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April 2021 Issue 54 Produced by Buchan District Outreach Inc. trading as Buchan Neighbourhood House A14882S Inside this issue 

Anzac Day Service

Bushfire Recovery Victoria update

Renewal Association update

Revegetation Project Update

East Gippsland Winter Festival

Plant nursery stall — and more...

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Buchan Neighbourhood House Strategic Plan We are excited!

The Buchan Neighbourhood House is creating our new plan for the future and we want you to be a part of it. We know your time is precious; as is our community that we serve, so we would really value your input. Please find below a link or QR code to use to get into our quick survey which we would love to get your input into. The survey will take 5 minutes to complete and the results will go directly to Non-Profit Training, who we are working with us on this project. Your information will not be linked to you and will be de-identified if there are any identifying characteristics. Myself and the Committee will only see the collated results, so please give us your views on what you think.

The survey will close on Friday 23 April so please find the time to have your say. Thanks in advance! Evelyn Schmidt, Coordinator


The Buchan Neighbourhood House takes no responsibility for opinions expressed by contributors to the Buchan Phoenix. The Editors reserve the right to reject articles and advertisements and to edit submissions if necessary. All submissions should include the author’s full name, address and phone number, but may be anonymous if preferred. Buchan Neighbourhood House is open Monday to Thursday from 10.00am—4.30pm.

The newsletter is delivered to every household in the district (on the/or near to the 15th day of the month) and is also available online at buchan.vic.au or via Facebook at Buchan Neighbourhood House. All editions are available electronically at the State Library online site (Trove). If you are not receiving the newsletter please contact us and we will ensure that a copy is mailed to your address. Newsletters can be posted for an annual fee of $16.50 incl. GST per 12 editions to anyone outside the district, or contact us with your email address and we can send an electronic version for free. Dates for submissions will be advertised in each edition and we welcome your contributions. Submissions closing date for the next edition will be Thursday 6th May 2021. Please note the change of day for submissions We welcome articles and contributions from everyone and encourage our local clubs, groups, agencies organisations and businesses to send us their information. Submissions can be sent to info.buchan@gmail.com or drop them into the Neighbourhood House. Advertisements are $55 for 12 editions or $5.50 per edition.

Includes the localities of Black Mountain, Buchan, Buchan South, Buchan East, Butchers Ridge, Canni Creek, Gelantipy, Gillingall, Glenmore, Murrindal, Suggan Buggan, Timbarra, W Tree and Wulgulmerang.

The Buchan Phoenix would like to acknowledge the Gunaikurnai People, Traditional Owners of the land on which we gather, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.


Buchan South Avenue of Honour

ANZAC DAY Sunday 25TH APRIL 2021 .

Dawn Service & Gunfire Breakfast (BBQ) 5.45am Gather at the Avenue.

6.00 “STAND TO” & Welcome Guest Speaker 6.10 Anzac Prayer by Rev Cathy Turnbull “The Ode” Last Post One Minute’s Silence Reveille and flag raised to masthead National Anthem This service will be supported by the Sale RAAF base officer training school

6.30 All invited to the "GUNFIRE BREAKFAST BARBEQUE" ($5 PER PERSON, children FREE) 10 am Service Welcome and short address Guest Speaker: EGSC Councillor Guest Speaker: Dean Donohue CPL Sale RAAF Buchan Primary School Students Anzac Prayer by Rev Cathy Turnbull Placing of the wreaths “The Ode” Last Post One Minute’s Silence Reveille and flag raised to masthead National Anthem

Lest We Forget * Morning Tea (PLEASE BRING ALONG MORNING TEA TO SHARE) If you would like to lay a wreath and add it to the program, please contact Evelyn on 0427 586 038 This event is registered and managed under a Covid Safe Event checklist.

Buchan Main Street and Linkages Project

The Project Control Group inception meeting for this project is scheduled for Tuesday 20 April. Two local representatives are included in this overarching governance group – Anne Brewer as the Buchan Gelantipy and Districts Renewal Association Committee representative and Judi Sykes as the Buchan Business and Tourism Association representative. Other key partners include Rural Roads Victoria, Parks Victoria, East Gippsland Shire Council and Gunaikurnai Aboriginal Land and Water Corporation. Watch this space for an invitation to participate in the Community Reference Group which will include interested community members who will be the Champion.

Community Meals – hosted by Buchan Football Netball Club

The Buchan Football Netball Club will be hosting community meals every Thursday evening from 6pm – 8pm at the Buchan Recreation Reserve for the duration of the football netball season. These meals are funded by Windermere, Red Cross, East Gippsland Shire Council, Victorian Government and Australian Government as a bushfire recovery initiative. Come on down for a meal and a chat with friends. We look forward to seeing you there! Are you interested in joining the Committee? Due to the recent resignation of Committee member Rocio Levings, we are now calling on nominations to fill this vacancy. If you are interested in becoming a Committee member or would like to nominate someone in the community, please email the Association email on bganddra@gmail.com by close of business on Monday 26 March 2021 or call Suzie Healy from East Gippsland Shire Council on 0429 467 794. Thank you to Rocio for the invaluable contribution you have made to the recovery journey over the last 6 months! Local Economic Recovery Program – Round 2 The Committee, on behalf of Parks Victoria, this week lodged an application to the abovementioned funding program for a canoe launch and interpretative signage at the Balley Hooley Campground. If funded a fixed canoe launch facility will be installed which will make access in and out of the Snowy River safer for both canoeists and swimmers. Improved signage will also be installed around the site. Fingers crossed.

The interim priorities as determined by our Committee earlier this year were not ready to lodge into this round of funding. We will continue to get these priorities funding ready and lodge as soon as they are. Keep up to date with the Committee To keep up to date with our meetings and goings on please join the Buchan Gelantipy & District Renewal Facebook Group at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/235203110897841 Or visit our website at www.buchandistrictsrenewal.com.au or email us at bganddra@gmail.com

Buchan and Gelantipy Revegetation Project Update Grace Davis has now left and moved to Perth to be with family and grandchildren. She will be greatly missed in our community and was a wonderful help with organising and getting the rejuvenation project off the ground after the fires. The good news is that because of modern technology, it will be as though she is still with us. Grace will continue to be a part of the project from afar. Tara Conway is still offering to assist those who lost their homes with garden designs once they are in a position to start considering what they would like to do. Of course, much of this is determined by where people are up to in their builds so the offer remains open. The Lakes Entrance Garden Group has native trees available for those who lost their homes to fires and can arrange for these trees to be delivered. They also have plants available for those who lost their gardens. You can arrange with them a time to collect these plants by arrangement by contacting the President Stan Barker or his wife Ann, as most of the plants are at their property at Tooraloo Arm . Ann's phone number is 0448 565 313. Their email is: northviewpark@bigpond.com We are also planning on offering some information sessions and workshop to provide the opportunity to learn more and share skills and knowledge at some of these fun sessions starting with . Saturday 1st May — Bio-Dynamic Compost Making — Time 12.30 to 3.00 pm A discussion of various composting methods including an introduction to Bio-Dynamic compost making. Water saving strategies will also be open for discussion and then a hands-on workshop to build a Bio-Dynamic compost heap. Please wear appropriate clothing and bring your own gloves and mask. Presenter: Sharon Dent and Alan Broughton from the Organic Agriculture Association Bring a lunch to share. Please register for this workshop at the Neighbourhood House on ph.51559216 or 0427 586 038 or send us an email on buchanbnh@bigpond.com We will also be organising another group purchase with Goodman’s for trees, so if you are wanting to purchase any please give the Neighbourhood House a call.

Gordon Scicluna from Nowa Nowa Plant Nursery Stall Saturday 8th May 2021 from 9am – 12noon Outside the Buchan Neighbourhood House Come and browse a wonderful selection of herbs, veggie seedlings, cottage garden plants, native bushes and lots more – all at good prices. Cash and card payments accepted. All welcome! Apologies for the cancellation of the April Market Day at the last minute, Gordon had car troubles

Buchan Tennis Club News. The Buchan Tennis Club would like to officially announce that we have received a grant of $50,000.00 from Bushfire Recovery. This is a fantastic opportunity for our little club. Anyone that has gone down for a hit will see that we are in much need of some upgraded facilities. Our biggest spend will be erecting a substantial rebound wall. The wall will become an asset to the community and available all year round for everyone to use. We hope to see a wide range of ball skills being practiced, from Tennis to Cricket to Down Ball! We plan to invite the community to a family day to unveil the new wall when it is completed. The Buchan Tennis Club rebound wall will be dedicated to the memory of Pam Harrington. Pam was a driving force behind the Buchan Tennis club for many years and we would like to acknowledge her commitment to the club. Other plans we have for the money include, new nets, tennis racquets, balls, storage, seating and a ball machine. Exciting times ahead. See you on the Courts! Clare Murphy President Buchan Tennis Club.

What do you do ……With a koala and a wombat too? It was a day like no other. The summer sun was beating down upon the heads of all the animals who were all seeking shade. George, Jenny and family were camping by the river. George was outside the tent and felt uneasy. He kept looking around for signs of fire in the bush. He was sure that there was a bush fire nearby and had told Jenny to pack up because he could smell smoke, although he admitted it was not very strong. While Jenny and the kids brought out each item, George packed the trailer. Every now and then, he would stand and look around for the fire, but as yet he couldn’t see any flames. Jenny was starting to panic, and the kids seemed more tense. “Hurry up there, Honey. The smell is getting stronger,” said George. “You can start taking the tent down, if you like, I’ve almost finished in here,” answered Jenny. Then Frank asked “Do you think we will be okay? He added, “What if the roads are blocked?’ “Hurry up, and stop your talking,” George said. Just then, Frank spotted a koala high in a nearby tree. It was acting strange. Frank alerted George to this animal who, by this time, was starting to come down the tree. George and Frank could see a wombat trying to climb that same tree, it was calling his mate, the koala, to hurry. The koala slid down the tree and the two of them disappeared into the bush. Frank said “They can tell that a bush fire is coming.” George said ,“… And we’d better go as well.” George was packing the tent and putting the tarp on the trailer. He went around the trailer and tightened all the ropes, then called for the family to get into the car as quickly as possible. Just then, he could see his worst fears happening. He could see the fire in the bush. Coming toward them, and moving quickly. He hopped into the car and drove quickly out of the site and onto the road. Here, he could see the fire coming toward them up the road, so he drove in the opposite direction. They drove for a while and ended up in Orbost, where they were met by some people who told them they were lucky, since they had heard that Mallacoota was being threatened. George got out of the car to stretch, as did all the family. Then they noticed the tarp was wiggling. They thought it strange, and loosened the ropes and drew the tarp back. Guess what was making the tarp wriggle? It was the koala and the wombat underneath. The family was amazed, as were the two animals. Both the koala and the wombat stood silently, until they hopped out of their spot in the trailer, and ran for the nearest bush. However, before they got there, they stopped and looked around at the family, just to say ‘thanks’. So what do you do with a koala and a wombat? Give them a helping hand, as you do with all animals. The fire that engulfed Mallacoota, along with all the other fires that summer, was intense and we shall NEVER forget that summer, and all the animals that perished. Contributor: David Bloom Australia’s rural and regional communities have endured drought – and its uncertainty and stress – for a long time. And while it’s raining in some places, drought recovery can be a long and slow journey. This podcast and short video series is for everyone who’s lived through dry times. In each episode, you’ll hear from rural Australians sharing their stories, hope and tips: those working on the land, school workers, business owners and community supporters. Their stories are backed up by advice from experts in drought resilience, health and wellbeing, who have decades of practical experience supporting our communities. You’ll hear lots you can relate to (and a few things that can really help).

Hello Everyone! The Buchan and Gelantipy District Family Funday was a terrific show case of what this community can achieve and enjoy with 180 people attending. Children were easily entertained with the charismatic Wacky Wombat performance and skill workshops and of course ice-creams were popular, adults were treated to chiropractic and massage therapy. Acoustic solo artist Dale Gannan kept the crowds buzzing all while the ever-dependable Rapid Relief Team prepared a delicious lunch for all. The Buchan and Gelantipy District Renewal Committee celebrated their first year operating and ran their AGM at the beginning of the fun day which held a very supportive crowd. Recognition must be acknowledged to the outgoing Renewal Committee members for their commitment and determination throughout an incredibly challenging year. Congratulations to the elected office bearers and for their collective achievements and behind the scenes work they have been responsible for. Headspace and Be You hosted an informative Panel Discussion at the Rec Reserve Pavilion on Friday 26 March. The panel targeted parents in bushfire affected communities and focused on the wellbeing of children and youth. During this time children were given the opportunity to participate in many fun activities, hosted by Save the Children. Gippsport had the children honing their cricket skills. We want to take this opportunity to remind readers there is a play therapist coming to Buchan on a regular basis. For all wellbeing support please access the Buchan Hub and speak with the BRV Wellbeing Support staff, Jacinta or Stu, who are there daily. Uniting Care funded this event and provided a delicious BBQ to finish off the evening. Reminder of what services are available and coming to Buchan Face to Face If you have any further ideas around events or services you would like to see come into the district, please let us know. As always, we are here when you need, for as long as you need, so pop by or give us a call. Buchan Hub Team

East Gippsland Winter Festival Saturday 19th June 19 to Sunday 11th July 2021 The Buchan community has been sent a request from the East Gippsland Winter Festival Committee to find out if any of our businesses, community groups or community members would like to participate in this event. The idea of the festival is to bring together a full range of events and attractions that visitors to the region can create an itinerary out of and hopefully put East Gippsland on the map as a place to visit outside of the traditional holiday periods. We have already been offered a workshop and concert by CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale. They are part of an international social change program providing intensive instrumental and choral group tuition resulting in life-enhancing experiences for children, families and the community and operate out of The Hub, Bairnsdale. Their program LOST IN THE GROOVE – is a unique 3-day event (July 2 - 4) will be part of the East Gippsland Winter Festival program. CRASHENDO will be hosting these workshops in Lindenow, Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale and Buchan. Judy Olienikov runs a small folk music organisation called QuasiTrad Music, (Melb) and she is leading the partnership for this event. Lost in the Groove is a series of free workshops for all ages by award-winning young regional Vic band, The Maes. The Maes are sisters Maggie and Elsie Rigby, two singer-songwriters who have received several awards for their albums and live performances, and have been successfully touring internationally - until 2020! With a bass player to join them in concert, this trio will be at the Buchan Pub. Their music has wide appeal to all ages. The Buchan component will make a great weekend of music at Buchan and will encourage families and music lovers to make Buchan a destination to explore during the winter holidays. Saturday July 3rd



Buchan Caves Hotel

Sunday July 4th

11am – 12:30pm


Buchan Hall

2.00 - 2.20 pm

Lost in the Groove Grand Finale

Venue TBC

Workshops will be 90 mins in length, and include some instrumental accompaniment (by ear). Some of the ideas from businesses around East Gippsland that you may see during the festival include: ·

Food Truck Festival Bairnsdale and Mallacoota


Themed dinners at restaurants or pub


Mini Fringe Festival


Whiskey, Wine and Fire night


Pop up music nights


Winery walk and talk tours


Lane Way activation and pop up nights


Art shows and openings


Photography and art workshops and displays


Lighting displays on the water


Fairy light installations at your business inside and out

The Winter Festival Committee have a decent marketing budget so anyone who decides to run something that fits in well with the Winter Festival will be added to the calendar and they will promote their event. The festival is designed to be a collaboration between artists, community groups, businesses and individuals and they are looking at a theme of lighting up the region at this stage. They will have ideas on what people can do but light installations are encouraged. These can be as simple as fairy lights or lit up jars in trees. They have some people looking at going further and projecting light and images on to buildings. To find out more information take a look at their FB page - East Gippsland Winter Festival | Facebook The Winter Festival Committee would love to hear back from you with some ideas and look forward to hopefully working together. If anyone is interested in being a part of this festival or for further information, please contact Sue-Ellen Latham on 0412 523 408.

The next Buchan Landcare meeting is being held on Wednesday 28th April at 6pm at the Buchan Neighbourhood House. A light supper will be provided due to the meeting time. All welcome.

DELWP Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy DELWP Gippsland have drafted a Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and want to hear from you about what’s important in climate change adaptation in Gippsland. The Gippsland Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy development is part of the state wide program being supported by DELWP. These Regional Adaptation Strategies will guide priority climate change adaptation actions at the regional scale for the next five years. The strategy has been divided into 10 areas so you can focus your feedback on the areas that matter most to you. Once finalised at the end of June 2021, this strategy will guide support to the Gippsland community to further adapt to climate change. The consultation period closes on May 4 and can be accessed here: https://engage.vic.gov.au/gippsland-regional-climate-change-adaptation-strategy

After a false start to face-to-face meetings due to February’s five-day COVID lockdown, we were finally able to get out and about over four weeks, visiting fire-affected communities in East Gippsland and the North East. Our meetings took us to Walwa in the North East, up to Falls Creek in the Alps, across to Mallacoota in East Gippsland, and many communities in between. We covered more than 5,000 kilometres to listen to communities share their experiences of recovery from the 2019–20 Victorian fires. Over this time, we held a total of 36 face-to-face meetings involving individuals, members of Community Recovery Committees, and staff from organisations working in recovery. Our sincere thanks to the community members, council staff and Bushfire Recovery Victoria hub coordinators who helped with these meetings – from organising venues and catering, through to spreading the word. We really appreciated your enthusiasm and willingness to see these meetings happen in your community. What you shared with us We’re very grateful to everyone who participated in these meetings particularly for your honesty and openness. For many people recounting their story and experiences from the fires was still very raw and emotional. We were humbled by your willingness to talk about what had and hadn’t worked in recovery, even though it was a difficult conversation. Frequently shared themes or topics include: * The level of involvement communities are having in their own recovery and capacity to make and influence important recovery decisions * The complexity and fairness of funding eligibility requirements, application processes and decisions for both community and individual funding * The value of the case support program and the assistance this has provided to individuals in navigating their recovery * The resilience and strength of community as they have come together to support each other in recovery * The importance of being better prepared for future emergencies and having appropriate support from relevant agencies and organisations to make this happen * The timeliness and complexity of planning and re-building and the impact this has on recovery * The workload and expectation that has been placed on Community Recovery Committees whose voluntary members are supporting their communities and trying to recover * How recovery progress affects the health and wellbeing of individuals and community Your experiences will enable us to consider what improvements may be required for better outcomes after future events. Feedback to the Inquiry ended on Tuesday 30 March 2021. Full details on the Inquiry, its Terms of Reference and community participation are available from www.igem.vic.gov.au or by calling (03) 8684 7900.

The Buchan-Gelantipy and District community are invited to a FREE performance at Buchan Mechanics Hall on Saturday, May 22nd at 7:30pm and Sunday, May 23rd at 3:30pm. Songs from the Valley is a live audio-visual performance by Buchan residents Cindy Lee and David Swift who have composed a diverse range of original songs inspired by tales – tall and true – of the area.

The Buchan-Gelantipy community are warmly invited to attend the show for free. Please select the free ticket when you register at: https://songsfromthevalley.eventbrite.com.au Due to the hall size and COVID restrictions we need you to please register via Eventbrite. Limited tickets available members, please select

for non-community the $15 ticket.

This project is proudly supported by Regional Arts Victoria.

Preparing for fire Land Management in the Buchan District – who does what and why? 6pm-8pm Wed 5 May 2021 Buchan Recreation Reserve Following on from the Buchan community conversations in December last year, this session brings together all the players in the land management zone – Regional Roads Victoria, DELWP, CFA, Council and community, to talk about how things are managed – who does what and why. This is your chance to ask questions and make suggestions and be heard.

If you have any specific questions you would like addressed or comments to make you can send them to me beforehand at gail.cumming@cfa.vic.gov.au or call me on 0400 696 382. Otherwise – see you there! Light refreshments will be served. Gail Cumming Facilitator: Buchan, Mallacoota and Cann Valley Districts Community Based Bushfire Management (CBBM)

Come and join us for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea hosted by Buchan Neighbourhood House to be held at the Recreation Reserve Tuesday 25th May 2021 from 10am Raffles and prizes Please bring a plate to share We will also be recognising Judy and Ian Gray’s many years of service to the Neighbourhood House Committee of Management and their retirement Wanted To Buy Double and Queen sized bed bases Ring Deborah Woodburn 03 5155 0305

I was saddened to learn that the Gelantipy Calf Sale is no more. The Dalgety owned yards are deemed too decrepit and dangerous, so this year, for the first time, all the local calves went to a Bairnsdale sale. Nigel is able to tell me that the first Calf Sale was in the new yards in 1949. Also, as it happens, the occasion of his first sale of one steer calf he'd raised as a poddy. It went in a pen of his father's and earnt Nigel £11 and 5 shillings which he banked towards the purchase of his own farm. So he says, "you could say I've still got that money now." Illustrating how directed Nigel was as a 14 or 15 year old. My fond memories of Calf Sales include an equally directed Robert Moon recording the pen prices in a Coopers Dips notebook at a crazy young age. And all the men from all over the High Country in their oilskins. Which have a truly evocative smell when damp. And the year Jean O'Donnell topped the sale. And Joyce Clemm running the classic pole framed refreshment pavilion, where I assisted when I was home, and received a reprimand from Joyce I cherish..."You Woodburns always did have too much milk in your tea." Even more precious as the older part of my family were British. The food during the day was fabulous. Joyce directed each local woman to contribute their speciality. Jean O'Donnell had a quota of her brilliant lamingtons, I recall. Then at night a big fire was lit and large steaks were cooked (which did seem somewhat insensitive with most of the calves still yarded), and the social side of the day got serious. So many aspects of the world I was so fortunate to grow up in have gone, and this is another. Vale the Calf Sale. ****** BUCHAN RODEO 2021 A huge shout out to the Rodeo Committee, which includes quite a few new faces, for a brilliant day. They easily reached their 2,000 person limit, and despite various COVID restrictions it was a very smoothly run operation. And great to see Buchan 'Get Back on The Beast'. Contributor: Deborah Woodburn

East Gippsland Shire Council is calling on the community to participate in a solution to the increasing amounts of litter in our environment by sending Council information via the Snap, Send Solve app, requesting a litter pack or by completing an online form on Council’s website. Mayor Cr Mendy Urie said it is important for residents to send in data on where litter and illegal dumping hotspots are located to help keep the region beautiful and free from illegal dumping. “Residents are encouraged to send through information about litter using three options. Send, Snap Solve is an app and website that allows you to send through the location, a photograph and information while on the go. This information is sent through to the appropriate land manager,” Cr Urie said. “Another option is to download or request a litter pack. This includes an online form from the Victorian Litter Alliance and can be completed and sent back to Council via our website. “The third option is to send through the details of the litter and illegal dumping sites via email or phone to feedback@egipps.vic.gov.au or 5153 9500.” “We can all do our bit to reduce the quantity of litter and help spread the message about positive and correct disposal behaviours,” Cr Urie said. Council will be working with community and environmental groups across the shire. If you would like to be involved as an individual or on behalf of a group, please contact the Waste Education Officer for a litter pack or fill in the online survey. Anyone is welcome to contribute. With heavy hearts, we announce the death of Tracey Irene Rosslyn Moffatt of Bruthen, Victoria, who passed away peacefully at home on March 24, 2021. Tracey was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and aunt to all. Tracey is fondly remembered in our community and came on many of our women’s camps and pamper days.

Together in Spirit

MASSAGE & NATUROPATHY East Gippsland Shire Outreach Services

11th May 2020 From 10.00am Late appointment by advanced booking

Libraries are open with Covid-19 social distancing restrictions in place.


at the Buchan Neighbourhood House including: Naturopathy, Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Sports Therapies, Remedial Massage Therapy, Pre and Post Natal and baby Massage. Available for adults and children of all ages.

Library books can be reserved, collected or returned at the Neighbourhood House.

$60 one-hour session

Mobile Library bus days have resumed and are held fortnightly on a Tuesday.

For further information and bookings contact the Buchan Neighbourhood House or Sharon Dent by email at silvaaust@gmail.com or call 0468 387 524

The next services for 2021 will be: Tuesday 20th April Tuesday 4th May

PILATES IN BUCHAN With Ali Oakley from Reformer Pod in Bairnsdale

Buchan (near school) 9.15 am – 10.00 am W Tree (near SIBA Retreat Centre) 10.45 am – 11.30 am Buchan (near kinder) 12.30 pm – 2.00 pm

WEEKLY CLASSES THURSDAYS AT THE BUCHAN HALL 5:30 pm Cost is $15.00 per class per participant. Please bring an exercise mat. If you would like to attend please ring or message us at the Buchan Neighbourhood House on 0427 586 038 or email buchanbnh@bigpond.com

2021 Library schedules available at the Neighbourhood House

At the Neighbourhood House we have… 

Bare rooted Irises ready for planting

Bunching onion seeds donated by Denis Gilbert (These onions are perennial and an ideal alternative for spring onions.)

Bulbs — including Snow Drops, Bella Donna Lily (also known as Naked Ladies) and Paper Whites

Primary School level children’s books donated by the Rotary 123 Read program


Church Services Catholic Church St Dymphna’s, Woodgates Road, Buchan. Meets 3rd Saturday of the month at 9am until further notice. For service details contact Mary Wheeler 5155 9330 Uniting Church The Andrew Davidson Memorial Uniting Church, Main Street, Buchan. No services are held at present. For enquiries contact Leona Lavell 5155 9395 Anglican Church St Mary’s, Main Street, Buchan. Café Church meets 3rd Sunday of each month at 2.30pm. For details contact Rhonda Coates 5155 9373