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The Circle (K) of Life in Binghamton September 2017 ll Second Edition Here’s what you will learn in today’s issue: Greetings from the Editor (page 2) Meet the New Committee Chairs (page 3) Summer Service Recap (page 4) CHOW Fight Hunger Walk (page 5) DLSSP (page 6) Southern Tier Divisional (Page 7) Member Spotlight (Page 8) Calendar (Page 9) Some pieces of Wisdom: Quote Edition (Page 10) Contact Us (Page 11)


Greetings from the Editor Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Melanie Dietrich and I’m your editor for this service year. I’m very excited to show you all of the great things that Binghamton’s Circle K is doing this year. I should probably tell you a bit about myself to get started. I’m currently a senior majoring in Integrative Neuroscience and minoring in education. Last service year I was the Public Relations Committee Chair so using the brand guide is something I’m used to by now. The CKI Brand Guide dictates exactly what colors, backgrounds, etc. can be used in all Circle K materials. I’m an avid fan of mindfulness and quotes about life so you all will be seeing plenty of little things here and there that can help you be more mindful. I enjoy reading, writing and painting in my free time. A fun fact about me is that I have over 10,000 pins pinned on Pinterest because I love quotes and learning new lessons to shape my own thoughts. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be, so if I see something I don’t like, I find a quote that can help me change that aspect of myself. I believe that we are constantly evolving to be a slightly different version of ourselves based on our past experiences and what we want to accomplish in the future. I love community service because I live by the mantra “be the change you want to see in the world.” By helping those around me whenever I possibly can, I’m making the world a better place. I want to empower those around me and show them how to put their all into whatever they do, and touch the lives of all they run into in the process. I’m excited to work with you all and I’m excited to see all our club does this year! 2

Welcome New E-Board Members!

Lauren Barone

Erin Herbstritt


Fellowship Chair

Emily Greenberg Service Project Committee Chair

Claire Childs

Kiana Cyrus

Governor’s Project

District Project


Summer Service Recap By Emily Fenter This summer I volunteered at an organization called HorseAbility. I spent over 45 hours there this summer and it was my 8th consecutive year volunteering there! Honestly there is no place I would rather be or spend my time while I am home for the summer. HorseAbility is a nonfor-profit therapeutic riding center that allows children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to ride horses and gain skills. They have many different programs for many different ages and abilities. The staff, volunteers, and of course the horses make this an organization that I always want to go back to. I plan on volunteering my time with HorseAbility well into the future as it is enjoyable, therapeutic for myself, and such a great resource for people in the disability population. HorseAbility has introduced me to people and friends that I otherwise would not have met. I’m forever thankful for the confidence, friendships, and bonds that HorseAbility has blessed me with! It made me feel appreciated and happy to go to HorseAbility at least two times a week all summer! When you can participate in service, take the chance because it might not always be there and it is the most rewarding, positive, and joyful thing you can possibly do! I plan on returning to HorseAbility next summer and experiencing another summer full of joy, smiles, and wonderful people!


CHOW Fight Hunger Walk By Eric Ravens On a particularly lovely (and hot) Sunday in September--the 17th to be precise--I had the opportunity to participate in the Binghamton CHOW Hunger Walk. CHOW is an organization that works to provide food to those in need throughout Broome County, and this walk not only served to raise awareness of the prevalence of hunger in our community, but also raised money to purchase food for those suffering of hunger. CHOW could actually purchase $7 worth of food or provide four additional meals for every dollar donated, which is awesome because every little bit really could (and did) count. The walk itself was run very well, and all attendees walked together around the Brain socializing and integrating all while raising awareness for such an important cause. The CHOW Hunger Walk was certainly a worthwhile experience both in regards to helping to make a difference in the community and meeting others with the same types of philanthropic beliefs!


DLSSP By John Tirino Hey everyone! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is John Tirino and I am the Executive Assistant for the New York District of Circle K International. This past month the New York District hosted the District Large Scale Service Project (DLSSP), which is the first of three district events that are held throughout the school year. DLSSP was held at Kamp Kiwanis in Taberg, NY (about 2 hours north of Binghamton), and the weekend was spent preparing the camp for winter closing. Kamp Kiwanis is a camp run completely off of donations and volunteer work throughout the summer, and it is open to kids who are at an economic disadvantage, kids with special needs, and adults with special needs. It’s a fun getaway for these kids and adults that get to attend the camp for a week during the summer where they are able to ride bikes, ride canoes in their man-made lake, camp in the woods, play camp games, and more. At the end of the summer, the camp has to close for the winter, so every year the New York District spends the weekend there and helps them clean up. This includes raking leaves, trimming bushes, painting the cabins, taking out the trash, cleaning the boats, and a lot more. While the weekend was dedicated to serving the needs of the camp, it is also a great time to meet new friends from all across New York. Every night we had a bonfire where we roasted marshmallows and sang campfire songs, and on Saturday night we held a fashion show for any club that wanted to compete. All in all, DLSSP is always a fun weekend of service that I enjoy going to, and it gives everyone the experience of camping if you’ve never been before. Our next district event will be New York Speaking in November. New York Speaking represents the fellowship tenet of Circle K, so I really encourage everyone to attend because this is the event where you will meet most of your new friends. I went to New York Speaking for the first time two years ago and that was when I really fell in love with Circle K, so I hope you all consider going and I look forward to seeing you there!


Southern Tier Divisional By Allison Tipaldo The Southern Tier Divisional on Saturday, September 30th was a blast! It took place in Ithaca, NY, and involved Circle K clubs from across the Southern Tier. There were some special guests there, such as the New York District Secretary, District Editor, and District Governor. We began the day by driving up to Ithaca. Once in Ithaca, we met up at a central location and ate some yummy breakfast food and drank some fresh apple cider. We were given bright orange vests to ensure our safety, and we then went out to the highway and picked up some trash along the way. After we were finished with the highway cleanup we went over to a community center and had our Divisional meeting. We ate some pizza, and heard about the District Project, the Governor's project, as well as the upcoming Serve-A-Thon. We also created friendship bracelets as a service project. Then, we went to AppleFest in Downtown Ithaca. We bought lots of apples and some coffee, and walked around. It was a great end to a great day!


Member Spotlight: Emily Greenberg Emily is an Art History major Who loves helping people who are in need on both a local and national level. She loves painting and drawing in her free time. She absolutely adores architecture and if her friends saw some interesting architecture, they would say “wow, this is so Emily.” Speaking of things Emily loves, she also has a huge rock and mineral collection. Emily would say that her hero is Jeannette Walls who wrote The Glass Castle; after reading this book, Emily was in awe as to how strong and inspiring she is. Jeanette worked ridiculously hard to get from living in absolute poverty to a bestselling author. Emily’s favorite quote is “the main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live” by Auguste Rodin. This quote exemplifies to Emily that life is full of variation, both good and bad, and it’s important to keep one’s spirits high and our thoughts positive! This quote speaks volumes to Emily’s personality. Keep living in your positivity and do great things! We are lucky to have you as a part of our club and as a committee chair! Thanks for doing so much for us!


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