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Robert Beck, Moby Dick 2012, oil on panel, 24 x 40 inches

The Art of Robert Beck The Michener Museum is presenting the work of Bucks County Artist Robert Beck in an exhibit, “It’s Personal: The Work of Robert Beck”


For more than three decades, Robert Beck has been an integral part of the Bucks County art community, particularly in New Hope and Lambertville, New Jersey, as both a leader and an iconoclast. The Michener Museum’s presentation of It’s Personal: The Art of Robert Beck, is the remarkable story of a contemporary artist establishing a voice, becoming part of a community, and creating a body of work that will resonate for many years. Guest Curator David Leopold, Director of the Studio of Ben Solowey and Creative Director of the Al Hirschfeld Foundation explains: “For many in this area, Robert Beck’s paintings are as much a part of their world as Redfield, Garber, and Lathrop’s were to their time and community. As much as Bellows, Henri, and Sloan were to theirs.” Beck’s paintings aren’t about how our world looks, but what it’s like to be in it. His style has ample academic clarity to be unambiguous, but enough impression and abstraction to allow room for viewers to collaborate emotionally. Rather than duplicate what he sees, he paints what about it matters to him. “He’s not trying to 112 B U C K S C O U N T Y M A G . C O M

describe a thing, he’s describing an encounter, in paint rather than words,” says Leopold. “Viewers relate to his work because they have been there, or somewhere like that. His paintings take them to that common understanding”. His work is as complex as it is distinctive and accessible. Beck moves freely between painting his subjects from life and working in the studio, choosing to let his experience define the narrative or invent his own. He uses a personal language that is easy to understand, with a breadth of subject matter that led one critic to call him an omnivore. Beck’s subjects aren’t just described, they call to mind universal experiences. The painting Skating Party depicts the nighttime event through Beck’s suggestion of blade marks on the ice reflected by the bonfire on the bank. In Moby Dick, a girl reads the novel while sitting in a boat stored in her grandfather’s barn. Each have a powerful sense of place. The image of a Manhattan intersection in a snowstorm, Blizzard, makes your feet cold. In Dog Day, a study in youthful uncertainty is recognizable to anyone. This is not nostalgia, it’s connection.

Left top;Bob Beck in his studio, above;Robert Beck, Sunday Morning, 1996, oil on panel, 24 x 18, Collection of Michener Art Museum. “Beck is adept at capturing not just the look, but the feeling or impression of a moment” says Laura Igoe, Chief Curator at the Michener Art Museum. “His paintings convey a strong sense of community and belonging that resonates with many of us, especially in light of the challenges of the past year, and help us imagine better days ahead. It’s Personal, is a large body of short episodes with a common theme of “Us.” Episodes that extend around the world, including women collecting rainwater in Senegal and people eating breakfast at a café in Arles. The show keeps you moving; you are taken to Avignon in the morning, Vienna in the evening, Dakar at night. Where the Pennsylvania Impressionists and Urban Realists (Ashcan School painters) painted subjects of their time, Beck’s focus has been on his own. He doesn’t paint their subjects, he paints ours, extending the region’s heritage forward with images that are remarkably accessible for contemporary work. The viewer doesn’t have to labor to see where Beck has brought them. Beck concentrates on a world that rapidly changes around us; one he takes part in, as well as observes. His writing in ICON magazine—a body of essays spanning 15 years—pulls a curtain back on art for tens of thousands of readers, and he hosted a radio interview

show focusing on creativity. Leopold has constructed a narrative that blends the chronology of Becks career and his extraordinary relationship with the community with a selection of the diverse subjects that Beck has painted. There are two beautifully printed books that accompany the exhibition: a volume of Becks ICON Magazine essays, and a comprehensive catalogue. The show includes videos and audio recordings as well, so bring your smartphone and earbuds. It’s Personal: The Art of Robert Beck, contains more than 70 works, and nearly all of them seem to come from a place of affection and contentment. “My paintings are a celebration, rather than a catharsis,” says Beck.“They are conversations that start out, ‘Have you noticed?’” As David Leopold remarks in the catalogue, “Fifty or one hundred years from now, when scholars or laypeople want to know about the art of our time in this storied region, they will turn to Robert Beck’s work to get a real sense of who we are, what we did, and even from that distance, how it felt.” It’s Personal: The Art of Robert Beck, runs through January 2nd. For more information visit

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Art & Antiques

Bring Home The Grand Tetons


ajestic views of the Grand Tetons have made a Philadelphia guy nominated by the residents of his new home, Jackson Hole, Wyoming to be the “Best “Photographer.” Adam Reed moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming from center city Philadelphia in 2019. A self-described photo addict, Adam rarely leaves home without his camera. Adam, who is drawn to the beauty of nature, has spent many years exploring the wilderness and has attained the coveted rank of Eagle Scout. Although he sometimes goes out searching for “a planned shot or scene,” he says “…some of my favorite photos are the surprise moments when I am holding the camera in my hand and telling myself to breathe.” Adam recently exhibited his work locally in a gallery at the 2021 Bucks County Designer Show House and Gardens. Although he's traveled many places, he focused the show on Wyoming. You can really experience the majesty of the Grand Tetons in all seasons through his photography. Some shots he plans and hikes to get to and some are unexpected surprises. The famous Momma Grizzly #399 with her newborn quadruplets, the moon setting behind the mountain peaks lit with an alpenglow from a red rising sun on the fresh fallen snow or the wingspan of a bald eagle just taking off. To see more of his work, visit and you can follow him on Instagram @phl_unbound or Facebook. To contact Adam B. Reed, call 215-262-0670.


The complete life story and Catalogue Raisonne of the most fascinating member of

Fern Isabel Coppedge 1883-1951

THE NEW HOPE SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS • 260 Pages – 9x12 Hardcover • Over 1,000 Illustrations • 400 Paintings in C.R. (1905-1951) • Family Biographies + Vintage Photos • Published with the assistance of the James A. Michener Art Museum and the Kuns / Coppedge family


ORDER TODAY! $65.00 incl. Shipping QUANTITY DISCOUNTS - VISIT WEBSITE West Highland Publishing P.O. Box 36 • Midland Park, NJ 07432 • 201-264-7450




The Moods and Colors of Autumn

Lady Apples and Oranges, an 11” x 14” oil by Frank Arcuri

Patricia Hutton Galleries 47 West State Street • Doylestown, PA 215.348.1728

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Art & Antiques

Mercantile–Artists & Community Brooke Henningsen and Ashara Shapiro shared dream of bringing makers and the community together in a common venue is an ongoing reality at Mercantile of Doylestown by Bob Waite


ercantile’s mission statement reads, “We envision the Mercantile as a collaborative of makers who wish to share their art through dialogue and demonstration and work together to bring greater awareness to the rich history of the arts in Bucks County.” Brooke Henningsen, the founder of Mercantile, thought about this for many years. She says, “It just didn’t seem like there was a great need for it until COVID hit. Then all of a sudden, the shows were cancelled, venues were closed and the artist community wanted more.” COVID 19 was devastating to the art community. Brooke says, “So, I spoke to a few of the people that I knew in that community and discovered that they were having a very difficult time because they didn’t qualify for a lot of those small business loans that so many others were able to get.” Being a founding partner at Arrow Real Estate Services allowed her to use her connections to find a space for such a venture. That space in the Doylestown Shopping Center is 25,000 square feet, and it once housed a popular department store. From the beginning of the construction to its opening took only 45 days. When meeting with interested artists Ashara Shapiro, an artist whose store at Mercantile is ARecerche, became the creative director. Brooke describes their relationship as “… we are cut form the same cloth, both of us are very tenacious, we work well together and have very good vendors.” Ashara, who does metalwork and leatherwork is in love with the original concept, “A big part of the conception of the market is that we wanted it to be experiential with the idea that people can come, and they can actually meet the artists They can have conversations with the artists, and they can find out how they actually make the art. There’s a give and take of information, and it’s not just going through the space and buying, but instead you understand what’s behind all of the items.” Well, the concept worked phenomenally. There are over 100 shops at the Mercantile. Mercantile in Doylestown is where “there is something for everyone.” At Mercantile you can find everything from paintings, ceramics, textile work, sculptural pieces, photography and woodwork to clothing, herbs, beauty products, cards, furniture, home & garden, food and drink and more. An example of this kind diversity prevalent among the artists at Mercantile is the shop, Peter Stolvoort’s Paintings. His paintings are abstract but present their subjects in ways that connect with experience. His use of thick paint and lines recalls the work



of Jackson Pollack, but he does so within the confines of recognizable forms. Using fluid acrylic paints and added mediums, he has developed a repertoire of painting techniques that achieve his signature sculptural finish. To learn more about Peter Stolvoort visit At HBN Design you can find hand painted and reupholstered furniture, bohemian style pillows, and an assortment of antiques. What makes this store so interesting is, as the statement

on their website says, “Every item we create is sewn and painted by hand, using recycled, vintage, military fabrics and materials.” Now that is intriguing. Checkout HBN Design website at Notice that on the site is a section devoted to their Mercantile Shop. Ashara Shapiro, Mercantile’s creative director, creates custom wearable art. The focus of her work is jewelry design and accessories. Ashara does custom work and has several collections. Her shop is A.Recherche, and in the statement on the Mercantile Website says that she “… focuses on empowerment and design artistry in her work. As an advocate of historical symbolism in current society, Ashara breathes new life into reclaimed pieces and creates storied wearable art that have gone through an evolution using the tools of yesteryear.” To find out more about A.Recherche, visit hese examples demonstrate some of the diversity found at Mercantile. High quality and diversity are important to Brooke Henningsen. “We decide who fits and we do not want too many of the same offerings. So we have a wait list for artists that want to be in the space that maybe someone is doing the same thing. There is not a lot of inward competition within the space.” Besides makers and local retailors selling their wares, Mercantile has classes such as cocktail mixing, cupcake and cookies (one of the most popular) and Yoga. The classes vary, but there are at least 10 per month. Events featured at Mercantile also create that interplay between art and community that makes Mercantile so different than most

venues. Things like a visit from Santa, a fashion show, a masquerade gala, a guys out night and other events that create community participation. Mercantile has truly made a space where artists and art lovers meet, connect, and engage. Mercantile at Doylestown is located at the Doylestown


Shopping Center, 444 – 446 N Main St, Doylestown, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit Bob Waite is the editor of Bucks County Magazine.

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Art & Antiques

Antiques at the Church


avid M. Mancuso’s interest in antiques started at an early age when he was a teenager, he started visiting antique shops. He opened his first shop in the mid-seventies. He started exhibiting at major shows in the 1980s. And, by he 1990’s, long time friends, father and son Jonas and Richard Ewing, came on board to assist at the antiques shop, supply additional and diverse inventory to the already fabulous stock offered at the Old Church. The building was once the Solebury Baptist Church which was rebuilt in 1851. Inside you’ll see a diverse inventory of American & Continental furniture, country / high country, decorative, accessories, paintings, prints, garden, architectural, modern, folk art, pottery, glass, religious, textiles and so much more. Visit the Old Church at 6075 Rt. 202 & Upper Mountain Road, New Hope, PA; 215-794-5009:



Tom Furey

J E N N I F E R H A N S E N R O L L I . C OM S I LV E R M A N GA L L E RY H o l i c o n g PA 215 - 7 94 - 4 3 O O s i l ve r m a n g a l l e r y. c o m


om Furey is an award winning, Bucks County Fine Artist, creating Contemporary American Oil Paintings. He has been expressing his artistic ideas for over fifty years. His subjects range from Bucks County landscapes, portraits, animals, still lifes and florals to heavy industrial. In addition to a career in the fine arts, Mr. Furey also worked as a Professional jewelry designer in Bucks County and Philadelphia. Today, Tom continues to create paintings for private collectors in addition to doing commissions. His private collections are held by clients in Canada, England, Ireland, Germany and the United States. Tom is a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club and several Bucks County Artists' Organizations. His Carousel painting appears on the opening of this arts & antiques section. For more information visit www. F A L L 2 0 2 1 119

Art & Antiques

Canal FrameCrafts Gallery Whether it is a hard-earned diploma, that special hole-in-one ball, the needlework piece you finally finished, or a favorite family photo, it is time to get it framed for the holiday season. In addition, our Annual Small Works Show runs November 6 through December 30 if you are looking for a special new piece of art by a local artist. Canal Frame-Crafts Gallery at 1093 General Greene Rd.; Washington Crossing, PA 18977, , 215-493-3660.

The Corner Shop & Lamps by Lynne


ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES -%.# . ,*)'!. -,*-%& $*) ,!. ."-,&$+,*. )& *,!& $+&',+'. ,+ )+ . + -+'$%! . ,% -. )& -%&-."-*- ')$+.

A mix of vintage and new with "Fabulous Finds Restyled" Unique gifts - Home Decor - Lamps & Shades

"$0-' )+ .1$%.2 -%!$+-

Antiques • Home Decor • Gift Shop

( . . ,)+."' . ' .(( .")* -% ,*- . .(

( # (#(#.. -+./- &,' .( ." +.(( # 120


6485 DURHAM RD PIPERSVILLE, PA 18947 • 215-962-6946

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Art & Antiques

Trisha Vergis


he paintings of Trisha Vergis resonate with her strong ties to the people, places and history of Bucks and Hunterdon counties. Destined to become an artist, she honed her skills as a sign carver, oil painter, gallery owner and teacher. These connections are evident in her solo exhibition, “Deeply Rooted” showing at the Silverman Gallery from September 25 thru October 24. A direct painter, you may find Vergis alongside the Delaware or at a friend’s farm working en plein air. In her studio, objects are carefully selected, arranged and lit. A worn farm chair, a slice of peach, flowers from a friend’s garden and the occasional cat are rendered in her signature palette and mastery of light and shadow. The Silverman Gallery is located in Buckingham Green, 4920 York Rd (Rt. 202).

R “Pink Peonies with foil 12” x 16” Oil on Canvas

“Still Life with an Inner Glow”Exquisite Textural Classics by

JUNE L. MAXWELL, PSA, Master Pastelist Original Paintings in Pastel and Oil

MAXWELL STUDIO/GALLERY Tues-Sat by Appointment


215-884-2401 email:


ichland Antiques and Collectibles just celebrated our one year anniversary July of this year. Starting a new center in the middle of the COVID pandemic was not an easy task. Originally scheduled to open in March of 2020, those plans came to a sudden halt. But the extra time allowed us to select some of the finest antique dealers in the area. Offering 18th-century to mid-century modern furniture and decorative arts, primitives, country, fine jewelry, advertising, vintage toys, vintage records and memorabilia, and so much more.Richland Antiques is located 1320 West End Blvd., Rt. 309, Quakertown, PA; 267-373-9451.

Fine Art Watercolors & Drawings


ust drive down the farm lane and introduce yourself to Aunt Lollie.” One sunny June morning in 2016 I did just that. And so was the beginning of a special friendship with Laura Ulrich (aka Aunt Lollie) who introduced Jane Ramsey to her small farming community in Bedminster. It’s been the focus of her work capturing the rural farm landscape and meeting the farm families. She is drawn to their stories. They speak to the best qualities of mankind—examples of integrity, stories of perseverance, resilient strength, and holding fast to one’s dreams. The Ulrich Farm story begins in 1921 with a young immigrant couple, Bertha and August and their children, searching for a farm of their own, a place that would fulfill lifelong dreams. After August's death in 1945, Bertha continued farming with the help of her three sons. Laura Ulrich came to the farm in 1953 as a young bride to son Raymond and went from city girl to farm wife overnight. She continues to live on the farm. Today, Jane says, “I am so blessed to call the Ulrich Farm my home. My studio/home is the little tenant house with inspiration in every direction. Primarily, a plein air artist, I love to work outdoors in watercolor and graphite working from direct observation.” More of Jane Ramsey’s artwork and the stories of the farm can be found at For more information, email the artist at or call 610-349-1661.

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Art & Antiques

Al Lachman Celebrates 67 Years Of Painting


l Lachman is celebrating his 67th year as a professional artist with his annual show at the Lachman Gallery. Al Lachman continues to blaze his own trail onto the national and Bucks County art scene. Originally from New York City, Lachman has lived and worked in the New Hope area for the last 22 years and continues to create one-of-a-kind paintings in various mediums (oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, etc.) often within the same painting. A painting by Lachman will not only capture your imagination but will also become the focal point of the room in which it is hung. Each beginning of a painting is different for Lachman. He explains, “Each medium has its own personality … things it can do and things it cannot. So when I put them together in the same painting, I can achieve something truly unique. I am a morning painter. I get up and I go to work. I then say to myself … how can I paint this differently than I have ever painted it before? I challenge myself with the possibility of failure so that I can find new edges within myself … but I don’t allow it to fail. I stay with it, as long as it takes, until the magic is there.” So mark your calendar and be sure you visit this show from November 15–December 12, 2021. The Lachman Gallery is located at Peddler's Village (Shop #44), Street Road, or Routes 202 & 263, Lahaska, PA. For more information, call 215-794-5500 or visit




Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show


small but skillful group of craftspeople dedicated to preserving the artistic skills of early America will show the fruits of their labors Sept. 25-26 at the Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show, slated for Delaware Valley University in Doylestown. More than 30 invited artisans from all over the eastern United States are slated to attend the show, exhibiting handcrafted furniture, paintings, textiles, carving, pottery, metal work and other treasures, all created using a traditional sensibility and time-honored techniques. “All the artisans are doing their work primarily by hand,” said Justin Kauffman, president of the three-person committee which is producing the show this year. “I think people will be impressed with the range of work. It’s a small show that allows us to really put on display the art and craft of the best artisans working in their field.” Hours for the show, which takes place at the Delaware Valley University’s Moumgis Auditorium, are 10-5 on Saturday, and 10-4 on Sunday. Admission is $8, with a discount card available at Parking is free, the auditorium is handicap-accessible, and no pets are permitted inside the auditorium.

67th ANNUAL SHOW November 13 - December 12, 2021 Lachman Gallery | Peddler’s Village | 215.794.5500 | F A L L 2 0 2 1 125

Arts & Antiques Antiques in the Old Church 6075 Route 303 & Upper Mountain Road New Hope, PA 215-794-5009 A changing inventory with a wide range of antiques including American, Continental, Country/High Country, Furniture, Accessories, Paintings, Prints Garden/Architectural, Modern, Folk Art, Religious and Textiles. Artefact Architectural Antiques Rt. 263, The Village Barn Furlong, PA 215-794-8790 Our store is open to the public and situated in an eighteenth century stone barn with half an acre of formal gardens. The majority of our inventory is antique and includes fireplace mantels, stained and beveled glass windows, doors and entryways, interior and exterior lighting, decorative objects, furniture, and garden appointments. In the formal gardens, you will find antique and reproduction garden pieces in bronze, iron, marble, stone, terra cotta, and wood. As You Like it Gallery & Frame 6140 Lower York Road New Hope, PA 215-794-2787 Custom framing done on premises. A wide range of frames, UV glazing

options, fillets, archival matting (lines, suedes, silks, etc.). Bucks County Antique Dealers Association Newtown, PA The Bucks County Antiques Dealers are an association of professional Antique Dealers located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area, who are dedicated to the preservation and advancement of quality Antiques and Collectibles.


43 OLD TURNPIKE ROAD • OLDWICK, NJ 08858 908-439-3144 • Tues. - Sat. 10-6 & Sun. 11-5 126


Arts & Antiques

Fern Coopedge



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Show Artists

Benefiting The Conservatory ry in Bucks Cou unty

Fern Isabel Coppedge: One Woman’s Struggle For Equality In The Art World, by Les & Sue Fox was created with the assistance of the artist’s family and the James A. Michener Art Museum following two years of extensive research. This book is the result of the authors’ love of Coppedge who they consider “the greatest female winter landscape artist.” About her snow scenes they say, “Many women painted a winter scene now and then, and some were very good. But Fern Coppedge was the only professionally trained artist obsessed with the beauty, the hidden colors and the effects of sun and shadow on freshly fallen snow.” Fern Coppedge, as a painter, worked in an art world that was dominated by men and she had to overcome great obstacles for her paintings to maintain the status that they have in the history of art. Alan Goldstein, a guest curator at The Michener Art Museum said in the 1990 Michener’s exhibit catalog Fern Coppedge: a Forgotten Woman, “Fern Coppedge was ignored and rejected by Bucks County’s established art community, which was seemingly bent on preserving their Impressionist ‘purity’ and perhaps their status as a male-only club. In response she forged her own path, continuously evolving her painting, taking artistic chances,

Opening Re Receptio on n n: Frid Fr rid iday y, Octo ob berr 22, 2021, 1, 5-9pm Open Saturday & Sunday • Octo Ope tober 23 – 2 24, 2021, 11am- 5pm Free parking and d admissiion Silent Auction Auc • Raffle • Over 300 30 pai aintings for sale

The Conservato ory 4059 Skyron Drive • Doylestow wn, PA 18902 www TrraditionalArtistSho howBucksCounty

and avoiding superficially ‘pretty’ effects. Instead, she explored her own raw, expressive power and deeply personal use of color. For all these reasons, I must belatedly thank her.” Les & Sue Fox agree, “Make no mistake about it. With no special advantages other than talent and the support of her sisters and husband, Fern Isabel Coppedge absolutely made it on her own.” They note, “This is the story of one woman’s quest to fulfill her dream to become an artist without compromising her integrity. Indeed, Fern Coppedge

remained an independent spirit from childhood to adulthood. It wasn’t until her teenage years that Coppedge’s art ability surfaced. Nurtured by an exceptionally gifted art teacher in Topeka, Kansas in 1904, Fern chose to boldly pursue a career in a man’s world, convinced she could carve out her place in the unfair hierarchy.” For more information about Fern Isabel Coppedge: One Woman’s Struggle For Equality In The Art World, by Les & Sue Fox, visit F A L L 2 0 2 1 127

Arts & Antiques ing selection of collectibles and antiques appropriate to Fallsington. You’ll find candles, vintage dressers, linens, pottery, stenciled slates, primitive cupboards, antique country tables & chairs and antique lighting. Lachman Gallery Peddlers Village, Rt. 202, Lahaska, PA 215-794-5500 Renowned for his pastels as well as his oil paintings, Al Lachman is a Master colorist. He is recognized for his expressive painterly style and luminous paintings of barns and landscapes of Bucks County and beyond. Main Street Gallery 1236 West Broad Street Quakertown, PA 610-442-4112 Bucks County Impressionist oil painter. Landscapes, wildlife and still life. Maxwell Studio/Gallery 215-884-2401 Her work is described at “Still Life with an Inner Glow.” June Maxwell creates textural classics in pastel and oil from her studio and gallery. Mercer Museum 84 S. Pine Street Doylestown, PA 215-345-0212 The Mercer Museum is a six-story reinforced concrete castle designed by Henry Mercer (1856-1930) and completed in 1916. Today, it is one of Bucks County’s premier cultural attractions and a Smithsonian affiliate. The museum complex features local and national traveling exhibits, as well as a core museum collection of over 50,000 pre-Industrial tools. This permanent collection offers visitors a unique window into pre-Industrial America through sixty different crafts and trades and is one of the world’s most comprehensive portraits of pre-Industrial American material culture.

Canal Frame-Crafts Gallery 1093 General Greene Rd. Washington Crossing, PA 215-493-3660 We are not just another frame shop, but a fullservice gallery. Featuring both originals and prints, we represent many fine local artists. We have also received awards for our custom framing.



Factory Antiques 130 W. Main Street Silverdale, PA 215-453-1414 Exceptional selection of antiques and vintage from over 45 dealers displayed on three floors. Fallsington Antique & Craft Shop 4 Yardley Avenue Fallsington, PA 215-295-0251 The Antique & Craft Shop provides a charm-

Michener Art Museum 138 S. Pine Street Doylestown, PA 215-340-9800 The Doylestown-based museum has 35,400 square feet of space, with a landscaped courtyard, an outdoor sculpture garden and terrace built in the original prison yard, seminar and conference facilities, a museum shop and café, and the George Nakashima Reading Room. As a regional art museum whose principal focus is Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the Michener Art Museum collects both historic and contemporary American works, with a

Arts & Antiques focus on the art of Bucks County. Patricia Hutton Galleries 47 West State Street Doylestown, PA 215-348-1728 A fine art gallery located in the charming historic district of Doylestown, specializing in Impressionism and Realism by renowned Bucks County and New England artists. We also offer small antiques, vintage and antique sterling silver and etched glass. We also carry artisan crafted, hand painted wooden bowls, decoys, pottery, and fine frames. Red Tulip Gallery 19C Bridge Street New Hope, PA 267-454-0496 Red Tulip Gallery is an artists' cooperative run by members of the Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen, a local chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. We're artists and fine craftsmen working in a range of disciplines, such as jewelry, pottery, glass, textiles, photography, painting, and wood. You'll find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that can be treasured for generations. Rich Timmons Fine Art Gallery 795 Route 202 Doylestown, PA 267-247-5867 Helping find that perfect original painting for our clients. Specializing in large paintings. By appointment only. Richland Antiques & Collectibles 1320 N. West End Blvd. Quakertown, PA 267-373-9451 Featuring over 50 quality antique dealers. Offering 18th & 19th Century Furniture, Decorative Ats Primitives, Victorian, Mid Century Modern, collectibles, and vintage. Rock Art Revival 41 Bridge Street Frenchtown, NJ 908-628-9330 Specializing in Rock Art N’ Roll posters, apparel, jewelry, vinyl, books, collectibles and more. Silverman Gallery 4920 York Road, Route 202 Holicong, PA 215-794-4300 The Silverman Gallery of Bucks County Impressionistic Art is committed to promoting the next generation of fine artists painting in the Impressionistic style. These proven,

award-winning artists carry on the tradition of such eminent painters as Edward Redfield, Fern Coppedge, Daniel Garber and the other fine artists that produced a legacy of creative expression reflecting the beauty of Bucks County. The Corner Shop & Lamps by Lynne 6485 Durham Road Pipersville, PA 215-766-2868 A mix of vintage and new with “Fabulous Finds Resyled”. Unique gifts, homer décor,

lamps and shades. The Frame Game 24 Richboro Raod Newtown, PA 215-860-8727 The Frame Game specializes in custome and do-it-yurself framing. You name it and wee frame it. Our experience, expansive inventory of mouldings, mats, glass, and expertise set us apart from the rest.

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Arts & Antiques

Where History Sparks Memories

Bucks County Impressionist Oil Painter Jim Lukens #"! ! " !

Transform Your World... Your Destination for Top Quality Local Art & Framing

SMALL WORKS 2021 Begins November 6 Check Website

Serving Bucks County For Over 30 Years!

Tuesday thru Saturday: 10am-5pm Other times by appointment. 1093 General Greene Road Washington Crossing, PA 18977 215.493.3660 •



MAIN STREET GALLERY 1236 W. Broad Street • Quakertown, PA 18951 Open noon - 5pm, Friday - Sunday

610.442.4112 • JIMLUKENSART.COM

Arts & Antiques

ARTEFACT architectural antiques

home decor • garden decor architectural elements


!/ 2!+ !/ 2!+ 0 - " 0 - " ˹ ) ) + + . +"" +" +"" +" !" ! "+,- - . /0

September 30th, October 1& 2

The Village Barn, Rt. 263 & Edison Furlong Road., Furlong, PA 215-794-8790 •

& " '( ) ** / '4 3. 3. . & * (4 3. 3. . & % &

$ $ # $ $

rich timmons fine art gallery Specializing in Large Original Paintings

Help Change a Childs Life Forever

Furniture Jewelry Appliances Electronics Tools Lamps

Mattresses Toys Appliances Gas Grills Skis, Boots and more!

We will take anything in Good Shape. Help support our kids! Schedule your pick up today! Fairless Hills Doylestown 3633 N. Easton Rd. 543 Lincoln Highway 267-454-7951 267-454-7951

Buckingham 5010 York Road 267-794-7157

3795 RT 202 | Dtown, PA | 267-247-5867 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY F A L L 2 0 2 1 131

Arts & Antiques

Patrick Walsh

Resident Artist at As You Like It Gallery & Frame Studio

Mignoni Jewelry A Family of Fine Jewelers Since 1947

Expert Framing Services: • Celebrating 35 years in business • All work done on premises • Specializing in creative framing of sports memorabilia, Heirlooms, Celebrating our 74th year!

art and photography

As You Like It Galley & Frame Studio 6140 Lower York Road


New Hope, PA 18938

Diamonds • Fine Jewelry • Pearls • Watches • Byers’ Choice LTD Gold & Cameos from Italy • Irish Jewelry & Gifts


200 Mill St., Bristol, PA • 215-788-3243

(across from the New Hope Winery)

We accept all major credit cards


Richland Antiques & Collectibles Featuring over 50 Quality Antique Dealers

Rt. 309 South (1320 N.West End Blvd) Quakertown, PA 267-373-9451 132


6KRS IURP KRPH RedTulipCr 19C West Bridge St t.., New hope, PA PA 18938 267-454 4-0496

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European Furniture Sale


he container from Liza Miller’s latest buying trip has arrived! Hundreds of one-of-akind vintage pieces from the countrysides of Hungary and Transylvania. Farm tables, benches, architecturals, vintage glass, wrought iron, dough bowls, chests, vintage linens, garden items, sleighs and more—everything you love about Liza Miller! Join Liza Miller’s Friday to Sunday, September 23-26, 9 to 5, for their biggest container sale ever. The best part: Everything will be marked down 20% for the sale! Liza Miller is taking over the Bucks County barn on the corner of Holicong & Mechanicsville Roads. (3297 Holicong Rd, Doylestown—just five minutes from the store. Adjoining Peddler’s Village, Liza Miller Ltd. carries an expansive selection of carefully curated vintage European furniture and architecturals, as well as over 100 unique gift lines for men, women and baby. We support Firm Foundations Romania, an orphan care program in Brasov, Romania. Liza Miller Ltd. store is located at 5927 Lower York Rd, New Hope, PA. For more information about the container sale call, 267-740-7191.

Specializing in Large Original Paintings

Rich Timmons

Fine Art Gallery 3795 RT 202 Dtown, PA 267-247-5867


Fall Invitational Craft Show

OCTOBER 16 & 17 Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

120+ fine artists and craftspeople Live musical entertainment Fun activities • Kids’ activities • New Tyler Live Wood Firing • Great food • Artist demos & more Purchase tickets online by 10/1

Save 50% 10 Stable Mill Trail Richboro, PA • 267-218-0290

Children under 12 free BCM

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