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The Time is NOW for Florida to go forward on GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY •

Fact: Twenty-nine states now have renewable energy portfolio

standards (RPS) but Florida isn’t one of them.

Fact: Florida has the 4th largest Carbon Footprint in the USA.

Fact: The RPS goals of other states range from 15% clean green

Fact: In 2005 Governor Crist moved for RPS and the Public

Florida burns Coal and Oil to produce energy.

energy in Massachusetts by 2020 to a high of 33% in California by 2020. Service Commission (PSC) presented a strong draft proposal to the state legislature.

Fact: The State Senate endorsed the plan but the State House

went in the opposite direction and endorsed drilling in state waters instead.

Our damaged beaches, ailing wildlife, polluted waters and loss of our tourism business due to the BP Oil Catastrophe is costing us many Millions.

You can take action by contacting our state legislators and telling them that the time is NOW for a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard for Florida.

Lets start by contacting those legislators that are keeping us from CLEAN GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY •

Fact: The following Florida House of Representative Members are standing between us and a RPS for Florida:

 Dean Cannon (Republican, Winter Park) Phone: (850)488-2742  Will Weatherford (Republican, Wesley Chapel) Phone: (850)488-5744  Baxter Troutman (Republican, Winter Haven) Phone: (850)488-9465  Seth McKeel (Republican, Lakeland) Phone: (850)488-9890 This is but a short list of representative that have blocked the most recent RPS bills brought before the State House. In addition to contacting the above listed legislators, it would good if each of us contacted every legislator currently holding office in the State House of Representatives and polling them on their position on Governor Crist’s 20/20 RPS plan (20% renewables by the year 2020). Please go to: We will then all know where these politicians stand, and where we can put pressure in upcoming elections to have them replaced by lawmakers that can make a positive change in the State of Florida for Renewable Energy. One Final Note: Just because we cannot directly vote for legislators in other districts, does not mean we cannot contact constituents in those districts and educate them as to our position on Renewables and the need to vote for legislators that stand for a renewable energy policy for Florida!


Florida goes forward  

Flyer on status of Florida's Renewable Portfol

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