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Bubbly Agency Experience

Bubbly Agency is an innovative thinking event agency and

Bubbly Agency takes an outstanding approach towards creating

consultancy dedicated to seeking out the next unique social and

an entity that is so much more than an events agency and

entertaining event. As a platform for designing the “event to

consultancy. Bubbly Agency has created an experience: a

be” and inspired visions of its commitment towards arts, fashion

creative boutique, through the urbane content of bubblyagency.

and beauty, Bubbly Agency also champions creative freedom

com, the intuitive approach of the blog, our social media team,

to run ground-breaking events for charities and humanitarian

and our stunningly planned events, Bubbly Agency brings

purposes. Artfully curated, our venues remove boundaries and

together digital innovations and real joyful showcases to

blur the lines within the glocal* cultural scene, while telling a

create ‘never to be forgotten’ happenings featuring amazing

story through a sharply focused lens, featuring only the most

emerging talents and truly revolutionary organizations for

breath-taking experiences and socially insightful happenings.

a glocal spotlight. Bubbly Agency is destined to become * Global & Local

What is Bubbly Agency?

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one of the fastest growing new agencies today as more and more people will discover how Bubbly the experience is.

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Beauty Story In a stressful working world starved for fresh and emotionally driven occasions, Beauty Story is truly an event for the ages. With exceptional fashion hairstylists, brilliant make-up artists, bright nail artistes and unforgettable social component, Bubbly Agency seeks to please and engage its clients – beginning with London.

Event Calendar

From March 2012, Beauty Story will showcase the next generation of creative leaders – photographers, hair stylist, make-up artists, and nails artistes coming from all around Paris.


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3 days per week

Event Price

On request



Gift bag

Free worth £110

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Free Gift Bag Worth £110

What’s inside?

Our highly anticipated Beauty Story will take place in the centre of London.

1 beauty box including 5 ‘beauty gifts for her’, 1 gift, 2 magazines,

There will be beauty, there will be glamour, and there will be stars. Provocative

a catalogue and vouchers with special discounts

beauty events with well-known artists, at a premier location are just few of the highlights that will rock the city of London. Partnerships - for the gift bag – include major companies and emerging ones within the beauty industry. Don’t miss your chance to be part of what will be the Bubbly event to be!

We have handpicked our ‘beauty gifts for her’ and packed them into a glittering collection for you to try and test. The set contains 5 luxury cosmetics and vouchers you can exchange for discounts on your favourites! We have also included two stylish magazines: Cosmopolitan and Dazed and Confused.

On top of that you will get an envelope with fashion and beauty friendly offers so your beauty story will last longer! It’s the perfect gift idea when you are not sure which to choose! Terms and conditions These vouchers are redeemable at Bubbly Agency only. The voucher cannot be redeemed online. Only original vouchers will be accepted (no photocopies). Please take care of your voucher; it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

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Bubbly Agency / Beauty Story / 7 Visually thought-provoking, interactive, and distinctive, describes what comes next. Visionary CEO - Ornella Yinda - introduces a Bubbly way to connect a digital centrepiece with the glocal community. Each day, visitors will be able to communicate and interact, while navigating through unrivalled visual content and social commentary. No other events & consultancy has created an experience quite like this.

Website Analytics Projected visit per months:

10,000 – 20,000+

Projected unique visits per month:

4,000 – 8,000+

Location of visitors:

Primarily London

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Bubbly Agency Social Media Our social media team uses an efficient and interactive approach – directed towards our Twitter followers and Facebook friends - helping us to build our brand and increasing brand awareness across the UK. Facebook {projected}


Facebook Traffic {projected}

500+ WAU

Twitter {projected}


Bubbly Agency Blog As an extension of the life stream of Bubbly Agency, the blog is a source for up-to-date content, such as behind the scenes look at our experiences, in-depth interviews with industry professionals and coverage of our events. This truly is a significant step for an industry starved for original and dynamic content.

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Projected visit per months:


Projected unique visits per month:


Location of visitors:

London mainly

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Contact Information London: Bubbly Agency, Hamilton House, Bloomsbury, WC1H 9BB France: Bubbly Agency, 72 rue du Faubourg Saint Honor, 75 008 Paris Find out more about Beauty Story at London Tel: +44 (0) 207 554 8781 Fax: +44 (0) 207 554 8501

Paris Tel: +33(1) 40 07 81 50 Fax: +33(1) 40 07 80 20

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Beauty Story Female  

The ultimate in luxury, Beauty Story is an all inclusive trip for the mind, body and soul