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The Buccaneer Bulletin, a member of the Empire State School Press Association, and The Quill and Scroll, is published periodically by the students of the Oswego High School, 2 Buccaneer Blvd.; Oswego, New York 13126; (315) 341-2200. It is intended as a vehicle to inform, educate, and entertain the student body. Opinions expressed are those of the students and do not necessarily reflect those of the administration or the advisers.

On the Cover: OHS students Anthony Losurdo with father Jim Losurdo and Camden Proud with father Tim Proud are pictured with the small block supermodifieds they race. Special thanks to Oswego Speedway Public Relations Director Dan Kapuscinski for helping to orchestrate the photo shoot.

Buccaneer Bulletin


. . . to OHS Student Council’s t-shirt fundraiser for Copper Levine. They raised $2,212 and the club rounded the donation up to $2,500. . . . to OHS alumnus and former Buccaneer Bulletin staff member Catherine Wells for winning the Harborfest 2014 graphic poster design. . . . to the district wide pinwheel fundraiser. Money raised will go to the Child Advocacy Center of Oswego County for prevention programs and to continue services for abuse victims, some of whom are our own OCSD students. . . . to Oswego capturing the County Cup, take that Fulton! . . . to the Junior Variety Show. All of the performances, emcees and promposals were great. . . . to the Environmental Club for cleaning up more than a ton of garbage during the OCSD Earth Week Clean Up project.

. . . to New Visions graduation being the same day as the senior picnic at Seabreeze. . . . to the confusion of the prom venue due to the construction at the HewittUnion ballroom. . . . to the unseasonably cold weather. The temperatures and the rain have caused several sports cancellations. . . . to the seniors on the girls’ lacrosse team having to miss the 100 days celebration to their trip to Disney for spring training.

May 2014

Editorial In Our View . . .

Focusing on the road is always the best policy as your life depends on it At the beginning of April, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state budget was passed. Cuomo’s budget proposal included harsher textingwhile-driving penalties for teenaged and new drivers. Drivers who are under the age of 18 or have a probationary license will see their driving rights suspended for 120 days on a first texting conviction and suspended for a year on a second conviction. We, at The Buccaneer Bulletin, know that texting and driving is not uncommon, but we urge teens not to partake in it. Not simply because of the threat of a suspended license, but due to the real reason for the new law; there are many dangers associated with texting and driving. 82% of American 16 to 17 year olds have a cell phone, and 71% of them have admitted to texting while driving according to Many teens do not see a problem with texting while driving, but texting and driving makes a car crash 23 times more likely. Some teens think that texting is safer than talking on the phone while driving. This could be because teens in New York have grown up believing that talking on the phone while driving is extremely dangerous as New York banned it back in 2001. Texting and driving was not banned until 2007.

Many teens also do not see texting and driving as a big deal simply because their parents do it. 15% of teens have admitted to seeing their parents text while driving, and 48% admit to seeing their parents talk on the phone while driving. Some teens also find ways to justify their texting and driving habits. Teens state that they hold their phones near the windshield, increase Motor Vehicle Accidents following distance, and only text at a stop sign or All Other Causes stop light. But looking away from the road Suicide for just a few seconds can seriously impair the driver’s Homicide judgment and awareness of the situation. When teens are texting and driving, they spend about 10% of their time out of their designated lane. While these percents may seem small, the number of catastrophic accidents due to texting and driving is not. In 2011, 1.3 million car crashes were caused by texting and driving, and in 2012, 3,328 people were killed in car crashes caused by distracted driving. We, at The Buccaneer Bulletin, want to encourage the students of OHS not to text and drive under any circumstances. Your friends and family would much rather see you alive than get your text saying that you are on your way.

Life does not have to cease for students who choose to drink

With prom season arriving and students planning driving drunk are so much worse. their nights, we all know that all the fun will not be If you are still worried about an adult’s questions clean. or consequences, a useful service in every town are It is no secret that underage drinking is a popular taxis. Although they may not be yellow and all over activity with high school students. Coming to terms like in the Big Apple, they will still pick you up and with the fact it is almost get you to your destination impossible to stop drinking safely. High school is just from happening we, at The A taxi to go anywhere Buccaneer Bulletin, just in Oswego will cost no more the beginning of an want students to be safe and than $10, and if split with a absolutely do not want them to individual’s life. friend, even cheaper. This drive while under the influence way it is ensured that you will for any reason. arrive in one piece. Instead of driving, there are plenty of options There are plenty of options when one is under one can choose to have a safe ride home or to their the influence. We, at The Buccaneer Bulletin, feel destination. Most teenagers have been told by parents that mistakes happen, and we have seen students in or an important adult in their life that no matter what the past receiving DUIs or DWIs due to their poor time of day or night it is to call them if they need a choices along with many students being injured in ride. accidents that resulted from drinking. Many do not jump right to that thought because High school is just the beginning of an of the consequences of drinking underage, but we, individual’s life; prom night should not be the end of at The Buccaneer Bulletin, feel the consequences of a teenager’s long journey still ahead of them.

Buccaneer Bulletin


What’s Your Opinion?

“Is drinking or texting worse to do while driving?” Cheyenne Myers Sophomore

“Drinking is because your vision is messed up and you can’t see right.”

Michael Farden Senior

“I think that they’re equally bad and there isn’t much difference.”

Lauren Boshart Freshman

“Drinking is worse because you aren’t fully aware of what’s happening around you.”

Ryan Smith Junior

“Texting is worse because when you drink and drive you are slightly more aware than when you text and drive.”

Mrs. Subert Staff

“I don’t think I can make a choice because they’re both really bad. The end result for either could be death.”

May 2014



Students leave their hair behind to support cancer research pub in Manhattan and raised $104,000 By Elizabeth Sincavage with just 19 shavees. Since then, Editorial Editor Every year, there are about 10,450 the foundation has managed to raise children under the age of 15 diagnosed $125,251,567 between 2005 and 2013. with cancer in America. Worldwide, a Since 2000, there have been child is diagnosed every three minutes. 230,000 shavees 22,700 of them While childhood cancer is include selfless women. becoming more common, it is also On March 30, Oswego held their becoming more treatable due to the own St. Baldrick’s event at the Lake extensive amount of research that has Ontario Event & Conference Center been done over the past few decades. at the Best Western Captains Quarters. This research wouldn’t have been The event had a total of 231 participants possible without the foundations and which included both shavees and organizations that work to provide the volunteers. necessary funds. Oswego High School staff members Although childhood cancers have and students participated. A few of the become more treatable than in the past, teams that were involved were: Team cancer is the leading cause of death by Sadie, Team Josh and Oswego JV disease for children. Lacrosse. Each year, about 1,550 children in Joshua Brown was a tenth grade America diagnosed with cancer will student at OHS. After six years of lose their battle. battling brain cancer, Brown passed Childhood cancers are different away in February of 2014. He was the from adult cancers. Childhood cancers inspiration behind Team Josh. cannot be treated the same way and Cassidy Taylor, a senior at OHS, little can be done to prevent them since was a participant on Team Josh. the cancers cannot be related back to When Taylor was asked what any lifestyle inspired her to choices. become a shavee By the she stated, “ A time 80% of lot of people children have ask me that been diagnosed question or say with cancer, that they would the cancer has do it if they already spread knew someone to other areas of with cancer. I the body. just don’t want The St. to have to wait Baldrick’s to lose someone Foundation is an really close to organization that do it.” works to provide The loss of funds through hair does not donations for appear to be a childhood cancer tremendous loss research. The for her, either. St. Baldrick’s “Hair is Foundation a small thing PHOTO BY ELIZABETH SINCAVAGE raises money in compared to Cheyenne Diaz has her head shaved a unique way. everything else with Team Josh at the St. Baldrick’s The foundation that cancer takes event in Oswego on March 30. allows its away,” Taylor participants or stated. “shavees” to collect donations from Jonathan Parkhurst, a sophomore at others in exchange for a promise that OHS, was also on Team Josh. He was they will shave their head at a St. inspired to become a shavee because Baldrick’s event. he thinks that St. Baldrick’s is a good Since certain cancer treatments cause. lead to hair loss, Mrs. Heidi St. Baldrick’s is a Sheffield, an English “Hair is a small way of showing teacher at OHS, thing compared to the team captain was the children who of everything else that Team Josh. She was are affected by treatments that cancer takes away.” also a shavee and a “bald is beautiful” This was ~CassidyTaylor volunteer. and that they are her second time as a OHS senior and shavee shavee. not alone in this battle. Alexandra The St. DeSacia, a senior at Baldrick’s Foundation was founded OHS, was inspired to become a shavee by businessmen in 2000. It was a by five of her family members who had challenge between the men to give each fought a battle with cancer, four of back to the community after all of their which are survivors. success. The first event was held in a DeSacia lost her grandfather to

Buccaneer Bulletin


OHS freshmen Michael Meaney and Mark Schuffenecker join community members to shave their heads for childhood cancer. Cosmetology students from BOCES volunteered to help shave and gained valuable experience.

cancer two and a half years ago, which so many people getting their heads inspired her to become a shavee. shaved for so many different things. It She was also inspired by, “The fact made me feel like I made a difference. that a lot of people our age and younger It was an absolute honor to get to be struggle through this disease everyday.” a part of St. Baldrick’s this year and I DeSacia said, may raise money “Being a shavee Each year, about 1,550 and shave my for St. Baldrick’s next year,” children in America head day can show the said Castigilia children that are Shavees diagnosed with cancer struggling that often receive will lose their battle. we support them, comments such and during such as, “I could never a hard time, support can be amazingly do that!” or, “You are so brave!”, but helpful.” they simply see it as “just hair” and If someone would like to be know that it will grow back. a part of Becoming St.Baldrick’s a shavee is but not shave something that their head, most people will there are other not regret once ways they they do it and can make a some will even difference, choose to do it such as being again in the years a volunteer or to come. actually shave The heads. atmosphere of Gabriela a St. Baldrick’s Castiglia, event is simply a junior at amazing. OHS and a Throughout cosmetology the event there are student at so many different BOCES, emotions that volunteered are experienced. to be a part of Happiness, PHOTO BY ELIZABETH SINCAVAGE sadness, and St. Baldrick’s by shaving a sense of Joshua Elia, a fourth grader from KPS, heads. accomplishment, shaves his head for the second time. all in the same Castiglia’s grandfather passed room. Just being there is a moving away from lung cancer, which was experience. Whether you are an inspiration to her to volunteer. volunteering, shaving your head or Castiglia was excited to be part of this donating, you are helping the world experience. become one step closer to being a “It was so much fun. I got to see cancer free place.

May 2014



Regents Diplomas are not helpful in preparation for the “real world” By Lisa Kanbur

Entertainment Editor

With a new and improved New York State Regents Diploma, achieving all the requirements needed to graduate is getting harder. State examinations are more complicated and challenging courses are changing the curriculum. Students are learning more and more each year they return to high school, and some ask the age-old question, “When will we use this in real life?” Offered at OHS is an abundance of advanced placement and honors courses with difficult and elaborate curriculum. Some students find themselves struggling a little, but in the end, they pull through and take the Regents Exam at the end of the year. Demanding that you relearn everything you were taught from September to June, the Regents Exams are dreaded by some, but others will study as much as they can for the two hour tests. Although some may argue that the classes are teaching real world knowledge, others may question the common sense gained. Sure, finding the area of a triangle is a breeze, but how will that help after graduation? Few classes are offered based on the topics of business and finance and those might just be the most important classes of all. They inform students about the current happenings of the world around us and how to make financial decisions when they get older. Freshman Natalie Chubon disagrees with the curriculum currently being taught to students. “I don’t think this information would benefit me

eventually. I would want to be taught something more useful to me.” Chubon stated. Many people agree that personal finance should be taught because studies show that a lot of adults today are struggling with debt. Credit

score is very important in adult life, and some individuals do not bother to check it even though it can help with financial decisions in the future. Others make an argument that social skills, such as interviewing and job skills should be taught as well. After graduation and college,

landing jobs becomes very competitive. The social skills taught at a young age will help get that dream job and possibly earn promotions that, of course, will come with a bigger salary. Being taught how to do taxes is another topic that graduates agree they should have learned. According to the United States Department of Education, in 2010, the most popular college major was business with 358,000 students whereas only 7,700 students were involved in engineering and 5,100 in physical sciences and science technologies nationwide. With this large number of students in the business field, it would be essential for them to have the type of knowledge that aided them during their career along with background knowledge that they can refer to later. Because of the increasing difficulty of some Regents Exams, students are choosing not to go the science or math route but instead into fields that eventually lead to easier careers which make more money. Careers with a large income include financial advisers and managers and accountants. The amount of common sense students have is lacking and in these careers, it will be essential and employers will expect students to have it as the types of decisions they will be required to make are going to be difficult. Regents Diplomas may be useful for some, specifically those who plan on entering science and mathematical fields, but as studies show, it is not that common and that number is decreasing every year. Students would benefit more from information being taught that would eventually serve as background knowledge in the future and be useful in everyday life.

Middle schoolers forced to face new learning standards By Elizabeth Sincavage

high school. This is all in an effort to try to keep Common Core Learning Standards up with the rest of the world. have caused an uproar nationally How can we “catch up” with the among teachers, parents and even rest of the world if the students do students. not even understand what they are Students who are currently at the learning? middle school level find themselves Luckily for middle schoolers, there struggling to understand the CCLS for are several apps that they can turn to several reasons. that are aligned with CCLS are Luckily for middle schoolers, there are several apps that they can turn CCLS. designed to Apps to that are aligned with CCLS. Apps such as Maths Toolbox, Graphs, such as Maths progress as the school year goes ExploreLearning and Matchmatics exist to help them improve their Toolbox, Graphs, on as well as skills in math. Apps such as Evernote, Youth Voices, uVocab Vocabulary ExploreLearning when grade levels and Matchmatics Trainer and The Learning Network exist to help them improve their skills exist to help increase. Middle students improve in language arts. school students their skills in were taught with math. Apps such different learning standards and were A group of anonymous eighth not understand the questions either. as Evernote, Youth Voices, uVocab unable to experience the progression of graders at Oswego Middle School For most middle schoolers, they Vocabulary Trainer and The Learning the CCLS. Instead, they were thrown complaining about the new CCLS had can forget asking a parent (unless Network exist to help them improve into the learning standards with little nothing but negative comments. they are a teacher who understands their skills in language arts. knowledge about the topics that they “Common Core exposes us to CCLS) because their parents will not Middle Schoolers will continue to were learning. This has caused great harder stuff at a younger age when we understand it either. struggle with CCLS. While many of deal of confusion. are simply not ready for it,” one student If you have ever seen any middle them hope that the standards will be Many administrators, teachers, said. school level CCLS worksheets, you abolished, they will have to continue to parents and students would probably “It ruined my math grade,” stated would probably notice that they cover push through it. agree that CCLS should have been another student. topics you did not see until you got to Editorial Ediotor

Buccaneer Bulletin

implemented in the lower grade levels at first and eventually work their way up through each grade. Doing so would have allowed for the implementation to be more successful because the students and teachers would have more time to understand the material that would progress with them into the next grade.

Middle schoolers often find themselves lost trying to complete their homework. They may ask a friend, but most of the time that friend is just as confused as they are. When they ask older friends or siblings in high school who excel in the topic with which they need help, they find that the person they asked does

May 2014


Columns/ Feature

Do not be a downer, save a life, be an organ donor

Organ donation: a gateway to saving the lives of others when you can no longer be saved yourself. According to, every 13 hours someone dies waiting for an organ donation so not nearly enough people are signed up to even be organ donors. I have danced with organ donation, and while I have not received nor yet given an organ donation, the process has still affected my life and taken a toll on my family. Years ago, when I was in third grade, my grandpa began having serious health issues concerning his heart. He had to have many procedures and undergo his fair amount of surgeries before he was finally put on the waiting list for a new heart. Three years later, a match was found. Most people who end up being donors usually suffer from some kind of illness to the head that leaves them with no possible recovery. While there may be no helping someone who is already essentially brain dead, it is possible to harvest their organs and surgically transplant them into someone who could not live without them. While that sounds kind of scary, it’s a necessity. If there was nothing that could be done for the organ donor, they would die with or without the organ being harvested. Lives can be saved with this option without harming anyone. So why is it that organ donation is something that a person has to opt into

instead of opting out of? This simple way of saving a person’s life should have more support and maybe even be required instead of just a suggestion for people. Realizing that some people have religious conflicts with organ donation or just plain feel wrong about having their organ in another person’s body even after their untimely departure, I understand that. I am not saying that a person’s religion or wishes should be ignored in order to save someone else’s life. A person has the right to their own body-dead or alive. But what I am saying is that when PHOTO BY JORDAN OATMAN I asked people about whether or not Sadie Wilson, daughter of OHS security guard, Mike Wilson, was diagnosed with Acute they were an organ Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was just 23 months old. Above are Sadie’s Beads of Courage where each bead represents a surgery, blood work, or treatment that she has gone donor, a majority through. Different types of leukemia and cancer are only a couple of the major medical issues of the people responded that they that can cause a person to need an organ transplant. didn’t know or said or not. By the time the decision gets consider for their future, whether they no simply because they didn’t know made, it may already be too late to may need to have the transplant or or understand how to indicate on their harvest the organs and transplant them give the organs. license that they wanted to be an organ into another body. Lives that could To become an organ donor, make donor. have been saved with those organs are sure you indicate what you wish done For those who are willing to donate not. on your license when filling out the but are unsure of how to, when the time Organ donation is one of the paperwork, and let your loved ones comes for them to pass on, the hospital big things that affects everyone and and doctors know that organ donation has to go to their loved ones and decide is something that everyone should is important to you. whether they are to be organ donors

Malaysian officials handle flight debacle disgracefully By Rachael Purtell

Prior to the search of the second area, families received a text message informing them that they Irresponsible governing by Malaysian officials has must assume that everyone on board was dead. resulted in the devastation of 239 grieving families and These grieving families are demanding to see proof left the rest of the world completely dumbfounded. and families of the Chinese passengers were invited to On March 8, flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines went a meeting that promised to answer all their questions. missing during its route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing Malaysian government officials felt that the carrying two pilots, ten crew meeting was successful, but members, and 227 passengers. After a month, no solid leads have been found suggesting the attendees felt that it made For the families and others little progress because it was wondering how this plane could terrorism, fire, or any other on-board emergency. All so brief and they had limited have mysteriously vanished, the passengers were cleared in any role of hijacking or opportunities to ask questions. a near month long investigaAfter a month, many theories tion produced next to nothing. sabotage or having any mental illness or personal issues are circulating because there is not Authorities have confirmed that may have played a role in the plane’s disappearance. enough evidence to take hijacking that communications with Flight or mid-flight disaster off the table. 370 ended mysteriously and Some even believe that Maseemingly purposely in the middle of the Beijing-bound Three different areas near Australia were the laysia’s air force may have accidentally shot the flight. Satellite data suggest that the plane then turned focus of the search and rescue effort within the first plane down and now the wishy washy investigation around and flew back over Malaysia prior to terminat- month of the plane’s disappearance. The first was is the Malaysian government’s attempt to cover it up. ing somewhere in the vast southern Indian Ocean. completely abandoned because weather conditions Nonetheless the world will not know what caused the After a month, no solid leads have been found sug- made it difficult to search and the lead was fairly weak. disappearance of Flight 370 until the wreckage is found gesting terrorism, fire, or some other on-board emerAll that was found in the second area was sea trash. and the recordings from the black boxes are reviewed.


Buccaneer Bulletin

gency. All the passengers were cleared of hijacking, sabotage or having any mental illness or personal issues that may have played a role in the plane’s disappearance. Authorities reported that nothing has been found out about either of the pilots that would suggest a motive and that a flight simulator found in one of their houses proved to be inconclusive.

May 2014



Should students swim in physical education? By Lisa Kanbur

Entertainment Editor


By Victoria Armet

It is a well known fact that the aquatics unit required in gym class is one of the most dreaded things by many students. Some students just do not like it at all, others do not feel it is necessary to learn, and some simply cannot swim and the entire unit proves to be a challenge. Another issue is with the co-ed classes. Some students may not feel comfortable swimming with the opposite sex. Being grouped with the other gender does not help the fact that some students are just not comfortable with their bodies at this time in life. After swimming is finished, the locker room is crowded and wet, and students have difficulty getting ready in the limited amount of time before their next class. This issue is partly due to not enough time being given to get ready, and that task is made even more difficult because of the slippery, wet floors. This proves to be a hazardous area, and if a student were to become injured because of the condition of the floor they would not be able to participate in the rest of the unit altogether. Students who cannot swim are forced into a situation they are not entirely comfortable with, and the various strokes taught could be hard for them to pick up if they have no previous experience with that type of swimming. Afraid of venturing into the deep end, the shallow end is usually where they stay for most of the unit. Another important issue is students with an allergy to chlorine. Symptoms include irritation of the eyes, dry skin, constant coughing, sneezing, respiratory failures and nausea. The manifestation of the symptoms are delayed because they have to do with the biology of the cells in the human body. Thus, most people are unaware of their allergy to chlorine unless they are directly exposed to the chemical. It is easy to tell if someone is allergic just by observing the symptoms, some of which are more dangerous than others, such as respiratory failure. As for the students who think that the entire unit is unnecessary, they go in with a hostile attitude and dread the days when they have to swim. This antagonistic attitude was displayed when a petition circulated saying the aquatics unit should not be included in the physical education curriculum. It received more than 300 student signatures. Oswego High School has around 1400 students, and 300 is a good portion of the total number. Many students agreed with this important issue and the petition should have been taken more seriously than it was when it circulated. While taking into consideration the other students who are not swimming while some are, the locker room proves to be an uncomfortable place when they are trying to avoid getting wet and do their best to carefully step over the gathering pools of water on the locker room floor. Having gym class early in the morning only makes this whole situation harder because people are tired and therefore not paying to everything happening around them. This only makes the whole slippery floor ordeal worse. These students are then uncomfortable throughout the entire day and feel like they are never really dry. It is proven that the teenage brain takes around two hours to fully wake up. .This state of sleepiness is not beneficial for students with an early gym class as something could easily go wrong in the pool. While some may argue that swimming is an extremely useful skill, others don’t feel the same way and would prefer that they could refrain from putting themselves in an uncomfortable environment.

Buccaneer Bulletin

Alumni Editor


There has been a great deal of controversy lately surrounding the swim unit in gym. Although most students feel it is their own personal form of torture, swimming is a life skill that is necessary for anyone who lives or ever will live on a body of water. Considering the fact that we live right next to Lake Ontario, everyone should learn how to swim. Physical education class helps teach students strokes such as elementary backstroke and side stroke, which are survival strokes. This enables people who would otherwise drown to survive if they ever find themselves in water they cannot stand in. Skills such as floating and treading water are also reviewed which are meant to help people survive. These skills only benefit those who learn them and there are some people who would never learn them if it was not for swimming in PE. For the girls who complain about their makeup and not being able to wear nice clothing on days that they will have swim, is it really necessary? No one absolutely needs to wear makeup and if you feel that you do, most teachers give students enough time in the locker room to apply some. As for the clothing, there seems to be a trend of leggings or jeggings which can both be worn instead of sweatpants. Instead of complaining, find ways to accommodate yourself so that you can look the way you want to. Also, keep in mind that everyone in your gym class is swimming and they do look the same as you at the close of class. A common complaint around the school is that the PE teachers do not give students enough time to change. First, they have been doing this for a while and by this point, they know how long it should take the average student to change. Second, as long as you actually use the time to get ready instead of wandering around or talking to your friends, then you should have plenty of time. Lastly, if you are taking longer than the allotted time, maybe you should think about what you are doing that is not necessary. Most people do not enjoy smelling like chlorine, but do you need to take a shower? Try perfume, cologne, or something similar to get the same effect. Some people are not comfortable with their body and that is understandable. Yet, swimming is a life skill and no one should sit out simply because they do not want to swim with the other gender. Life is co-ed; you cannot avoid it forever. It is like swimming at the beach; it is not divided with separate sections for men and women. As for the doctor’s notes, you are only hurting yourself. The unit is not long enough for people to make such a big deal out of it. If you are truly allergic to chlorine, hurt or sick, then you have the right to sit out. However, if you are just trying to get out of swim because you just do not want to, then hopefully you do not plan on living on water during your lifetime. There is no reason to sit out of something as simple as the swim unit. Recently, The Buccaneer Bulletin received an email referring to our thumbs down in the March/April issue about the swim petition. First, the thumbs are meant to be the opinion of the staff but feedback is always appreciated. The person who sent the email was very adamant PHOTO ILLUSTRATION about the petition containing 300+ signatures. BY LISA KANBUR Although it is completely allowed for students to do so, swimming only lasts about two weeks. That is only about five to six classes. Swimming in gym teaches us skills we may need in thefuture, so why do people insist on getting rid of it? Even though your arguments may seem valid to you now, what will happen when you are the only person at the pool party who cannot swim? All the excuses students use as reasons to get rid of the swim unit are all things they can fix themselves by actually thinking it through.

May 2014




Optical illusions, known more appropriately as visual illusions, involve deceptions. They are possibly the most difficult things to understand because of the way they change the perception of how an image looks. Eyesight involves energy matter and neurological network that can give us false information sometimes. These illusions capture the shift between what your brain perceives and what your eyes see. Any number of things can cause this shift, like the arrangement of images, effect of colors and the impact of a light source. Seeing actually takes place in the brain and not the eyes. The brain puts together nerve impulses that flip the image right-side-up and allow us to see. However, everyone has different perspectives on how they look at things, so not everyone will see optical illusions the same way. It is possible for some illusions to not be visible to one person but

be visible to the person next to them, depending on how their brain perceives them. Scientists believe this can either be because of different cultures or the physical traits of the eye and how it picks things up. Illusions were shown to two groups of people in Uganda. People who had never been exposed to images were not fooled by the illusions, but people living in the city who were familiar with photographs and drawings did see the illusions instead of what was actually there. This leads to scientists believing that it is not just how your eyes and brain work together, but that past experiences can play a part as well.There is not just one kind of illusion. There are perceptual, paradoxical or impossible illusions, distorting and ambiguous. Within these categories fall more types, leaving the possibilities limitless for creating these.

Stare into the center of each image to experience Troxler’s fading. PHOTOS COURTESY OF GOOGLE IMAGES

One kind of perceptual illusion is Troxler’s Fading, or Troxler’s Effect, which was discovered by Ignaz Paul Vital Troxler in 1804. It involves focusing on a particular point, and after about twenty seconds or more, a stimulus in the peripheral view fades away and disappears. This effect is enhanced if the stimulus is small, blurred or has low contrast, and it works best the further away the stimulus is from the fixed point. The general principle of this illusion is that in sensory systems an unvarying stimulus soon disappears from our awareness. You can place a small piece of paper on your forearm and you will feel it for a few seconds but soon after you can no longer feel it. If you move your arm, though, creating a varied stimulus, then you can feel the paper again. This concept works with images as well. An example of this is an image of blurred varying colors of low contrast surrounded by white. If you were to stare at the colors for half a minute without shifting your focus, the white edges would appear to fade in on the colors, causing them to disappear slowly until the image is gone entirely. Buccaneer Bulletin

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Another illusion that causes parts of an image to disappear is called motion-induced blindness, more recently discovered in 1991 by Ramachandran and Gregory. How it works is very similar to Troxler’s Effect, but involves an image having one moving part and one stationary part. When focusing on a certain point of the stationary part, the moving part will cause it to seem as though the surrounding stationary parts are disappearing. There are optical illusions, though, that appear as though they are moving but do not actually have any moving parts to them. Illusory motion, or motion illusion, is caused by the arrangement of an image. Circles can be placed in a certain manner that will cause the image to look like the circles are spinning. With the way the brain and eyes work together to see images, we become tricked with this idea when nothing is actually moving. Pareidolia is a much more common type of illusion, though most people probably would not realize it is. At


some point, everyone has tried to look for images in the clouds or has found a face in the bark of a tree. These are actually illusions because the reality is that there are no rabbits in the sky or trees with facial features. Pareidolia is not limited to just being a trick of the eye. The deception can also be found in sounds, such as hidden messages when a recording or song is played backwards. The visual illusion of pareidolia can also be found more often in art. Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an artist who created art like this, such as his painting titled “The Jurist”. In the image shown there is not really a person there, though it is created by a certain arrangement of images that make it look as though Arcimboldo painted a person. If you look at the images individually it is clear that it is just a bunch of different things put together, but when placed in the way Arcimboldo chose, our mind jumps to the idea of seeing a person there.

Optical illusions as an art form are rather popular. Billie Jo Peterson, an art teacher for Studio in Art, Ceramics and Sculpture, has had Op Art in her curriculum for several years now. She says, “I have always loved Modern Art, which Op Art is a part of. It can be applied to everything I teach. It is a great way for students to learn about color theory, design and especially craftsmanship, because the illusions won’t work unless you are precise while executing them. Illusions trick and confuse the mind so try to imagine creating one yourself or trying to make a copy of an already existing one into an art piece. It can be difficult to get what you want by the end of it, but the results are amazing. Peterson adds, “There is a high success rate for these projects. Most students love the fact that they can follow a few simple rules and make something that looks ‘so cool’. I often have students who want to make more than one Op Art piece.”


May 2014


Walking the Plank

Meet Oswego’s own soon-to-be Wimbledon victor

By Drazen Schrecengost Business Manager

Buccaneer Bulletin: What is your full name? Jacob Gerber: Jacob Edward Gerber, but some people just call me Baby Gerbs. BB: Is this your first time being featured in a newspaper? JG: Yes, this is my first time. BB: How would you describe yourself in three words? JG: Fashionable, hardworking, and reserved BB: What is your favorite thing about high school? JG: I like hanging out with my friends specifically in the lunch room. That’s my area of choice. BB: What is your least favorite thing about high school? JG: Getting up in the morning. I hate waking up, but everything after that is good. BB: Where do you see yourself ten years from now? JG: I want to be an eye doctor, an optometrist because I want to work with people, but I want to make a lot of money. BB: Is that your dream job? JG: No, my dream job is being a professional tennis player, but that could probably never happen. I want to play maybe division three tennis. BB: Do you play any other sports? JG: Yup , soccer and basketball BB: If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why? JG: Frosted Flakes, because “they’re grrrrrrrreat!” BB: What is the most reckless thing you have ever done? JG: I went golfing with Alex Hassaig and Noah Wells and the cart almost flipped over several times. People almost died. BB: What makes you happy in life? JG: That would be my family. I have a mom, a dad, and two brothers. And a cat. BB: What would you say sets you apart from everyone else at OHS? JG: My fashion, I guess. I think I have a pretty unique fashion sense. BB: If there was ever a movie made based on your life, who would play you and why? JG: Ryan Reynolds, because everyone says I look like him. BB: Who would be your ideal for Woman Crush Wednesday? JG: I’m going with Candice Swanepoel. She’s a Victoria’s Secret model who wore a million dollar bra. BB: If you had to choose a Man Candy Monday, who would it be and why? JG: Easily Zac Efron. In High School Musical, he is the greatest actor of all time. BB: If your house caught fire and you had to get out in a hurry, what three things would you save? JG: I would save my cat because I

Buccaneer Bulletin

don’t think she’d be able to get out. I’d save my phone, because I need it and my tennis racquet. BB: Do you have a role model? Who? And why is he/she your role model? JG: My mother because she has a lot of advice and she teaches me a lot about life and how to handle situations. BB: What do you think the future will look like? JG: Completely the same. I’ll be older, but everything else will be the same. Not one difference. BB: What kind of vacations do you enjoy? JG: My mom likes to call it gallivanting. It’s where you go from place to place and make a whole trip out of it. Last summer we went to, like, six different places. Actually nine. We started in Pennsylvania, then went to New Hampshire, then Baltimore. We went to Scranton, the town on which The Office is based on. BB: What do you think people think of you? JG: I think I come across as pretty confident, but I’m actually really shy and reserved. BB: What is your favorite food? JG: Steak. BB: How do you like your steak cooked? JG: Medium. I like the pink in the middle. BB: Not

BB: If you had to live in a foreign country for a few years, what country would you choose and why? JG: I would go to England because they have really good colleges ther, and I’d want to see what it’s like there in case I ever wanted to study abroad in college. BB: What is your biggest pet peeve? JG: People who walk slowly in the halls. I’m a really fast walker and people who walk in slow motion just make me mad. BB: What’s the best advice you have ever received and from who? JG: “Put yourself first,” by Connor Sheffield. BB: Do you try to live your life by these words? JG: Nope. I just asked Connor if he wanted to be in the next paper and he said yeah and gave me that quote. BB: What is something most people don’t know about you? JG: I think I’ve seen more The Office

mediumrare? JG: No, mediumrare is, like, completely pink. I like mostly pink. I love it juicy. BB: How did you get into tennis? JG: I didn’t want to do track at all, but I wanted to do three sports and be a three sport athlete and I figured tennis might be fun. BB: Which do you enjoy better; doubles or singles? JG: Singles BB: Are you an early bird or a night owl? Night owl. I stay up really late but not during the week. I’ll stay up ‘til eleven on school nights. BB: What do you like the most about living in Oswego? JG: Well, I was actually supposed to move as a kid. Our family was talking about moving, but I made a lot of friends here, so it made it kind of hard to leave.

episodes than anyone in this school. I’ve seen season one through four at least ten times, then beyond thatc every episode at least five times. And I can quote pretty much every episode word for word. BB: If you could have a superpower, what would it be? JG: I’d want to be able to fly because I just think that’d be the coolest experience. BB: If you could change the world in some way, what would you do? JG: I’d probably end hunger. I hate to see people go hungry. I also hate when rich people waste a bunch of money on houses. Like, I saw some guy spend 100 million on a house and that could feed so many people. BB: What sort of extracurricular activities do you participate in? JG: I do Youth Court, and I was just accepted into NHS. BB: What’s your biggest fear? JG: Snakes. I hate snakes. BB: Is there any advice you’d like to pass down to underclassmen? JG: Yeah, I have two. The first one is that you’re only young once, so don’t try to grow up too quickly. And the second one is don’t be like Trevor Bradshaw in chemistry. Don’t add too much luminal. Editor’s note: “Walking the Plank” is a regular question-and-answer feature of the Buccaneer Bulletin. If you know a student or staff member who you would like to see walk the plank, contact Tara Stacy a


May 2014



Teens are out of hand when dealing with parents best friend being rude to her mother during Homecoming Weekend of my freshman year. I was spending the night at her house because my parents were out of town for the weekend, and they did not feel comfortable with me staying home alone. Her mother picked us up from the dance since we were too young to drive ourselves home. The dance was at Leighton and my best friend’s mother had parked in the senior parking lot at the high school in order to avoid the traffic rush from all the other high school parents picking up their children from the dance. Now, it was the middle of October so it was cold and drizzly out, but we only had to walk about half a block so it should not have been a big deal, right? Wrong. Instead, my friend complained about her mother and cussed her out during the three

loses his temper for my personal entertainment. Would I ever do that to an ill-tempered teacher that I have? Absolutely not. Therefore, I fail to show the respect that I do to adults in the high school to my own father. I am probably even worse about being respectful toward my mother than I am toward my father. My mom has the worst singing voice in the entire world; she rewrites the definition of Take a moment and ask yourself how many tone deaf. countless times your mom or dad has dropped When my mom used to drive me to school you off at school, picked you up from practice, in the morning, she would often sing along to or brought you anywhere else you wanted to go? whatever was playing on the radio (loudly and Now, how many of those times have you very off-key) and I would flat out tell her to shut sincerely thanked them for it? For most average up. teenagers, the answer is “not very many.” Even My mom refused to accept this level of if a teenager is polite and well-behaved in school disrespect and my inappropriate actions led to and respectful towards adults, they often do many unnecessary and childish arguments and not display the same courtesy with their family fights between my mother and me. members, especially As I said before, their parents. we are impulsive As the impulsive and judgmentally challenged creatures teenagers and judgmentally As the impulsive and judgmentally are, we often forget to treat the most important people in our lives challenged challenged creatures teenagers, but we as we should. teenagers are, we are also getting often forget to treat older and closer to the most important the end of living at people in our lives as we should. minute walk across the street to her car. When home. We often fail to think about this and our I’ll never forget when my grandma said, “It’s we got in the car, my friend was not as brutal as parents’ secret fears that we will leave and never often the people we love that we end up hurting she was on the way over, but she said enough to come back. the most,” because she hit the nail on the head her mother to make me extremely uncomfortable Our parents are going to miss us when with that statement. Since we see our parents and enough to make her mother feel badly. we move out, leave for college or move on to almost every day and are so used to them doing I felt that the whole ordeal was ridiculous whatever the next chapters in our lives holds. things for us, we begin to take them and the all and uncalled for, and I felt really badly about the We also fail to realize that we are going to miss the things they do for granted as we get older. way my friend spoke to her mother. them a lot as well. As we appreciate them less and less, we stop I, however, am no exception to this rule. I We should be spending our final years living bothering to extend even the common courtesy often forget to treat my parents with respect and with our parents appreciating what they do and that we do to the rest of the world to our own appreciate every single thing they do for me. For the time we have with them more than we have parents. example, my dad has a little bit of a short fuse in the past rather than starting fights and hurting I distinctly recall an example of my and I occasionally enjoy instigating him until he them with our lack of respect and appreciation.

I was going to write a headline but I am suffering from a severe case of senioritis and it is highly contagious

When entering high school, you hear a lot about the seniors with their pranks and other fun activities they get to enjoy during their last year of high school. Senior year may seem like all fun and games, but if a student has not experienced the struggle of senioritis during their senior year, then they do not fully understand how difficult it is. Senioritis is just a made up illness, but as a senior in his final quarter of high school, I will tell you that it is very real and very serious. In the past I have had everything from the common cold to mono, but senioritis is the worse illness I have

Buccaneer Bulletin

ever come down with. Even when zero motivation anymore. just seem impossible. writing this article for Journalism, I Senioritis is constantly joked Depending on how you choose waited until the very last second to about, but as the end of the year is so to spend your senior year, the finish. I do some of my best work in close and the graduation countdown difficulty differs. Some students the late hours, but when you leave is now into the double digits, that is have a full day with no lunch, every assignment for the last minute, all a senior sees. where others pick the shortest day they start to pile up and affect your There are perks to this second possible with just the essential performance. semester like prom and the 100 days classes. For both students, any work I have picked my college for celebration, but those are only two you get is just redundant because next year and have most students are found a roommate. mentally over the After finalizing I do some of my best work in the late hours idea of senior year those decisions, my are just waiting but when you leave every assignment for and motivation dropped to graduate. the last minute, it starts to pile up and affect to an all time low and Personally, I I am not even sure believe I have had your performance. how I get half of the senioritis since things done that I kindergarten, and have accomplished. days on the long road of the year. the struggle has just gotten worse During senior year I decided to It is unbelievable that senior year with every passing year but senior take New Visions, which is an honors is almost over but that does not make year is definitely reserved for the program with college classes and senioritis any easier. most severe case of senioritis. internships throughout the year. Since Junior year is by far the hardest When individuals are joking it is an honors program that means year academically because a student about it, just remember that it may I take honors classes that require a is pressured with all sorts of classes be a made up illness, but it is very lot more maturity. That has kept me that determine the type of diploma real. Beware of senioritis; it can get somewhat in check, but I still have they will receive and the classes the best of you.

May 2014


Artist of the Month

Scholarly senior dabbles in fine art and graphic design By Rachael Purtell Webmaster

Sarah Hoefer is a fantastic example of why it is never too late to unveil one’s artistic talents. “I have been drawing since my freshman year, but I didn’t really get into it until my sophomore year when I took graphics and this year I am taking two independent art studies in both graphics and fine arts,” said Hoefer about her artistic career. In her short time as an artist, Hoefer has already developed a love for both graphic design and fine arts. Although it takes longer, Hoefer prefers to work with colored pencils and graphite when working with fine arts because it requires more detail-oriented work. Hoefer said, “… prior to that I wasn’t as comfortable in fine arts so I worked a lot in graphics which use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, but I work mostly in Illustartor because it features more drawing than editing.” “I really am most interested in colored pencil still lifes and selfportraits because I feel that it really shows a lot about yourself as opposed to graphics because it’s more difficult and it takes a lot longer therefore you have a lot more to show for it,” said Hoefer. Some of Hoefer’s favorite colored pencil pieces that she has done include “Picture Perfect,” “Three Ring Binder,” and “Beautifully Broken.” “Picture Perfect” is one of Hoefer’s self-portraits where she is posed laughing while holding a camera. “Three Ring Binder” is another self-portrait in which Hoefer can be seen with a surprised expression and her hand across her mouth. “Beautifully Broken” is a still life that shows a rose with a beautiful, seemingly perfect bloom and a stem that is shattered into several pieces. Her two favorite graphic designs pieces are “Happiness” and the tee shirt she designed for this year’s Oswego City School District Faculty and Staff Dodgeball Tournament. “Happiness” depicts an inspiring message through an intricate design of symbols and various styles of writing reminding viewers that “Happiness is a direction, not a destination.” Hoefer’s tee shirt design for the dodgeball tournament included orange, black, and white writing spelling out “live, love, LIFE Fight Against Pediatric Cancer for Coop.” All the proceeds from the event supported OHS alumnus Cooper Levine and his family. Hoefer is also very successful in her

Buccaneer Bulletin

academic life. She has taken numerous Advanced Placement courses for college credit including World History, American History, Psychology, English, and SUPA Economics as well as Honors English. She is also in the Aspire Higher program which has allowed her to take college courses in philosophy and sociology at the SUNYPHOTO BY RACHAEL PURTELL Oswego campus. Hoefer’s latest but unfinished piece, pictured below, was inspired by her loving, yet lazy beagle, Lucy. Lucy helps her cope with the stresses of long days at OHS, work, and college. “I think that it is important to grandma because she always pushes me art therapy is probably going to be a big show that you can do rigorous work, but to do what I believe is right and not just part of that,” said Hoefer. I also spend all of my free time in the art what other people think and to do what I She is interested in attending room,” said Hoefer. want and be my own person and express Universtity of Rochester, SUNYHoefer is a member of National my individuality.” Oswego, St. John Fisher University, and Honor Society, which requires her to do “Mrs. Martin inspires me the SUNY-Brockport, but she has received many hours of community service. most… she really was the one that substantial scholarships to both St. John She has played soccer throughout got me into art because she made me Fisher and Brockport. high school as a defender and earned a continue to take classes after Studio Art “I spend a lot of time talking one First Team All-League Award this past and she got me into graphics because on one with Mrs. Martin. We have fall season. she thought I would like it and I did become really close over the past few but I got back into fine arts because I years and that is what made me stick liked that as well.” with art the most, her pushing me to do “Mrs. Warren is better. She also talks to me about a lot probably the most of other things about my life and about realistic teacher I have my future and that is probably what has had. She’s the most stuck out the most in my artistic career.” ‘down to Earth’ and “The first time I won something for I really appreciate art was really great… the day I won the what she’s done for Scholastic Art prize, I really enjoyed me. She’s shown that,” said Hoefer. me what’s right and The Scholastic Art and Writing what’s wrong and Awards have grown to be one of the what the right path most prestigious recognition programs is to take in life. for creative teens in the U.S., and the You have to make nation’s largest source of scholarships your own decisions and for creative young artists and writers that you have to stick with since they began in 1923. them.” Hoefer won an honorable mention “Mrs. Martin has also been a big at this year’s Scholastic Art Awards for part of my life and she’s given me her piece titled, “Three Ring Binder.” advice from watching her kids go Hoefer also won an honorable mention through college. Mr. Caswell has also for this piece at the Salmon River art given me a lot of advice about college,” show on April 6. said Hoefer. “I really like my piece “Three Hoefer also spends many hours Hoefer has not yet committed Ring Binder,” which won the prize at a week at St. Luke’s nursing home in to a college but she wants to earn an Scholastics and I also really like another dietary. “I put in a lot of hours at St. undergraduate degree in psychology. colored pencil piece I just finished Luke’s every week which gets pretty She is torn between art therapy and called ‘Beautifully Broken’ because it stressful with all my school work, but I going to medical school to become a shows how much I have grown in using still make time for my art,” said Hoefer. psychiatrist. colored pencils as I have changed a lot Hoefer stated, “I admire my “I want to work with children, so and gotten a lot better at them.”

May 2014



Dystopian society leaves viewers on the edge of their seats

Yet another extremely successful book series has been turned into a movie franchise. The first novel of Veronica Roth’s best-selling trilogy Divergent hit the silver screen on March 21. Books to films often face the challenge of including enough details to please fervent fans while maintaining a narrative speedy enough to hold the audience’s attention. Divergent is all about identity and finding one’s true self despite society’s idea of who and what they should be. It is quite typically set in a rigidly structured dystopian future and one defiant girl will either be its savior or destroyer. However, the performances by Shailene Woodley and Theo James make the movie very interesting and entertaining. Divergent takes place 100 years from now in a fenced-off, post-war version of Chicago, Illinois where the social hierarchy has been broken down into five groups of people defined by a single cardinal personality trait called factions. The factions include the peace loving Amity, the brutally honest Candor, the frighteningly intelligent Erudite, the modest and selfless Abnegation, and the daring and fearless Dauntless. In this rigid society each adolescent must take a test in order to determine which faction fits them best. Not surprisingly, our main character Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Woodley) has inconclusive test results

which labels her as Divergent and a dangerous threat to society because she is not easily controlled. The instructor manually enters her results as Abnegation and tells Tris that she can never tell anyone, even her parents, that she is Divergent. On the day of the Choosing Ceremony these adolescents are expected to use their test results in order to select the faction they will identify with for the remainder of their lives. Tris decides to choose Dauntless so she can unleash the wild streak that she has been forced to suppress as a result of being raised in Abnegation. However, this means she cannot change her mind and that she can never see her family again. Unfortunately, at first she struggles to fit in with her newly chosen faction and faces the threat of being left abandoned and factionless. As mentioned above, Dauntless is characterized by bravery and fearlessness and they act as the society’s police force, although there is no apparent or obvious threat to this rigid dystopian society. Whatever this impending threat is, it requires them to scream a lot, run everywhere, and constantly practice parkour. Despite the doubts of the harsh Dauntless leader

Eric, played by Jai Courtney, Tris works her way up the rankings and learns to shoot, throw knives, jump from moving trains, and control her mind in a series of stimulations of her deepest fears allowing her to remain in Dauntless. She also begins to fall in love with one of her trainers, Tobias “Four” Eaton (James) which adds a more womanly aspect to her already interesting character. Unfortunately, everything starts to go downhill fast for Tris when she realizes that Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) has teamed up with Eric in an attempt to overthrow the government presently run by Tris’ old faction Abnegation. To accomplish this, Erudite created a serum to inject into the members of Dauntless which turns them into mindless drones, responding only to the whim of their ruthless leaders. Because Tris is Divergent, the serum does not work on her but she realizes she must play along, at least at first, to avoid being murdered for posing a threat to Jeanine and Eric’s plan. Tris panics when she sees Four in line with the rest of the members of her faction, but he eventually gives her a sign that he is Divergent as well and therefore also unaffected by the serum. Eventually, Tris and Four manage to thwart Erudite’s plan of takeover, but it is not without the cost of the lives of Tris’ parents and some of her friends, one of which she actually is forced to kill herself. The movie comes to a close when they are forced to leave their city for a dangerous and unfamiliar outside world, leaving fans wondering just what is coming next. Stay tuned.

Non-Stop flies away from being just another typical thriller

Although many see Non-Stop as yet another Liam Neeson popcorn movie thriller, it actually has some unique aspects and a plot twist worth watching. It plays well on the very real and present post 9/11 paranoia that many Americans still feel every time they get on an airplane. The movie is centered on Liam Neeson’s character Bill Marks, an ex-cop turned US Air Marshall and the threats he receives via text message while on a non-stop transatlantic flight from New York to London. Marks receives anonymous text messages on what is supposed to be the air marshalls’ secure network during the flight and this anonymous person threatens to kill someone on the plane every twenty minutes if 150 million dollars is not moved into a special account.

Buccaneer Bulletin

What is unique about this film is that the audience views all these text messages as post-it note like flashes up on the screen while a clock counts down each twenty minute increment as well. The anonymous messenger makes incessant jabs at Bill Marks’ personal problems such as his drinking problem, nicotine addiction, and deceased daughter in order to convince him that his threat is legitimate. As promised, when Marks refuses to move the requested money into the account, someone dies twenty minutes later, but it is not in a way the audience may see coming. Marks begins to suspect fellow Air Marshall Jack Hammond (played by Anson Mount) as the one sending him these threatening text

messages. When Marks confronts Hammond about this, Hammond attacks him and Marks is forced to kill him. Marks immediately receives a text message telling him to reset his watch for another twenty minutes. As the movie goes on, Marks does everything he can think of to keep the passengers safe while desperately trying to discover who the perpetrator is without much success. After the plane’s captain and another passenger are killed, Marks discovers a bomb on the plane and initiates the standard explosive protocol. Meanwhile, the rest of the country believes that Marks himself is the hijacker and, unfortunately for him, some of the passengers get wind of this via national news and begin to

believe it themselves. The passengers attempt to subdue Marks and take his weapon from him but he manages to convince them that he is innocent and some of the more intelligent passengers attempt to help him disable a bomb. Shortly after, it is revealed that two of the people who agreed to help are the ones responsible for the hijacking, and also that the hijacking was never about money. With a gun pointed at Marks’ chest one of the hijackers explains that he has family who died in the 9/11 terrorist attack and he never planned on getting off the plane. The hijackers also planned to make Marks look like he was the one responsible for this hijacking from the very beginning because they claim, “… security is this nation’s biggest lie.” In the end, Marks is able to land the plane safely and save everyone on board thus clearing his name. This movie was an enjoyable, edgeof-your-seat, action packed thriller and the surprises throughout the plot made it fun to watch.

May 2014



Green flag drops on 2014 season at Steel Palace By Alex Borland Layout Editor

The Oswego Speedway opened for its 64th season of racing on Saturday, May 3. The International Super Modified Association (ISMA) took to the asphalt at the Steel Palace in the “Irish” Jack Murphy Memorial Race. Defending supermodified track champion Otto Sitterly began pursuit of his seventh championship. If Sitterly were to win, he would be tied with Steel Palace legends Jim Shampine and Bentley Warren for the second most championship titles in Oswego Speedway’s history, and only one championship behind Nolan Swift, who holds eight. There are multiple drivers looking to remove Sitterly from his throne in 2014. Shaun Gosselin hopes to continue his strong finishes as he picked up his first two feature wins in 2013. He also finished third in the International Classic. Joe Gosek finished second to Sitterly in points last year and hopes to have an equally good season in 2014. Gosek went without a feature win in 2013. Other drivers looking to compete for wins in 2014 are Randy Ritskes in Jeff Locke’s number 37 and Joey Payne who is driving the number 99 for Graham/Strong Racing. Jessica Zemken will be running full-time in 2014 driving the number 11 for Graham Racing. She is the first female to run full-time at Oswego since Jennifer Chesbro in 2004. In 2013, Zemken became the first female to qualify for the International Classic, where she finished 23rd. Small Block Supermodified (SBS) Russ Brown looks to extend his own

record for most SBS championships after securing his fifth track championship in 2013. The 2014 SBS field includes two students from Oswego High School,

wrong place at the wrong time. Losurdo ended the season on a bit of a hot streak. He drove his number one car to a top ten finish in five of the last six feature races of the season.


Small block supermodified series rookie driver Camden Proud enters turn three at Oswego Speedway during a practice session.

junior Anthony Losurdo and freshman Camden Proud. Losurdo is entering his second full season at the Steel Palace, while Proud is a rookie. The start to Losurdo’s 2013 campaign was not the smoothest. He finished outside the top 10 for the first half of the season. Losurdo had a great deal of bad luck when he got caught up in a number of accidents that were not his fault. He happened to be in the

During that stretch he put up his best finish of the season, second place during Race of Champions weekend. Proud is making the transition from quarter midgets to the SBS series. The open practice on April 26 was not the first time Proud was behind the wheel of his number 54 car. Last year, he tested twice at Oswego Speedway and once at Evans Mills Speedway. Proud was turning

laps in the 19.7 and 19.8 second range consistently. Oswego Speedway has a number of big races throughout the season. The next big race is on Memorial Day weekend, May 24. The races that day include Richie Evans 75 lap memorial race by the ROC Modifieds, the Jim Shampine 75 lap memorial supermodified race, and the Tony White 35 lap memorial SBS race. ISMA returns to the Steel Palace three more times throughout the 2014 season onJune 7, July 12, and August 30. July 12 is King of Wings VI. The ISMA series has a 50 lap feature that day, while the SBS series has a 35 lap feature. August 2 is the annual Mr. Supermodified/ Mr. SBS race. The race offers a $10,000 dollar prize to Mr. Supermodified and a $1,500 prize to Mr. SBS. Labor Day is the biggest race weekend for Oswego Speedway with three days of racing. Friday, August 29 is Fast Friday, as the Fast 14 from the supermodified division time trial race to see who takes the pole for the International Classic. The Super Six in the SBS do the same for their classic. The day concludes with the ROC Modified Classic 100 lap race. Super Saturday, is a jam-packed day of racing. The TQ Midget Classic, SBS series has their 75 lap Classic, and the ISMA series returns for the final time in 2014 for their 60 lap feature. The weekend concludes on August 31, Classic Sunday, as the supermodifieds hold the 200 lap International Classic.

College level sport forms union to protect players By Emily Hurlbutt

worry about injuries resulting directly or indirectly from the strain of practicing between forty and sixty On March 26, the Regional Director of Region 13 hours a week. Varsity players are not guaranteed for the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the scholarships if they are injured and cannot play. Northwestern University football team was entitled to This is problematic for the significant number form a union. of players who can only afford to receive a higher The team petitioned to form a union for education with the scholarships that schools award representation at Northwestern University. The to skilled players. Many players who live in poverty majority of the team signed the depend on these funds to receive a paperwork, and it was submitted in degree. Those advocating for the decision said that January to the National Labor Relations While some athletes receive a full Board. ride for school, they still have expenses while the players are students, they should also Those advocating for the decision for travel and personal needs that are be considered employees of the school because not covered by their university. This said that while the players are students, they should also be considered they are not allowed to seek employment of any creates a problem for students because employees of the school they attend varsity athletes at the NCAA level are not kind. because they are not allowed to seek allowed to seek employment. employment of any kind. College football Colter said in an ESPN interview has become a commercial enterprise. that the decision was, “...a huge success Schools profit significantly from ticket sales at games to fight for the right to unionize in the name of safety for not only Northwestern football players but for and from the sale of team merchandise. and well being of all college athletes and hoped that college players around the nation.” He said that the Northwestern University, the NCAA, and the having a union would benefit the players significantly. decision had the potential to protect college athletes Big Ten expressed that they all disagreed with the One point that supporters of the unionization whose rights are violated because the players have decision. They said that while changes are being attempt brought up was the high risk of injury been unable to voice their problems successfully in made to the rules, collective bargaining is an associated with playing contact sports. Many players the past.


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unnecessary method for changing them. Northwestern intends to appeal the decision. Kain Colter, who is a former quarterback for the Northwestern football team, led the movement to file for a union. After taking a class about the modern workforce, Colter was compelled to initiate the legal battle. Colter said in interviews that he was motivated

May 2014




Buc Sports Flashback 1 year ago... (2013)

* The softball team finished last season with a record of 7-13. * The team’s coach was Ronald Ahart. *Seniors on the team last year were Vicki Race, Kenzie King, Sarah Mancuso, Courtnie Purce, and Lindsay Ramsey.

5 years ago... (2009)


* Port City Performance was a popular place for Oswego High School athletes. *The gym had been open for two years, and many students trained there. * PCP was looking for a larger facility to accommodate more people at one time. *The facility provided equipment and training for over 100 community members. * The gym was owned by OHS alumnus Derek Dillabough.


Many college athletes enter the NBA draft before finishing their college career. Whether this is good or bad is debatable. without a college degree and at such a young age floors me. I think they should have an associates degree in some sort of major. I think that there should be an age limit on the draft to try and balance out the talents. The age limit should be around 21 in my opinion because that’s around the age most people are out of college, and it is also the legal drinking age. Recently there has been a trend of talented How much fun would it be to go out with the college freshman basketball players leaving college team and be the only person not able to drink due to for the NBA draft after playing just one year of being underage? college ball. Some kids get great scholarships for all four Many big names in today’s NBA have come years of college but straight out of their never complete their freshmen year of schooling by entering college. They would do A plus side to entering the draft is the draft early and not anything to make their college. first million dollars. the money. However, the signing completing Some sort of degree Some of the players bonus can just mess with the beyond high school who have gone on to should be mandated to become great heroes for young athletes heads. enter into the draft.. people everywhere have A plus side to come out of Syracuse entering the draft is University. the money. However, Everyone has heard the buzz about freshmen the signing bonus can just mess with the young Tyler Ennis going into the draft before finishing athletes’ heads. school. We all know that he is the not first to upset Young, new talent is hard to come by and, in my fans by entering the draft before finishing college. opinion, young freshmen are entering the draft so Carmelo Anthony, Michael Carter-Williams, they can take the easy way out and make big bucks and Johnny Flynn are a few examples of freshmen sitting on the bench. On average, most freshmen entering the draft before finishing college. don’t start right away unless the team is in dire need. The fact that they are allowed to enter the draft

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10 years ago... (2004)

* The Fulton-Oswego rivalry was sparked once again. * The Oswego team was really looking forward to the football game that would take place the following fall. * The coach, Matthew Bianchi, was an Oswego alumnus and played football during his high school career. *Bianchi was excited for the event and hoped that the rekindling of the rivalry would spark new motivation for the players.

15 years ago... (1999)

* A forum about high school sports teams was a part of Syracuse Online. * The fan forum affected the Oswego varsity baseball team,because of discussions about the coach, Tom Frawley. * There were many criticisms on the site, but the coach and the team were unphased, and instead focused on the usefulness of the statistics about the team on the site.

20 years ago... (1994)

* Varsity swimmer Dave Garrow achieved his goal of becoming the best diver in New York State. * Garrow’s coach, Linda Beyer, described Garrow as dedicated and hard working. * Garrow finished the season with a first place victory in the states competition. * The accomplished athlete said that he was relieved that the season was over with such a strong finish.

May 2014

Buccaneer Bulletin Sports Volume 2 Number 6

Oswego High School’s Student Voice

May 2014


By Isabella Winklestine Sports Editor

Senior Kerrigan Cummins has been playing lacrosse for nine years. Cummins’ love for lacrosse all began after she realized softball just was not for her. Ever since then lacrosse has been Cummins’ love as she begins her third year on the varsity lacrosse team. Cummins is a two sport athlete who has been a varsity soccer player for two years. She believes soccer has helped with lacrosse immensely because the two sports are so easy to relate. Being a goalie, Cummins’ role on the field is to lead the defense in communication and energy. Even the best athletes need improvement, Cummins included. Her goals for this season are to improve her foot work and work on mental toughness. Overall Cummins’ wants to have a better and more positive mind set. If the varsity lacrosse team keeps up their solid defense and good communication Cummins believes they will succeed this year. She says the goal is to make it to sectionals. Cummins has a great future ahead of her, as she recently signed with St. Bonaventure University to play lacrosse. There she will major in Psychology. What drew Cummins to St. Bonaventure was the homey feeling and how nice the team, coach, and professors were. Although Cummins is excited for college she will miss the support from fellow high school students before every game. Having played lacrosse for many years, Cummins has learned many lessons such as discipline, communication, responsibility, and leadership. Cummins thanks her brother and sister for being her inspiration and leaders. “My brother and sister paved the path for expectations. Although they set high standards, it pushed me. They were my guidelines along the way,” said Cummins. For all the athletes out there looking to take their talent to the collegiate level, Cummins has some great advice. “Send footage of you playing to many coaches. Don’t be bashful to contact them because they don’t have time to look for you. Train as much as you can, everything helps,” stated Cummins. Through all the years of lacrosse, Cummins’ favorite memory was being pulled up to varsity in eighth grade and going to states with them. “That team was unstoppable.” Laura Bateman the varsity girl’s lacrosse coach compliments Cummins, “Kerrigan’s most valuable asset is her ability to fill a leadership role. Her experience allows her to direct the defense while fulfilling her position in goal.”


Three year varsity lacrosse player Ryan Martin has been playing lacrosse for fourteen years. His father got him involved when he was just four years old. In fifth grade Martin started playing attack and has been dominating ever since. Leading the varsity team last year in goals, Martin had a total of thirty eight goals. He hopes to improve his number of goals by getting at least fifty this year and twenty assists. Martin’s job on the team is to direct the offense by setting up formations or plays. By playing for teams such as the Finger Lakes lacrosse team last year and the Onondagas Red Hawks box team since sixth grade gives Martin even more experience. Martin is taking his talent to the collegiate level next year by playing for Walsh University. There he will major in physical education. Martin said he picked Walsh because he liked the feel of the school and was excited to contribute to their fairly new lacrosse program. Martin hopes that this year’s team will make it to sectional championships if they continue to play well together and work on commitment. Being involved with lacrosse for fourteen years has taught Martin a lot. “I’ve learned that there’s always a new game and you can’t win them all,” said Martin. Martin said his biggest inspiration is his parents, “They are always making me push myself to get better.” Said Martin. Martin will miss all his teammates and coaches and all his favorite locker room memories. JV lacrosse player Rory Henrie looks up to Martins skills on the field. “Ryan is a very smart player and leader on the field. He has great stick skills and you can always count on him to score,” Stated Henrie. PHOTO BY JORDAN OATMAN

Editor’s note: “Athlete of the Month” is a regular feature of The Buccaneer Bulletin to showcase some of the top athletes here at OHS. If you know a student who you think would deserve to be an athlete of the month, contact Isabella Winklestine at

May 2014  

This is the May 2014 issue of the Buccaneer Bulletin, Oswego High School’s Student Voice.