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Attaches to keys Hook Stylus

Finger grip

Introducing the multi-functional Covid-Key.

Protective cover

Item: 20130 Quantity: 12pc


This small device is ideal for reducing hand contact with potentially infected surfaces. The inbuilt protective case has been designed to keep bacteria from spreading to other objects when not in use. Simply attach to a keyring and spin it out of the protective case to use. Covid-Key is made from brass; a material proven to kill harmful bacteria.

Hand Sanitizers


From exotic bottles for all you cool cats and kittens, to Trump’s Sanitizer (not for injecting...), these pocket-sized sanitizers are essential for a postpandemic world. 65% alcohol and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Each bottle is 1.75 fl. oz (50ml).

Trump Sanitizer

Pope Sanitizer

Hippy Sanitizer

Item: 20131 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20132 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20133 Quantity: 12pc

Cool Cats Sanitizer Item: 20134 Quantity: 12pc


Fake News Stamp ™ Clamp down on #FakeNews with your very own red stamp. Even Donald Trump has one.

Item: 18113 Quantity: 12pc

Fake News Sound Button ™

NEW The Fake News Sound Button will save your voice from having to call fake news when you hear it again and again. Donald Trump says he didn’t lie. FAKE NEWS! Your colleague calls in sick after the office party. FAKE NEWS! Your partner says, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Absolutely FAKE NEWS!


Item: 20109 Quantity: 12pc

Trump News Game ™


This is the ultimate Trump quote guessing card game. Decide which of these 56 statements are true Trumpisms or just fake news? Item: 18114 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU


The Exotic President Puzzle ™


The ultimate gift to reminisce about a worldwide lockdown - an exotic 500 piece puzzle. Show your support for a presidential candidate with a difference; a popular celebrity with no political experience and a bad hair-do... oh wait...

Item: 20128 Quantity: 6pc


The Exotic Coloring Book ™


Pick up those colouring pencils and relax with The Exotic Colouring Book. With iconic scenes from the life of an iconic man, you’ll be quickly reminiscing about those simpler lockdown times; tigers, banana bread and that b**** Carole Baskin.

Item: 20129 Quantity: 12pc




Item: 20114 Quantity: 6pc CDU Available

The time for #FOMO is over. Welcome to the age of #JOMO. Fed up with having to attend events that you hate? Would you rather stay in and TikTok®, update your Instagram® stories or watch Netflix®? Well then, this is the party game for you. Simply find the funniest excuses to get out of life’s most mundane moments. It’s really that simple.


P Did He? ™

How well do you know Puff Daddy? No…Puff Diddy? Or is it...P Puffy??! The self-proclaimed King of New York and certified Bad Boy for Life has done some crazy ass sh*t. And this true or false game sets you the task of separating the acts Diddy did from those that other rappers did.


Item: 19129 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

Celebrity Scandals ™

We all love a celebrity scandal. And some of the quotes that come with them are just as iconic. Celebrity Scandals is the quotes-based game that gets you deciding who’s got tiger blood, who didn’t have sexual relations with that woman and to whom Kim Kardashian owes life.


Item: 20118 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU


Vegan Not Vegan ™


Simple as it sounds. Test you and your friends knowledge of the ingredients in common foods and household products! Surprise your vegan friend by revealing something they use is in fact #notvegan! Item: 19105 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU



All The Beer, No Idea ™


Can you recognise some of the most iconic beer logos in the world? All The Beer, No Idea will separate the ale-ficionados from the stout-right idiots. It’s the game where the winners will realise they either have a photographic memory or a drinking problem.

Item: 20115 Quantity: 6pc CDU Available


Kanye News Game ™

Kanye West. The king of abstract and baffling statements. His creative and egotistical antics are as infamous as his honest lyrics. But can you sort the fact from the fake? With an enigma like Yeezus, this is more challenging than it sounds.

Item: 18116 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU


Weird Crushes - Hollywood Hunks ™

Is it the Hollywood smile? Is it the mega fame? Or is it purely the fact that they’ve got millions in the bank?? Whatever it is, we all have our far-out fancies. And this game provides a safe space for you to come clean about that perverse crush you’ve been hiding since seeing Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park. This Hollywood edition of the game includes every veneered smile, brow lift and nip-tuck in LA LA Land.

Item: 19111 Quantity: 12pc CDU Available

13 13

Millennial AF ™


Item: 20113 Quantity: 6pc CDU Available

Who’s the most millennial in your group? Assign each ‘Who’s most likely to…’ card to the player it suits best, and by the end the one with the most cards will be revealed as the biggest bottomless brunching, quinoa munching, Insta-influencing millennial of them all.


Girl Power ™


The future is female. The classic spoons game is given a feminist makeover in this super speedy, super fun card game. Female icons are divided into categories including activism, music, politics and more. Your task is to collect a whole category as fast as you can and snatch a historical pioneer from the middle. You’ve gotta be in it to win it. #WhoRunTheWorld

Item: 20126 Quantity: 12pc CDU Available

15 15

Vegan Stamp ™

“Oh, you’re a vegan? You’ve never mentioned that before!” – Said no one ever. Get your mate this self-inking Vegan stamp so they can leave their green mark on paper instead of on every conversation. Let them paint the town green. #VeganLove Item: 18120 Quantity: 12pc


Flamingo Scissors ™ Item: 16119 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked CDU

Scissors don’t get any more tropical than this pair of Flamingo scissors. When not in use the Flamingo scissors also look like they are standing on one leg, just like in the wild.

Unicorn Scissors ™ Yes, Unicorn Scissors really do exist – we aren’t making it up! These unique scissors are made for right-handed cutters. The unicorn’s neck is designed so that your thumb sits comfortably in the shape and you can create your own rainbow cutouts and patterns at ease.

Item: 17112 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked CDU

17 17

Millennial Stamps â„¢



For when just saying that something is on fleek or lit is not enough (which, let’s face it, is all the time) we’ve created Millennial Stamps. These are a woke way of labeling things and reminding those basic Gen X-ers that they ain’t running things no more. Sorry not sorry, b*tches.


Slaying it

Yass Queen

Item: 19102 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 19101 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 19103 Quantity: 12pc






Item: 19132 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20102 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20101 Quantity: 12pc




On Fleek



Item: 20104 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20105 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20103 Quantity: 12pc


Card Dashing ™

Can you keep up with the game? Introducing the all new Kardashian themed card game. Keep your eyes peeled to try and beat your friends to win all the cards. Following the rules of the well-known and well-loved game of snap, nothing could be easier‌ or could it? Match the iconic faces of the Kardashian and Jenner Families to win. Item: 19109 Quantity: 12pc


Top Drags ™


Yaaaaas! It’s the turn of the sassiest showboats in the race to get the top trumps treatment. You’ll be separating the glamazons from the C3PHoes, and the hog bodies from the butch queens. Slay your Judies in every category: charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, and with the competition dusted you’ll earn the kind of respect reserved only for the hottest drag mother. BAM! Item: 19116 Quantity: 12pc CDU Available

27 21 11 21

Drag Queen Stamps ™


Yaaas qweens! Own your surroundings with Drag Queen Stamps. Customise your desk at school, home or work, by putting your sassy stamp on things. They come in ‘Snatched’, ‘Condragulations’ and ‘Fierce’. Because remember girls, “You own everything!”





Item: 20106 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20107 Quantity: 12pc

Item: 20108 Quantity: 12pc

Miss Vanjie Sound Button ™ Want to add a bit more sass to your life? This is the sound button for you. Channel your inner Qween of drag. Ending an argument? Miss Vanjie. Leaving a room? Miss Vanjie. Roasting your pal? Miss Vaaaanjie. After all, mic drops are sooo last year.

Item: 18123 Quantity: 12pc

Okurrr Sound Button ™ NEWSFLASH: ‘Okay’ has been given a makeover. Transform your basic bitch ‘okay’ into a divalicious Okurrr with this sound button. It’s guaranteed to up the sass level in every conversation.

Item: 18122 Quantity: 12pc

23 23

Eggplant Sauce Bottle ™

EGGPLANT Sauce Bottle

your h t i w l l Fi made e m o h ite favour uce sa

Item: 18105 Quantity: 12pc

Squirt out your condiments with this saucy Mayonnaise bottle. Make a tight grip, shake it up and down, then squeeze. You should have mayo oozing out all over your food. Ooh doesn’t it sounds tasty. Your friends won’t be able to resist coming over.


Basic Bitch Mug ™ Item: 18103 Quantity: 6pc

Totes the best gift for your selfie-taking sister who can’t resist abbreviating just about everything. This ceramic 330ml mug features the most basic bitch emoticon on the front and the basic bitch logo on the reverse. IMHO a great gift for your BFF. Item: 18103 Design by: Bubblegum Quantity: 6pc

Eggplant Squishy Ball ™ Squeeze, grab ‘n’ twist the Eggplant Stress Ball and all your worries will fade away. Item: 18107 Quantity: 12pc

25 25

Cat Selfie ™


Taking the purr-fect #CatSelfie made easy. Your kitty companion will be purring ‘n’ posing at one sight of the hanging bell – and the rest is Instagram® history.

Item: 18115 Quantity: 12pc CDU Available


Cat Kong ™


Make your little feline friend feel like one of its big cat cousins with the Cat Kong cat toy. This scaled down version of the Empire State Building, complete with damsel in distress, will quench your cat’s carnal cravings and provide hours of fold-out feline fun. Item: 20112 Quantity: 6pc

27 27

Plant Name Badges ™

They say talking to your plants makes them grow. And nothing breaks the ice like a name badge. And if you treat your plants to these Plant Names Badges, you’ll never have to suffer the embarrassment of forgetting their names. ‘Leafer Sutherland’, ‘Robert Plant’ and ‘Brad Pot’ are some of our suggestions.


Item: 20120 Quantity: 12pc CDU Available

Brew Planet - Jungle Mug ™ Sweet, lovable and comforting. Are we describing a hot mug of coco or David Attenborough?? There’s no need to decide because we’ve put the two together in the new Brew Planet heat changing mug. Add a hot brew to your mug and witness the extinction of Koko, the world’s first talking gorilla. Make your brew extinct and revive that brainy ape! It’s the delicious circle of life!

Item: 19114 Quantity: 6pc


Plant Life Support ™


Don’t ‘leaf’ your plants in the murderous hands of a friend or relative whilst you’re away on that dream trip. The Plant Life Support will drip feed everything your plant needs for the duration of your vacation. Peace of mind—it’s the ‘root’ of all happiness. Each Plant Life Support pack contains 1 bag.

Item: 20121 Quantity: 6pc CDU Available

29 29

Dice-Flix ™


Item: 20111 Quantity: 12pc CDU Available

‘Netflix® and chill’ night in? Don’t let it become a mindless scrollathon. Dice-Flix will settle any arguments. Use both dice, one displaying numbers and one displaying directions, to navigate the menu and find your movie or show. Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice.

Virgin Mary Miracle Mug ™ Restore your faith with a calming cup of tea or coffee. Simply add hot water to this mug and witness a modern day miracle; the appearance of the Virgin Mary. Her holy presence will guide you through those long working days until you can reach the heavenly gates of home. Item: 14310 Quantity: 12pc

30 30

Stoner Safari ™


Item: 20116 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

Know your way around a zoo(t)? Then maybe you’ll be great at Stoner Safari: the game that’ll get you thinking like a pothead to work out what ‘formal chickens’ and ‘floppy sea spiders’ are. WARNING: Being stoned will probably not improve your chances of being good at this game.

31 31

Celebrity Résumé ™ Guess the unlikely past jobs of some of your favorite celebrities with the all new card game, Celebrity Résumé. Choose from one of four options on the front of the cards, then flip to reveal the true past jobs, along with the reasons why they had these jobs. Item: 19106 Quantity: 12pc CDU Available

32 32

Put your Emoticon knowledge to the test with this new and amusing card game. Common and famous phrases are shown as Emoticons and you simply have to guess the correct phrases. As we all interpret Emoticons differently this game is not as easy as it sounds and will result in fits of laughter as the ridiculous guesses ensue. Available in eight different editions so you can test your Emoticon knowledge in multiple areas.

Name The Emoticon - Original ™


Item: 16101 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

Name The Emoticon - Pop Culture ™

Item: 17103 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU


Name The Emoticon - US TV ™

Item: 19110 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

Name The Emoticon - Sport ™

Item: 17105 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

Name The Emoticon - X Rated ™

Item: 18111 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU


Name The Emoticon - Movie ™ Item: 18110 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

Name The Emoticon - Music ™ Item: 18108 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

Name The Emoticon - Travel ™ Item: 17104 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU




It’s the ultimate sporting debate... who is the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time)? Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Tom Brady or Jerry Rice? Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? This is the game celebrating those star players; from the worlds of basketball, American football, tennis, soccer and more. The aim is to collect a whole sporting category as fast as you can and quickly grab a trophy card from the centre of the table May the best GOAT win.

Item: 20127 Quantity: 12pc


Grammar Police ™


Item: 20119 Quantity: 12pc Prepacked in CDU

You have the right to remain silent... unless you know your grammar. In which case you’ll probably have plenty to say whilst playing Grammar Police. Annoy the hell out of your opponents by correctly guessing all the grammatical and/or spelling mistakes. Be careful, though, as the English language is a cruel mistress. And you will experience epic levels of frustration when you can’t find the last mistake.


Space Rocket Baby Bottle ™

Your little star is going to be over the moon with this BPA free bottle. From now on, feeding is gonna be out of this world. The Rocket Baby Bottle’s mission is to make feeding more fun for those making their first small steps for man and is a great way to make sure they get their fuel on board.


Item: 15113 Quantity: 12pc

Cheers Baby Bottle ™

Finally babies can join in with the toast at weddings and parties. Fill this BPA free bottle with your standard baby milk so they can enjoy the party in style. Celebrations are not just for grown ups, but please note that Champagne is.

Item: 14117 Quantity: 12pc


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