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dddIn Augustinian times not much studies were done about the Divine Attributes\Qualities.Latter it was studied in more logial ,Philosophical and Theological manner. The flaw in the Augusteins argument is that Augustein did not definitize the type\ kind of the Attribute\Quality namely LOVE. Before making any argument in favour of 2nd or 3rd Hypostasis in the Divine Subsistent Essence (namely Godhead), it is NECESSARY to decide what kind \type of Attribute \ Qulity LOVE is. There are 4 basic types\ kind of Divine Attributes\Qualities. In regard to the ascription of an Attribute \Quality to a NOT GOD , similar in some sense\ meaning to an Attribute \Quality of God \Deity there are two types \kinds. 1]Incommunicative Attributes\Qualities Of GOD \DIETY. These are those Attributes\Qualities which are NOT UNIQUE to the Very Self Of Deity\Godand Can Belong to the Created \Made things in Lower Sense\ meanings and lesser type\ kind. 2]Incommunicable Attributes \ Qualities. These are those Attributes \Qualities which do belong to Exclusively to Very Self Of God \Deity, and are UNIQUE to God \ Deity , and are NOT FOUND in any thing other then the Very Self Of God \deity in any Sense \ meaning, kind \type. Note:- In very exact sense \ meaning even a communicable Attribute \ Quality Of Go\ Deity is INCOOMUNICABLE, Hence every Attribute \Quality OF GOD \ DEITY with the condition of Exactness is incommunicable. In regard to the relations or types \ kinds of relations or no relation there are two types /kind of Atrributes\ Qualities Of God \ Deity. 3]Asbolute Atrributes \ Qualities Of God \ Deity. An Absolute Attribute \ Quality Of God \ Deity is One That the Deity \ God Does Hold In Him Self with out any reference to any thing , and Independent of any Relationship\Relativity\Relativeness\Relation.(1) 4] Relative Attributes \ Qualities Of God. There are some kinds \ types of Relative Attributes of God\Deity which may differ from each other minorly or majorly ,subtlely or sharply. A Relative Attribute \ Quality Of God \ Deity is One That :a) Is due to \ because of the connections \ relations \ references of God \Deity to a Made \ Created Thing. (or) b) Which God\Deity Exercises\ Performs\Works as concern to a Made \ Created Thing. (or) c) Is a Relation \ Connection \ Reference of God \ Deity to Made \ Created Things. d) Which is an Abstraction from a kind \ Type of Good Acts which God \ Deity Exercises\ Does \Performs\Operates/Does in concern to His Made\Created Things. (or) e) In Eternity God|Deity Does Hold them in HIMSELF and In respect to His VerySelf but they can be Connected,\can be Reffered\ can be Related to Made \Created Things. f)


[ The Word << OR>> IS EITHER INCLUSIVE OR EXCLUSIVE and may change from one to other] Excogitation On The Attribute \ Quality Of Love: L0VE is NOT an Incommunicable Attribute \ Quality Of God \ Deity. Since it is found in Things Other Than God\ Deity. As it is found in Lower Things in Lower Senses\ Meanings It is a Communicable Attribute \Quality Of God. Now the Question is whether it is an Absolute Quality \ Attribute of God \ Deity or Relative Quality\ Attribute Of God \ Deity? According to a large number of Theologians\Philosophers\Theologians It is NOT an Absolute Quality\Attribute Of God\ Deity. Sinceâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś.. If it is an Absolute Attribute \ Quality Of God\ Deity the Augustinian Argument of Lovenot fallsdown , it is distructed and destroyed immediately and instantly. Since an Absolute Quality \ Attribute Of God \ Deity is One That God \ Geity Does Hold in His SELF, SELF AS SELF, With Out any reference\ connection\ Relation to any thing, and is Independent of any thing and is exclusively for the Holder which is the Self Of Deity \ God. Examples :- Self Existence, Subsistens etc. The only option is left that it is a Relative Attribute \Quality Of God\Deity. Since a relative Attribute\Quality is One That is Related\Connected\Referred\Pertained to Things Other Than God \Deity and is One That is Concerned to the Creations\Creatures Of God\Deity. However Relative Attributes \Qualities may be divided in to Two in to two types\kind\( sets). 1] A Relative Attribute\Quality which does not require a Relation \ Reference\Connection to any Existing thing in Eternity but Can be Related/Connected\Referred to Made\Created Things. Example Omniscience,Omnipotence,Lordship,Godhood\Godship etc.(2) God \Deity knows things even before they did come in Existence\ Esse\Beingness . Divine Knowlidge does not require an Made\ Created thing to know the thing in BEFORE IT DOES COME IN EXISTENCE\BEINGNESS\ESSE. Similarly Omnipotence does not require any Existing Thing. But they can be related\connected\referred\pertained to Made\ Created Things. In this case the Attribute\Quality Of Love Does Not Require any being or any hypostasis. 2] A Related Attribute\Quality which Necessary Requires an Existing Created\Made Thing. Eg Mercy,Forgiveness,Justice. The first type\kind of Relative Attributes\Qualities of God\Deity may be termed as Hemi\Semi Relative Attributes\Qualities Of God\Deity. The second Kind\Type Of Attributes\Qualities Of God\ Deity may be called as Pure Relative Attributes\Qualities Of God \Deity. If the Attribute\Quality Of Love Belongs to the first type\kind of Relative Attributes\Qualities then the claim that it requires an object of reference\connection\relation which is not the holder becomes incorrect and wrong. If the Attribute\Quality Of Love belongs to the second type\kind of Relative Attributes\Qualities like any Pure Relative Attribute\ Quality it does cease to be


with out an object of relation\reference\connection which is not the Holder of the Attribute\Quality. In this case it is an aspect of Goodness of God\Deity a Relative Attribute\ Quality Of God \ Deity… ………… In this case love becomes a Voluntary Attribute Of God\Deity. If Attribute \ Quality Of Love Of God \ Deity belongs to Absolute Attributes \ Qualities Of God \ Deity then the love argument becomes invalid. If this Attribute \Quality belongs to Hemi \Semi Relative Attributes\Qualities then the love argument becomes in valid. How ever it requires some additional discussions if it belongs Pure Relative Attributes \Qualities. If love belongs to the group of pure Relative Attributes\Qualities then one face an immediate objection that Deity \God was not love in The Eternity but became love in the beginning when God \Deity began To Make \To Create Things. If love belongs to the last kind of Attributes \ Qualities then it not only gives a negative meaning that God \ Deity was NOT love in Eternity then it appears that God \Deity Was Loveless,and Ruthless in [ The] Eternity, but also appears to give a more negative meaning that God\ Deity Was Hate in Eternity.Further it also appear that God\Deity was imperfect in Eternity since He Was Eternally Empty from an Attribute \ a Quality of Perfection ,hence was imperfect in Eternity. If love did not existed in Eternity then this means that An Attribute \A Quality Of God \Deity depends upon Made \Created Things. But no Attribute \Quality Of God \Deity Depends Upon Made \Created Things. Before making any comment on each of these Objections , let it be assumed for a sake of an argument that each of these objections is correct and valid. If so then it proves that Love is not a Pure RELATIVE ATTRIBUTE\QUALITY. If it is not a Pure relative Attribute \Quality then it is either an Absolute Atrribute\Quality or a Hemi \ Semi Relative Attribute\Quality and in each case the argument is destroyed and distructed.(3) IF THESE OBJECTIONS ARE VALID THEN THEY ARE VALID ON EACH AND EVERY PURE RELATIVE ATTRIBUTE \QUALITY HENCE THERE CANNOT BE A PURE RELATIVE ATTRIBUTE .THIS SHALL BE DISCUSSED LATTER. A Relative Attribute \Quality Of God \Deity is neither like an Absolute Attribute NOR LIKE A Hemi \Semi Relative Attribute Quality Of God\ Deity. It is connected\ related \ refered \pertained with\to Made \Created Things. Hence they are not Eternal as we can see in the cases of Forgiveness, Mercy, Justice, Grace, Command, Anger\Wrath, Punishment etc.(4) How ever Divine Goodness is a Substitute for each of them in Eternity. This means that God \Deity Was Eternally Minded to Love those Things which He would Made \Create , and Determined to Love Eternally Those Things about which He knew Eternally that He would Made \ Create. In this sense God \Deity Was Love in Eternity WITH OUT THE REQUIREMENT OF REFERENCE \RELATION \CONNECTION TO ANY THING. The same is true for other Relative


Attributes. \Qualities say Justice etc. In the VERY same sense it can be said God\ Deity Is \Was Justice In Eternity , etc. The Eternal Determination or The Eternal Mind to Love a made thing is also a kind \type of love. This determination \ Mind does not require any Object existing in Eternity Just like Omnipotence and Omniscience. Thus these objections fall down. This Determination\Mind\Goodness is either a Hemi\ Semi Relative Attribute\Quality OR it is an Absolute Attribute. As for the final Objection, it is evident that neither Absolute Attribute\ Quality Of God\Deity needs an object of Reference \ Relation \ Connection Nor Hemi \Semi Relative Attribute \Quality requires an object of Relation \ Reference\ Connection. Hence none of them depends on a Made \ Created Thing. But Pure Relative Attributes \Qualities Does Appear to depend upon Made \Created Things. Since they are related\refered\connected\pertained to Made\Created Things. So this law is valid th the first two Types\Kinds Of Attributes\Qualities. But investigating on microscopically and minutely they are either dependent on Divine Acts\Doings \ Operations \Exercises\ Works or On the Goodness by which Non Eternal Relations\References\Connections come\occurs from nothingness.So the real dependence of a Pure Relative Attribute\Quality is upon Divine Acts\Doings and not upon the Made\Created things. There absence in Eternity is not an Imperfection since they are just relations \references\ connections of God \ Deity between God \Deity and Made\Created things. Divine Relations may be termed as Relative Attributes\Qualities. They may be also considered as an abstraction from the regular exercise of a kind \type of good Act\ Doing. How ever to each and every relative Attribute \ Quality there is a determination and a mind due to which God \Do these acts and Divine Determination DOES NOT CHANGE SINCE MIND OF God is Immutable.( Immutablity is an Absolute Atrribute \ Quality Of God\ Deity.) Now it is necessary to see that what is the cause of the fallacy of proposing a fallacious condition. REASON OF FALLACY:WHAT IF THE CONDITION IS USED FOR OTHER ATTRIBUTES \ QUALITIES OF GOD \DEITY. IF THE CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE OF THE OBJECT OF ATTRIBUTES\QUALITIES ARE USED FOR OTHER ATTRIBUTES \ QUALITIES. This condition shall be used with a number of Arributes \ Qualities in order to shew that they are incorrect. God\Deity is a Creator \ Maker. If Deity\God is a Creator\Maker then Creating\Making is an Attribute\ a Quality Of God \Deity. Now if the Conditions of three things are imposed on this Attribute\Quality then Crativity \Making requires three things:1]One that Holds the Attribute\Quality of Creavity\Making, { THE SUBJECT OF THE ATTRIBUTE\QUALITY}.


2]One towards which the Attribute \Quality is reffered , other than the sense \ meaning of Holder, { THE OBJECT OF THE ATTRIBUTE\QUALITY}. 3]The Very Atrribute\ Quality of Creavity\ Making it self. If any one of them ceases to be then according to the supposed condition the Attribute\Quality Of Creativity\Making does cease to be. Now if this Attribute\Quality is Eternal then this Implies that God \Deity did make \ Create things in ETERNITY. This Means that there are Eternally Made\ Created things. If there is no Made \ Created Thing in ETERNITY then The Attribute\Quality of Making\ Creativity ceases to be in Eternity due to these alleged \so called conditions. This means that God\ Deity was not a Maker \ Creator in Eternity. Since a Creator \Maker can not be with out the Attribute\Quality of Creativity\Making. This means that as God was Not a Creator\ Maker in Eternity He became the Creator\ Maker in the Non-Eternal Beginning , when GOD\Deity began to Make \Create Things. Comments\ Remarks:If Attribute \Quality Of Creativity\ Making does not require an OBJECT OF THE ATTRIBUTE\ QUALITY, then the same is true for the Attribute Of Love. If God \Deity Was Not the Creator \Maker in Eternity by the became a Maker \ Creator when He Began To Create \ Make things the same is true for the Attribute\ Quality of Love. Since the Attribute \Quality Of Creativity \ Making is More Fundamental then the Attribute \ Quality Of Love, and is Prior to It ,which is posterior to the Attribute \ Quality Of Creativity \Making , not only in meaning\sense but also in concepts. To deny Attribute \ Quality of Creativity \ Making is almost to deney Deity\ God. This brings Thiesm very close to Athiesm. Arya Smaj onced used the very similar Argument to disprove the Creativity\Making Of God \ Deity, since they believe that God\Deity is only a Manufacturer and CAN NOT BRING A SINGLE PARTICLE IN EXISTENCE\ESSE\ BEINGNESS FROM NON EXISTENCE \ NOTHINGNESS\ NONBEINGNESS. The proper response is to discard the Supposed condition. This Supposition is incorrect and wrong.