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Spending Time In New York


New York City is probably one of the most famous travel destinations in the US. People of all ages from all parts of the world, flock daily to New York. From the Bronx to the Upper East Side, you’ll be able to see New York in different perspectives.

Yet some people who visit the place are not able to enjoy and fully immerse into the experience. Sometimes it’s due to lack of budget, or lack of sense of adventure, but mostly it’s because of lack of preparation.

Aside from the usual sites like lady liberty, there are a lot more stuff that you can only do in New York or probably New York is just the best place to do those stuff. Here are some tips in planning your New York vacation:

The grand welcome

Upon tuching own the New York runway why not arrive like a true blue New Yorker by hiring a Limousine from EWR Airport. Most of the richest and the most famous people in the state use limos. It would be great for you to be able to hire one.Once you arrive, you immediately get to experience doing things New York style. Before you head to your hotel, take a quick road trip around the place. This way you’ll get a bird’s eye view of what the city has in store for you.

Picking a hotel

Where else could you best go first class than in NYC? You have the widest selection of five stars in that area. It can be costly but you are assured of royal treatment. In the end it will all be worth


it. But this doesn’t imply that yu can’t have nun nin NYC wthout spending much. There are also a lot of hotels that come at very reasonable prices.

From one district to another It’s best to go by the area when touring New York. Slice up New York City and allot time for each piece of the pie. Mark important spots such as the empire state building, the statue of liberty and the grand central. Hop from downtown Manhattan to Brooklyn and the Bronx. Try out both fine dining restos and the finest street foods.


How To Love NY  

New York City is probably one of the most famous travel destinations in the US.

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