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About us

Established in February 2008, Bubble Shake Magazine is a hip-hop fashion magazine presented by Music Pusher Entertainment, which features the hottest upcoming models in the game. Along with this magazine, Bubble Shake is introducing Bubble Shake Fashion- the clothing & accessory line.

Bubble Shake Urban Magazine gives the public an up close and personal look into the lives of industry models. It informs the public on how the entertainment industry affects the lives of models.

Creation I grew up in a household with my two brothers & two sisters. Raised by mom & dad and destined to take over the world. As a child growing up, I was always a hustler. The thing I liked the most was using my brain to make money. I got that from my dad while helping him with his real estate business. I learned how to budget money from my mom. I utilized that skill while I was making money selling clothes from the fashion district.

I use to go to certain department stores & buy the items on the racks for a discounted price. Then I would take those same items back to my neighborhood & sell it back to people for a profit. If I doubled the profit it was good but when I tripled the profit, it was perfect. Any profit is better than none. My marketing skills I acquired while I was working at a marketing agency for five years. At that agency we did promotions for AT&T, Sprint, Wachovia, Disney & many other companies. To go along with that I also worked for a shipping & receiving company where I learned how to import & export goods.

I love fashion & the most beautiful thing in the world, which is a woman. A woman with strong thighs & sexy eyes, with long hair touching her back, skin so smooth with an inner spine that starts from that tall neck down to the bubble that shakes.

PASSION Uncontrollable fire, Blazing through my soul! Lust, yearnings, desire, All outta control!

My heart beating outta my chest! Wanting to pump with all that I am, and nothing less. To start a journey, of hours on end, A trip down ecstasy, destination…Sin.

To never be finished, To never be done. To sex my woman down, To melt with her cum.

Hell yeah, all of these are one in the same, ‘Cause I let it all out, I never ration. All the components of one whole, All of the above, assemble…Passion By Mikeal Martin

Ladies & Gentlemen: I present to you BubbleShake, Your Choice for Fashion!

about us  

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