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PROGRAM AND SERVICES GUIDE Directorate, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico



Fort Buchanan Garrison Commander and Director, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Welcome Remarks

WHAT IS DFMWR? ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE • Information, Referral and Follow up • Mobilization & Deployments • Survivor Outreach Services • Financial Readiness Program • Army Emergency Relief • Exceptional Family Member Program • Army Volunteer Corps • Employment Readiness Program • Family Advocacy Program • Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program • Army Family Life Consultants • Army Family Team Building • Army Family Action Plan • Relocation Readiness Program • Army Family Covenant Pledge

CHILD, YOUTH AND SCHOOL SERVICES • Parent Central Services (PCS) & Child Development Center (CDC) • School Age Center (SAC) & Youth Services • Youth Sports & Fitness Program • SKIES Unlimited Instructional Program

BUSINESS OPERATIONS DIVISION • BOD, Golf Course • Community Club & Conference Center • Bowling Center & Embroidery Shop

COMMUNITY RECREATION DIVISION • Special Events & Leisure Travel Services • Fort Buchanan Post Library • Fitness Center • Adult Intramural Sports • Outdoor Recreation- Scuba Classes & Equipment Check Out • Picnic Area Rentals and Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) • Automotive Skills Center • Aquatic Center: The Water Spout


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This Family and MWR Programs and Services Guide is for You! This guide is a source of information for you and your Family. It shows all the opportunities available through the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Fort Buchanan. Discover ways you can enjoy our Community, whether you are looking for Recreation, Entertainment, Youth Sports or Army Community Service Programs, we have the answer in this guide. This is our fourth edition of the Family and MWR Programs and Services Guide. We’ve been through positive changes and process improvements that we want to share with You. Take this copy and explore what Family and MWR Fort Buchanan has to offer.

Design and information gathering of this guide was provided by Family and MWR Marketing, Advertising and Commercial Sponsorship Branch, Bldg. 136, Miles Loop Street, Fort Buchanan PR. Phone: 787-707-3716 Fax: 787-707-3715

INTRODUCTION BRIEF HISTORY OF FORT BUCHANAN On November 19, 1493, Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico during his second voyage to the New World. For four centuries, Puerto Rico was part of the Spanish Empire. There is a linkage between the history of Fort Buchanan and the history of the U.S. Army in Puerto Rico that dates back to the 19th century during the Spanish-American War. On July 25, 1898, U.S. forces landed in GuĂĄnica. On October 18th, 1898 the last Spanish unit left the Island and the Department of Porto Rico was established. Upon the signing of the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States and the Island became an unincorporated territory of the U.S. THE PORTO RICO REGIMENT On July 1, 1899, The Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, United States Army was created. On July 1, 1901 Lieutenant Colonel James Anderson Buchanan commanded the regiment. He was later promoted to Colonel on July 21, 1902 and to Brigadier General in 1905. Buchanan served in Puerto Rico from 1898 to 1903. The military installation, Fort Buchanan, was named after Brigadier General James A. Buchanan, first commander of the Puerto Rico Regiment. CAMP BUCHANAN The Puerto Rico Regiment approved by Congress on May 27, 1908 was officially designated as the 65th Infantry Regiment in 1920, after defending the Canal Zone during World War I. A tract of 300 acres approximately six miles on the south shore of San Juan Bay was acquired to provide the regiment with a training area. The site was established in 1923 as Camp Buchanan. It served as a target range and maneuver area for Army and National Guard troops from 1923 to 1939. FORT BUCHANAN In May 1940 the location was designated as Fort Buchanan and expanded initially to 1,514 and later to 4,500 acres. During World War II, Fort Buchanan housed a depot supplying the Army Antilles Department. It also processed local troops through its replacement center. The industrial complex included pier facilities, ammunition storage areas and an extensive railroad network connecting the military installation to the bay. Puerto Rican soldiers were deployed for WW II and Korea from the train station located where the Golf Course is presently located, to the rail-connected Army terminal by the bay. At the time, Fort Buchanan served as a citizens training camp and soldier processing

station. After WW II the post was gradually reduced to its current 746 acres. Fort Buchanan remained a command depot with post facilities, a personnel center, and a special training center until closure as an Army post in 1966. On December 31, 1966, with the deactivation of the Antilles Command, Fort Buchanan came under the U.S. Navy control. In December 1971, Fort Buchanan returned to U.S. Army control under Third U.S. Army. On July 1, 1973 Fort Buchanan came under direct control of Forces Command (FORSCOM). Following the Department of Defense Unified Command Plan, Fort Buchanan came under control of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), and on August 13, 1999 became the home of U.S. Army South (USARSO), which subsequently departed in 2003. On October 1, 2002, Fort Buchanan became part of the Southeast Regional Office of the Installation Management Agency (IMA). On October 1, 2003, Fort Buchanan became an IMA Reserve installation. Later, on October 1, 2006 Fort Buchanan became a Garrison under Installation Management Command, Southeast Region (IMCOM-SE). On October 1, 2008 the Commanding General of the 81st Regional Readiness Command became Fort Buchanan’s Senior Mission Commander under the U.S. Army Reserve Command. Based on the December 2008 Unified Command Plan, Fort Buchanan falls under the U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) area of operations. TODAY U.S. Army Garrison Fort Buchanan consists of 746.16 acres with a real estate value estimated at $560 million dollars. It serves a population of approximately 130,000 among Veterans, Retirees, Civilians, Military personnel and their dependents in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Latin America. Fort Buchanan is host to a number of tenant activities, such as: the 1st Mission Support Command, the U.S. Army Reserve major tenant unit, other Reserve and Puerto Rico National Guard components, Navy Reserve, Marine Reserve, Army/Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES), among others.


WELCOME TO U.S. ARMY GARRISON, FORT BUCHANAN, PUERTO RICO Welcome to the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico – “Sentinel of the Caribbean”. As a customer centric organization, our mission is to provide you, our Soldiers, Civilians and Families with a quality of life commensurate with the quality of your service. We are committed to offer you the best care, programs, services and support that will improve your quality of life, enhance your life as a member of our community, foster readiness, and promote your well being - physically, mentally and spiritually - in quality working and living environment. Our mission serves as our guide on the quality of life for everyone who works, lives and enjoys what Fort Buchanan has to offer - a full range of morale, welfare and recreational facilities and

Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Team Hola, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico. The purpose of this Programs and Services Guide is to introduce you to Family and MWR Fort Buchanan and all the programs, activities and facilities we have to offer to the Fort Buchanan community. The sole purpose of Family and MWR Fort Buchanan is to improve the quality of life for those Soldiers, Retirees, Families and Civilians who are our customers here in Puerto Rico. Our highly dedicated Family and MWR staff is continuously looking for ways to upgrade and improve the quality of programs and customer service we offer our Community.


services. This is Fort Buchanan’s way to strive for excellence. We take pride in keeping our promise that “It’s All About the Customer”. This proclamation that you will see around the installation serves as a living document. It means that you will always be treated fairly with courtesy and respect. For more than 80 years we have been serving the U.S Army and our nation. Make yourself at home. We invite you to take some time and enjoy our programs. Come and visit Fort Buchanan where you will find warm and friendly people ready to assist you. “Live and Explore” what MWR has to offer! ¡Bienvenidos al Fuerte Buchanan! Welcome to Fort Buchanan, Sentinel of the Caribbean!


Caryn S. Heard Colonel, U.S. Army Commanding

As you participate in all the activities and programs at Family and MWR Fort Buchanan I encourage all of you to provide suggestions and recommendations to our employees at all levels that we can use to enhance our programs. This valuable feedback helps the Family and MWR staff tailor its programs and activities to the needs of our specific customers. I am proud to be a part of Family and MWR Fort Buchanan and be given the privilege of supporting this great community. Gracias. ¡Que tenga un Buen Día!

Dallas Petersen Director of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.


WHAT IS FAMILY AND MWR? Army Family and MWR exists because the U.S. Army is committed to the well-being of the community of people who serve and stand ready to defend the Nation. Army Family and MWR is a comprehensive network of support and leisure services designed to enhance the lives of Soldiers (Active, Reserve, and National Guard), their Families, Civilian employees, military Retirees and other eligible participants. Over 37,000 Family and MWR employees worldwide strive to deliver the highest quality programs and services at each installation from family, child and youth programs to recreation, sports, entertainment, travel and leisure activities. Our mission is to serve the needs, interests and responsibilities of each individual in the Army community for as long as they are associated with the Army, no matter where they are. Family and MWR contributes to the Army’s strength and readiness by offering services that reduce stress, build skills and self-confidence and foster strong esprit de corps. Family and MWR services also help the Army attract and retain talented people. Family and MWR is proof of the Army’s commitment to caring for the people who serve and stand ready to defend the Nation.


Develop, manage, and deliver Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and services that will sustain and enhance the quality of life, and mission readiness for the Families, Soldiers, Civilians, Retirees and Veterans that we are committed to serve.


ACS assists Commanders in maintaining readiness of individuals, families and communities by developing, coordinating, and delivering services, which promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability during war and peace. Fort Buchanan’s ACS center provides a wide range of services designed to assist the Military Community in developing and sustaining a high state of readiness. Their goal is to ensure that Soldiers and their Families are ready for deployment at any time. MISSION Facilitate Commander’s ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive social services that support readiness of Soldiers, Civilian employees, Retirees and their Families. VISION To assist Soldiers and Family members in the readiness process by maximizing their physical, psychological, and spiritual efforts.

Administrative Staff

• Army Community Service Chief: Mr. Rafael Gilestra • Information, Referral and Follow-up Program Manager, Master Resiliency Training Coordinator: Mrs. María Hernández • Exceptional Family Member Program Manager (EFMP): Mr. Raymond Moráles • Mobilization & Deployment Readiness Program (MDRP) and Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLC) Manager: Mr. Ernesto Berríos • Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Coordinator: Mr. Ángel Castro • Family Advocacy Program Manager (FAPM), Program Manager and Victim Advocate Services, Transitional Compensation (TC) Program Coordinator: Ms. Wilda Díaz • FAP Educator: Ms. Carmen T. Rivera • Financial Readiness Program, Consumer Affairs and Army Emergency Relief (AER) Program Program Manager: Ms. Arlene Romero • Employment Readiness & Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) Manager: Ms. Ivette Dávila • Relocation Readiness Manager and Army Family Team Building (AFTB) and Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Coordinator: Mrs. Adria Lucca ACS Center is located on Bldg. 390 Suite 101 Crane Loop Street, Fort Buchanan PR

First Choice in Family and MWR programs and services in the Caribbean.


demonstrates the Army’s commitment to Families of the Fallen. Our mission at SOS is to build a unified program which embraces and reassures Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army Family for as long as they desire. The program connects Family members with people who can help them cope with their loss. If any Survivors require or desire additional services or information they may contact Mr. Ángel L. Castro, SOS Coordinator, at 787-707-3692,

Financial Readiness Program (FRP) Information, Referral and Follow-Up (IRF) Provides Commanders, Soldiers, and Families with information regarding military and community social service agencies and resources. Gives information on services which can further assist in solving social, economic, medical or educational problems and orientations on ACS and Family and MWR events and services provided. Includes: Intake screening, assessment, referral, crisis intervention, follow-up and outreach; recruits, trains and utilizes volunteers to enhance and expand ACS program capability. To contact the Community Information Services Coordinator please call Mrs. María Hernández at 787- 707-3804,

Mobilization/Deployment Readiness Program (MDRP) This program provides support to Commanders of active and reserve component forces, Soldiers and Family members and to emergency essential Civilians during pre-deployment, mobilization, deployment, re-integration/reunion. Includes the following: entire deployment cycle briefings, FRG assistance and training, rear detachment training, family assistance center, assist casualty assistance officers, homecoming events, OPREADY, training and outreach. To contact the MDRP Program Manager please call Mr. Ernesto Berríos at 787-707-3290,

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Survivor Outreach Services is an Army Community Service program designed to provide short-term and long-term support to the Survivors of Soldiers who die while on Active Duty. Survivor Outreach Services


The purpose of Financial Readiness Program is to assist Service Members and their Families in determining their financial assets and liabilities, educating them in maintaining a workable budget to sustain self-reliance and family well-being. It offers courses in principles of personal finance, planning and budgeting, managing debt, saving and investing, borrowing basics and others. To contact the FRP Manager please call Ms. Arlene Romero at 787-707-3310, arlene.romero.civ@email. mil

Army Emergency Relief (AER) Is a private nonprofit organization incorporated in 1942 by the Secretary of War and the Army Chief of Staff. AER’s mission is to provide emergency financial assistance to Soldiers and their Families. Who is eligible? Active duty Soldiers, single or married Soldiers and their Family members; Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers on continuous active duty for more than 30 days and their Family members (Title 10, USC); Soldiers retired from active duty for longevity or physical disability and their Family members; surviving spouses and orphans of Soldiers who died while on active duty or after they retired. To contact the AER Officer please call Ms. Arlene Romero at 787-707-3310,

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) This program provides comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical, and personnel services to families with special needs. EFMP includes the following: advocacy, information and referral, child/family find, respite care, special needs resource coordination, Special Needs Accomodation Process meetings and facilitate support groups. To contact the EFMP Manager call Mr. Raymond Morales at 787-707-3295, raymond.morales.

Army Volunteers Corps (AVC) Leads the process of registering and training volunteers and Organization Points of Contact (OPOC) to enhance and expand the installation programs capabilities.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer opportunities are found in natural resource programs, and a wide variety of programs that provide services to Soldiers and their Family members such as ACS, clinic, chapel, CYSS, library, legal offices, community recreation and others. The AVC Program promotes quality volunteer opportunities and experiences within a variety of programs and organizations that provide services to Soldiers and Family members such as ACS.

groups. Military spouses are provided with the tools to advance their career through further education, career assessment aid to help focus on their employment future, and information about the wide range of military benefits that are available to our Army Spouses.

• Career One Stop

A comprehensive, National website that helps job seekers, employers, students and workforce professionals find employment and career resources.

• Military OneSource Career Center

A comprehensive website that provides career Service tools, articles, booklets, CD’s and DVD’s as well as many other helpful resources that benefit Military spouses.

• Military Spouse Career Center

A website for military spouses to create and post their resume or search through thousands of job listings.

• The New Career Assessment Tool (SCAT) Volunteering benefits Soldiers, Civilians, The Army Spouse Career Assessment Tool is a Retirees, spouses, and youth to: comprehensive resource to assist you in achieving • Gain a sense of satisfaction/achievement by meeting challenges • Learn about the Army and the Community • Acquire new skills and/or expand old ones • Obtain work experience • Build new friendships • Become a cohesive part of the Community To register: To contact the Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator please call Ms. Ivette Dávila at 787-707-3365,

Employment Readiness Program (ERP) The Fort Buchanan Employment Readiness Program provides information and referral services in the areas of employment, education, training, transition, and volunteer opportunities to give family members the competitive edge needed to secure employment. The ERP manager assists customers in the process of career planning, how to search for jobs, identification of skills and abilities, resume assistance and helps to create networks that allows the participant to develop a career plan.

greater clarity and direction for career decision making. After completing a series of assessments and exercises, the results are combined into your own customized internal career profile report.

• Army Spouse Employment Partnership

A website that helps Spouses find rewarding work through partnerships with national companies who offer the military Spouse the option of taking their jobs when they move to a new duty station.

• Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) The Department of Defense’s expanded Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts program provides financial assistance for Active Duty military spouses who are pursuing degree programs, licenses or credentials leading to employment in portable career fields. To contact the Employment Program Manager please call Ms. Ivette Dávila at 787-707-3365,

Employment Readiness Services for Military Spouses Military Spouses are the cornerstone for support for Soldiers and their Families. The Army is dedicated to help military spouses by offering a variety of job preparation and job search programs. Army spouses can find help with interviewing tips, resume creation and other information through a variety of discussion


Family Advocacy Program (FAP) The Family Advocacy Program is designated to prevent child and spouse abuse within military families and to protect and treat those who are victims or affected by abuse. FAP provides support to military Families in managing personal and family problems. FAP includes the following: education and prevention, victim advocacy services, new parent support, community awareness, interpersonal skills, family stress/anger management classes, parenting classes, respite care, emergency placement, services for at risk families, referrals, personal safety education, commander guidance and information.

Respite Care Respite Care is temporary child care for the purpose of relieving parental stress and to provide a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment. Families may receive respite care when Soldier or spouse attend parenting classes or counseling. Respite Care will not be used in place of foster care or abandoned children. This program provides child care relief for Families who are stressed because of a Family problem and who are participating in treatment programs.

Victim Advocacy Program (VAP) The Victim Advocacy Program provide support and assistance to each person who is a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. The advocate provides direct services to individual victims of spouse abuse. Victim advocates are also available to provide services to military personnel who are victims of sexual assault.

Cases of spouse/child abuse can be reported to the following agencies: • Military Police (787) 707-3337 • FAP Social Worker (787) 707-2044/2050 For additional information during duty hours please call the FAP Manager at (787) 707-3709, and for FAP classes contact FAP Educator at 787-707-3698.


Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLC) To help you with your daily living situations related to being part of the Army. Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. Nina Martínez

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Fort Buchanan, (787) 685-3423

Vanessa Villafañe Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Muñiz National Guard Base (787) 685-3429 Mary Jane Kerr Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Juana Díaz, (787) 685-3425 Ramón Balsa

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Mayagüez, (787) 685-3431

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) A Family resiliency and readiness training program that provides participants with an understanding of Army culture, and the skills and resources they need to become self-reliant, selfsufficient members of the military community. Within AFTB, ACS Master Resilience Trainers are designated to support the Comprehensive Soldier Family Fitness Program by training resilience techniques that increase physical, emotional, social, spiritual and Family strengths. Additionally, AFTB offers an Enlisted Spouse Training Series to prepare spouses to assume additional responsibilities as their Soldiers progress through their positions. To contact the AFTB Program Coordinator please call Ernesto Berrios at 787-707-3290,

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) A grassroots, Army-wide initiative to identify and prioritize issues to enhance standards of living for Soldiers and their Families. The AFAP provides the Army community a “voice” in shaping their standards of living and identifying issues related to the current environment. AFAP includes opportunities for constituent groups to identify and prioritize issues that reflect the quality of life needs of Army members. Garrison issues not resolved locally are prioritized and submitted to mid-level command conferences. Systemic issues are submitted by the command mid-level to the HQDA Conference. To contact the AFAP Program Coordinator please call Ms. Adria Lucca at 787-707-3682,

Relocation Readiness Program (RRP) This program provides services necessary to support Army personnel and their families as they relocate. Includes the following: Pre- and Post-move briefings, education and training, information and guidance/ counseling, outreach, lending closet, sponsorship training, Military Home Front and English as a Second Language (ESL), services to waiting families due to mission requirements, international spouse support and cultural adaptation. The Lending Closet is part of Relocation Readiness Program. Items are loaned for a period of 30 days. These items are specially designed to make your transition into our community an easier and more pleasant experience. The Lending Closet provides basic housekeeping items for temporary loan to incoming and outgoing Families and in other cases determined appropriate. It is stocked with good quality items that include kitchen appliances, high chairs, child car seats, play pens, cribs, ironing boards, irons and small kitchen appliances. To contact the Relocation Readiness Program Manager please call Ms. Adria Lucca at 787-707-3682,

Army Family Covenant Keeping the promise

We recognize the commitment and increasing sacrifices that our Families are making every day. We recognize that the strength of our Soldiers comes from the strength of their Families. We are committed to providing Soldiers and Families a Quality of Life that is commensurate with their service. We are committed to providing our Families a strong, supportive environment where they can thrive. We are committed to building a partnership with Army Families that enhances their strength and resilience.

We are committed to improving Family readiness by:

• Standardizing and funding existing Family programs and services • Increasing accessibility and quality of healthcare • Improving Soldier and Family housing • Ensuring excellence in schools, youth services and child care • Expanding education and employment opportunities for Family members



MISSION: Support military readiness, recruitment, and retention by managing and delivering facility-based and outreach services to eligible children and youth six weeks through 18 years of age, that help to reduce the conflict between mission requirements and parental responsibilities. Provide year-round full day, after school, hourly, seasonal and individual sports programs and events with parent and youth input. Ensure inclusion of children and youth with special needs. All CYSS Programs are Department of Defense (DoD) Certified. CYSS Administrative Office is located at building 1147, Coconut Grove, Ausubo Street. Telephone number: 787-707-3569

CYS Services Administrative Staff: • Child, Youth and School Services Coordinator: Ms. Carmen Dieppa • Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Chemely Walker • Training and Curriculum Specialists: Ms. Carmen L. Hernández Ms. Evelyn De La Cruz • Nurse: Ms. María Colón • Functional Technology Specialist (FTS): Mr. Thomas Adderley VISION Benchmark for the Nation and first choice for parents and youth. FOUR PILLARS • Affordability • Accountability • Quality • Availability OUR SERVICES There are four stand-alone facilities on the installation as well as other MWR facilities where CYS Services programs are located. Facilities include one combined Child Development Center /School Age Center, two Middle School Program facilities and one Teen Center. The SKIES Unlimited program is offered in the Fort Buchanan Community Club. The Kids on Site program is offered mainly in CYS Services facilities when requested. Other locations used for the SKIES Unlimited and Kids on Site are inspected by the Fort Buchanan proponents as required.


CYSS Parent Central Services Office provides one stop services for enrollment in CYSS programs. Bldg. 1145, Ausubo Street Coconut Grove, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone numbers: 787-707-3787/3434 Outreach Services Director: Ms. Evelyn De La Cruz

Child Development Center (CDC) Provides care for children ages six weeks to five years old. The CDC offers full-day and hourly care. Regardless how long childcare is provided, CYS Services programs ensure the same quality of care for children. A developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children is planned by the program assistants, with special attention to the different needs, interests and developmental levels of the children. The Child Development Center operates Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided as appropriate. The Child Development Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Department of Defense Certified. Child Development Center Bldg. 1000, Flamboyan Street Coconut Grove, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone numbers: 787-707-3769/3468 CDC Director: Mrs. María Martínez

School Age Center (SAC)

School Age Center (SAC) program is a centerbased program for Kinder though 5th grade. The SAC program operates Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm and provides extended care services during school out days from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Winter, spring and summer camps are also available. Hourly care is available for families needing short term care. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided as appropriate. The After School Program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) as its new after school care accrediting body for all Military programs. COA is an international, independent, nonprofit, child/family-service, and behavioral healthcare organization, founded in 1977 by the Child Welfare league of America and Family Service America. The SAC program is also Department of Defense certified. School Age Center Bldg. 1000, Flamboyan Street Coconut Grove, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone numbers: 787-707-3769/3468 SAC Director: Mrs. María Martínez

CYSS Youth Services programs CYSS Youth Services programs share the same mission as those programs for the younger children, but emphasize the essential components of youth development. Youth needs to feel a sense of belonging, experience success, affect change through meaningful service and participate in experience that foster independence. The goal of the youth program is to provide youth with the feeling that Army Youth Programs are their place, their voice and their future. Fort Buchanan has three youth facilities devoted to meeting the needs of middle school and high school youth on the installation. The facilities enrich youth experiences by providing arts, recreation, and leisure activities; sports, fitness, and health options; life skills, citizenship, and leadership opportunities; and mentoring, intervention and education support services. The Middle School program is open during the school year, Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The Teen Center operates Monday and Tuesday 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Fridays until 10:00 pm. Spring, Winter and Summer camps are offered and available to all eligible customers. Alive After 5 activities are held at the Teen Center on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The Alive After 5 activities are advertized through all Family and MWR media, Live & Explore Magazine and

Teen Center program:

Bldg. 519, Depot Road, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone number: 787-707-3826

Middle School Program

Bldgs. 1142/1143, Ausubo Street, Coconut Grove, Fort Buchanan, PR Telephone numbers: 787-707-3713/3783 Youth Services Facility Director: Mrs. Aida Aguilú

Youth Sports & Fitness Program

Offers semi-competitive and recreational sports games to children and youth throughout the year to include soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. The sports program focuses on programs based on the well-being of children and youth, by creating proper sports environments, equal play opportunities for every child and youth, creating safe playing situations and ensuring a drug, tobacco, and alcohol free atmosphere. Programs also focuses on positive role models for children and youth, the part sports plays in a child’s or youth’s life, and allows parents to take an active and supportive role in the child’s sport of choice. Youth Sports are a growth experience rather than a limiting experience. The Youth Sports & Fitness program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm during open sports seasons. Youth Sports & Fitness Office Bldg. 1147, Ausubo Street, Coconut Grove, Fort Buchanan, PR Telephone number: 787-707-3466 Youth Sports & Fitness Specialist: Ms. Irma Arlene Muñoz Team Sports Seasons and Special Sports Events: Leprechaun Fun Run: Mar. Girls Volleyball- Jan. - Mar. Pursuing Victory Baseball: Mar. - May with Honor Fun Run: October Basketball Camp - August America’s Kids Fun Run - May Basketball: Sep. - Nov. Turkey Fun Run- November Volleyball: Nov. - Feb. Character Counts! Soccer: Nov. - Feb. Start Smart: Ongoing


The School of Knowledge, Inspiration, and Exploration & Skills (SKIES) Instructional program offers a series of classes, programs and events to enhance the lives of children and the community. The SKIES Unlimited is all about helping children and youth develop their talents and knowledge. The Fort Buchanan SKIES Instructional program currently offers Supervised Homework, Piano, Guitar, Swimming, Tennis, Karate and Zumba classes. These classes are available to all eligible customers. The SKIES Unlimited Instructional program administrative office is located at Bldg. 1145, Ausubo Street, Coconut Grove, Fort Buchanan PR. For questions about the SKIES program please contact us at 787-707-3787/3434.






5-18 years

$80.00 per month 1 hour group classes or $100.00 per month 1⁄2 hour individual classes, 4 classes

Wednesdays 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Individual classes are available upon request


5-18 years

$80.00 per month 1 hour group classes or $100.00 per month 1⁄2 hour individual classes, 4 classes

Wednesdays 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Individual classes are available upon request


5-18 years

$80.00 per month 1 hour group classes, 4 classes

Thursdays 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm or 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Saturdays 10:00 am – 11:00 am or 11:00 am – 12:00 pm


5-18 years

$80.00 per month for 4 group classes

Mondays & Fridays 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm or 5:00 pm -6:00 pm


6-18 years

$120.00 per month

Tuesdays or Thursdays 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


3-11 years

$70.00 per month

Thursdays 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm


1 1/2 - 2 years

$70.00 per month

Thursdays 9:30 am - 10:00 am


4-18 years

$50.00 for 8 sessions (Seasonal Class)

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Supervised Homework

5-16 years

$40.00 per month, 15 per session

Mondays throughThursdays


1st - 5th grade, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm 6th -10th grade , 4:30pm-5:30pm


To provide high quality, customer driven programs and services delivered by a trained and motivated staff to enhance the well being and esprit de corps among the Soldiers, Civilians and Families assigned to or visiting USAG-Fort Buchanan.


To be the First Choice for customers, who are excited about the programs and services the division offers. Business Operations provides these services with motivated, competent and productive employees who are empowered to meet customer’s needs. Business Operations embraces change and seeks to become the benchmark.

Administrative Staff:

Business Operations Chief Administrative Assistant Bowling Manager Golf Course Manager Community Club & Conference Center, Food & Beverage Manager

Mr. Jerry Hesby Ms. Carmen M. Sánchez Mr. Luis Torres Mr. José E. Rodríguez, PGA Mr. Frank Rodríguez


The Fort Buchanan Golf Course’s goal is to provide players with a first class course consistent with the established standards of the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Army’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation program. Our nine-hole course with dual tees provides an 18 hole round of over 6,300 yards with a rating of 72 and a slope of 128. We have everything you might need to play a round, electric carts, pull carts and rental clubs. In addition to the course, our driving range is available with nine hitting stations along

with practice greens, bunkers and a five hole par three executive course. Our daily rates are based on grade/ rank. Tee times are available for weekend and weekdays. Please call the Pro Shop for additional information. Breakfast is served at our Snack Bar at 6:00 am. Lunch is served from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with a variety of menu offerings to choose from. (Limited menu after 5:00 pm). Food service for groups and take out is available upon request. Please give the snack bar a call to see what we can do for you at 787-707-3852. The Pro Shop is open daily and offers a variety of golf accessories for golf enthusiasts. Golf apparel, clubs, bags, shoes, gloves, hats and much, much more are available. We also have a wide variety of logo items available; they make great gifts for family and friends! Month Madness Tournaments Monthly Tournaments themed for fun with different formats for the enjoyment of all. Dates and times will be posted in “Live & Explore” Magazine and Family and MWR and Fort Buchanan Golf Course Facebook pages. Registration closes three days prior to the event. Fort Buchanan Golf Course Bldg. 171, Depot Road East, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone number: 787-707-3980


Fort Buchanan Community Club & Conference Center Serves as the central focus point for the Directorate, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. A Lunch Buffet, featuring local and global favorites is served Tuesday through Friday open to the community. We offer a variety of evening entertainment including Bingo. Thursday and Friday evenings we feature BBQ at the Patio. Community folks gather to chat and enjoy BBQ menu items such as Ribs, Pinchos (Kabobs) and Steak. Live entertainment is scheduled for special events. The sports bar Borinquen Lounge and Patio features large screen plasma TV’s, a Karaoke interactive entertainment system with surround-sound music and pool tables. Borinquen Lounge and Patio hours of operations are Thursday and Friday from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm. As a Conference Center we plan, organize and manage a variety of events such as military and civilian training workshops, courses, conferences, birthday parties (for all ages), anniversaries, weddings,


receptions and ethnic recognitions/celebrations. We serve the needs of Soldiers by providing meal services seven days a week as needed. Wedding receptions are our major speciality. We work closely with you to coordinate that special moment to meet your unique needs. Our facility is equipped with a main ballroom, seven bars with the capability for seven private rooms. Our main ballroom accommodates approximately 500 guests for social or military functions. We can accommodate four wedding receptions, and at the same time, meet the dining needs of our Soldiers and Families. All facilities are available to anyone with a Federal Government ID or Family and MWR membership. Community Club & Conference Center Bldg. 660, Depot Road and South Terminal Road Fort Buchanan PR Telephone number: 787-707-3535

Lunch Buffets

Tuesday to Friday 11:00 am- 1:00 pm


Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 pm

BBQ at the Borinquen Lounge & Patio Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00 pm until closing. (Held inside on rainy days)

Catering Services

call 787-707-3509

Annual Events

• Thanksgiving Day , Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Brunches • Valentine’s Dinner Dance • Oktoberfest • Super Bowl • New Year’s Eve Party and others to be announced.

Changes to events and programs may happen according to circumstance; check-out every month’s issue of Family and MWR Live & Explore magazine or visit for current information.


Fort Buchanan Bowling Center The Fort Buchanan Bowling Center’s goal is to provide guests with a first class bowling experience from start to finish. Our 18 lanes are certified to PBA standards and our Cosmic Bowling program is fantastic! We offer a variety of adult mixed leagues year round throughout the week from 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Also a Saturday morning Junior Program for ages 6 to 21 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Weekend spaces available for sponsored Bowling tournaments such as the PRYBA Pepsi Cola Tournament and the Fort Buchanan PRYBA Annual Tournament. The Island Wide Bowling Championship celebrating our Anniversary is held yearly on August. Our snack bar Café 300 offers a variety of menu items including sandwiches, hamburgers and more. We also offer daily specials featuring local cuisine. You don’t have to bowl to enjoy these great offerings, Café 300 opens at 11:00 am so stop by for lunch!

Is your child having a birthday?

Why stress? Contact us and we’ll handle all the details for you. Our Birthday Packages include invitations, plates, napkins, cups and three children menus to choose from or we can assist you in putting together the menu of your choice. Please call for additional information or visit us we‘ll be happy to assist you!

Party Operating Hours:

Saturday 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm Sunday 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm Mondays through Thursdays 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Friday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm and after 9:00 pm Other times available upon request Our bar, The 11th Pin Lounge offers a comfortable place to relax for your Friday social or weekend needs. Enjoy a game of dominos and unwind after a long week. The Lounge is available for small private parties and adult birthday parties. Bowling Center Bldg. 168, Bayley Road, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone number: 787-707-2695.

Embroidery Shop Personalize It • Embroider garments to advertise your company or organization. • Commemorate important dates with embroidered mementos, Births, Weddings and Military Service. • Express your creativity with your own unique design. Towels, pillow cases, bags, quilts and more! Community Activity Center (CAC) Bldg. 148, Bailey Road, Fort Buchanan PR (beside the Bowling Center)

Tuesday - Friday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday - 9:00 am - 3:00pm Telephone Number: 787-707-2979


Special Events


Family and MWR Special Events team offers several community-wide events throughout the year and supports large events held by other Family and MWR program areas. Recurring special events: • Independence Day- 4th of July • Halloween Celebration • Holiday Celebration • Armed Forces Day Celebration • Flea Markets - held quarterly Community Activity Center (CAC) Bldg. 148, Bayley Road, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone number: 787-707-3974


Provide first rate recreation programs and facilities that enhance the quality of life of Soldiers, Families, Retirees and Civilians.


To provide a safe and stimulating environment for a high quality of life combining performance and positive work attitude employees with value services to exceed our customer needs and expectations.

Administrative Staff: Division Chief Sports Specialist Fitness Center Manager Water Spout Manager Automotive Skills Manager Library Manager Special Events Program BOSS President Delivery System Programmer Leisure Travel & Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Eric Hill Mr. Juan Sanfeliz Mr. Roberto Fernández Mrs. Mónica Cabrera Mr. Carlos Negrón Ms. Eva Cabañas Mr. Julio Capacetti Mr. Pedro Juan Soto Ms. Estrella Casanova Mr. Ángel Morales

Leisure Travel Services Provide top quality Leisure Travel Services to Military members, Families, Retirees and Civilians. • Information on local Island attractions • Assistance in booking travel arrangements • Local attractions discounts • Stateside attraction discounts: Disney Parks and Resorts, Universal Studios, etc. • Individual and group tours • Cruises • Lodging Reservations

Hours of operation:

Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am -5:00 pm Bldg. 168, (Bowling Center) Bayley Road, Fort Buchanan PR Mr. Ángel Morales, Recreation Specialist Telephone numbers: 787-707-4343, Fax: 787-707-3735


Fort Buchanan Post Library Fort Buchanan’s Library provides the military community professionally directed services and a variety of current, retrospective and authoritative multimedia materials in all subject fields. We also have educational and training programs. The Library provides mission support to activities and installations, to complement specialized collections in other Army libraries and to stimulate the use of library resources. They offer professional guidance in the use of library materials for information, reference, education and recreation through supervised programs to include Reference, Reader’s Advisory Service, Inter-Library Loans, Adult Education, Children’s Summer Reading Program and Story Time. The Post Library has a collection of approximately 36,000 books, educational/recreational videos, audio books, playaways, magazines, newspapers and compact discs for all ages. Their collection grows monthly; visit them to check out the latest titles. Also as a Library member you may access GLIS (General Library Information System) that allows you to download audio books and eBooks, manage your library use from anywhere at any time, find materials in other GLIS Libraries worldwide and check the status of your library account.

Services to the Community

• Computers for public use with search databases • U.S. Army General Library Online Resources via AKO • Children Story Time & Craft • Free Internet Access • Computer Orientations • Homework Assistance • Coupon Club

Book Collection:

• Juvenile • Main • Reference • Romance • Hispanic


• Fiction/Non-Fiction • Children’s Easy Books

Audio Visual Collections: • Videos • DVD (including Blu-Rays) • Compact Disc • Audio Books • Playaways

Other Services at the Library:

Photo Copies per page 10¢ Fax Services per page to PR 75¢ per page to USA $1.00 per page for International $2.50 per page (receiving) 50¢ Eligibility: Active Duty Military Personnel & their Family Members, Reserve & National Guard Components, DOD Civilians, Retirees & their Family are eligible to open an account at the Library. Library cards are issued in the name of the Sponsor. Open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sundays/Holidays closed. Fort Buchanan Post Library Bldg. 518, Depot Road, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone numbers: 787-707-3208/3812 Manager: Ms. Eva Cabañas

Fitness Center An air-conditioned 17,000 sq ft. Fitness Center provides the Fort Buchanan community a variety of programs to include sports, fitness and recreational programs. This facility includes one racquetball court, regulation size basketball/volleyball courts, four additional baskets for extra pick-up and competitive games. The Cardiovascular area is equipped with modern and sophisticated cardiovascular exercise machines to include steppers, treadmills, elliptical and cycles. A complete line of current, refined and user friendly Selectorized Nautilus weight machines for each individual muscle, and complete free weight area. (Hammer Strength and Iron Grip) Fitness Center services include lockers, hot/ cold showers, saunas, individual supervision and guidance of exercise routines, Microfit evaluation, tennis courts and racquetball court reservations. The Fitness Center membership is free for the Active Duty, Retirees, Reserve, National Guard component, DoD Civilian employees and their Family members. The Fitness Center is also accessible to patrons with dissabilities.

Membership Includes: Racquetball: One hour reservation or challenge court on a daily basis. One championship regulation court with glass back for spectator viewing. (Protective eyeglasses are required) Tennis Courts: Reservations are required. A daily fee applies to guests. Basketball/Volleyball: Basketball courts have four additional baskets for extra pickup and competitive games. Selectorized Weight Machines: A complete line of modern, sophisticated and user friendly Selectorized Nautilus weight machines for each individual muscle.

Community Activity Center (CAC) Bldg. 148, Bayley Road, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone number: 787-707-3167 Group Fitness Programs: A high quality of group fitness programs for a variety of patrons which will take care of your physical needs. Our subject matter experts and trainers are in charge of driving customers through the rigors and enjoyment of diversified group and individualized activities • Body Toning • Computerized cycles • Step Aerobics • Elliptical Machines • Golden Age Interactive Group (50 years and older) Cardiovascular Area: Modern and sophisticated cardiovascular exercise machines that will help you tone your body. • Steppers • Treadmills Kranking: Upper body cardiovascular training Indoor Cycling Classes: An aerobic workout on stationary bicycles (Spinning bikes). Great for improving cardiovascular and resistance. Fifteen classes a week are offered at different times and special 1.5 hour classes every month. Spaces are limited, due to high demand, must reserve 24 hours in advance.


Adult Intramural Sports The Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of competitions such as volleyball, basketball, flag football and softball leagues. We also provide individualized activities such as tennis (located beside Bldg. 399), racquetball, dominoes, chess, table tennis, races, dodge ball, bench press and walleyball. Sport clinics take place throughout the year. During the year, four major races are held: • St. Patrick’s 10k Run • Army Ten Miler • Perimeter Road Challenge 5.2 mile run • Turkey 5k Run

Leagues: The leagues are open to Active Duty, Reservists, National Guard, DoD employees, federal employees, Retirees, Family members 18 years and older and DoD ID card holder sponsored teams. Sport Season

Complete Free Weights Area Daily use lockers Showers Microfit Evaluation: Individual assessment and guidance of exercise (tests are optional and by appointment)

Test Components: • Resting Heart Rate • Body Fat Percentage • Cardiovascular Endurance

• Diastolic/Systolic Blood Pressure • Flexibility • Bicep Strength

Eligibility to participate in tournaments, leagues, activities and events throughout the year, and more. Reservation Procedure for Practice Sessions • Only members are authorized to make reservations for basketball, tennis and racquetball courts. Request must be made 24 hours in advance. • Reservations are for one hour, unless approved by the Fitness Center Manager. • A reservation schedule will be maintained at the Fitness Center service counter. • Reservations can be made by visiting the Fitness Center or by calling 787-707-3767. • Scheduled events and games have priority over practice sessions. Fort Buchanan’s Fitness Center Bldg. 167, Chrisman Road, Fort Buchanan PR Monday to Friday from 5:00 am - 9:00 pm Saturday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm and Sunday from 9:00 am- 5:00 pm Fitness Center Manager: Roberto Fernández Telephone number: 787-707-3767


Adult’s Softball January - March Adult’s Basketball April - June Adult’s Volleyball July - September Adult Flag Football October - December

Approx. # of Teams

10 Teams 10 Teams 10 Teams 6 Teams

Tournaments: Tournaments are held during the year in a variety of sports. Sports Office Bldg. 148, Bayley Road, Fort Buchanan PR Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sports Specialist: Juan Sanfeliz Telephone number: 787-707-3277


Rental of Equipment: Daily Water Sports:

Diving Classes Basic Scuba Diving Classes (Open Water)

$150.00 p/p

Advanced Scuba Diving Classes Rescue Diving Classes Scuba Refresher Course Specialties

$135.00 p/p $175.00 p/p $ 75.00 p/p $ 75.00 p/p

(Photography, Boat Diving, etc)

Master Scuba Diving Classes Maintenance Service

$350.00 p/p

Hydrostatics Test $25.00 Visual Test $13.00 Scuba Packages Full Includes: Weekend Weekly Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BC, Regulator, Weights & 2 Tanks $40.00 $170.00 Basic Includes: BC, Regulator, weights & 2 Tanks $35.00 $130.00

$2.00 Life Vest $3.00 Morey Boogie $20.00 Kayak (2 people) Stand up Paddle Board $20.00

Weekend Weekly $3.00 $15.00 $5.00 $20.00 $35.00 $100.00 $40.00 $80.00


Weekend Weekly Daily $10.00 $20.00 $5.00 $20.00 $40.00 $10.00 $30.00 $55.00 $15.00 Gas Lantern $5.00 $15.00 $2.50 Gas Stove $6.00 $20.00 $3.00 Party Items: Daily Weekend Weekly $15.00 $25.00 Frame 10x10 $60.00 $20.00 $30.00 Canopy 10x20 $80.00 $40.00 $78.00 Canopy 20x20 $160.00 $50.00 $98.00 Canopy 20x30 $200.00 Water Jug 5 qts $2.00 $3.00 $10.00 Ice Chest 54 qts $2.50 $5.00 $12.00 Ice Chest 68 qts $3.00 $6.00 $25.00 Ice Chest 80 qts $3.50 $7.00 $30.00 Nacho Machine $15.00 $30.00 $75.00 Cotton Candy Machine $15.00 $30.00 $75.00 Popcorn Machine $15.00 $30.00 $75.00 Snow Cone Machine $15.00 $30.00 $75.00 Prices depend on model Various Inflatables

Tent (2 people) Tent (4 people) Tent (6 people)

Dunking Booth, Rock Climbing Tour, Mechanical Bull, Water Slide, Jumping Inflatable and Paintball Station

Tables & Chairs

$1.00 Strobe $1.50 Dive Flag $1.50 Underwater Light $4.00 Tank (air filled) .50¢ Bags $6.00 Regulator $6.00 BC Jacket $3.00 Weights w/Belt $1.50 Snorkeling Vest $1.25 Snorkel $3.00 Snorkel Set $1.25 Mask $1.25 Fins

Weekend $2.00 $3.00 $3.00 $6.00 $1.00 $10.00 $10.00 $5.00 $3.00 $2.50 $5.00 $2.50 $2.50

Weekly $5.00 $15.00 $15.00 $30.00 $5.00 $45.00 $45.00 $20.00 $15.00 $7.50 $20.00 $7.50 $7.50

Trips and Classes: Offered every month. Check out schedules on the Family and MWR Live & Explore Events Magazine or log on to



$10.00 $5.00

$20.00 $12.00

BBQ Grills:


Weekly Grill


Weekend Weekly .80¢ $2.50

Charcoal Grill

(Super Cooker)

without Gas Gas Grill (Super Cooker) with Gas Charcoal Grill

(Super Cooker)

$35.00 $55.00


$50.00 $75.00


$20.00 $30.00


Games & Sports Equipment: Bicycle Horseshoes Volleyball Volleyball Set Football Basketball Fishing Rods

Daily $5.00 $2.50 $1.50 $10.00 $1.50 $1.50 $5.00

Weekend Weekly $10.00 $40.00 $5.00 $12.50 $3.00 $7.50 $20.00 $50.00 $3.00 $7.50 $3.00 $7.50 $10.00 $40.00

*Prices are subject to change.

Daily Scuba Gear:

(Folding): Daily Chair Non-padded .40¢ Small Picnic Folding Table $2.00 Domino table w/ Dominoes $5.00 Aluminium Top 30x72 $3.00


Miscellaneous Items:

Daily Water Pressure Washer $35.00

Weekend Weekly $55.00 $175.00

Circular Saw $5.00 Chain Saw Gas $20.00 Rotary Hammer $20.00 Wet/Dry Vac $4.00 Steam Vacuum $10.00 1/2” Rev. Drill $3.00 Buffer Machine $15.00 Gas Trimmer $10.00 Lawn Mower 6.0 HP $10.00 Tile Cutter TS-40 $10.00 Beach Folding Chair $1.50 Color TV w/DVD Aluminum Ladder $5.00 Honda Generator 3000 EUISA $45.00

$7.00 $20.00 $35.00 $125.00 $35.00 $80.00 $6.00 $16.00 $15.00 $40.00 $5.00 $15.00 $20.00 $60.00 $15.00 $40.00 $15.00 $40.00 $20.00 $40.00 $ 3.00 $10.00 $30.00 monthly $10.00 $25.00

(Reservations required)



Picnic Area Rentals Outdoor Recreation has four Picnic Areas available for group activities at a nominal fee. The Cabaña Picnic Area is the largest facility holding approximately 250 people. It has a stage area, dance floor, enclosed area for food service and restrooms. Facilities are available from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Please have date and alternate date(s) ready when making reservations. Reservations must be made in advance by calling 787-707-3734. Picnic Area Cabaña Picnic Area Coquí Gardens El Mangó / East lake Flamboyán / South lake

Capacity 250 people 35 people 2 small gazebos 2 small gazebos

Price $60.00 FREE (ID card holder) FREE (ID card holder) FREE (ID card holder)

All facilities require reservation in advance. *Prices are subject to change.

Outdoor Recreation Bldg. 67, Fort Buchanan PR Mon., Thu., Fri. & Sat. from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Outdoor Recreation: Mr. Ángel Morales / Kevin La Luz Telephone number: 787-707-3734


Are you a single Soldier or Geographical bachelor/bachelorette? There’s a program just for you at Fort Buchanan

called Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers or BOSS. Focusing on recreation, community service and well-being, BOSS brings together a community of single Soldiers through good deeds and good times. BOSS is designed to provide single Soldiers with innovative recreation opportunities as well as a forum for quality of life issues between the single Soldier, installation staff and command. This communication channel provides feedback, opportunities for Soldiers, enhances personal investment in the community and aids in retention. Through monthly installation meetings, unit BOSS representatives receive briefings on current events at Fort Buchanan which they disseminate to their individual units. For more information please contact Ms. Estrella Casanova at 787-707-5105 or stop by the CAC, Bldg. 148. Bayley Road, Fort Buchanan PR.

Automotive Skills Center The Automotive Skills Center is operated by automotive instructors who are experts in the field and are always eager to assist you in your needs. The facility has working bays, specialized tools, engine analyzers, wheel alignment service, air conditioning recovery/recharge service, cooling system service, tire services, welding machines, auto lifts and many other tools and equipment available for the upgrading and maintenance of your privately owned vehicle. • Certified Service Station to conduct the Puerto Rico vehicle emission inspection. • The staff will teach you ways to work on your car by instructing and supervising your work. • The Automotive Skills Center has computerized data to assist in the repairs and maintenance of the vehicle. • Some skills you can learn are: installation of brake pads on any type and model car, installation of brake shoes, tune-up for most cars, tire rotation, replacement of tires, wheel balancing, tire repair, oil changing and many other related skills. • State-of-the-art equipment to perform almost any minor repair needed in your car. Bldg. 159, Bailey Road, Fort Buchanan PR. Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Automotive Skills Center Manager: Carlos Negrón Telephone number: 787-707-3972

Automotive Skills Center service fees:

Diagnostic Service Check (Scanner) $20.00 Troubleshooting $50.00 Front Pads (both sides) $25.00 Rear Pads (both sides) $25.00 Brake Shoes (both sides) $50.00 Brake CYL (both sides) $40.00 Brake Calipers $25.00 $45.00 Drive Belts Front Shocks $20.00 Rear Shocks $20.00 Drive Belts (per hour depending on vehicle) $55.00 Front Struts (both sides; depending on vehicle and model) $50.00 per hour Rear Struts (both sides; depending on vehicle and model) $50.00 per hour Water Pump (depending on vehicle model) $50.00 per hour Front Steering (terminal, ball joints, bushings, etc) Motor Mounts (depending on vehicle make and model)

Battery Charge


per hour

$50.00 per hour $2.50

Brake Inspection $5.00 each tire Wheel Balancing $4.00 each tire Tire Mounting $8.00 Tire Rotation $10.00 complete car Drums Turned $8.00 each Rotors Turned $8.00 each Oil Change (Oil not included) $12.00 Tune Ups Estimates available upon request Front Suspension Estimates available upon request *Prices are subject to change.


Car Wash & Services fees






$15.00 $20.00

$25.00 $35.00

Small Cars: $15.00 Vans and Trucks: $20.00 *Prices are subject to change.

Tow Truck Services

Automotive Skills Center facility usage fees: Use of facility (lift not included) $1.25 per hour Overnight inside the shop $10.00 per night Overnight outside the shop $5.00 per night Unattended Vehicle inside the shop $30.00 per day Auto Pads Lift $3.50 per hour Oil Recycling .25¢ per quart Parts Washer No charge Auto Lift bay $4.00 per hour Special Tools $2.00 each Battery Charger $2.50 each Battery Tester $1.00 each Charging Analyzer $5.00 each Alternator Tester $2.50 each Starter Tester $2.50 each Safety Plugs $2.00 each Brake Disk Refacing $6.00 each Brake Drum Refacing $5.00 each Self Help $5.00 per car Engine Analyzer & Computer Check Engine $30.00 per car Engine Lift $10.00 per car Engine Stand $5.00 per car Wheel Alignments (cars) $35.00 each Wheel Alignments (trucks) $40.00 each Wheel Alignments (all vans) $40.00 each Refrigerant $30.00 per lb. A/C Check up $40.00 per car Battery Disposal fee $1.00 each Tire Changer (Metal Rim) $3.00 each Tire Changer (Aluminum Rim) $5.00 each Tire Balancing (Metal Rim) $4.00 each Tire Balancing (Aluminum Rim) $5.00 each 16” and Up $6.00 each P.R. Vehicle Inspections $11.00 per car Coin Operated Vacuum Cleaners 50¢ 3 mins. MECHANIC SERVICES (Labor fees per hour only) *Prices are subject to change.


All towings to facility from the following locations: • All on post towing to facility: $25.00 • Bayamón, Toa Baja: $45.00-$55.00 depending on location • San Juan, Hato Rey: $45.00-$55.00 depending on location • Fajardo, Ceiba: $100.00 • Aguadilla: $100.00 • Ponce, Cayey: $100.00 Any other locations not mentioned near to the ones specified above, fee will be determined by Shop Facility Manager before getting to location. Towing service is provided to authorized patrons with Military or Government ID cards which will be presented to Tow Truck driver at location. Methods of payment available: Cash, Check or Credit Card at arrival the Automotive Skill Center at Fort Buchanan.

Aquatic Center The Water Spout We are the only year-round outdoor aquatic center on a U.S. Army Base. This facility has a pool from 0 depth to 4 feet deep with an Octopus Ride, featuring a closed 130 foot water slide and an open 125 foot water slide, lily pads, net crossing, fun umbrellas, deck and shade areas of wood trellis with lounges, picnic tables on a 15,000 square foot deck area, showers and lockers. The entrance to the main pool and the lap pool optimize accessibility via “beach” entries, allowing users with disabilities and children to safely enter the pool without any steep drop-offs. This 0 depth entry provides confidence for both parents and young children. The 25 meter pool area allows for a four lane lap pool. 4 feet is the deepest water level at the facility. It is designed for a variety of activities. Professionally trained lifeguards are on duty at all times. There are annual and seasonal membership available for all military ID card holders. This facility is available for private pool parties during off duty time and small birthday parties during operating hours. Convenient packages are available to accommodate your requirements. Our pool certified personnel are ready to assist you or provide you additional information. Our pool facilities are located near the Welcome Center and across the street form the Fire Department, along Chrisman Road. A snack bar and catering service for pool parties and groups are also available.

Hours of Operation: SUMMER SEASON (Memorial Day thru Labor Day) • Tuesday thru Sunday 10:00 am - 5:30 pm • Monday - Closed WINTER SEASON (Labor Day thru Memorial Day) • Friday through Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm • Monday through Thursday by reservation only • Lap Swimming: Tuesday through Thursday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, free. Daily Admission fees: Children (4 to 10 years old) $4.00 Authorized adult (11 years and older) $6.00 ID Card holders 18 years and older can sponsor up to five guests.

Annual Membership Plan fees: Category

Active Duty

(includes AD Reserve)

Single Family


Reserve Component $50.00 DA/DoD Employees $50.00 (includes NAF)


$50.00 $125.00 $125.00

$50.00 $125.00

Water Spout Bldg. 161, Fort Buchanan PR Manager: Mrs. Mónica Cabrera Telephone number: 787-707-3550


MARKETING, ADVERTISING & COMMERCIAL SPONSORSHIP Commercial Sponsorship Program Family and MWR has various sponsorship opportunities which benefit the Army community as well as increase company’s visibility within the Military market. Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising revenues are used to support vital Family and MWR programs and events at Army installations including Childcare, Fitness and Recreation opportunities for Soldiers and Families. Our mission is to create a positive partnership between government and the private sector. This program is designed to meet business goals while fulfilling our program needs. Sponsors have a wide variety of events and programs to choose from to effectively target their demographics and showcase products and services. Sponsorship can support in full or partial financially and/or with goods and services (in-kind).

• Electronic Billboards

Digital Billboards have brought outdoor advertising to a whole new level at Fort Buchanan with the latest eye-catching technology and immediate message changes. Billboards are located at Fort Buchanan’s top locations with remarkable visibility from all angles; Golf Course by Gate Entrance and Gas Station by Gate Entrance, Exchange Main Parking Entrance and Chardón Plaza.

Sponsors benefit from: • Access to Military Market • Display of products, sampling and signage • Opportunity to introduce new products to the community • Reinforced brand recognition and loyalty • Opportunity to participate in various events/programs • Advertising on-post (Customized Packages available for your Company’s specific needs.)

Paid Advertising Program

Reach your Military customers through Family and MWR’s On-post Advertising! This program allows you to communicate your message reaching thousands of community members: Soldiers, their Families, Reserve Components, Allied Forces, Students, Retirees and Civilian Employees.

• Web Advertising

Family and MWR website is the primary communication tool at Fort Buchanan. It is a compilation of all current Family and MWR programs, activities and events, with over 8,500 visits each month.

• Family and MWR Live & Explore Magazine

Family and MWR Live & Explore is a full color monthly magazine with a circulation of 9,000 copies. It highlights Family and MWR’s program offerings, ongoing activities and seasonal events that compose the social and recreational life of Fort Buchanan. Live & Explore is distributed Island wide to all Military related facilities, sent online to our email database of more than 4,000 members and also available online at

Point of Contact:

Mariana Urrutia, Telephone number: 787- 707-3703 E-mail:









Fort Buchanan


In today’s world the Internet is the first choice for people when looking for information. This website was created to service our customers’ needs. Fort Buchanan’s Family and MWR wants to provide great customer service through the website with important and entertaining content. In just one page you can learn about our programs, access forms and find out about our upcoming events. It doesn’t matter if you are across the Country or anywhere around the world our website is available 24/7 for you. Visitors to the site can access valuable information of our service, links to our social media outlets, RECTRAC and ICE (Interactive Customer Evaluation).


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DFMWR Services Guide 2013

DFMWR Services Guide 2013  

DFMWR Services Guide 2013