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JUNE 2010

Weddings at the

Community Club & Conference Center


JUNE 2010

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Keeping the Promise Army Family Covenant What’s HOT in our Programs Discovering Puerto Rico and its Attractions


Community Recreation Division


What are you reading? New in the Post Library


Things to do... June’s Event Calendar


Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation


Army Community Service

Youth & School 8 Child, Services 9 On-post Entertainment 10 Classifieds Directorate, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation •Mr. Dallas J. Petersen, Director DFMWR Admin. Officer: Ms. Lauren Ramos Business Operations Division • Chief: Jerome Hesby • T- 787-707-3505/3535• Bldg. 660 Community Recreation Division • Chief: Ms. Mara Clemente T- 787-707-3301 • Bldg. 390 Child, Youth & School Services • Chief: Ms. Carmen Dieppa T-787-707-3399 /3598• Bldg. 1147, Coconut Grove Army Community Service • Chief: Mr. Rafael Gilestra T- 787-707-3292/3709/3804 • Bldg. 1019-A, Buchanan Heights

A World of Opportunities to reach the Military Market in the Island

For Commercial Sponsorship and/or Paid Advertising Marketing, Advertising & Commercial Sponsorship office: T. 787-707-3719/3703 • F. 787-707-3715 or E-MAIL: or This is an unofficial publication produced by Marketing Advertising & Commercial Sponsorship, Fort Buchanan, P.R.

The Community Club & Conference Center Welcomes New Staff Member Chef Alma López The MWR family would like to welcome its newest member, Alma López, Pastry Chef at the Community Club and Conference Center. Alma was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She worked for the Broward Dept. of Corrections where she held a position as a unit kitchen manager. Sweets being her passion, she worked as a manager for Baskin Robbins where she decorated ice cream cakes and desserts. Alma has lived in Puerto Rico for six months and recently began working for the Club as Pastry Chef where she is very pleased to make desserts and cakes for all Fort Buchanan’s folks to enjoy.

Congratulations to the 2010 Edge Design Contest Winners!

Grand Prize: Venus Sung – Fort Wainwright, AK 2nd Place: Ray Sanchez – Fort Bliss, TX 3rd Place: Nick Knight – Fort Knox, KY Honorable Mentions: Chris Wojciechowski – Fort Benning, GA Mica Angela Hendricks – Fort Leonardwood Yoonhee Bruce – Fort Sill, OK Aleksandra Kilichowska-Palmer- USAG Stuttgart Tai Doick – Fort Benning, GA Teri James – Fort Leavenworth, KS Nathan Hoeller – GC Glen Kennedy Neyda M. Folh – Fort Buchanan, PR Romona Hillstrand - Fort Wainwright, AK Aimee Mestre – Fort Polk, LA LaVonda Wills – Fort Hood, TX Wolfgang Hitzeman – Presidio of Monterey, CA Neysa Maldonado – Fort Buchanan, PR

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IN THIS ISSUE: CYSS First Tennis Team in Tournament

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Father’s Day Brunch

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Explosive Wheels Auto Show and San Juan Night Celebration

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Summer Reading Club & Read the Book, See the Movie

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Armed Forces Day Run 2010

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SAS/MST Summer Camps

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Re-discovering the Club

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Keeping the promise... Army Family Covenant

Over There:

Stories and insights from mothers who have deployed Being “over there” when the rest of your family is back home can be hard for any military parent, but mothers may find it especially challenging. Women who have been through this experience find that the best way to prepare is to learn from others who have already been there. Dr. Heidi Squier Kraft, a former Navy psychologist discusses in this CD the unique challenges that mothers face when they deploy. Dr Squier’s twins were just babies when she led a combat stress plattoon in Iraq. She is joined by mothers from every service branch who deployed with children ages toddlers to teenagers. You’ll hear: • How they managed goodbyes • Ways they made sure their children were in good hands while they were gone • What they did to stay close to their children while they were gone • How they stayed focused on their mission • What it was like to return home and be a “mom” again • How their experiences made them better service members and mothers Please use this URL when referring to the new CD, Over There http://www.militaryonesource or contact Military OneSource at 1-800-342-9647 • In Spanish 1-877-888-0727

DDESS-AES Displayed Students’ Talent Antilles Elementary School had an Art Exhibition during May 2010. The exhibition displayed the impressive talent of the students. MWR would like to congratulate all the children who participated in this activity and the AES Art Teacher, that stimulates and recognizes creativity, and for her effort to enhance the positive self esteem in our children. Ms. Rosa Rivera thanks for your commitment and dedication to our children who are future!

JUNE 2010

The FREE Army OneSource Services Locator iPhone™ App is available NOW! Soldiers and Family members can find Army programs and services and get directions to these services on their iPhone, thanks to a new application developed by the U.S. Army, Family and Morale,Welfare and Recreation Command (FMWRC), Family Programs Directorate. The user experience is incredible! Zoom into your location on the map and locate all nearby services. Or enter a new location and tap “Search.” From the search results you can easily add the Program or Service to your contacts and you can even get directions. Find out more by visiting our What’s New https://www.myarmyonesource. com/about/sitefeatures/whatsnew. aspx> page on Army OneSource, or download the Army OneSource Services Locator from the App Store to your iPhone today.

Deployed Soldier’s Children Day

Recently, Child, Youth and School Services, in partnership with Domestic Dependents Elementary and Secondary Schools, and other Fort Buchanan FMWR programs had two special days for 150 children from AMS and AHS, dependents of deployed Soldiers. Children were divided in three groups that rotated during the morning to visit the Golf Club, Bowling Center and Fitness Center. At the Golf Club, the children were taught about the safety and dangers on the Golf course and the basics of Golf. At the Fitness Center, children learned functional exercises. Finally at the Bowling Center, children practiced the basics of bowling. Throughout the afternoon, they all got together at the Water Spout where they enjoyed water activities and received certificates, cake and goodie bags. Transportation to all the sites was provided by the DDESS Transportation Office.

1 Youth Services Team 1st Participation in a Tennis Tournament

Members of he Youth Sports and Fitness program and SKIES program participated for the 1st time in a Tennis Tournament at Centro Tennis Honda, Bayamón. We had four participants from ages 12 and under playing with Puerto Rico Public and Private schools from all over the Island for a total of more than 300 players. The game was divided by age category. Players played two or more games against different children. Even though it had rained earlier in the morning, the volunteers and players dried the court, which allowed the children to play. The Puerto Rico Tennis Association sponsored the event and provided lunch to all players and instructors. After the games were finished the children received medals and a t-shirt for their participation. Youth Sports provided all the participants water, chips and a t-shirt that read: Fort Buchanan Tennis Team. Parents and grandparents from Fort Buchanan cheered the CYSS players and showed true team spirit.

JUNE 17th

CYSS will celebrate the Army’s 235th Birthday with special events: The Child Development Centers (CDC) will hold a birthday party complete with a cake, and story time with special guests that will read the Children’s Storybook of Army History. The School Age Services and MST Programs will also celebrate with special events.


What’s HOT in our programs

JUNE 2010

Discovering Puerto Rico and its Attractions

A honeymooners Paradise


Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, secluded bays... a honeymoon paradise.

Vieques is an island municipality of Puerto Rico, which is located in the northeast Caribbean. Also called La Isla Nena (small girl island), it is an island paradise with so many pristine beaches you are likely to find one just for yourself any day of the week. Measuring 21 miles long by 5 miles wide it has all from nightlife, restaurants and lodging options. Its two largest communities are its main settlement on the north shore Isabel Segunda, with several historic structures, including town hall. On the south shore you’ll find the tourist community of Esperanza, a single street, line by a promenade along the Caribbean Sea on one side, and a row of simple guest houses, restaurants and bars on the other. The interior of the island is hilly and forested, with winding country roads. Its western and eastern sections are now wildlife refuges on former Navy Islands. Vieques has several spectacular, picture-post-card-perfect beaches, which is the main reason to come here. The main spot on Vieques is the public beach Sun Bay, a mile long crescent-shaped beach with crystal blue waters, with picnic, restroom and shower areas, as well as camping. Adjacent to Sun Bay is the mysterious, fiery tides of Mosquito Bay, one of the finest bioluminescent bays in the world. Surrounded by red mangrove forest, the lagoon is home to tiny organisms that breathe light into the water when it is disturbed in moonless nights. Bilingual tour guides can take you on a night kayak expedition or on electric boat tour. As you paddle through the dark lagoon, the water ripples in the flashes of light, a breathtaking experience. On the eastern end visitors also seek out Red and Blue beaches, which are among the best in all Puerto Rico. Green beach, on the island’s northwest corner, sits in the middles of a beautiful nature reserve and has a great view of Puerto Rico’s east coast and the southwestern coast is dotted by small, secluded beaches you can often have all to yourself. This year the W Retreat and Spa opened on Vieques, the first large resort which promises to take its unique and flourishing tourism to new heights. The resort features Spa Chakra and world-class cuisine by renowned chef Alain Ducasse. How to get there? You can get to Vieques on a ferry from the Puerto Rico Port Authority with daily service between Fajardo and Isabel Segunda, Vieques. There is also a weekday cargo/car ferry, reservations are required. You can also get there faster by air, there are several small airlines that fly from the main island and the flights are fairly inexpensive and speedy. From San Juan flights can be arranged from the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport or from the Isla Grande Airport. Exerpts from Bienvenidos Magazine, Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association.

Community Recreation Division

JUNE 2010


Lets’ start the Summer officially at the Night of San Juan The San Juan Night coincides with the Summer solstice and it’s the welcome to Summer. This celebration takes place during the shortest night of the year in many countries. According to tradition, at the stroke of midnight on St. John’s Day, the waters are blessed and possess special powers, including curing sickness, giving beauty, improving fortune, aiding in animal fertility, increasing agricultural production, and warding off evil. Fire is also a purifying element and bonfires are lit on the eve of Saint John’s Day in different parts of the globe. In Puerto Rico, tradition holds that walking backward toward the beach and doing back flips in the water at exactly midnight brings good luck and keeps evil away throughout the year. Just how many flips one must do is uncertain. Some sources indicate 12 flips, which coincides with midnight and the months of the year, while other sources say seven; but it’s up to you how many you do. This routine eventually was practiced in swimming pools, public and private. Puertorricans love to party, so parties are also included in the outdoor ritual. Good thing you don’t need to take your sunblock! Fort Buchanan is joining the celebration with an event at the WaterSpout on June 23rd, 7:00 pm - 1:00 am featuring a live band, BBQ and more! Cost is $8.00 per person ages 12 and over, $5.00 ages 4 - 11 and free for children under 3 years old. It’s one of the safest ways to celebrate Noche de San Juan in town with your family. Let’s officially start the Summer!

Inclusive Recreation for Wounded Warriors Just recently, two Fort Buchanan FMWR employees from the Community Recreation Division went to Penn State University to attend a training called “Inclusive Recreation for the Wounded Warriors”. These employees were Juan Sanfeliz, Sports Specialist, and Roberto Fernández, Recreation Specialist. In this training they learned of the different kind of injuries and how they could affect the individual and their surroundings on a daily basis. These included traumatic brain injury (TBI), amputation, spinal cord injury (SCI) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They learned that it all comes down to attitude and to accept people as they are, refraining from labeling or stereotyping individuals. Some of the “basics” learned are as follows: What is Inclusion? Having the same choices and opportunities in recreation as others, being accepted and appreciated for who you are, being a valued customer and a welcomed participant, being with friends who share the same interests, not disabilities. This last one the most impacting, since people tend to focus on the disability and have a tendency to classify them. The class facilitators focused their lesson on the “person first”. It’s all about what the Wounded Warrior’s interests are and how they can obtain their goals just like everyone else. Are adjustments needed due to the injury? Very possible, but they do not expect the world to adapt to them, but to be part of it.

The challenges of inclusion can be many and it can start by the stage of acceptance the person is in. Also, the preconceptions based on stereotypes, lack of knowledge, exclusion, isolation and many other reasons that do not invite this customer to participate in recreational programs. These can be corrected by a change in perspective and attitude, making assessments, creating the environment and modifying activities (when needed). With today’s technology and an inclusive recreational program we can help in returning Wounded Warriors to full duty and assist them in discovering other skills that were not considered before. Family members and the community can be educated in assisting Wounded Warriors to engage fully in life, and personnel can be educated and involved in ways that include individuals with disabilities in existing programs and services. In other words doors are opened to all, not limited by condition or fitness level. The Fort Buchanan Fitness Center & Sports Programs do not receive as many

Wounded Warriors as in other installations, but is taking steps to make recreational programs more accessible and fun for everyone. The Sports and Fitness Center’s staff is determined to be prepared even of it’s only for one participant that uses the program. The training instilled an awareness in management to look for ways of improving physical structure, environment, programming or equipment to facilitate not only Wounded Warriors but their family members as well to improve and enhance their quality of life. By: Roberto Fernández


What are You Reading? New at the Library

JUNE 2010

NEW! Kids - join the

Voyage to Book Island Summer Reading Club

The Fort Buchanan Post Library welcomes children between the ages of 1 to 9 years old to a summer of fun and discovery at your Library. Sign up at the Post Library beginning June 1st. We will meet June 16th, 23rd and 30th, July 7th, & 14th from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the Library. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, visit or call the Library at (787)7073208.

Read the Book, See the Movie

Each month, prior to the movie event, copies of the selected title will be available at the Library. See the movie and receive and a free bag of popcorn even if you haven’t read the book. For more information about Read the Book, See the Movie, visit or call the Library at (787)707-3208.


The Twilight Saga: New Moon

POPCORN! The Diary of Anne Frank (PG)

(PG-13) Thursday, July 15th at 5:30 pm

Thursday, June 17th at 5:30 pm

The Diary of Anne Frank is a modern, timeless classic of literature and an extraordinary social document that has endured the world over.

Library Coupon Club

Come and join us in learning how to save money on your grocery bill on Thursday, June 24th, 11:00 am – 12:00 noon. You will learn: where to find coupons, how to organize them, how to maximize your savings, and more! For more information, visit or call the Library at (787)7073208.

Computer Orientations

To assist customers in accessing public computers and reference resources, the Fort Buchanan’s Post Library offers computer orientations on different subjects. Our next orientations will be conducted Wednesday, June 2nd & June 16th, at 10:00 am. For details, visit or call the Library at (787)707-3208.


Available at the Post Library. Playaways are recorded books that are about the size of a credit card. Playaway books are portable and allow you to enjoy your favorite authors and titles on-the-go (personal headphones are required). A valid military ID and Library Card must be shown each time a Playaway is checked out. The check out limit is one per family for two weeks. To learn more about Playaways, visit or call the Library at (787)707-3208.

The story is both an important piece of recent history and universal family tale that is understood worldwide. Full of tension but at times funny and ultimately tragic, Anne Frank’s diary manages to create a truthful and timeless picture of domestic life in all its pettiness and normality while never letting us forget the extraordinary threat of death that await the characters if discovered.

The Fort Buchanan Post Library celebrates Book a Vacation Month & Anne Frank’s Birthday with a display of various reading materials available for check-out.

Join the Book Club

We want to introduce other people to the love and joy of reading, join the Post Library Book Club today, for details please contact Eva Cabañas at 787-707-3812.

Kids - Create Your Own Book!

The Post Library offers Books by You which inspires the love of reading and writing in children as they create and publish their own books. To learn more about Books by You, visit or call the Library at (787)707-3208.

Portable DVD Player and Headphones

Library customers don’t need to own a DVD player to enjoy the high quality technology of library movies. If you like to watch a movie while you relax, step up to the library’s circulation desk and check out a portable DVD player and headphones (for use inside the library). Have your ID card available.

The Twilight Saga’s second installment finds Bella and Edward feeling pretty good - or at least a little less broody - about the state of things after having ironed out some of the finer points of interspecies dating. Naturally, it doesn’t last long. Bella’s 18th birthday party turns into a bit of a fiasco when Edward’s brother nearly kills Bella in a fit of bloodlust. It’s an awkward situation, to be certain, but while Bella is willing to forgive and forget, Edward elects to leave town - permanently. The decision sets off a chain of miscommunications that lead to, among other things, cliff diving, a visit with vampire royalty, a supernatural love triangle, and a close call with a scorned vampire whose mate met a gory end at the hands of the Cullens.

The NCO Journal Magazine

This magazine is published monthly and is filled with great stories and thoughtprovoking articles. Please stop by the Library and pick up your FREE copy.

June DVD Releases

• The Miracle Worker • Malcolm X • Apollo 13 • Bad Lieutenant • Ghostbusters • Dead Poets Society • Jerry Maguire • Sinbad Afros and Bellbottoms • Great Expectations • Minority Report • Brothers • The Blind Side • In the Line of Fire • Casualties of War • Spring 1941 • No Greater Love • Love Happens • The Princess and the Frog • Astro Boy • Disgrace •The Young Victoria • Dark Nature • The Chosen • Ghosts of Mississippi • Cross Bronx • Beeswax • Five Minutes of Heaven • Army Wives Season 2 • Veggie Tales • Preacher’s Kid • Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Blu-ray) • Ninja (Blu-ray) • Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day (Blu-ray) • Red Cliff (Blu-ray) •2012

Things to do in June SUNDAY






2:30 pm, AMS E-9

• FAP: New Parents

@ Outdoor Rec 8:00am

Doubles Tennis Tournament 9:00am Tennis Courts Bldg


Explosive Wheels Auto Show

at the Automotive Skills Center, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm


•Father’s Day

Brunch at the Community Club 11:00 am - 3:00 pm



SAS/MST Summer Camps Begins 6:30 am Every Monday: • Zumba Fitness 5:00 pm • Indoor Cycling 5: 30 am, 12 noon, 4:30 pm & 6:30 pm •CYSS Karate Lessons @ CCCC 4:00 pm

• Raks Sharki Dance Middle Eastern 10:00am Fitness Center • Piano & Guitar Classes 2:30 pm, AMS E-9 • Active Parenting @ ACS, 4:00 pm • Active Parenting 4:00pm @ ACS Bldg 1019



• Teen Bowling Special 3:00 pm Bowling Center • CYSS Karate Lessons @ CCCC 4:00 pm

21 • Teen Bowling Special 3:00 pm, Bowling Center • CYSS Karate Lessons @ CCCC 4:00 pm

• Piano & Guitar Classes 2:30 pm AMS E-9 • FAP: New Parents Support Morning Playgroup, 9:00 am at EDIS •CYSS: Issues Fam. Face when Military Deploys 5:00pm at SAS •Bingo Nights @ CCCC 6:00 pm

-Piano & Guitar 22Classes, 2:30 pm,

AMS E-9 -Bingo Nights @ CCCC 6:00 pm Tuesday @ Fitness Ctr: • Ind. Cycling 5: 30 am, 12 noon, 4:30 pm • Raks Sharki Dance at 10:00 am • Dance Step Aerobics every other Tuesday 5:30 pm


•Dodgeball Tournament

@ Fitness Center 9:00 am

Trip to Icacos

in Catamarán For details call 787-707-3557.

29 28 • Teen Bowling Special 3:00 pm @ Bowling Ctr. • CYSS Karate Lessons @ CCCC 4:00 pm


• Computer 2 1 Orientation • Piano & GuitarLessons Support Morning Playgroup, 9:00 am11 am at EDIS • Scuba- Open Water Class • Scrapbooking Class 3:00 pm-4:00 pm ACS

Youth Sucba Class


JUNE 2010

30 29

• Piano & Guitar Classes, 2:30 pm, AMS E-9 • Bingo Nights @ CCCC 6:00 pm

10:00 am, Library • Piano & Guitar Classes 2:30 pm, AMS E-9 •Youth Scuba Class @ Coast Guard 6:00 pm • FAP: Active Parenting @ ACS 4:00 pm • Adult Softball League Begins 4:00pm Cabaña Softball Field


• CYSS Piano & Guitar Classes 2:30 pm, AMS E-9




• 50% Off Autolift Specials at Automotive Skills Center • Youth Scuba Class @ Coast Guard 6:00pm • Bingo Nights at 4:00 pm at CCCC


• 50% off Diagnostic @ Automotive Skills Center • Suicide Prevention Class 2:30pm @ ACS Bldg 1019



23 • Noche de San Juan at the Water

Spout, 7:00 pm

• CYSS Piano & Guitar Classes, 2:30 pm, AMS E-9 Every Wednesday: • Indoor Cycling Fitness Center, 6:00 pm

30 31

• Piano & Guitar Classes, 2:30 pm, AMS E-9


EverySaturday: • Step Aerobics 9:00 am • Indoor Cycling 10:30 am @ Fitness Center



•Steak & Karaoke Night @ CCCC 4:00 pm • Basketball Start Smart 10:00 am @ Fitness Ctr.


• Army’s 235th Birthday Read the Book, See the Movie at the Library, 5:30 pm • 50% Off Autolift at Automotive Skills Ctr. • Active Parenting @ ACS 4:00 pm • Father’s 90 Min Cycling @ Fitness Ctr. 11:30 am

24 • 50% off Auto Lift Special @ Automotive Skills Center • Library Coupon Club, 11:00 am • Teen Bowing Special 3:00 pm, Bowling Ctr.

28 31

• Teen Bowling Special 3:00 pm, Bowling Center • Bingo Nights @ CCCC 4:00 pm


• CDC/SAS New Facility Open House For more info call 787-707-3434 •Steak & Karaoke Night @ CCCC 4:00 pm • Basketball Start Smart 10:00 am @ Fitness Ctr.

• Bingo Nights @ CCCC 4:00 pm

• Computer Orientation 10:00 am, Post Library • Story Time 3:00 pm, Post Library • Piano & Guitar Classes 2:30 pm, AMS E-9 • Summer Reading Club @ Library 3:00 pm-5:00 pm


•Steak & Karaoke Night @ CCCC 4:00 pm • Basketball Start Smart 10:00 am @ Fitness Ctr.


•Steak & Karaoke Night @ CCCC 4:00 pm • Basketball Start Smart 10:00 am @ Fitness Ctr. • End of the Month Madness @ Golf Course • Flower Festival in Aibonito/ ACS

1 9July

•Steak & Karaoke Night @ CCCC 4:00 pm • Basketball Start Smart 10:00 am @ Fitness Ctr.

• Doubles Tennis Tournament 9:00am Tennis Courts Bldg 369

EverySaturday: • Step Aerobics 9:00 am • Indoor Cycling 10:30 am • FBGC Military Championship 12:00 pm @ Golf Course Complex

19 S.O.S. Cycling Indoor 10:30am Fitness Ctr. EverySaturday: • Step Aerobics 9:00 am


EverySaturday: • Step Aerobics 9:00 am • Dodgeball Tournament 9:00 am @ Fitness Center • ScubaTrip to Fajardo

30 2

Every Saturday: • Step Aerobics 9:00 am • Indoor Cycling 10:30 am

WEEKLY EVENTS: • Monday -Friday: Lunch Buffet & Cold Cut Sandwich, Soup or Salad Special at the Community Club & Conference Center • Monday & Thursday – Teen Bowling Special, 3:00 pm, Bowling Center • Wednesday – Malanga’s Evening on Par 3 @ Golf Course Complex • Tuesdays & ThursdaysBINGO 6:00 pm at the Community Club & Conference Center • Thursdays – BBQ Community Club & Conference Center • Fridays- Steak & Karaoke Nights Community Club & Conference Center • Thursdays and Fridays- Lunch-A-Bowl, 11:00 am, Bowling Center


Sports & Fitness

JUNE 2010

Armed Forces Day 2010

May is designated by the Department of Defense as the month to honor Men and Women who protect our Country and defend our freedom. At Fort Buchanan, all branches are honored with a 2 mile run, games and a BOSS BBQ. Runners from the Armed Forces Troops, Cadets, Veterans & Civilians ran 2- miles across the base. The event took place on Friday May 14th, 2010 at the Caba単a Picnic Parking lot area. At 6:00 am all participating teams gathered at the parking lot for formations and race warm up. The run started at 7:00 am and immediately cadences were heard everywhere throughout the race. Our winners for the 2010 Armed Forces Day Run where: 1st place: Air Force 2 (ROTC) 2nd place Navy 3rd place Marines 2 4th Marines 1 5th AFROTC 6th AFROTC 7th Army After the race and award ceremony there was an Obstacle Course competition consisting of six stations: Station #1 = 50 Jump Rope Station #2 = 30 Sit-ups Station #3 = 30 Push-ups Station #4 = 6 Tire Run Thru Station #5 = Inflatable Obstacle Course Station #6 = Rock Climbing Tower We had seven teams of six members participating at the Armed Forces Day Obstacle Course: 1) AFROTC 3 teams, Air Force 1, Air Force 2, Air Force 3. 2) Marines 2 teams: Marines 1, Marines 2. 3) Army 4) Navy

After the Obstacle Course the event closed with a delicious BBQ by BOSS for all attendees. The event was a total success thanks to all that participated on the Armed Forces Day Event, prior, during and after. Your dedication and effort to make this a great event was remarkable. We want to express our sincere appreciation to our event sponsors: Suiza Dairy, MGD 64, Frito Lay, Pepsi Co and V. Suarez & Co. for their contributions and involvement during the Armed Forces Day Celebration. This command greatly appreciates your investment in our programs and leisure activities, which are enjoyed by our Armed Forces and Guests. Your sponsorship and contributions are critical and essential to the success of our Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and activities.

The U.S. Army does not officially endorse sponsors. Choose a designated driver. Do not drink and drive.

Above: soldiers at the paintball station Below: cooks at rhe BOSS BBQ

Army Community Service

JUNE 2010


The Army’s Official web site for military Families is:

Army Volunteer Corps Recognition Event

Looking for a Federal Job?

Celebrating People in Action

On May 19th, 2010 the Army Volunteer Corps, Fort Buchanan, rewarded all those volunteers who serve our Soldiers, Families and Civilians. The Recognition Event took place at the Regimental Ballroom of the Community Club and Conference Center at 11:30 am. All volunteers could register before the event and received mementos in appreciation for their service. During the event attendees got to dance to the rhythm of folkloric Puertorrican music with the Bomba y Plena Group: Tamborinquen. Volunteers joyfully joined the dancers on the dance floor. COL Edwin Domingo thanked our volunteers and recognized them for their support to our Military Community. A delicious lunch from the Community Club followed the ceremony.

This event is celebrated every year to inspire, recognize and encourage community members to engage in volunteer activities. MWR would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those volunteers for their support to Soldiers and Families.

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 (NDAA FY10) included a provision to establish a pilot program for military spouses to obtain federal employment. The Civilian Personnel Management Services recently launched the 2010 Military Spouse Intern Program and is looking for 120 military spouses to help fill these positions. A military spouse must meet all eligibility requirements established by the hiring agency. Once an offer is made, the Department of Defense will reimburse Federal agencies for first year salary, benefits, and training costs if an eligible military spouse is appointed to a permanent position that provides training and career progression. The military spouse internship differs from other Federal internship programs. It is open to military spouses at all levels of their career progression, from those with no prior federal experience to those with a career status. The 2010 Military Spouse Intern Program is open to all spouses of active duty service members, except: • Spouse who is legally separated from the service member when the person begins the internship • Spouse who is also a member of the Armed Forces on active duty • Spouse who is a retired member of the Armed Forces For complete details, including FAQs, please visit the Military Spouse Intern Program website: http://www. When applying for a job, state in your cover letter or application that you are a military spouse of an active duty service member who may be eligible for the Military Spouse Internship Program. Apply for a federal job today by visiting the USAJOBS website. This new program is not the same as the noncompetitive appointment (Executive Order 13473) for certain military spouses.

You may call the Fort Buchanan Employment Readiness Program at 787-707-3365 for more information on employment opportunities for military spouses.

Photo at right: LTC Chaplain Kenneth Lawson and his family enjoying the entertainment at the AVC Recognition Event.

Family Advocacy Program (FAP) June’s Class Schedule:

Learn interesting and fun ways to present your favorite photos

Get started in scrapbooking with the Scrapbooking Class on Tuesday, June 1st, 3:00 - 4:00 pm, at ACS Conference Room, Bldg. 1019, New Parent Support Morning Playgroup Buchanan Heights. Use your favorite photos and Tuesdays, June 1st and 15th, 9:00 am - 11:00 am at Education and some creativity and enjoy a relaxing time preserving Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) and creating interesting and fun ways to present your Active Parenting of Ages 5 - 12 favorite photos. Call 787-707-3682 to sign-up. June 2nd, 8th and 17th, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm at ACS, Bldg. 1019-C, Buchanan Heights.

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program

Cross Cultural Adaptation Trip to Flower Festival in Aibonito

Come and Experience the famous Festival de las Flores on Friday, June 25th, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm. Varieties of tropical flowers, plants, art and Family Advocacy Program at 787-707-3698 or crafts, music and typical Puertorrican food. 787-707-3709 Leaving from the Welcome Center (Bldg. 152) at For schedule and information of classes please call Ms. Carmen T. Rivera, FAP Educator, 787-707-3698 or via e-mail: carmen.t.rivera1@ 7:00 am. Reservations are required. For SHARP Program related information call Ms. Wilda Díaz, FAP Manager, 787-707-3709 or via e-mail: Call 787-707-3682 to sign-up. AR-600-20 for military personnel only, response to victims of abuse EMERGENCY HOTLINE: 787-406-4222 Please contact the


Child,Youth & School Services

JUNE 2010

Piano and Guitar Lessons

4 Classes per month $80.00 For more details call 787-707-3787/3434

paths designed to help participants determine whether said career paths are viable choices for their future. Who is eligible? 15-18 year old teens with a parent who is either active duty Army or a DOD civilian employee on Fort Leonard Wood. You must register with CYSS and the HIRED program Coordinator Apprenticeship Program The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program provides 1518 year-old youth with meaningful, professionallymanaged career- exploration opportunities in Morale,Welfare and Recreation (MWR) operations.

The EDGE program Out-of-school enrichment opportunities for children and youth (grades 1-12) to experience, develop, grow, and excel by participating in cuttingedge art, fitness, life skills and adventure activities, known as Art EDGE!, Fit EDGE!, Life EDGE! and Adventure EDGE! Art EDGE! Promotes learning by doing and focuses on the development of lifetime skills through exposure to the arts. Art EDGE! Activities increase creative development while building self-esteem. Fit EDGE! Educates and encourages children and youth to incorporate a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and nutritional awareness programs. Life EDGE! Imparts upon children and youth the skills needed for lifelong growth as well as the exploration of future career fields. Adventure EDGE! Encourages children and youth to embrace the outdoors and nature while being exposed to activities that stimulate relaxation.

Youth HIRED!

Participate in a 12 week apprenticeship and gain experience and knowledge in the workforce! Various jobs include positions in sales, food service, recreation and more! Apprenticeship Program is a workforce-preparation and apprenticeship enterprise designed to meet the employment and career-exploration needs of Army teens 15-18 years of age. What is HIRED? HIRED! encompasses the two main components of the program, “HIRED” - actually working in a paid position - and “Education” - that is, participating in workforce-preparation and secondary-education exploration classes, which prepare the participant for life after high school. HIRED! Apprenticeships offer experiences within distinct career

The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program

Offers valuable paid work experience and training to better equip each participant with the skills needed for a highly-competitive job market. Examples of exploratory career fields in the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program: • Education • Child and/or Youth Development • Marketing & Graphic Design • Library & Information Science • Food & Beverage Management • Pet Care Services • Recreation & Tourism Management • Physical Education • Information Technology • Sports Studies • Sports Management

CYSS and AHS Career Day at the Museum

On May 7th 2010, CYSS and AHS partnered to take 25 teens to an Art Career Day at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. During the Career Day, the youth learned of the possible jobs available at the Museum for people that major in Art and what are the college requirements for the positions.

Child, Youth and School Services cordially invites you to attend the new Child Development Center and SchoolAge Services Facility Open House. When: June 4th, 2010 Time: 10:00 am (1000) Place: Building 1000, Flamboyán Street, Coconut Grove Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico. For more details please contact 787-707-3569. “Our Mission is Caring.” The CDC/SAS Facility Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be July 30th 2010.

More information will be available in our next MWR Live & Explore Issue.

Expedition to The Galaxy Children 1st to 5th grades

Program Activities: • Nature Walks • Water and Fun Days • Environmental Education • Arts and Crafts • Recycle/Reduce/Reuse • Bowling • Sports • Exercises, Fitness and • Outdoor Organized Nutrition Activities • Cooking and Sewing • Team Building Experiences For more details call CYSS Parent Central Services 787-707-3787/3434

CYSS and AHS Community Concert On May 14th 2010, Child Youth and Schools Services and Antilles High School held a Community Concert at Fort Buchanan’s Community Club.

Youth 6th to 12th grades

Program Activities: June 2010 • Paseo Tablado • Movies • Solid Rock • Inflatables • Seven Seas Beach • Gotcha • Horseback Riding • Ice Skating July 2010 • Moisty Park • Water Spout • Cerro Gordo Beach • Arecibo Observatory • Camuy Caves • Catamaran • Canopy • Ola Marina • Movies • Fajardo Inn August 2010 • Water Spout • Snorkeling • Kayak • Luquillo Beach • Water Spout For more details call 787-707-3783/3787

Re-discover the Club


= $29.99

Life, the Universe and Everything in Your Wedding Where do you get your wedding reception ideas? How do you decide between a formal dinner and a buffet? Do you really want to create a seating chart for 200 people? Do you want to embrace the pomp and the circumstance of the receiving line? Where do you look for your wedding reception ideas? The answer to that is a simple one. You look to your own life, the life of your soon to be spouse and you find the a happy middle ground that satisfies you both. The wedding reception is the first major event hosted by you and your new spouse. It’s a function that celebrates your marriage and invites all of your family and friends to celebrate alongside you. The reception is as much for your guests as it is for you. In fact, in many cases your wedding reception will continue after you and your new spouse leave it to head out for the honeymoon. Whatever you decide, formal-informal, large-small, simple or extravagant, the Fort Buchanan Community Club & Conference Center is equipped to fullfill your dreams. We have a highly qualified staff that expeditiously run the operations in the main ballroom, seven bars, and six other private rooms. Our Catering Manager will assist you with every single detail to ensure your wedding reception meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our Personalized Services include:

• An Ample Selection of Quality Food and Beverages • Portable Bars • DJ Service • Dance Floors • Podiums and Microphones • Drop Down Screens & LCD Projectors • Capability for Outdoor Receptions • Safe and Ample Parking

The Regimental Ballroom Occupancy: 450

El Morro Room Occupancy: 90 A beauti-

The Regimental Ballroom has housed the best parties & receptions in Fort Buchanan! This facility offers a dance floor, two bars, a stage, high ceiling with chandeliers, and dividers to accommodate your function’s needs.

fully decorated room. Perfect for small gathering of up to 90 people. Equipped with audiovisual equipment and bar area.

El Caparra • Dining Room Occupancy: 144

El Conquistador Room Occupancy: 90

El Coquí Room Occupancy: 97

El Borinquen Lounge & Patio Occupancy: 85

A great room for gatherings up to 144 people with a beautiful interior skylight,Equipped with audiovisual equipment.

An intimate room for small gatherings. Perfect for lunch meetings for up to 50 people.

El Dorado Room Occupancy: 96

This room is fully equipped with audiovisual equipment. A versatile room that can be used for any event you need. Used on Tuesdays and Thursdays for BINGO.

Full bar available and audiovisual equipment. This versatile room can be used or sweet fifteens (quinceañeros ), formal get togethers or for business trainings and conferences.

This is the party room with pool table, full bar and patio with fountain. Great for any informal event. The room is equipped with three TVs, which make it ideal for watching sports events.

We are looking forward to catering your special event in our fine facility. Our pledge is to offer the best we have to offer to the best customers, YOU and your GUESTS! Call 787-707-3509/3535 or visit us at Bldg. 660, Depot & South Terminal Roads, Fort Buchanan.


JUNE 2010

= $9.95

Dining Out Can Be As Cheap As Eating At Home! (Especially at your Fort Buchanan FMWR facilities)

Do you find yourself in a rut and sitting at home all because you think you cannot afford to go out to eat? This is a common misconception based on under-estimating the true cost of eating at home. Let’s say you want to fix a nice mixed salad, a baked potato, and churrasco steak but do not have the items on hand. You run out to the local grocery and pick up the following: • head of lettuce @ $2.49 (assume 8 servings per head = $.35 per serving) • bag of carrots @ $1.50 (assume 25 servings per bag = $.05 per serving) • bag of spinach @ $2.00 (assume 8 servings per bag = $.25 per serving) • baking potato @ $1.00 (assume 1 potato per pound = $1.00) • 1 LB Churrasco @ $4.50 (1 Lb of flanks teak cooks down to about 9 oz) The cost of your meal is $6.15 right? This is definitely a better deal than going out. Wrong! Your time is worth money! It will take at least ½ hour for you to go to the market. Even at minimum wage, (currently $7.25 per hour), the cost of your meal just went up to $9.75. Now consider that none of the spices, condiments, butter, sour cream etc. are included; let’s add another $.75 for them. The cost of your meal is now $10.75. But wait, we’re not done yet! What about the gas, wear and tear on your car? Add at least another $1.00 for that and you are up to $11.75. OOPs! Forgot about prep time and clean up after; add another $3.75, (½ hour labor plus dish soap), your meal cost is now $15.50. Finally, if you are like me, you will not get anywhere near the number of servings from a head of lettuce, pound of carrots, etc. you think you will. What will happen is you use what you need now, put the rest in the refrigerator to spoil and then throw it out. Let’s add another $1.00 for that. The cost of your stay at home meal is now $16.50 and you did not get to have any fun or socialize in any form or fashion. Considering you can get a steak and potato Friday nights at the Community Club for $10 it’s time for you to get out and have a good time!

by: Jerry Hesby, DFMWR Business Operations Division Chief, Fort Buchanan


The latest

JUNE 2010


AAFES/PX Parking Area, 2:00 pm - 12:00 am Featuring:


• Fireworks • Amusement Rides • Family Games • Kids Show • Video Game Contest • Clowns For information: 787-707-3974/5105/3215

DFMWR is currently looking for sponsors and vendors for the 4th of July 2010 Celebration For commercial sponsorships contact Ms. Mariana Urrutia, 787-707-3703. For food concessions please contact Ms. Estrella Casanova at 787-707-5105. Vendor opportunities are limited so call soon!

For Paid Advertisements and/or Commercial Sponsorship Opportunities please call 787-707-3703/3719 or email:

Millie Quezada

CLASSIFIEDS SECTION RENTAL SPECTACULAR SUB PH Apartment with Balcony in Condado Area available immediately. Beautifully decorated. Fully furnished and equipped with NEW appliances including washer, dryer, stove, r e f r i g e r a t o r, microwave, wine cooler, central air conditioning. Ultra modern furniture including living room, dining room and bedroom sets. Electric generator, and water tank for the whole apartment, 1 covered parking and panoramic elevator. Just steps away from the beach and tourist areas. Ready to move in! $1,500 monthly. Price includes maintenance. 787-292-1319/787-613-1319.

House for Sale 259K Bosque de las Palmas Bayamón 4 Rms, 2.5 Bath. Excellent neighborhood, screens on all Windows, sliding doors w/screens, Garage door (rollup), garage closet, transfer switch for generator, external closet in cement, gates of iron and carport to patio, 6’ cement fence with lamps (14). Alarm system, water tank of 600g, cement terrace w/Italian tiles n’ ceiling fan, landscaping, sprinklers, AC ceiling fans all rooms. Complex has 24/7 security, Clubhouse, pool, tennis and basketball courts, walking trail and others. For more information contact Raymond Delgado 787-379-1346. Garden Walk Up For Sale 195K Condominio Lago Playa Toa Baja, 3 Rms 2 Baths. Excellent Neighborhood right off route 165 twds Dorado. 24 hour security, living room, dining room, laundry, indoor gated balcony w/fabric shades, storm shutters, landscaping. new appliances, s t o v e , r e f r i g e r ator, dish washer, microwave/ extractor, food disposal,

safety windows, 3 AC units, 3 ceiling fans. Complex offers gym, gazebo, tennis court, kids ground, basketball court, swimming pool. For additional information contact Lilliam Maldonado at 787-525-4666.

Marina Bahia, Cataño. House for sale near Buchanan, 3 rooms/2.5 Bathrooms, gated community, 24/7 security guards, totally renovated bathrooms, kitchen, and floors, large terrace with family room, security windows and doors, 20 kW diesel power generator/ transfer switch, water purification system, appliances, 5A/C split units, laundry room. 2-car garage and other extras. Tel. 963-0369 or 787-439-4242

FOR SALE, Los Paseos Area, PH Walk up, 3 levels, 4 rooms, 2 baths & 2 half baths. Fully equipped with A/C Units, appliances, shutters and black outs. 1st level: Living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry and 1/2 bath, 2nd level: 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, 3rd level: family room, 1/2 bath and outdoor terrace Pool, gym, tennis and basketball courts, plus 2pkgs. Located in the San Juan Area closed to the highway, supermarket, drugstores, walking distance from restaurants and much more. For details call 787-292-1319 787-613-1319 Sylvia RealtyMartha Torres LIC. 9555

DFMWR Live and Explore Newpaper June 2010  

Ft. buchanan Live and Explore MWR Newspaper for the month of june 2010.

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