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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Property Owners/ Developers *Gary Taylor - Chairman Founding Member, Altitude e: Stephen Evans Consultant, Dandara e: *Tim Flodin General Manager, Hyatt Regency e:

Paul Rutherford General Manager, ICC e:

Nigel Clarke Manager, Reflex e:

Martin French Local CEO, NatWest e:

City Centre Neighbourhood Forum

Birmingham City Council

John McDermott Committee Member e:

Councillor Carl Rice Ladywood ward e:

Business Representatives

Councillor James McKay Harborne ward e:

*Sharon Reilly Company Secretary, GVA e:

West Midlands Police

*Andrew Cox Director, Mitchells & Butlers e: *Richard Marsh General Manager, Novotel (Accor Group) e:

*Chief Superintendent Commander Clive Burgess e:

The BID Team Mike Olley Broad Street Manager e: Nichole Samuels Marketing, Communications and Events Manager e:

Leisure Forum (Pubs/Clubs) Mark Tanner General Manager, Figure of Eight e: *Details are correct as at 31st March 2013; position has changed since this date.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN This has been a year of challenge, achievement and considerable progress. In 2005, businesses in the Broad Street and Brindleyplace areas voted to become a Business Improvement District (BID). The work of the BID continues at great pace and we are on track to meet our objectives against our second term’s (BID2) business plan. Now well established into our second term, I am delighted to report that the new Library of Birmingham is now open and is set to become a major visitor attraction, already gaining extensive national and international media coverage. We have also seen the completion of the initial re-shaping of the central part of Centenary Square, which was undertaken as part of the works for the Library of Birmingham. The BID has established a group of major occupiers and property owners to work alongside Birmingham City Council to ensure the square is well managed and maintained. This will lead to a much wider re-modelling of the square that promises to have an positive impact on traffic and transport

connections. This is likely to be one of the most profound changes to the BID area since the construction of the ICC in the 1980s. I am also delighted to report that we have seen much investment in the area over the past twelve months, with four new businesses opening their doors to the public and the confirmation of an extension of the Metro to Broad Street. We are always keen to hear your opinions about the work that we are doing. The Broad Street team welcomes your input and you can reach a member of our management team seven days a week. If you have any questions, please call the BID office on 0121 439 1923.


Gary Taylor Chairman, Broad Street BID. enhancing - connecting - developing



May 2012 Malkit Singh, Walk of Stars

June 2012 Up-lift of litter bin’s and lamp post’s

July 2012 Flower planting

August 2012 International Jazz Festival

September 2012 Jaki Graham, Walk of Stars

October 2012 Purple Flag Awareness week

November 2012 Royal British Legion Poppy appeal

December 2012 Ellie Simmonds, Walk of Stars

January 2013 BOBS Awards 2013

February 2013 Launch of Birmingham Mail ‘Out & About’ features on Broad Street

March 2013 Wardens find missing Walsall schoolgirl


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

VISITOR SURVEY 2013 A survey is conducted each year so that we can monitor public perception to the work carried out by the BID. The survey provides a measurement of the public’s awareness on such issues as environmental concens, safety and security, facilities, attractions, transport, and accessibility. Interviews are held throughout the week and weekend at different times of the day, from 7.30am to 2am at locations across the area.

Feeling safe


Similar to previous years, this year’s survey demonstrated that many visitors and employees in the area recognise the improvements that the BID has made to the area. Visitors rated the following in the area as good or very good: -

Availability of black cabs

Street lighting – 89% Street washing and cleanliness – 85% Feeling safe – 93% Atmosphere and buzz – 87% Availability of black cabs – 92%


The survey also highlighted:

- 37% of interviewees visited the area for leisure -

and entertainment 42% of interviewees were either working in the area or attending conferences 56% of interviewees visit Broad Street at least weekly, and more than two thirds visit at least fortnightly

Atmosphere and buzz

87% enhancing - connecting - developing



Enhancing the area’s appearance has always been a priority for the BID. Our continued investment in spectacular floral displays helps to create a vibrant and welcoming environment for visitors and workers alike. We work in partnership with Birmingham City Council to improve and enhance the displays in and around the area. This year, we spent more than £22,000 on tens of thousands of additional flowers - an increase on the 2012 budget, exceeding even the high standards we set for ourselves. We are proud that our commitment to enhancing the area helped Birmingham to achieve its overall Heart of England Britain in Bloom Award and to be the Gold Award winner in the international Entente Florale competition.

Loving the flower towers on @ MyBroadSt Well done guys!

@ethosflower 8

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013


The brighter, safer, cleaner vision of BID1 has continued well into BID2. This year, the BID spent more than ÂŁ15,000 on replenishing tree lights, which were originally installed in 2007. A comprehensive assessment of the original lights identified that the majority needed to be repaired or replaced. We endorsed the installation of state-of-the-art LED technology that will provide longer-lasting, energy-efficient lighting and a brighter atmosphere for visitors.

enhancing - connecting - developing


ENHANCING CLEANER Since BID was established in 2005, it has placed cleanliness and maintenance of the area at the top of its priority list. With Broad Street attracting millions of people each year, we recognise the demands of keeping the area clean and tidy. With our partners and Birmingham City Council, we have continued to invest in regular streetcleaning programmes. Street washes are undertaken four times a week and there is stringent litter control as well as regular deep cleans to remove chewing gum and stains. We work closely with cleaning operatives to ensure that a first class service is delivered at all times and that the highest standards are maintained at all times. Without a doubt, the BID’s ‘keep it clean’ approach makes Broad Street a brighter and cleaner place.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013


The Warden team is an integral part of the Broad Street provision. The team members offer a friendly welcome to thousands of visitors, making them feel safe and secure. The evening team of four dedicated wardens work Tuesday to Saturday evenings, from 5pm to 3am. A team also patrols the area during the week, from 8-10am. The team members are often seen giving directions and offering pastoral care to night-time visitors. For many, the Warden team is the public face of the BID, working closely with our partners to provide support and general visitor services. Two of our wardens, Peter Wilkes and Tim Milnes, were honoured this year by Birmingham City Council for their role in finding a missing schoolgirl. They were each presented with outstanding achievement awards for going above and beyond their duty when

they rescued a schoolgirl who had been missing for several days. There had been a high-profile media campaign about her disappearance but thanks to the vigilance of the wardens, she was returned safely to the authorities and reunited with her family. In the twelve months to 31 March 2013, our Street Wardens have offered assistance 24,882 times in the Broad Street BID area. - Responded to an average of 2,074 requests per month – 38% increase on last year’s figures - Each Warden deals with an average of 479 requests per week Top five reasons for needing help were:

1. Crime 2. Hospitality 3. Street Management 4. Business Visits 5. Partnership Work

enhancing - connecting - developing


TAXI MARSHALLS On key nights throughout the year, Taxi Marshalls ensure over 2,500 people arrive home safely in over 800 taxi. This logistical operation enables a smoothier egress from Broad Street, making it a safer and better organised place to visit. In previous years this service was formally provided by the City Council, however in recent days the BID has taking full managing control receiving a subsidy from the City. The Taxi Marshalls work on Friday and Saturday evenings from 11:00pm to 4:00am. They also work Bank Holiday Sundays (reduced hours) and if needed will work past 4.00am weekends. The work of a Taxi Marshall is demanding. They essentially keep good order in the advertised rank and ensure that passengers have access to a taxi in a peaceful and ordered manner. We recognise the importance of this process we are aware that passengers will not queue in an orderly manner which can lead to conflict between passengers. Taxi Marshalls also have to deal with the consequences of drivers who refuse to take passengers, which can be for a raft of reasons including; general intoxication or inability to negotiate a fare.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

CRIME REDUCTION ON BROAD STREET The safety and security of visitors to Broad Street is a high priority for the BID and its members. Our BID area welcomes 15,000 people every day and that number can rise to 60,000 in a single day during busier periods. It is thanks to the partnership work of the BID – co-operating with members, the police and a host of outside agencies – that helps to keep crime rates in the Broad Street area very low. In fact, from a statistical point of view, Broad Street is possibly one of the safest streets in the UK. The following graphic is an analysis of data taken for a six-month period to 11 October 2013 (Official Police Crime Statistics).


Overall crime – this is any criminal activity occurring in the BID area.

DOWN by 1.2% -


fewer than five crimes a day in the entire area.


Violence without injury – this is anything from pushed to throwing a drink over another person.

UP by 10% - over the

period, just one such offence occurs every four or five days.


Violence with injury – severe wounding such as broken bones, stabbing etc.

DOWN by 23.9% - a fantastic reduction in the level of serious crime. That’s less than one crime a day. Business crime – this is any crime against a business and includes crime against a vehicle that is owned by a business, such as a lease car.

UP by 44% - this represents only 131 related crimes over the period, less than one crime every two days.

The police also measure levels of public satisfaction. Of those surveyed about the Local Police Unit that covers Broad Street, 72% said officers did a good job.

The BID’s proactive approach to partnership working and crime reduction programmes played a vital role in helping Birmingham to secure its ‘Purple Flag’ status for the third year in a row. The Purple Flag (like the blue flags given to beaches) is a scheme that recognises excellent management of the night-time economy in towns and city centres.

enhancing - connecting - developing


BROAD STREET CRIME SURVEY Broad Street BID operates its own crime survey, which follows the dynamics of the much-acclaimed British Crime Survey. It is regarded as a very accurate measurement of crime in the BID area. The Broad Street Survey has operated for less than a year, so no comparative data is available, but we have asked people who work in the area for their views and so far there is a 78% satisfaction rating. In May 2013, we held a crime seminar, which was chaired by Reflex Manager, Nigel Clarke. The event attracted more than 50 business representatives from across the BID area. Dr Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, a criminologist from the University of Birmingham, provided context to the discussion, and he was accompanied by panellist Inspector Stuart Bill and Superintendent Richard Baker (Crime). The seminar unveiled some of the issues surrounding crime in the UK and there were discussions about the statistics that are used to measure crime. Key points included: the changing city environment, due to a downturn in the economy; and a change in the types of recorded crime. For example, the theft of mobile phones is slowly increasing as handheld technology becomes more desirable. Businesses responded positively to the seminar and we have pledged to deliver more sessions.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

ENHANCING CITY PASTORS The City Pastors scheme was launched three years ago and is now well established in the BID area. It complements our vision of improving safety for visitors to the area and continues to grow. The City Pastors team comprises locally based volunteers, who work on Friday and Saturday nights with the Broad Street Warden team. They provide a welcoming presence and offer safety advice to visitors. This scheme has already given Broad Street over 2,500 additional hours of a respected safe, and welcoming presence for our visitors, receiving much positive feedback for their efforts. The success of pastor scheme has caught the attention of other BIDs across the city and some have expressed an interest in introducing their own programmes. This year, Southside BID adopt its own programme after acknowledging our success, which saw our experienced Broad Street wardens training a further cohort of volunteers. We are very fortunate to have this pastoral service in our area and, as a BID, we will continue to support it.

The City Pastors team is made of Christian faith based volunteers enhancing - connecting - developing


BROAD STREET LOBBYING FUNCTION Broad Street BID has the expertise to lobby both national and local government, as well as other executive agencies. This year we have been proactively involved in guiding the management of several large-scale demonstrations, including one by the English Volunteer Force in January and another by the English Defence League in July. Both of these were static demonstrations held in Centenary Square. When each demonstration was held, the BID team and the full Broad Street Warden team were on duty all day, assisting police, councillors and the business community in very difficult circumstances to minimise the impact of these events on our businesses. The BID is lobbying city official to have any further large-scale demonstrations held elsewhere in the city.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

ENHANCING MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Our public relations campaigns and marketing incentives have continued to attract the attention of local and national media.

activities. Our Twitter page, renamed @MyBroadSt, continues to attract new followers every day, and there is now a @BroadStWardens account, which is dedicated to the activities of the Street Warden team.

This year, the BID formed a partnership with Business Quarter, a new quarterly business-led magazine, which is circulated free of charge to businesses across the West Midlands. Negotiations at early stages of this project ensured that the BID received the best value for money, making a significant contribution to the direction of the magazine, while securing exclusive editorial content. The partnership is an opportunity to promote the thriving service-led business community in the area. Younis Bhatti accountants (93 Broad Street) and Robertson Brown property consultants (No.3 Brindleypace) are among those success stories featured to date. We have also featured other stories that promote Broad Street as a great place to do business. Social media continues to play a significant role in the BID’s day-to-day marketing and communication

In January 2012, the the BID in partnership with Birmingham Mail created a feature called ‘Out & About’. The full page spread features photographs of people enjoying themselves in venues across the BID area. Since then, we have generated an additional £1.1 million worth in positive media coverage of our leisure economy. The BID continues to be successful in its efforts to create a positive image of Broad Street. In the twelve months from April 2012 to March 2013, the area received £2.6 million worth of positive media coverage. The strength of our media coverage is unprecedented, thanks to our good relationships with the region’s media. The BID team is approached regularly to comment on issues that affect both Broad Street and the wider city.

enhancing - connecting - developing


ENHANCING EVENTS In July 2012, England prepared for the London 2012 Olympics. This momentous occasion coincided with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. To celebrate both, there were events and festivals across the city. On Broad Street, we welcomed Team USA to the area and this attracted national media personalities and eager fans, hoping to catch a glimpse of the world-famous team. The buzz and anticipation of the Olympic season was met with a range of special events, co-ordinated by the BID team. In June, Birmingham’s official Diamond Jubilee Celebration saw thousands of families flock to the city centre. On Broad Street, The Pins Ups, as well as other live bands, provided 1950s-style entertainment to captivated audiences. Shortly afterwards, the Birmingham Jazz Festival saw thousands music lovers head to Broad Street to be entertained by musicians who were in bars and restaurants in and around Broad Street, and Brindleyplace. Hollywood movie star Danny DeVito was welcomed to Broad Street in July 2012 when he helped to launch the regional premiere of The Lorax. Hosted by Cineworld, the orange carpet event was attended by most of the Team USA Olympic squad. The event attracted an excited crowd of fans and a good media presence. The Conservative Party autumn conference was held at the International Convention Centre on Broad Street in October 2012, which brought more than 12,000 delegates to the area. 18

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

The BID continues to provide regular networking events for its members. These are a great success, with between 40 and 50 representatives from the businesses located in the BID area attending such events. enhancing - connecting - developing



The BOBS (The Best of Broad Street awards) 2013 was held in January at the International Convention Centre. Now in its eighth year, the event honours the best bars, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants along Birmingham’s Golden Mile. Hosted by Dan and Katy from Capital FM’s Breakfast show, the night celebrated those businesses that contribute towards Broad Street and Brindleyplace’s success as a leisure venue. Attended by more than 450 employees, business owners and partner agencies, the 2013 awards were the biggest so far.

Nichole Samuels, Marketing Manager of the Broad Street Business Improvement District, said: “Despite the blizzard, this year’s BOBS was the biggest ever. The BOBS honours those unsung heroes whose hard work make Broad Street the great place that it is today.”


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

2013 BOBS AWARD WINNERS Best Door Supervisor

Best Front of House Team

Best Student Night

Best Arts and Entertainment Venue

Tracy Cowen, Reflex

Jurys Inn



Best Door Team

Best Live Music Pub

Best Club Promoter

Best Overall Venue on Broad Street

Figure of Eight




Best Manager

Best Themed Venue

Most Innovative Venue

Best Night Out

Mina Golkar, Branded Bull



Slug & Lettuce

Best Pub Chef

Best Corporate Bar

Best Newcomer

Dave Alebon, Brasshouse

Walk About

Duelling Pianos

Best Chef

Best Cocktail / Mixology

Best Family Day Out

Didier Philipot, Edmunds

The O Bar

Sea Life Centre, Birmingham

Best House Team

Best Club Night

Best Casual Dining

G Casino


Figure of Eight

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Best Independent Bar

Best International Cuisine

Novotel Hotel

Oh Velvet


Best New Hotel

Best International Brand

Best Fine Dining

Hampton by Hilton



enhancing - connecting - developing


ENHANCING WALK OF STARS Now in its sixth year, the Broad Street Walk of Stars continues to attract substantial media interest. The Walk of Stars was created by the BID to celebrate and honour those who have made a significant contribution to the city in areas such as music, television, film, radio, theatre, sport, business or literacy. Bhangra star Malkit Singh was awarded his star in May 2012. Hundreds of people gathered at the spectacular Gatecrasher for a private concert, while the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Anita White, made the presentation to celebrate Malkit’s career. In July 2012, Harry Moseley – the young fundraiser for brain cancer research – was recognised with a posthumous star, a first for the BID team. It was presented to Harry’s mother Georgie Moseley at a live family event, hosted by Free Radio in Brindleyplace.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

Jaki Graham was next to receive a star in September. It was presented to her at the luxurious Nuvo wine bar by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor John Lines, who hosted an event in the style of This is Your Life. It culminated in Jaki staging a spectacular performance of some of her greatest hits. In December 2013, Ellie Simmonds was presented with her star at the prestigious annual Lord’s Taveners dinner by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor John Lines. In 2012, the BID team was faced with a dilemma, when Leicester-based Aggregates, the manufacturers of the ‘Walk of Stars’ paving flags, ceased trading. For just under a year, the team searched the country, looking for a company to fulfil this service. They eventually found Red Temple – a Jewellery Quarter-based company that could provide the paving flags. We are delighted that this national brand is now being manufactured here in Birmingham and we are looking forward to seeing the ‘Walk of Stars’ evolve.

enhancing - connecting - developing



In 2009, the BID2 renewal business plan proposed the ambitious introduction of a rapid transit scheme that would serve the BID area and the wider city centre. Extensive feasibility work has been undertaken by Broad Street BID, which has worked alongside the other city centre BIDs, the council and Centro. The proposed vehicles even have a snappy, new name – Birmingham Sprint! The BID is hoping to announce news on the potential funding and implementation of the first Birmingham Sprint route soon.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

ENHANCING Developing

Demolition work on the old Auchinleck House has started, in preparation for the exciting redevelopment of a new Park Regis hotel. The hotel, due to open in 2014, overlooks Five Ways and promises to be among the most prominent in the city, boasting a rooftop restaurant and cocktail bar, lobby restaurant, business centre and gym/spa.

“Birmingham has a growing reputation as a real culinary destination and these three new restaurants will really enhance the increasing diversity of the city’s restaurant offer.”

This year has also seen Deutsche Bank complete one of the largest office letting deals in the UK, significantly increasing the size of its Birmingham operation – right in the heart of the BID area. The bank will occupy all 134,000sq ft at Hines and Moorfield’s newly refurbished Five Brindleyplace, while extending its existing lease on the 68,000sq ft of office space it occupies at One Brindleyplace. It is a remarkable growth

story, with the bank having only arrived in the city in 2006. Coast to Coast, American restaurant and bar, is due to open a prominent unit on Broad Street at Nine Brindleyplace in November 2013. In addition, Tiger Bills, an east meets west restaurant, and Masakki, a pan-Asian restaurant, will soon be joining Cineworld Cinema, Grosvenor Casino and Nando’s at Five Ways. On Gas Street, we also welcome the Pickled Piglet, a gastro restaurant already receiving raving reviews from top restaurant critics. The BID is delighted to see an increased level of investment in the area. BID member Colliers International has acted on all three lettings.

Paul Hands, Director, Colliers. enhancing - connecting - developing


FINANCIAL STATEMENT Once again, the BID has finished the financial year on a strong financial footing with healthy reserves.


It is pleasing to see that income from the BID levy has increased by 11%. This has more than offset the the reduction in income from the RTV project, Gas St Regeneration Project. Overall income has increased by 1%.

Voluntary contributions

While the board has continued to spend prudently, there has been an increase in expenditure due to a greater desire to provide levy payers with greater value from the BID. All in all the increased expenditure such as expenditure for Taxi Marshalls has resulted in a much more welcoming environment for visitors to Broad St BID catchment area with the aim of nurturing both the day and nighttime economies.

2012/2013 (ÂŁ)

Income from levy

Bank interest received

Taxi Marshall Income Advertising Hoarding


Interest payable and similar charges



Other interest



Gas St Regeneration Project Other Income


Total Income


Operating expenses 82,329

Street cleaning and enhancement


Floral decoration


Taxi Marshalls

5,237 8,679

Radio link


Street Lighting

6,250 929 89,151

Westside marketing Management costs Marketing and Events (including Salary) Accountancy and audit Legal Fees Gas St Regenration Transport / RTV Project Bad Debts Total Operating expenses

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2013

Surplus before taxation Tax on surplus Surplus after taxation

Street wardens

106,791 16,350 11,984 9,310 409,147


Other interest receivable and similar income

20,500 12,000

Branded Litter Bins



Operating surplus (deficit)


26,195 -43 26,152

enhancing - connecting - developing


0121 439 1923

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Broad Street BID 2013 Annual Report  
Broad Street BID 2013 Annual Report  

The latest annual report from Broad Street BID covering activity from April 2012 - March 2013.