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ay is 24, Colombian , born in Cali. She's based in Miami, north side and she works in all US (Miami, Tx, Nyc, Tampa, Jacksonville,ATL...), PR, VI... She started to strip &modeling for 4years, figured in some clips, all in hip-hop industry. Her people started to call her White chocolate because of her natural booty & hot booty shake Then she pushed it and came in Europe (UK, France, Germany) where she did a lot of photo shoots n progress in what she's really like: modeling.









m Stacee Jai and I have been modeling for a while now. I am 32 years old and I was born in Brooklyn New York. I am 5'3 and 115 pounds. I'm just now getting back into modeling full time. I'm ready to work hard and expand my portfolio. Aside from modeling I like to work out and be outdoors. I'm a well rounded person so there is not much that I cant do ! I like to ride motorcycles and cook for everyone that I know. I even like to fish even though I wont bait my hook. That's me ....









f you can remember back, in a time when the wu-tang clan had the city buzzing with the killah beez becoming the great music group that they are now? There was an artist known as lord superb, who possessed powerful rhyming skills. He was to be the lead rapper for the American cream team but was cut down with a controversial sentencing that gave him some time behind bars. He has know returned and has devoted him self to continue where he left off. With his latest mix tape out know, lord superb has returned stronger than ever. The artist/actor sat down with bubble shake to talk more about what his future plans are. He also went into the beef that he had with gohstface killah. Many may have seen, when he first came home he was getting at the whole wu-tang on latest fobz DVD.

The two artists were laying down some new heat for an upcoming project. We say actor because if you can remember superb was in the movie black and white. The movie was written and produced by James Toback that was released in April the year 2000. Superb stared in the movie amongst many well known actors such as: Robert downy, jr, kidada Jones, Marla maples, Joe pantoliano, Claudia Schaffer, William lee Scott, brook shields, Ben stiller, Eddie kaye Thomas, mike Tyson, Elijah wood, sticky fingaz and wu-tang members ghost face killah, inspectah deck, method man. Let’s go


BSM (BUBBLE SHAKE MAG) what’s up FAM? don’t I know you from that movie? I can’t seem to put my hand on it what’s your name again? PERB (LORD SUPERB) I go by the name lord superb I’m just here in brown sugar studio doing a project for my boy Nyrine. BSM: Yeah that’s it, hay man I got this cool magazine called bubble shake is there any way I can interview you for it? this will be a good story line. PERB: I don’t see why not I’m all for a brother trying to do some thing positive instead of destroying the land. BSM: Great! First I just want to thank you for this opportunity BSM: Where are you from? PERB: I’m from Far-Rock America, paradise rest in peace stack bundles. BSM: Coming up what inspired you to become a rapper? PERB: Out in rockaway there was a group called the A-team that was throwing jams in the parks every summer. As a youth I was just inspired by what they were doing and wanted to have that audience as well. When I got a little older to take on the profession I really look up to Nasty Nas and let’s not forget the one the only sugar hill gang. BSM: What tracks have you written and produced? Where can we find them? PERB: Well for those that don’t now I had my hand in that supreme clientele album by ghost face killah. I done so much more to remember right of hand but you can find my music all over the web. I also have a lot of music on forbz DVD and Also

PERB: First off I just want to say that there is no beef with the wu and ghost on my end all that’s over. What happened was there was some words that were said while I was incarcerated by tony Yayo of g-unit and I did not like how it was dealt with on there end. When I got home I just stepped to business as a man but we disgust it and that’s all over, we just going to keep making real good music and preach the truth to these young folks out here big up wu-tang. BSM: How long have you been down with wu-tang? How did you guys meet up? PERB: I have been with the group since 1998. I got up with the cousin of cappodonna that introduced me to Raquan. I was later introduced to Robert Kelly that took me to N.O.R.E then eventually Russell Simons. The real original person to put me on is a guy that we call grandpa he played a huge part of me getting discovered. BSM: What made you want to be a wu-tang artist? PERB: What happened was I met with all the record labels and there were many other hit artist on there label. At the time I need to be first priority wu-tang was going to do that so I went with them. BSM: I see that you were in the movie black and white so tell us how did you come to doing that project? PERB: At the time I met with power and he told me he wanted to do the America cream team project. I got in that wu-tang van rode down to ATL and the rest was history. The writer and producer James Toback actually was a fan, wu-tang was the movement at the time every one loved us even more than today. BSM: We still do, man this is great stuff! So what was the feeling like being on the big screen around all these major actors? PERB: Coming from the hood to the big screen made me absorbed what I needed to. Just going to LA and being around all these well known stars and getting that energy made me look at the hood like there was better things you could do with your dreams. BSM: What is there to look forward to know with lord superb? PERB: I have stumbled but I am back we got a couple of more movies you should look out for. The first one is the tap master, then look out for the movie shades of gray. I have mix tape out know called “Superb Clientele. Look out for my album “A Remedy For Cure with two new singles the mic and Harlem River drive.


PHOTOGRAPHY 2 1/2 HOURS $150 3 1/2 HOURS $200 4 1/2 HOURS $300 5 1/2 HOURS $400






ello I go by the name snow beezy, originally from Atlanta Georgia but now reside in charlotte North Carolina. You have seen me all over bubble shake magazine, and now in straight stuntin magazine as well. I am a mother, model, and actress I love to show off that bubble that is %100 official. Let’s don’t forget these beautiful baby blue eyes that are mine’s. My favorite colors are pink witch I love and black. If you are interested in booking me just contact me at snowbeezy there you can talk more to queen while she is in her castle.







hen you hear the name Dat Gurl Netta True Talent, Raw Skills and an unbelievable delivery should be the first thing that comes to mind. Unlike most female MC's today Netta truly has a remarkable talent that sets her aside from everyone else in the industry. With the delivery like Twista, Ludacris, and Bone Thugs to name a few she is bound to be heard in a matter of months. Over the past year Netta independently achieved more accomplishments than any other indie artist. Over 30,000 downloads on her ringtones, 30,000 downloads on her singles, Over 300,000 honest views and plays on her MySpace and more. With ambition and hustle she has managed to gain attention from fans all over the United States and UK and opened the ears of industry heads like Jay The Super Manager "Manager to the Stars" and Multi-Platinum Award Winning Producer Jeffery "JDUB"

She has also managed to become a TOP 5 Most Requested Artist on SCM Radio 5 months straight and became a 2010 SEA Award Nominee for "Slept on Artist of the Year". In November of 2009 she landed a distribution deal with Universal Records and now is on line to meet up and possibly sign with Def Jam Recordings. Netta released her first highly anticipated mix tape "Officially Sexy" featuring stars like Drake, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Eminem in April of 2010 and in its first 1 week she received over 10,000 downloads. Dat Gurl Netta can't stop and wont stop till she is at the top!





odeling sensation Andrea Calle is one of the biggest attraction of 2010 you may remember the Columbian model that signed a multimillion dollar deal of September 2009. Andrea who is a Medellin native who has it all the 5′ 4″ 36-24-40 beauty shows the world why she was selected as top model from Miami in 2009. She’s Canadian born and of East Indian descent. She’s been modeling since the age of 17, intrigued that it allows her to be many different versions of herself. Andrea was discovered by CEO of Murdercap records; Jerome Almon who at this time last year was searching every where for a main model for his modeling company and to represent his label. After meeting up with Mr. Almon in New York who thought she was already an established fashion model and asked her on the spot to join his team. I was in the right place at the right time when asked. after the meeting she later got up to do some projects and signed a multimillion dollar contract with the record label. Andrea is currently working on EVERYTHING STRICTLY ENTERTAINMENT WORK WITH MTV/VH1, etc. you can find out more on this beautiful model and here miraculous story on her website Many models take pictures for years and go threw classes and fashion show after fashion show to accomplish exactly what Andréa has accomplished. Let her story and her modeling be something and some one to look up to and know that your dreams of making it as a top model can come true. She will tell you her self YOU CAN GET DISCOVERED!



cently noted as "What hip hop's been missing" by record executive/producer L.A. Reid. This multi-talented artist, producer and entrepreneur has been involved in multiple collaborations with some of the hottest talent in Hip Hop, Pop and R&B; including ghost writing eight singles on Billboard Top 20 lists in 2009 alone. CEO of New York based Specialyst Entertainment and co-founder of Coral City Cartel. Torch represents one fourth of the rap group Triple C. It is with his latest single "Bang Yo City" ft Busta Rhymes; Torch continues to use his controversial thought provoking lyrics to blaze trails throughout the music industry.


BSM: What's going on? First off tell everyone who you are and where you hail from? - What's going on FAM! It's the one and only HEAD BUSSA aka TORCH and I'm from the Bronx, New York. Castle Hill to be EXACT! BSM: Why do you call your self torch? How did that artist name developed for you? - My name carries that heat, everything I touch burns up or blows up [laughing]. I got my name from older Kats around my way, from my reputation as a kid for always being involved in things I never had no business doing; and it just stuck. BSM: So tell us how a kid from the Bronx, New York found his way to Miami and become a Maybach/ Def jam artist? - Man TV couldn't have written my life better. Long story short, I got in some trouble in NY and my mother shipped me to live with my older sister in Miami. I still ended up doing a little time. But it was during my time down south I linked up with my big brother Ross and it's been history in the making since. BSM: I see that you just dropped a new mix tape "Krash Kourse".... What was your inspiration for this project and where can people find it? -Yeah, KRASH KOURSE is a movie! Like all my music, my inspiration is life. But, I'm definitely starting to expand my creative range and people will definitely see that and feel me on this latest project. Ya'll can find Krash Kourse on and all over the net. BSM: Why did you call the album Krash Kourse? - Cause from the start there is no warm up.... [Laughing] the listener’s gets thrown right into the Torch experience. All may not like me, but they definitely gonna feel what I'm saying. Krash Kourse is an experience.


BSM: Speaking of your mix-tape, you recently had a huge release party for it in you home town of New York. How did that feel to come home to such an amazing welcome? -Love.... Is the only word to explain that event. I travel the world but there is nothing like being in my home town and get such a welcome. BSM: So besides Krash Kourse, what are some other projects you've been working on that we should look for? -The list is too long to mention right now. But sleep is definitely something I dream about [laughing]. Definitely keep an eye out for that new Triple C's album dropping soon and definitely cop that Krash Kourse. BSM: As many people may not know you are a true hit maker; ghost-writing many songs for hip hop and r&b's finest and even landing on Billboard. What are some of the hits you have written and produced out know? - [laughing] there's a reason why they call it ghost writing. NEXT! BSM: Okay, Okay UNDERSTANDABLE. BSM: Producing hits that land on the billboard charts today is a huge accomplishment, what can you tell your young fans that want to follow your footstep? What are some of the pitfalls to watch out for in this industry? - Stay true to you and what you do. Oh yeah keep it simple.....

BSM: That's what's up..... There are many bangers on Krash Kourse. What song would you say is the hottest and why? -Hands down "BANG YO CITY" ft. the big homie Busta Rhymes. All around banger.... BSM: When it comes to new material do you welcome beats etc. from outside artists and producers and if so how can they get it to you? -Absolutely.... I welcome HOT shit! Don't send me no BS [laughing] people can send tracks to, Tell Lou you have some music for me. BSM: Before we bang out, what is next for Maybach/Specialyst artist Torch and how can people contact you? -God is good and if he's willing I'ma keep banging out these hits and inspiring people to follow their dreams; because I'm living proof that anything is possible. Shot out to the entire Maybach Music, Leira PR, my company Specialyst Ent., and Amazin Models. People can contact me via and at BSM: Thanks for this opportunity!






BSM (BUBBLESHAKEMAGAZINE) I want to thank you for this opportunity I feel that artist and models in the hip hop community do need to heir from you. JA(JEROME ALMON) Thanks a lot Wayne for the opportunity - I love Bubble Shake, and you out doing it big and the way we want to see it in the streets-please keep it up. Everybody in the D (Detroit) love the magi and all the FINE girls’ fosho! BSM: What is it like being the CEO of murdercap records? JA: It is GREAT-I get to see the finest girls in the worldlike the ones in BUBBLESHAKE magazine and go out and put my stamp on music. Music to me is the 1 thing every person on Earth regardless of where they are or where they're from love. BSM: How did you come up with the name of the record company? JA: Murder cap comes from two sources-it is a play on words. There is growing up in Detroit, a city of extremes-extremely backward, extremely, corrupt, and extremely violent. But at the same time that pressure makes it extremely musical-remember Dr. Dre, Jay Z, all of the rappers want the next MOTOWN-but they ain't succeeded because I have it-only a Detroiter can have the next MOTOWN-point blank. The other source of the name is from my favorite band-the MIGHTY LED ZEPPELIN-they were the most murderous crew ever to record music-4 guys that should not have worked out. I see us as the Led Zeppelin of Hip Hop. We don't hold back, we break all the rules, we have a buzz that is unmatched due to the controversy on the label like being banned out of Canada for being too GANGSTA. BSM: Do you get problems with this record company name? JA: All day. We got banned out of Canada by their rap Intel unit and the mayor and city council here HATES the name! Everyone tells me to change it-but I ain't. We are lyrical reporters, verbal photojournalist-bringing the people the streets-bringing Detroit as it is -not how has been portrayed in movies like "F8KE MILE" as we call it in Detroit.


BSM: Do you think there is a stereotype of hip hop in the entertainment world such as Hollywood? JA: Of course-because the people running Hollywood don't even understand movie making-so they will never get the streets, but that is opportunity for young entrepreneurs like me and you to go out and do it like the people want. Hollywood is broke for a reason-the record industry is falling for a reasonand especially Hip Hop. Hip Hop went from the #1 selling music to the worse. Why is that? Simple Hip Hop has lost its way as being the GHETTO CNN. The streets is about rawness, girls, money, living dirtyand right now Hip Hop is tired and boring -not because there aint talent out there-but because you don't see it. That is why Bubble shake and the independents labels are so important-you just giving us what we want-unfiltered. BSM: Why did you subpoena all these known entertainers to court case? JA: I was making a point-here you have people like Tom Sizemore, Martha Stewart, and Paris Hilton straight outta prison let into Canada and rappers banned out over their songs. It is just like how they went after Rock and Roll guys in the 50's and 60's-I was showing their hypocrisy on the other side of thangs. When Canada got wind of that, they tried everything to get out of it-including bribing me. But I got a BIG surprise for them coming up-. BSM: What was the reason for those that don't know, why couldn’t you enter Canada? JA: I was stopped over 250 times entering Canada over my label- the Canadian Homeland Security said we were responsible for the gun and gang violence in Canada because our CD and songs were too hard. They said songs like "How Stella Got My Backhand""Me and My Louisville", and "Porno Star" was causing the youth to trip and do thangs- So the case is now at the White House and their Parliament-all over some playa haters. Then they said I had a record-which turned out to be a lie-yeah I been arrested -but I beat the rap-pun intended. People can just YouTube my name to see the interviews on the whole Canada thang and why I was arrested and why I was banned from FOX, TMZ, Global, and ABC news.

BSM: If you were looking into an artist what are some of the qualities that you would look for? JA: Authenticity. I believe to be the best you have to understand the best. I need to hear WHO they have as idols. And what is their understanding of the greatsyou can only be good if you listen to the best. They have to look at this thang the way Kobe and LeBron look at their craft-do or die. Talib Kweli, and even 50 Cent stepped up and went off on Canada's Hip Hop police after I sued them. When 1 person steps up for Hip Hop -we all step up for Hip Hop. BSM: was the case successful Mr. Almond? What was the out come? JA: It's still ongoing-they offered me a big sack of bread and a visa to live in Canada if I would sell out Hip Hop-no thanks. So this summer and Fall I close thangs out. It is crazy but I got the Canadian Attorney General, and the US Secretary of State writing me over a CD! It's like crazy man-but I got to be real and defend the music like the Rolling Stones, Prince, and Tupac did. BSM: What do you think of hip hop as a whole in today's market? JA: Hip Hop is suffering-because it is killing itself. The clowns and cartoon rappers have destroyed the music. You got 90% of Hip Hop coming from Grade D rip offs of Tupac, Biggie, and ironically Master P. Point blank mainstream Hip Hop went from Hip Pop to Hip Slop to the absolute garbage it is now. You got guys that never lived in the ghetto or even the city they say they from telling the story of a place they know nothing about and that is why people rejecting it. None of the guys that say they from the D (Detroit) are actually from Detroit. Hip Hop's strength was always that it was real-like Tupac said, “I ain't no role model-I'm a real model." People know they being played-so they ain't buying. We got to step our game up point blank. BSM: Where and when did you start your label? JA: I started MURDERCAP RECORDS ironically in Toronto, Canada, although I lived in Detroit. I did it in a weekend while at Caribbean in '06. I could see where Hip Hop was headed, and it needed to be stopped- so I just dropped out of college and did it.

BSM: What advice do you have for upcoming artist to making it big? JA: Know your craft do your homework on the basics of how it works and the industry works. Listen to music that is NOT Hip Hop. The problem today is people listen to other Hip Hop artist and then goes and steals their act-and steals it badly. If you listen to music that is not what you are doing-you hear it different -you hear it better and it makes you better. BSM: What was the reason for your label to signing AndrĂŠa calle to a multimillion dollar modeling contract? JA: Have you seen the ASS on Andrea?! Stevie Wonder can see that she is HELLAFINE FOSHO! Andrea is major holding wit the body and got a fashion model's face-but she is a smart girl too that work her craft- a straight up pro. I got 400 shoots for Time Warner, VH1, MTV, USA Network, SPIKE, and E! And in the UK and Germany that she is starring in. She was ready to make the big move- so Vida, Coco, and Kim Kardashian best watch out-she is the new hot thang in the industry of modeling. Andrea is just what Hip Hop modeling need- somebody to step their game up. BSM: Are there any other models that you have? where can we find them? How can other models sign up? JA: My top models are Andrea, Bajita Singh from Canada, Alina Gorun from Europe, Karissa Riddle from Miami, and Akanksha Matthews from India. You can find them all over Google and YouTube and they have their own sites coming out in July. I am always looking for new talent. They can email me at or hit me at JMA@JEROMEALMON.COM if they really want a career in the biz from the top. I am holding a model search right now for the MURDERCAP PRINCESS-she get the jewelry, a Range Rover, and the cash, plus she get cast in our music videos and shoots.


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acing 2 Cure began as a simple act of then 7-year old Hunter Stewart. Hunter was just starting his off road racing career when he received bad news. Just a few weeks before his first– ever race, his mom at just 34-years old, was diagnosed with breast cancer. In order to maintain a positive focus, the family decided to continue racing. After attending an event held by Susan G Komen for cure, Hunter was inspired to take action. He carried the Komen logo on his race truck, wore pink shoe laces, and gave one week’s worth of his allowance for every race lap he completed. This one– race inspired others to take action. Hunters story was largely covered by media and recognized by public officials. Including a guest appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. After several treatments Hunters mom (alycia) went into remission for three years. Unfortunately Alyica has been diagnosed again with breast cancer. She is currently undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. Alycia’s cancer has taught the Stewart family the first hand affects of cancer and “take life one lap at a time”. The family now dedicates their life work to helping other families fighting cancer through the racing 2 Cure Non-profit organization and in partnership with great companies such as KFC and Komen. You can find out more info about the race at



.B.G means All Beloved Guidance. This society funds was developed by Wayne bent to help gather up funds from his entertainment organization. The fund was formed to help towards breast cancer and hiv education. The idea came from Wayne himself who has had his grandma diagnose with cancer at the same time he was developing bubble shake magazine. The nature of the magazine called for this action by Wayne. when asked why he is doing this he usually answers that the most common things in society that people are dieing from is breast cancer . In my magazine you will find a lot of females that are young and need to know about the issue to conserve there modeling career. When it comes toward HIV more people in the black urban community is infected the most. The hip hop community plays a strong part to this. we normally hear the great things about sex , lies and gangsters the young people that listen to the music can often get lost cause that’s all they see and hear, if we talk about the negative at the same time we can do more than a sale. We can do the greatest thing you can imagine witch saving lives'. I don't want my money going towards some one then don't now what my money is doing at least this way I know what's going to happen because its all in my hand. The A.B.G society Funds receives %10 of any profit and donation of bubble shake and music pusher ent. After received the money is given to non profit organizations that will help towards these matters. This month we will help hunter Stewart race 2 cure, Please donate at Thank you



uperstar Sunday in the candy lounge open mic showcase was a blast. Hosted by radio host Staph Lova who was very funny in person as she is on the radio. the event was promoted and organized by non stop entertainment. the event was full with plenty of food, drinks, models and artists. there was a couple of other magazines that was there as well. also there was bubble shake radio and DJ’s representing desert storm, with plenty of network to go around for every one. The winner of the open mic goes by the name nyrine who won $500 and free studio time. There was many talent but he was the winner by far. I was ecstatic to see every one come out on a day that it rained like cats and dogs. It just comes to show you how much hip hop means to the community of the Bronx. After all the BX is the founder of the art that we call rap. A week later bubble shake got up with the winner in nyrine and got some great pictures in the studio at the same time he was recording with lord superb a movie star and affiliate of wu-tang.





hat's popping world I'm Larry hatchet a.k.a (layemdownlarry) a queens native. I love music that's were u can just zone out and chill. besides working I am a devoted father, my little girl is currently 4yr old as of now. that's my only baby would I have more? maybe it all depends I love sports racing fast cars are the greatest and writing music of course. I'm a laid back dude I get's it popping on that ps3 any sports game holla at me I'm with it [laughing] I love all ladies [laughing] if u want to know anything else hit me up on face book Larry hatchet I'm out!


BSM (BUBBLE SHAKE MAG) why do you call yourself hatchet? HT (HATCHET): I call myself hatchet cause a blade can go anywhere it moves in silence an also it’s a simble of power. BSM: where are you from? HT: I was born in Brooklyn but I can honestly say south side queens is my home because I was raised up there. BSM: at what age did you start rapping? HT: I started rapping at the age of 19. BSM: what tracks have you written and how can we find them? HT: I have written allot of tracks you can find them on layemdownlarry. BSM: how is it right now managing your music and working at the same time? HT: not too hard, keeping a job is motivation.


BSM: what when it HT: the

are your future plans comes to your music? I’m trying to be behind scenes write for people. I also want to do some management some day I hope it works out for me. Support Larry hatchet I’m coming for the game!

BSM: I see u in the club with the ladies all the time so what kind of girls do hatchet like? HT: [laughing]…. I like them all don’t really matter but real talk if I had to choose I would keep me that love business! I am here to make this money and I got to stick to it if I’m going to feed my daughter. BSM: what kind of image are you trying to portray with your music? What’s your style? HT: gangster party music that’s what I love. The party got to pop off but you got to keep it gangster just incase these rap cats don’t now it can go down in the club too. BSM: who are just some of the people that you have worked with thus far with production of your music? HT: I have worked with allot of underground artists such as kandyman from lyfeontrac studios and starstruck studios mixer head studios etc



riginating from the beautiful reggae island of Jamaica, Sashia relocated and now resides in London. The recent years has seen her growth and maturity in the modelling industry with her signing to Femelle, one of the UK's leading Urban Model Agencies. With her portfolio boasting an ever expanding array of shoots and assignments with video features including Tinchy Stryder's 'Rollin' and Millionaire Boyz’ 'She's a Hustler', photographic shoot with 50Cent, as well as the more recent feature and cover girl in the UK’s leading urban men’s glamour magazine, Candy Mag UK, Sashia is heading for nothing but success. An independent, reliable, focused yet easy-going individual Sashia goes for what she wants. With her Barbie-Doll figure, sensual looks and bubbly personality Sashia brings glamour, professionalism, and diversity to every assignment.


“I would love to meet and work with photographers, models, fashion designers, make-up artists and like minded people with the same drive and passion as m e . ” With the recent launch of h e r w e b s i t e m Sashia shows her fan base exactly why she is one of the UK’s leading models in the Urban Glamour industry. Her non-stop hustle and passion for what she does shows just how much she is destined for true success.







67 www.Aaliyahmaria/ Face book& Google: Aaliyah Maria







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