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Cleaning Made Easy

February 2013 issue

7 Smart Cleaning Tips Cleaning... we all have to do it, whether its spring cleaning or just your regular unload-the-dishwasher-forthe-fifth-time-today cleaning. You're not the only one who finds cleaning to be less than thrilling. - Anonymous That's why we have compiled a list of ten quick, smart and easy-to-do tips to make cleaning more bearable. Dig in!

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The toilet can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. First sprinkle the baking soda and then spray vinegar on top of it. After a good scrub, your toilet will be very clean. If you need to get rid of extremely stubborn dirt, put some borax on it and leave it there for the night. All you have to do in the morning is to scrub and flush.

Mold in the bathroom is a nasty problem. Use either white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Half a cup of vinegar or peroxide mixed in a cup of water removes mold in no time. You don’t need to scrub, just to spray the mixture and leave it there until the mold is gone.

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You're not the only one who finds cleaning to be less than thrilling.


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Expensive cleaning products can be replaced with products you already have in your cupboard. They can do an excellent work and they are also environmental friendly. White vinegar, for instance, is renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Instead of aggressive bleaching products, you can try hydrogen peroxide. It has bleaching and disinfectant properties and it removes stains. Similarly, lemon juice can do the same thing, plus leaving a pleasant smell behind. Lemon juice is great for removing grease stains. Natural polisher can be obtained from fresh club soda.

Carpet spills are hard to deal with, but cornmeal will absorb them quickly and effectively. Furniture will definitely look better if it is polished with olive oil. For ensuring a wonderful smell all around the house you can use some essential oils of your choice. They work better than any deodorizer.

Refrigerators are never easy to clean and using cleaning products is problematic. After all, you don’t want to contaminate your food with chemicals. Lots of people know that baking soda can be used for absorbing unwanted smells in the fridge, but fewer also know that this is a good cleaning agent also. Using baking soda for cleaning the fridge will get you rid of stains and of the danger of having contaminated food.

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3 Window cleaning can be more successful if you use a mixture of fresh club soda and lemon juice. Just one tablespoon of lemon juice to a spray bottle of fresh club soda will make all your windows incredibly shiny. Wipe the mixture with a cotton cloth.

Keeping a pleasant smell in the bathroom is not always easy. A simple method involves pouring a few drops of essential oil of your choice inside the toilet paper roll. Each time someone pulls it, a great smell will come “out of nowhere”.

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Cleaning Made Easy: 7 Smart Cleaning Tips  

We know that most of us find cleaning to be less than thrilling so we compiled 7 smart, easy-to-do tips to make cleaning a breeze. Dig in!