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Bucking fun Australia’s leading self owned and operated micro business specialized in mechanized and non-mechanized rides.

MECHANICAL BULL Our Mechanical bull “Bruce� is certainly a delight to ride with proper safety standards for the rider. It has a soft head made up of fiberglass, which reduces injuries by 65-75% worldwide. People of any age can ride it. It is absolute fun riding a Mechanical bull which

MECHANICAL SURFBOARD Discover our latest model Mechanical surfboard for hire at Bucking fun. Inflatable surfboards available are most suitable for any type of beach par ty or event. It is well cleaned as part of our setup procedure. It ensures your comfort measures for any event.

CHILDREN’S JUMPING CASTLE When it comes to children, we double our safety standards, and strive to make it a risk free equipment. Jumping Castle is a great equipment for Children parties and events. It is an amusing equipment, your kids will love playing with. Explore our newest Dinosaur themed jumping castle for children below 16 years of age.

HORIZONTAL BUNGEE Bucking Fun is Australia’s highly regarded Bungee trader. This is directly sourced from the UK, and is one of its kind in the entire world. It ’s amazing to watch and participate with it. It has adjustable cords for dif ferent age group of players. We Provide10 million dollars in public

SUMO SUITS We can’t miss out the fun element in wearing the sumo suit in the bucks party. Watching people waddle in the sumo suits is the most splendid experience . Get the best out of Sumo suit hire in Melbourne at Bucking fun. Teenager and adult sizes are available. Safest suit in the market, with padding all over the body! Get these Sumo suits for adding more colors to your party.

Address 2 Patterson St, Preston, Victoria, 3072, Australia

Contact No. 0488 800124

Bucking Fun We provide clean, fully maintained aesthetically pleasing equipment for your events. Our splendid services allows us to thrive in this business and give our clients full satisfaction. Visit our website for more details.

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Bucking Fun- Bungee hire in Melbourne  

Discover the great benefits of Bucking bull for hire in Melbourne at Bucking fun. You can also take the advantage of public liability insura...

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