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Flat Tire Insurance Program It’s happened to everyone— a flat tire. Changing a flat is something that every cyclist can do but for many it’s a hassle. Bucks County Bicycle Company has a flat tire insurance program to ensure that you never have to worry about changing flat tires and can do what you love—ride your bike. Purchase our Flat Tire Insurance program and if you ever get a flat tire during the time you own the bike, bring it to our store and we will fix the flat by installing a new tube for you. One flat? Two flats? Twenty flats? - With flat tire insurance we’ve got you covered.

Program Details Duration: As long as you own the bike Includes: New tube to repair the flat and the labor to install it The program does not include the replacement of a worn out tire, which, if needed, must be replaced to prevent further flats. The flat tire insurance program is non-transferrable and must be purchased for each bike you wish covered.

Cost One Bike (Purchased Here) Second Bike Family Package (4 Bikes) Each Additional Bike

$35 $30 $100 $25

Bike Purchased Elsewhere


Bikes brought in with a pre-existing flat tire will need to pay have the current flat repaired before being eligible to enroll in the program.

Flat Tire Insurance Program  
Flat Tire Insurance Program  

Ensure you never have to worry about the hassle of changing flat tires with our Flat Tire Insurance Program.