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AN INDUSTRY READY TO EXPLODE The bucking bull industry is experiencing major growth. Yes, the tried and true breeders who buck their own bulls are still the backbone, but a new group of customers are infusig major cash into the industry. A NEW BREED OF CUSTOMERS The new breed of customers are wealthy. They enter the industry because of their passion for the sprot and the desire to become “stock contractors.” They are business owners, corporate executives and professionals who are entering the sport due to their love of PBR, CBR and PRCA. They want to compete in high payout, high quality events where the ycan enjoy great hospitality and fellowship. They want an experience similar to being a top thoroughbred horse owner. THE MILLION DOLLAR BUCKING BULL CHAMPIONSHIP (NOW A PRT OF EG’S BUCKING BULL GAMES) STARTED IT ALL Also, what was once just one event called the Million Dollar Futurity is now a series of many Bucking Bull Games that include yearling bulls, two-yearold bulls (World’s largest paying Bucking Bull Championship,) and even rider events for three-year-old and up bulls. The MDBBC has led the way to cultivating and bringing new customers into the industry. The proof in the growth of the Exclusive Genetics program can be judged by both the strong retention rate of our original customer base and the welcoming of new participates into our family each year. HOW DO CUSTOMERS FIND YOU, THE BREEDER? The process of finding customers of means, helping them select the best calves and retaining you to train their bulls involves careful planning, marketing and advertising. This has been the centerpiece of Exclusive Genetics success. By participating in the Bucking Bull Games Breeder Certification program you will benefit from the marketing and promotion BBG provides to move your operation to the next level. IS YOUR CALF CROP UNDERVALUED? If you have a solid, well-rooted breeding program you should be getting top value for your calf crop. With the infusion of new cash into the industry you should be looking to increase the value of your cattle herd, and BBG’s certification program will do just that. WHAT IS THE BREEDER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM? Simply put, the Breeder Certification program allows you to add tremendous cash value to your calves by having them certified t ocompete in all of the Bucking Bull Games, which includes an annual tour of events that pay out a total of approximately $2 million in prize money to the owners of these BBG certified bulls. WHY ARE THE BUCKING BULL GAMES BEING OPENED UP TO OUTSIDE BULLS? Our program is only going to continue to thrive and grow as a result of the success of the industry as a whole. The new strategy is to allow the incoming investor the option to select from a variety of breeders and trainers should open the door for anyone who thinks they have the secret to creating the rankest bull on the planet. We believe in the short term, there will be ten or less breeders that raise bulls for the MDBBC, and investors who want to play for the BIG BUCKS will go to these breeders to create their chance at the BIG WIN (when a bull is 2-years-old). Investors want to get creative, they want options and you, the breeder, can give them choices. HOW DO I INCREASE MY YEARLY PROFITS THROUGH BREEDER CERTIFICATION? The sky is the limit! Get creative! But hte obvious is through selling these calves for amounts close to or more than double your certification fee. Additionally, your training revenues will soar because your bulls will win a lot more attending bigger paying events. If your bulls do buck, and you do produce winners, just imagine the increased revenues from female and semen sales. If you raise buckers, get ready to raise your bottom line. WHEN DO I CERTIFY MY CALVES? This is one of the great parts of the program. You get to see yoru calf crop born before you decide. Even though all bulls will be certified before three months of age, you get to see which of your best females have bull calves and get to see what the bulls look like. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT BILLY JAYNES: or 713-299-3938











27 _____


Twisted Soul

Hard Twisted

Page A69


D&H / Buck

26 _____


Udder Brother

Magic Maker

Page 024X


D&H Cattle

25 _____



Buck Autism

Hunter 4X


444 Bucking Bulls / D&H Cattle

24 _____



Fire Show

Page 230Z


Shuler / D&H Cattle

23 _____



Fire Hazard

Page 33Z


444 Bucking Bulls / Tallgrass / BS Cattle Co.

22 _____


Stank Face

High Society

Miss Smoke Slinger


Dana F. White

21 _____


High Carbon

Stone’s Edge



Craig Moore / D&H Cattle

20 _____


Stone Cold Stunner

Stone Sober

Page 9X-


D&H Cattle / Flinn

19 _____


Chop Chop


Page 0165X


J&J Supply/Gene Baker

18 _____



Fire Show



Tomlin / Allen / Mills / The Jaynes Gang

17 _____


Memory Maker


Ellis 1108


Team KNK

16 _____


Texas Outlaw


TBB 8450


Bar 3D Bucking Bulls / The Jaynes Gang

15 _____


Strange Cargo

Test Fire

Page 16-132


OK Corralis / Gordon / D&H Cattle

14 _____


Hot Shot

Crunch Time

Tweet Tweet


Brad Bays / 6-C

13 _____


Air Assault

Hard Twisted

Page 378/A


444 Bucking Bulls / Winston / Durham / D&H

12 _____


Pop Fizz

High Rollin



Shuler / D&H Cattle

11 _____


Free Whiskey

Big D

Sneakin W’s Maleficent


D&H Cattle / The Jaynes Gang

10 _____


He Reigns

Little Yellow Jacket



Mckenzie / Novak / The Jaynes Gang




Wired To Hook

Meathook 691

Turkey Tits


Bar 3D Bucking Bulls / The Jaynes Gang




Hard & Fast

Hard Twisted

Page 374/A


Glover / D&H Cattle




Ain’t Easy Being Me

Margy Time

Page R31


Craig Moore / D&H Cattle / Buck




Ellis 514

Page 48X

Ellis 614


Gary Long




Red Man

The Geetus



Halpain /Roth





High Tensile

Page 78Z


444 Bucking Bulls / D&H Cattle




Lolly Lop

Buck Autism

Page 9115W


Glover / Robertson / D&H / Buck




Slice Of Heaven

Fire Show

Page 92Z


Duello / Buck Cattle / D&H Cattle




Sheila’s Pet

Time To Shine

Houdini Rocks


Rio Rojo

1. Sheila’s Pet

REGULAR SEASON QUALIFIERS Owned by: Rio Rojo Bucking Bulls

2. Slice of Heaven

3. Lolly Pop

4. Newsome

Owned by: Duello / Buck Cattle / D&H Cattle

Owned by: Glover / Robertson / D&H / Buck Cattle

Owned by: 444 Bucking Bulls / D&H Cattle

6. Ellis 514

7. Ain’t Easy Being Me

Owned by: Halpain & Roth

Owned by: Gary Long

Owned by: Craig Moore / D&H Cattle / Buck Cattle

8. Hard & Fast

9. Wired To Hook

10. He Reigns

Owned by: Glover / D&H Cattle

Owned by: Bar 3 D Bucking Bulls/ The Jaynes Gang

Owned by: Mckenzie / Novak / The Jaynes Gang

5. Red Man


11. Free Whiskey

double down series qualifiers Owned by: D&H Cattle / Jaynes

12. Pop Fizz

13. Air Assault

14. Hot Shot

Owned by: Shuler / D&H Cattle

Owned by: 444 Bucking Bulls / Winston / Davis Durham / D&H

Owned by: Brad Bays / 6-C Bucking Bulls

preliminary qualifiers


15. Strange Cargo

16. Texas Outlaw

17. Memory Maker

Owned by: OK Corralis / Gordon / D&H Cattle

Owned by: Bar 3 D Bucking Bulls / The Jaynes Gang

Owned by: Team KNK

18. Amato

19. Chop Chop

20. Stone Cold Stunner

Owned by: Tomlin / Allen / Mills / The Jaynes Gang

Owned by: J&J Supply / Gene Baker

Owned by: D&H Cattle / Flinn

preliminary qualifiers, Cont. 21. High Carbon

22. Stank Face

Owned by: Craig Moore / D&H Cattle

Owned by: Dana White

23. Backdraft

Owned by: 444 bucking Bulls LLC / Tallgrass Prairie Land & Cattle / B&S Cattle

24. Kilroy

25. Audacious

Owned by: Shuler / D&H Cattle

Owned by: 444 Bucking Bulls / D&H Cattle

wildcard qualifiers 26. Twisted Soul

27. Udder Brother

Owned by: D&H Cattle / Buck

Owned by: D&H Cattle


Just when you thought the PBR Finals Week couldn’t get any more exciting, Exclusive Genetics has brought back the BUCKING BULL GAMES BULL & RIDER TOURNAMENT! This event will bring together both Million Dollar Bucking Bull owners and the nation’s best up and coming bull riders. This three-day, single-elimination tournament will require both bulls and riders to prove that they should be on TOP and being the TOP RIDER & BULL COMES MAJOR WINNINGS! What you are watching today is a section of our exciting, single-elimination tournament that puts the SUPERSTARS of bull riding against the MILLION DOLLAR BUCKING BULLS. This is an event that will have many twists and turns! We will start Saturday October 28th (Blue Def finals) with 20 bulls that have qualified for this event. The best 8 bulls (based on bull score + ride time) will advance to our tournament which will begin on Monday October 30th and continue every other day with half the field (both bulls & riders) being eliminated each day until we crown a champion on Friday November 3rd. The rankest bull of the 20 at the Blue Def finals, based on bull score only, will be invited to buck at the PBR finals later in the week. In addition to the single elimination, fans and bucking bull owners will have the chance to buy a bull rider daily and select the bull he rides. 50% of your purchase goes to the Rider Payout, which we are guaranteeing to be $100,000 ($20,000 to the winner!) The remaining 50% goes to the WINNER TAKES ALL fan/owner jackpot. That’s right! If you select the best match up for the day, you could WIN BIG! The winner will be determined based on the bull score and the rider’s time. There were several jackpots at the previous finale tournaments where the creator of the match up walked away with $10,000, so get ready for some exciting fun! The riders will be auctioned off daily at the beginning of each day’s event right here at the South Point Arena. The minimum purchase will be $500. If you are the high bidder, you get to select the cowboy you want and the bull you want him to ride. Enjoy today’s performance!

Billy Jaynes, CEO

Exclusive Genetics Bucking Bull Games


8 qualifying bulls from the Blue Def finals will advance to take part in a unique and exciting competition that will conclude with the Top 2 bulls going head-to-head in a bracket-style tournament where one bull will be crowned the BUCKING BULL GAMES WORLD CHAMPION, mature bull. All 8 bulls will buck head-to-head starting on Monday and will advance (or be eliminated) with their rider to the next round. Each time the bull bucks, the judges’ score and the rider’s time (regardless of time ridden) will be combined for a total cumulative score. Each bull will only be competing against the bull in his bracket and the bull with the highest cumulative score will advance to the next round. The ride time does not matter until we get to the finals on Friday, November 3rd, and then the bulls will be scored just like the cowboys receiving a 0 if they are ridden less than 3 seconds. If both bulls end up with the same score then a tie will be broken by the bull that had the best three cumulative scores. If a tie still remains then it will be broken by the bull that had the highest bull score in the finals and if a tie still remains it will be broken by a coin toss.


8 Superstar Bull Riders will take part in a unique, exciting SINGLE-ELIMINATION tournament, where riders will advance each round simply by beating the one rider they are matched up against. In order to receive a score, each bull rider must ride 3 seconds or longer. The rider’s score is then determined by the bull score PLUS his ride time. (Ex: 87 point bull score + 3.56 ride time = 90.56). If the rider stays on less than 3 seconds, he will receive a zero. If both riders stay on less than three seconds (or there is a true tie), a tie will be broken by the rider that has the best previous cumulative scores from Monday or Monday and Wednesday. If there is still a tie the rider with the highest bull score from the current day will advance. If there is still a tie, it will be broken by a coin toss. Although riding 8 seconds does get a rider additional points, it does not ensure a victory over a rider who rides less than 8 seconds. (Ex: 88+4 beats 82+8). The tournament will last a total of 3 days. During the first three days there will be several match-ups of riders that will end up eliminating six of the eight riders and any time a rider makes an 8-second, qualified ride he will receive $250. There will not be any money paid for a qualified ride once we reach the semi-finals and the final 2, as those riders will have plenty to ride for, with a Champion payout of $6,000.




sean willingham

Belleville, TX

Height: 5’11” • Weight: 165 Riding Hand: Right

Watch out! This Summerville, GA, cowboy is here and ready to reek some havoc. A late entry, this close to twenty year PBR veteran and fan favorite has this Tournament down to a science. Willingham is a two time winner of the Bull and Rider Tournament and looking to beat down a group of young guns to achieve a bull riding three peat! PREFERENCES: Bring ‘em on!

wyatt rogers

Rose, OK

Height: 6’1” • Weight: Riding Hand: Right

A late entry into the Tournament, this Oklahoma cowboy immediately becomes a major force to be reckoned with. His credentials? Let’s start with his career high score ride of 92 points on the great bull Boomer. How about being a 3-time CBR finalist, 3-time National Junior Bull Riding Champion or a top 5 contestant at the College National Finals? Can he handle pressure? Let’s head back to Mercedes, Texas in October of 2015. Wyatt just celebrated his 18th birthday. He rode three for three is his first ever CBR event. Rogers won the buckle, become one of the youngest winners in any major association and earned a sizeable chunk of change. How about an 18-year-old going to the pay window to collect $43,000! PREFERENCES: Either way with good timing.

j.t. moore

Alvin, TX

Height: 5’11” • Weight:150 lbs. Riding Hand: Left

J.T. Moore has competed on the highest levels in the CBR, PBR, CRPA, UPRA and NPBR. His greatest moment though might just set up an epic grudge match here at the Bull and Rider Tournament. As a 19-year-old CBR Horizon rookie, Moore shook up the crowd at the Show Me State Shootout where a 92 point ride gained him his first CBR victory. Who finished second? Bull and Rider Tournament finalist, and Moore roomie, Codrick Murphy! Sparks will fly for bragging rights. J.T. is blessed to be alive allowed to ride bulls and enjoy his hobbies of fishing and wakeboarding. PREFERENCES: Any bull with some kick.

mason taylor

Maypearl, TX

Height: 5’9” • Weight:150 lbs. Riding Hand: Right

Mason Taylor has been getting ready to compete in the Bull and Rider Tournament by riding in the tough PBR Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour where he is turning heads with his progress. No stranger to winning, he was the YBR 2016 Champion, ERA Qualifier Champion and ERA Semi Finals Champion. What to know if he can get it done here in Las Vegas? One need only to look no further than his best career score, a rarely achieved 92 point ride. PREFERENCES: Prefers them to the right. 18

Clancy Hart

Madill, OK

Height: 5’8” • Weight:150 lbs. Riding Hand: Right

When you have a pedigree like Clancy Hart, you have something to prove. With both his dad and uncle household names, Clancy is working to achieve that same greatness. Clancy’s Dad is former 1999 PBR World Champion, Cody Hart, and his Uncle is PBR Ring of Honor inductee, breeder and broadcaster, J.W. Hart. Hart, the Tournament’s youngest rider at only 16-years of age, maintains a busy schedule. He is currently placing all of his efforts into the Bull and Rider Tournament as well as competing in UBBI and ABBI rider events. PREFERENCES: Left, right, it doesn’t matter, as long as they buck!

parker m cown c

Montgomery, TX

Height: 5’8” • Weight:155 lbs. Riding Hand: Right

Parker McCown is one of the Bull and Rider Tournament young guns who is looking to act as a spoiler in Las Vegas. A Texas High School Rodeo Association standout, Parker actively competes in CPRA/UPRA where he was the Bull Riding Rookie of the Year. His top ride was an 89 point effort in Hubbard, Texas. Parker will be seeking his first 90+ point ride in Vegas. When he’s not thinking about bulls, McCown loves to hunt, fish and work out. PREFERENCES: Prefers a bull around to the right with a lot of kick and real showy.

esteban bustamante

Chihuahua, Mexico

Height: 5’10” • Weight:150 lbs. Riding Hand: Right

This south of the border cowboy is a CPRA regular who sits in the top 15 in the standings. Esteban is also making a name for himself in the PRCA. An all-around cowboy, Bustamante likes team roping and enjoys serving as a pickup man for broncs at amateur and open rodeos. Esteban also likes to spend time working out and singing praise and worship at the Branded for Christ Cowboy Church. PREFERENCES: Prefers bulls into his hand.

codrick murphy

Cypress, TX

Height: 5’10” • Weight:170 lbs. Riding Hand: Right

If anyone can predict a winner of this tournament, it could very well be Codrick Murphy. Proof? Let’s start with the fact that Murphy has been a regular in this event. In 2014 he finished second to 2009 PPR World Champion Kody Lostroh in this event. Murphy is no stranger to pressure. A multi-time winner in CBR one of his greatest feats was winning a round of the historic George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio, Texas. His score of 90.5 on the rank bull Black Betty securing him a round tie with Clayton Foltyn who was riding the Jaynes Gang former ABBI Champion Bull Ragin JT. When Murphy is on his game 8 seconds is a snap and his energy and electricity can light up a crowd. PREFERENCES: No preferences. 19


Bull ID: 1925

21.753 Avg. (38 Attempts - 21 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.120 • 44.74% Buck Off %

Painkillers early career got off to a lucrative start. In 2013 Painkiller won $100,000 finishing second in the Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship. Billy Jaynes says that this is the best bull he has ever trained for the bull score plus rider time format, earning over $100,000 in this type of competition. VS Left Handers: (11) 3-8 --- 27.27% buck off • VS Right Handers: (20) 9-11 --- 45.00% buck off Owner: J.R. & Amy McKinney


Bull ID: 3530

21.250 Avg. (8 Attempts - 1 Ride) Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.250 • 87.5% Buck Off %

This might be the toughest bull to ride in the entire Tournament. He will spin either way and move forward. It will take a talented guy to twist this one for 8 seconds. VS Left Handers: (3) 2-1 --- 66.67% buck off • VS Right Handers: (3) 3-0 --- 100.00% buck off Owner: David & Laurel Hale

calico kickin

Bull ID: DS464

42 Avg. (1 Attempt - 1 Ride)

Billy Jaynes believes this bull is a future superstar. He will turn back to the left and have a lot of kick and snap. Any left handed bull rider should go a long way with him.

Owner: David & Laurel Hale

flab slab

Bull ID: 2575

21.594 Avg. (48 Attempts - 24 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.059 • 50% Buck Off %

Flab Slab is a son of 3X PBR World Champ Little Yellow Jacket and he has been to every BBG Bull & Rider Tournament Finale. He is a bull that the riders love to get on. He usually spins left but will spin either way. VS Left Handers: (12) 7-5 --- 58.33% buck off • VS Right Handers: (24) 10-14 --- 41.67% buck off Owner: Skip & Linda Johnston

hou did he buck

Bull ID: 3414

21.144 Avg. (13 Attempts - 3 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 20.524 • 76.92% Buck Off %

This bull is a son of Houdini that is quickly becoming known as one of the rankest bulls The Jaynes Gang is hauling. He is one jump and to the left with good buck and kick. Wesley Silcox rode this bull at the 2017 Cheyenne Frontier Days events for 89 points. VS Left Handers: (6) 4-2 --- 66.67% buck off • VS Right Handers: (6) 5-1 --- 83.33% buck off Owner: Skip & Linda Johnston 20


Bull ID: TBC-1

21.304 Avg. (14 Attempts - 4 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 20.784 • 71.43% Buck Off %

This bull was named after Houston Astros second baseman, Jose Altuve, because like Jose this bull has always been smaller than his competition but always over achieved. Tuve is an MVP. He will spin either way. VS Left Handers: (7) 4-3 --- 57.14% buck off • VS Right Handers: (4) 3-1 --- 75.00% buck off Owner: The Jaynes Gang


Bull ID: 3034

21.563 Avg. (8 Attempts - 3 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.196 • 62.5% Buck Off %

This bull has been to 3 PBR events this year and bucked off JW Harris, Claudia Montana and Cody Teel. Billy Jaynes says he was shocked as he believes all great bull riders should ride this bull!! He has been ridden 3X this year and all three times was for 90 or more including 92.5 by Cody Jesus in Cheyenne, WY. VS Left Handers: (3) 0-3 --- 0.00% buck off • VS Right Handers: (4) 4-0 --- 100.00% buck off Owner: Henry Mladenka


Bull ID: 4069

41.5 Avg. (1 Attempt - 0 Rides) 4 Bull Competitions Out • 100% Buck Off %

This bull is one jump and to the right with a lot of kick and rhythm. He should be considered a favorite to win this year’s Bull & Rider Tournament if he can be one of the top 8 bulls to advance out of the Blue Def Finals.

Owner: Johnston / Rogers / Hale & Minchin

whacked out

Bull ID: 756

21.338 Avg. (10 Attempts - 2 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.031 • 80% Buck Off %

This bull, a son of Bushwhacker has only been ridden one time and it was for 92 points by Sage Kimzey in Cheyenne, WY. He is unridden at PBR events and definitely one of the rankest bulls here. The bull riders will probably want to stay away from this one. VS Left Handers: (4) 4-0 --- 100.00% buck off • VS Right Handers: (3) 1-2 --- 33.33% buck off Owner: Todd Bausch

mr. freeze

Bull ID: 1402


Mr. Freeze won over $100,000 as a futurity bull. His normal out is one or two jumps and then around to the left, kicking, spinning and drifting.

Owner: Conway Reimer



Bull ID: 16B


Gold Digger was a great Futurity bull. He marked pretty consistently in the high 80’s even making over 90 at times. As a three year old he has the same pattern: in the gate to the right out of the right hand delivery. No real tricks, just little back up and lots of gas. Owner: D&H Cattle Co. & Flinn

simple man No Photo AvailNo Photo able Available


This bull is a sleeper, watch out. He has been a powerhouse so far this year winning $35,000 both individually and on bull teams. He is solid every trip, turns back in the gate and around to the left.

Owner: Jon Donaho


21.943 Avg. (44 Attempts - 21 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.419 • 52.27% Buck Off %

This bull is the anchor to our CBR Bull Team. He bucks hard every time out and is very showy. He turns back either way but likes to start to the right.

Owner: Elite Bucking Bulls

dirt man do

Bull ID: 319

21.214 Avg. (7 Attempts - 2 Rides) Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.109 • 71.43% Buck Off %

This bull has been to the CBR Finals in Cheyenne and had multiple BFT PBR outs. If someone can ride him, they’ll win the round! VS Left Handers: (4) 2-2 --- 50.00% buck off • VS Right Handers: (1) 1-0 --- 100.00% buck off Owner: JATT Bucking Bulls

miss kitty’s peacemaker

21.143 Avg. (11 Attempts - 2 Rides) 3 Bull Competition Outs Adj. Avg. Mark: 21.195 • 81.82% Buck Off %

This is one of those bulls who was great in futurity and never looked back. He won $500,000 as Champion of the 2014 MDBBC and has gone to be a great rider bull. He’s gone to both the Velocity Tour and CBR Finals. He normally spins in the gate to the left. VS Left Handers: (6) 5-1 --- 83.33% buck off • VS Right Handers: (3) 2-1 --- 66.67% buck off VS Top Tier Riders: (5) 3-2 --- 60.00% buck off Owner: Denis & Christine Pevehouse 22

bullets and boots

Bull ID: 449


Action speaks louder than words. Like his hauling partner Mr. Jim, Bullets & Boots will buck hard right out of the chute.

Owner: Rio Rojo Bucking Bulls

mr. jim

Bull ID: 408


Action speaks louder than words. Like his hauling partner Mr. Jim, Bullets & Boots will buck hard right out of the chute.

Owner: Rio Rojo Bucking Bulls

just kidding

Bull ID: 1406


This bull finished as an ABBI Top 5 futurity bull in 2016. He spins right out of the gate to the right. Any rider would love to draw him. Owner: Gary Long / Long Ranch


Bull ID: 4140


This son of Last Call was a former number 1 pick in the All in Players Draft and went on to finish 7th in the event. A nice Futurity bull, look for him to come out in Las Vegas as a rider favorite. Owner: Gary Long / Long Ranch

coal face

Bull ID: 026

44 Avg. (1 Attempt - 0 Rides) 100% Buck Off %

He always goes to left. Part of winning CBR bull team for Rockin R. Owner: David Findley / Jerry Rush / Rockin R














2017 finals program low res  
2017 finals program low res