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annual report 2011

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enhancing - connecting - developing


Board of Directors Property Owners/Developers

Martin French

Gary Taylor - Chairman

Local CEO, NatWest e.

Director of Altitude e.

Daniella Tarbuck-Halford

Stephen Evans

Young and Lee e.

Consultant, Dandara e.

Birmingham City Council

Richard Marsh

Councillor Sir Albert Bore

General Manager, Novotel (Accor Group) e.

Ladywood Ward e.

Business Representatives

Councillor Neville Summerfield

David Foster

Company Secretary e.

Andrew Cox Director, Mitchells & Butlers e.

Tim Flodin General Manager, Hyatt Regency e.

West Midlands Police Chief Superintendent Commander Clive Burgess e.

Leisure Forum (Pubs/Clubs) Mark Tanner General Manager, Figure of Eight e.

Miles Jones Finance Manager, ICC e.


Secretary e.

The BID Team Mike Olley Broad Street Manager e.

Caroline Ashton e.

Sharon Reilly

City Centre Neighbourhood Forum

Nigel Clarke Manager, Reflex e.

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

Marketing, Communications and Events Manager e.

welcome In 2005, businesses in the Broad Street and Brindleyplace area voted to become a Business Improvement District (BID). The work of the BID continues at great pace and we are making significant progress against our second term’s (BID2) business plan. As we are now in our second year of BID2 I am delighted to report that, with our partners Centro, Birmingham City Council, National Express West Midlands, the Colmore Business District and Retail Birmingham, we are making positive and firm steps towards delivering our rapid transport solution to the area.

In a top 100 which included greats like Jasper Carrott, the traditional Balti and the people of Birmingham we are delighted to have rated so highly, and to have such a positive response to the BID’s efforts from the local media. The Broad Street team is always available to speak to you. A member of our management team is on duty seven days a week. If you have any questions please call the BID office on 0121 439 1923. Yours,

I am also delighted to report that we have seen much investment in the area over the past twelve months, with three new businesses opening their doors to the public and the confirmation of a new Hampton by Hilton hotel on Broad Street. In May 2011 Broad Street was voted the 20th best thing about the city by the Birmingham Mail.

Gary Taylor Chairman, Broad Street BID.

enhancing - connecting - developing


this year Since the BID was formed in 2005 we have seen crime statistics fall and they now remain at a consistently low level. This low rate makes Broad Street one the safest late night economy areas in the West Midlands. This low rate of crime has been reflected with the awarding of a Purple Flag to the Broad Street and wider Birmingham city area at the end of 2009. This Home Office scheme (similar to the blue flags given to beaches) recognises excellence in town centre and night time economies, assessing everything from crime and safety to the cleanliness of the area.

Low rate of crime has been reflected with the awarding of a Purple Flag 6

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2010 2011

Annual Consumer Survey Each year a customer survey has been undertaken by the BID to enable the monitoring of improvements and public opinion. The survey provides a measure of public perceptions regarding environmental issues, safety and security, facilities, attractions, transport and accessibility. Interviews are held throughout the week at various times, from 7.30am to 2.00am at locations around the area.

Street lighting


As in previous years the survey shows that many visitors and employees in the area recognise the improvements the work of the BID has made to the area. Visitors rated the following in the area as good or very good: • Street lighting – 89% • Street washing and cleanliness – 85% • Personal safety – 87%

Personal safety


Street washing and cleanliness

89% enhancing - connecting - developing


enhancing Street Wardens The BID’s Street Wardens continue their efforts, which make such a difference to the area. The evening team of four dedicated wardens works from Tuesday to Saturday evenings, covering from 5pm through to 3am. During the daytime the area also benefits from dedicated street patrols from 8am to 10am and during the busy lunchtime period as well as regular patrols throughout the day, facilitated by the City Centre Street Warden team. In November 2010, we were delighted to have our Senior Warden, Paul Barnett, honoured at Birmingham City Council’s Chamberlain Awards. Paul was presented the ‘Working with Communities’ award for his efforts with the homeless on Broad Street and the surrounding area.


Average of 1,297 incidents per month

In the twelve months to 31 March 2011 our team Street Wardens have assisted on 15,562 occasions in the Broad Street BID area. • Average of 1,297 incidents per month • Each Warden deals with an average of 81 incidents per week Top five categories of incident:

1. Hospitality 2. Crime 3. Street Management 4. Business Visits 5. Partnership Work

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

Each Warden deals with an average of 81 incidents per week


Since the introduction of the BID we have seen crime statistics dramatically fall. In the period of 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011 we have, unfortunately, seen a rise of 16% in the total number of reported crimes in our area. However, this figure remains 48% lower than any reported pre-BID figures.


General Crime Figures: 2004 - 2011


The rise in figures is mainly due to an increase in the number of thefts in the area. These are usually items such as phones and handbags. With West Midlands Police the BID is now carrying out a programme of awareness campaigns to educate the public around the importance of not leaving their personal property unattended.

2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0 01.04.04 to 31.03.05

01.04.05 to 31.03.06

01.04.06 to 31.03.07

01.04.07 to 31.03.08

01.04.08 to 31.03.09

01.04.09 to 31.03.10

01.04.10 to 31.03.11

West Midlands Police and their BSafe officers undertook a number of high profile initiatives over the course of the year. These additional tactics have included: • A dedicated neighbourhood team is in place to deal with relevant issues • The joint licensing force has been utilised on several occasions • Action plans in relation to specific areas/venues have been enforced • Marketing and enforcement campaigns outway the detrimental impact of excessive alcohol consumption have taken place • Student nights have been policed effectively

We are already seeing figures fall during of the 2011/12 reporting year.

enhancing - connecting - developing


City Pastors For the past twelve months the Broad Street BID has been working with City Pastors and trialling their work in the BID area. The City Pastors team is made of a number of locally based volunteers, who work on Broad Street to welcome and provide safety advice to our visitors. Following a successful launch in June 2011 the team of pastors have been working with the Broad Street Warden teams on Friday and Saturday nights and evenings of special events. This scheme has already given Broad Street over 1,000 additional hours of a respected, safe, and welcoming presence for our visitors receiving much positive feedback for their efforts.

The City Pastors team is made of a number of locally based volunteers 10

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

Flowers The BID’s investment in the spectacular floral display present each year continued in 2010 and 2011. We are proud that the area and this investment featured once again in Birmingham city’s entry to the Heart of England Britain in Bloom competition.

Birmingham won a Gold Award and was judged to be category winner

Birmingham won a Gold Award and was judged to be Category Winner at the 2010 awards. This is a fantastic achievement for the first attempt in the Large City category.

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clean On the commencement of the BID in 2005, cleanliness of the area was rated a top priority. With our partners and Birmingham City Council, we have continued to invest in regular street washes, stringent litter control and regular deep cleans to remove chewing gum from the paved areas. The BID has also invested in a large number of branded litter bins and cigarette butt bins on lamp posts in the area. In 2010 we undertook to replace the damaged or lost cigarette bins. Without a doubt the BID’s clean strategy goes to making Broad Street a brighter and cleaner place to visit.

We have continued to invest in regular street washes and stringent litter control 12

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

Before deep cleaning

After deep cleaning

Broad Street Lobby Function The Broad Street BID is fortunate to have a solid platform from which to lobby both national and local government and other executive agencies.

The BID has presented information to MP’s and Peers to suggest a fairer system would be to exclude BID levy payers. We await the outcome of our endeavours.

In this current year we have been successful in providing a wealth of information for Members of Parliament and Councillors in Birmingham and Walsall in respect of our Vision for Movement plans.

On local planning matters we make numerous representations to the Planning Committee, particularly on matters relating to noise, licensed premises and residential accommodation.

We keenly watch Bills as they weave through Parliament. Of particular interest to the BID and its many bars, restaurants and hotels is the Late Night Levy. This would impose further taxation on our licensed premises, as would be the case across the City.

Our regular attendance at Council and committee meetings of the council ensures we are up to speed with local matters, and address them if need be.

Our regular attendance at Council and committee meetings ensures we are up to speed with local matters

We are happy to help any BID members who feel we can assist in this specialist area.

Mike Olley - Broad Street Manager

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Marketing and Communications The BID’s efforts to market and promote Broad Street continued throughout the last twelve months.

In August 2010 the BID introduced a Broad Street and Brindleyplace iPhone application.

Our online and digital presence has continued to grow. In 2010 we redesigned our website allowing for all the information about Broad Street and the BID’s efforts to be housed in one easy to use site. has over 2,500 unique visitors each month and this continues to grow.

This free to download app showcases the area with a directory of businesses, news feed and an interactive map of Broad Street and Brindleyplace. In the first month of release the app was downloaded on over 1,000 iPhones.


Live the life

enhancing - connecting - developing

Our advertising campaigns and incentives in local media continued to run throughout the year. A series of offers and promotions were run through the city’s papers and radio stations, and adverts regularly run in Style Birmingham alongside editorial and events listings.


The app is an easy to use and informative way for our key messages to reach a large number of people; whether they are new, first time visitors to the area, residents or regulars to Broad Street. All Broad Street and Brindleyplace businesses, their events and promotions, and details of the Walk of Stars are contained within the app.

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011


Our advertising campaigns and incentives in local media continued to run throughout the year

ne EE ke o FR e t a

as Ple

for the word on the street... | Issue 02 | August 2011



In April 2011 the first edition of the Broad Street BID’s new publication, The Word, was launched. The magazine, which will be published three times a year, is the next step in the BID's integral marketing strategy and showcases the best in business, entertainment, food and drink, and leisure in Broad Street and Brindleyplace. Free copies of The Word are available throughout venues in the area, and a downloadable version is available from the Broad Street website.

Free copies of The Word are available throughout venues in the area

enhancing - connecting - developing


Events In 2010 the BID introduced networking events for its members. These monthly events have been a great success, regularly attended by 40-50 representatives from the BID area businesses. The Conservative Party held their autumn conference at the ICC on Broad Street in October 2010, bringing over 12,000 delegates to the area. The conference injected £18 million into the local economy. Once again Broad Street and Brindleyplace hosted the finale of the city’s Christmas Parade celebrations. The parade concluded with a Walk of Star presentation to Roy Wood and a spectacular fireworks display. Stars of the hit movie ‘West is West’, the sequel to the popular ‘East is East’, were on Broad Street in February for the regional premiere of the hit comedy. Hosted by Cineworld, the red carpet event was attended by the cast and drew an excited crowd of fans and media.

These monthly events have been a great success. 16

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

Public Relations The BID continues to be successful in its efforts to create a positive image of Broad Street throughout the regional media outlets. In the twelve months from April 2010 to March 2011 the area received a total of ÂŁ2.6m worth of positive media coverage.

The area received a total of ÂŁ2.6m worth of positive media coverage.

The strength of our media coverage is unprecedented and our relationships with the regional media gain us immense coverage and see the BID team approached regularly to comment on issues affecting both Broad Street and the wider city.

enhancing - connecting - developing


BOBS Awards The sixth annual ‘Best of Broad Street’ awards were held in January at the ICC. Hosted by Dan and Katy from Capital FM’s Breakfast show, the night celebrated the efforts of those that make Broad Street and Brindleyplace the successful leisure economy it is. Attended by over 400 employees, business owners and representatives from the BID’s partner organisation this was the biggest BOBS awards to date.

Attended by over 400 employees, business owners and representatives 18

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

2011 Award Winners The Ritchie Award for Outstanding Contribution Allan Sartori

The Broad Street Award for Excellence

Best Hotel

Best International Restaurant

Winner: Novotel Highly Commended: Hyatt

Winner: Pushkar Highly Commended: Barajee

Best Chef

Best Casual Dining as voted by Capital FM listeners

Scott Hempel - Bar Risa The Rep’s ‘Golden Girls’

Winner: Bishal Rasaly, Pushkar Highly Commended: Surachet Patpun, Thai Edge

Most Improved Venue

Best Pub Chef

Winner: Grosvenor Casino Highly Commended: Sports Cafe

Winner: Krzysztof Tatarek, O’Neills Highly Commended: Jake Parke, Rococo

Best Door Supervisor

Best Waiter/Waitress

Winner: Chad Newhall (Rococo) Highly Commended: Simon Roden (Gatecrasher)

Winner: Wantana Petchakew, Thai Edge Highly Commended: Nehanda Ferguson, Pushkar

Winner: Nuvo Highly Commended: Carluccios

Best Door Crew

Best Bar Person

Best Independent Bar

Winner: Gatecrasher Highly Commended: Rococo

Winner: Ashley Cox, SugarSuite Highly Commended: Ciarae Walsh, O’Neills

Winner: Gatecrasher Highly Commended: SugarSuite

Best Police Officer

Best Manager

Best Managed House

Winner: Sergeant Dave Francis Highly Commended: PC Adrian Bill

Winner: David Cox, Grosvenor Casino Highly Commended: Scott Hempel, Bar Risa

Winner: Figure of Eight Highly Commended: Brasshouse

Best Promotions Team

Best Restaurant

Winner: Reflex Highly Commended: Flares

Winner: Cielo Highly Commended: Piccolinos

Winner: Nandos Highly Commended: Around the World in 80 Dishes

Best Themed Venue Winner: Flares Highly Commended: Walkabout

Best Newcomer

Best Arts and Entertainment Venue as voted for by Birmingham Post readers Winner: Highlight Comedy Club Highly Commended: Symphony Hall

Best DJ Winner: Corey Hadley (Sugar Suite) Highly Commended: Pete Christian (Sports Cafe)

Keeping Music Live Winner: Nuvo Highly Commended: O’Neills

Best Bar: Winner: Sports Cafe Highly Commended: Figure of Eight

Best Overall Venue as voted for by Birmingham Mail readers Winner: Bar Risa Highly Commended: Blue Mango

enhancing - connecting - developing


walk of stars Now in its fourth year, the Broad Street Walk of Stars was introduced by the BID to celebrate and honour those people who have made a significant contribution in the categories of music, television, film, radio, theatre, sport, business and literacy. TV presenter Chris Tarrant was awarded with his Walk of Star in August 2010. 500 people gathered at the Lord Taveners ‘Eve of Edgbaston’ dinner where the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Len Gregory, made the presentation to celebrate Chris’s career.

In September 2010, as part of Birmingham’s ArtsFest, star presentations were made to the Birmingham Royal Ballet and their Director, David Bintley. The presentation was followed by an afternoon of performances by the company, entertaining the crowd gathered in Centenary Square. Roy Wood was next to receive a star, presented at the grand finale of the city’s Christmas Parade incorporating the Christmas Lights switch on. A spectacular fireworks display set to Roy’s hit ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ followed the presentation. In April 2011 Bev Bevan became the 22nd celebrity to be honoured on the Walk of Stars. The presentation was made at a special one off gig, featuring previous Walk of Star recipients Jasper Carrott and Tony Iommi.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

“I am very honoured and proud to receive this star and be following in the footsteps of some fantastic talent from Birmingham, as well as some of my great mates in Jasper Carrot and Tony Iommi. It’s great to be joining them on the Walk of Stars.” Bev Bevan

“Wow! This is really brilliant. If someone had told me when I started in the music business, that I would be recognised in this way, I would not have believed it. Thank you very much indeed to everyone.”

“This is tremendous. I came to the city in 1976 and I’ve never looked back. I love this city”. David Bintley Birmingham Royal Ballet

Roy Wood

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be following in the footsteps of several great mates of mine from the Midlands, all of whom I have great respect for. I love the city and I’ve had a million laughs in Brum over many years.” Chris Tarrant

enhancing - connecting - developing


CONNECTING Outlined in the Broad Street BID's second term proposal document was a forward thinking idea for a Rapid Transport System linking Broad Street and the wider city centre. Working with our key partners; Centro, Birmingham City Council, National Express West Midlands, the Colmore Business District and Retail Birmingham, we have developed a strategy document to improve Birmingham’s transport strategy. This document – the Vision for Movement – was launched in November laying the foundations of a shared vision designed to benefit all users of the city centre and secure Birmingham’s future prosperity. The vision is based on making Birmingham a well connected city, an efficient city and a walkable city. It links the city centre together making it easier for everyone to use – pedestrians, users of public transport, cyclists and those using cars.


One aspect the Vision will deliver is the first Birmingham Sprint rapid transport route. This is an exciting development for the area, lobbied for by the BID since the launch of our BID2 proposal in September 2009. The Birmingham Sprint will be a very high quality tram-style service that will use a dedicated bus lane and priority traffic signalling to speed up journeys and keep services running on time. It will use state-of-the-art vehicles that will provide a smoother, quicker and more relaxed journey. In other European cities similar schemes have been introduced that have proved successful in attracting car users on to public transport. Since the Vision for Movement launch a delivery team has been undertaking the technical work for options for the first phase of the Birmingham Sprint. The route will link Broad Street with the forthcoming New Street Gateway and Five Ways to Walsall and is expected to be operational by 2014.

Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

The Birmingham Sprint will be a very high quality tram-style service that will use a dedicated bus lane and priority traffic signaling to speed up journeys

enhancing - connecting - developing



Developing Hampton by Hilton In December 2010 Sanguine Hospitality announced plans to develop a new hotel on Broad Street. Work on the 285-bedroomed Hampton by Hilton commenced shortly after the announcement, transforming the old Cumberland House tower. The ÂŁ30m development is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2012 and will include meeting facilities, a gym and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout.


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

Nuvo opened at the beginning of May 2010. Discreetly situated in the ground floor curve of Eleven Brindleyplace, Nuvo will appeal to the most discerning clientele. This elegant lounge bar has a very sophisticated decor, with Signature interiors complemented by soft lighting and ambient music which flows from day to night.

Amazon Brazil Independent restaurateurs ‘Amazon Brazil’ launched their first Birmingham venture in March 2011, bringing a taste of the exotic to upper Broad Street. Their considerable investment transformed the old Breakfast Club site in the Five Ways Leisure Unit.

Pure Gym Pure Gym opened their latest £1m venture in January 2011. The state of the art 22,000sq ft gym at Five Ways Leisure Complex houses over 170 pieces of brand new kit including world renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG spin bikes by Matrix plus vibrating Bodycore functional training platforms.

enhancing - connecting - developing


Financial Statement for 2010/11

awaiting content


Broad Street Business Improvement District | Annual Report 2011

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