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WHO WE ARE SC Bucin Mob SRL Reghin was founded in 1993 as a family business. The team formed in 1993 represented the development core of a company, whose keywords are: experience, professionalism and unity in the development of new and competitive products in every market. Over the years the company had only one field of activity: manufacturing garden furniture from softwood. WHAT WE STAND FOR Bucin Mob, a tough player on the international market, a well-known manufacturer in Europe, believes in awareness and in work done well. We make it our personal goal to always innovate and deliver the highest possible quality with every product we make.

WHAT NEXT Bucin Mob Design Collection is the natural next step in our development and the flagship of our new production line. In 2016 we started working on a new series of products designed in Romania with the aim of challenging and pushing the boundaries of contemporary manufacturing techniques while exploiting traditional and modern Romanian motifs and shapes.





Sooner or later you’re bound to want a table to sit around with your friends. It’s one of those maturity signs that comes right after college when bean bags can’t cut it anymore, because suddenly your friends and you would like to sit in an upright position. Not to mention glasses of wine are extremely dangerous when placed improperly. So in light of this recent maturity, why not choose a piece of furniture that’s a little heterogenous - pretty much like you. Wood and metal don’t make natural decorative allies, they make natural constructive allies, but instead of hiding the boldness that stems from joining these two materials, we decided to flaunt it. Just like you’d flaunt a very strong personality. Designed by: Dizainăr




Building a home for odds and ends has never been a particularly easy task. This piece of furniture has to be the sturdy soldier that keeps your home visitable, the welcoming valet for the casual candles and flowers you get from distant friends for the holidays as well as your personal vault for numerous types of cables, fragile gadgets and ancient love letters that were technically lost in high school. The wood will keep it looking friendly, while the metal in the joints will make it very clear this is an important piece of furniture one shouldn’t mess with. Designed by: Dizainăr





The objects we own always reflect the things we enjoy, the things that we stand for, as accurately as possible. Sometimes we place anchors around our homes for the love of boats, other times we build hammocks out of fishing nets, and from time to time, we place our surf board in the living room, for everyone to admire. CLEAR SURF is an exercise of perception and transparency which brings the floating sensation to everyone’s attention. Floating. The reason we fell in love with surf to begin with. Designed by: Izzi Design Box



04 RABA The home of the modern man is an eternally transforming place. We move furniture around every time we discover something new about ourselves yet somehow, furniture moving inevitably ends in exhausted whines. It’s as though the construction of our furniture pieces was meant to trouble us rather than help us but all is not lost. Let’s take the table, for instance - a static piece of furniture by nature, with hundreds of uses in hundreds of different contexts. Why not use the table where you need it without needing any help moving it? RABA, a static table otherwise, becomes very easy to handle by applying simple principles of movement. The incorporated wheel turns from footing into a mobile element, easing the pain of any movement. All that’s left to do is the soul searching that makes you move your furniture around. Designed by: Izzi Design Box


The wooden skeleton of a delicate marble sculpture rarely holds the fascination of the beholder. Yet even so, there is something inherently pleasing in putting marble and wood together - two organic materials which seem to dress one another, supporting each other. In EQUILIBRA, marble and wood are connected through brass, resulting in a sculptural, harmonious object, ready to dominate the room like a wise man. Designed by: Izzi Design Box



06 45

If we were to believe Nikola Tesla, the number 9 (4+5=9) unequivocally marks the faultless object. Any protractor error, any superfluous or missing degrees would deteriorate the object. This table was born out of respect for geometry and is an aesthetic study dedicated to the 45 degree angle. Designed by: Izzi Design Box




Inspired by the works of the Dutch pioneer of abstract art, Piet Mondrian, who developed from early landscape pictures to geometric abstract works of a most rigorous kind, we envisioned a simple table consisting of a wooden background, upon which we painted a grid of vertical and horizontal colored lines. Designed by: Izzi Design Box




A perfectly rigorous and finished shape meets natural wood. Instant love story. The metal’s sharp lines overlap the wood’s irregularities. The contrast balances the piece and gives you ideas about its function. Designed by: Izzi Design Box



09 FLIP Rounded shapes and details can be found all over these tables and benches. The tabletop can be used in 2 different positions giving you the possibility of having either a perfectly flat surface or a central storage tray for exhibiting your favourite plates or containers. Designed by: Izzi Design Box




The wood’s edges have been exploited to display the milled recess, hence the edges do all the style’s heavy lifting. The traditional X joints are also three-dimensionally visible in the joints between the tabletop and the legs. Designed by: Izzi Design Box




ROUND Roundness is in the eye of the beholder. A challenge of three-dimensionally joining edges and spaces, this particular model flaunts precision, detail and good ol’ design. Designed by: Izzi Design Box

Bucin Mob Design Collection is curated by Mihnea Ghilduș / Dizainăr Art direction: Mihnea Ghilduș Graphic design, DTP: Raul Cadar Photography: Andrei Naghy Text: Bucin Mob, Constantin Alupoaei, Alexandra Croitoru, Mihnea Ghilduș Translation: Alexandra Croitoru Most of the products depicted in the pictures are created by Romanian designers. The lighting objects, decorations and complements used for the mood pictures were supplied by Dizainăr for promotional purposes. Designers: Aerium, Alexandru Ioniță, Bulb 27 / Andrei Ignia, Ceramic Sparrow, Ciprian Andrei, Decât o revistă, Izzi Design Box / Constantin Alupoaei, Florin Poptean, Jazz Design, Mădălina Teler, Marele Deget Mare, Raul Cadar, Studio Mud, Supersomething, Uppercrazy Deco, Ubikubi, Vlad Eftenie.

Headquarters 490E Solovăstru Mociar Street 545300 Jud. Mureș, Reghin +40 265 534214 Bucharest Showroom 28 Maria Rosetti Street 020487 Bucharest + 40 761 102818 Brașov Showroom 16 Postăvarului Street 500024 Brașov + 40 761 102814


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