greek yogurt makes for portation so that you can refuel on the a filling start to the day. way to the ceremony or in transit to • Stay hydrated. Although drinking the reception. a lot of water can result in more fre• Don’t overdo it with caffeine. It may be tempting to lean on an energy quent trips to the bathroom — which drink or a super-size cup of coffee to can be cumbersome for brides wearing

give you the boost you need. But caffeine is only a temporary fix. After the effects of the caffeine wear off, you could find yourself more tired than before and crash at an inopportune time during the day. Instead, a brisk walk outdoors may recharge your batteries. Afterward, time spent on the dance floor enjoying the reception will likely stimulate some adrenaline to keep you going. • Eat dinner. When family is beckoning and the photographer needs to get yet another pose, it is easy to skip dinner. Be firm with your decision to enjoy your meal. After all, you paid for it and it should not go to waste. Besides, sitting down to dinner enables you to rest and absorb the atmosphere of the wedding. • Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the night. Alcoholic beverages may be flowing, but too many spirits can compromise your energy levels. Be sure to balance the booze with hydrating fluids, such as water or juice. Weddings take up the entire day, and it can be easy to succumb to a lack of energy as the day progresses. But by heeding a few tips, it’s possible to remain in top form throughout the entire wedding day.

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