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Food you’ll always come across while being a student in UK

The best Fish & Chips isn’t in London? Royal Air Force Cadet from Taiwan tells you the insights.

1 Why British can’t live without Fish and Chips! B: So everyone knows that Fish and Chips for sure is one of the must haves in UK, but why? S : Good question! I’ve had loads of friends who just started studying in UK telling me that they’re very disappointed with how greasy and taste less the Fish and Chips were. B : Even some team members of Bubble Tea Magazine wonders why British people love Fish and Chips. S : Fish and Chips is seen as part of British daily lives, some even have it regularly as a Friday night treat! Another thing is that most Fish and Chip shops open till late and so it’s one of the best places to go to after the club. B : Gosh! Isn’t Fish and Chips too fatty for a late night snack? Besides, it seems that there are so many places like fast food joints, pubs, college canteens, restaurants and even Chinese take aways sell Fish and Chips, which one sells the best ones?

B= Bubble Tea Magazine S= Sam

S : Let’s just say it’s obvious the fish bit is more import here since the chips are just there to fill you up, Cod and Haddock are the most usual choice for the fish but it also depends on the quality and freshness of the fish each restaurant uses, so in the end it’s quite down to the prices you see that gives you a fair hint of the quality of the Fish and Chips you’ll get. B : Fair enough but the Fish and Chips place you’re introducing us today isn’t one of those regulars we can normally go to. S : Haha that’s right! When I first came to UK I studied in a boarding school, the House Master suggested that we go to little towns in UK to get a better feeling of the traditional English lives. So she suggested me and my friends head off to Whitby during our semester break. There’s a restaurant there called The Magpie Café which won the Coast Award in 2007 for having the best Fish and Chips in England.

B : And was the Fish and Chips so much better than what we normally have? S : Whitby is known to have be one of the best seafood quality in UK, it’s been one of the seafood exports since the medieval times. We ordered a small Fish and Chips (with Cod) and a seafood patter and believe me it was so fresh and tasty you can’t find words to describe! Besides, the food portion in North England is much larger than in London not to mention the price is much more affordable! S o I ’ d rec ommend ed i t to any international students who want to experience the best Fish and Chips in UK.

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