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I remember when we were younger my neighbors and I would make mud pies and my one neighbor would actually eat them!

Best friends By: Sydney Green

( The Picture above Me far left, Sarah middle, The feet Beka) We have been best friends forever, we hang out after school all the time. All day everyday.... We have sleepovers on Friday nights, but not all thee time. When ever someone gets hurt we are always there to lift them back on there feet. Sarah (middle) loves dressing up like a nerd, so one time we went to Family Video dressed in pajama pants that were pulled up over our stomachs, long socks with flip flops, nerd glasses, big shirts, our hair in pig tails, fake freckles,


and a bow tie. It was really fun.... and almost embarrassing!! =) Becka ( legs) loves to be herself and have fun all the time. She is always wanting to climb a tree! So we climb a ton of trees. They don’t have a lot of trees in there yard, so they always come down to my house. I have a ton of trees to climb. I have a total of 12 trees, I used to have more but we chopped a couple down. So thats what we do in our free time. I know a ton about these two friends. Sarah likes panda bears, polka dots, and she likes the colors purple, blue, and green. She likes to do track, but she is not a very

“sportsy” girl. She also LOVES TO draw, and her and I have taken an interest in photography. Becka is DEFINITELY A “SPORTSY” GIRL!!! She plays basketball, she wants to play soccer, and she likes to play football. She is a very awesome friend just like Sarah. These are some of my bestest friends!! ;)

LIFEMONTHLY September 26, 2012

Pets! By: Sydney Green

I have 2 pets currently, there is Tucker, and Tiger or “ Mister SnuggleBug.” Tiger the cat is a very sassy cat he needs attention and I am pretty sure at times he hates Tucker but at other times he likes to hang around Tucker. Tiger used to have a sister named Pumpkin, but she recently got ran over by a car.... it was pretty sad because the 2 cats used to go around and climb trees together and fight each other. I’m pretty sure Tiger misses Pumpkin because, all Tiger ever does is lie around in his little bed. We got those cats last year in November, so Tiger is almost 1 year old. Tucker on the other hand is a little rascal! He is wild and has a good spirit. He loves being rubbed behind the ears and on the belly. You wanna know why Tiger hates Tucker sometimes because, Tucker will get down low, walk really slowly and quietly so the cat doesn’t hear him, but when the cat looks at Tucker, the dog dashes as fast as he can towards the cat!! It’s actually very entertaining, Tucker will bite the cat until he gets scratched then he will do it some more. Tucker sleeps with me in my bedroom and he loves hot dogs, thats what we give him for treats! He is not a very good listener though.... we have been trying to train him not to go over to the neighbors but he really doesn’t listen. We live on

Tucker (my dog left ) Tiger ( my cat right)



highway 6 in the country and we don’t have a fence so it’s very hard to keep track of that dog! He used to cross the road but he doesn’t do that anymore... at least when we are watching him =). We love having pets around the house, I especially like having them around when i am home alone so it isn’t so quiet.

Tucker Tiger

LIFEMONTHLY September 26, 2012

“coach” them into doing right things I also have pretty with their body. So on March, 5 for a awesome cousins!! I have big like whole couple days we will fly to family on each side!! combine us all Craziness probably over 50 cousins!! By: Sydney Green My Family is very..... interesting I guess. I have a dad named Tim Green ( age 39), a mom named Betsy Green (age 37) , a Brother named Jake Green ( age 10), a sister named Paige Green ( age 8), and last but not least... a sister named Maya Green ( age 6). I love my family but we have some issues, I mean everyone has issues... nobody’s perfect. So we all fight, we all, lie, and we all love each other. Me and my brother are pretty close but we can be a little mean to each other, we also fight over sometimes the stupidest things ever! Paige and Maya are like Best Friends Forever!! I mean it’s almost ridiculous!!! They always fight when ever they have a friend over. They will fight over who’s not top picture mom left dad right. bottom picture jake playing with who, or they took this from brother me, and “ I HATE YOU!!!”. Oh and the most common that gets on my nerve “ I’M TELLING MOM!!!” They love each other to the depths of the earth, but they Florida we would also go and stay in also hate each other to the depths of the the resort and go to the Disney earth. Park. My mom has recently won us a trip My dad works at NPI the soy bean to Florida, we get to stay in a fancy “factory” I can say. He has the money to resort. She only won this cause she works put the roof over our heads, he likes to for Beach Body, which is a workout play catch with Jake and me. Also we thingy. What she had to do is for every play baseball in the yard with dad, Jake, month of the year she had to get a couch Maya, Paige, and me. We all have fun which is what she is. Someone who is together! We live in a pretty big house.... trying to help others lose weight and well an awesome house!!! =)

Family Of

This is going to take a while!!! As a family we have actually had a project of getting the floor together in the kitchen, because we wanted to have wood floors in the kitchen. It’s finished now and it looks pretty awesome!! It took a while to finish it, we had to rip up the carpet all down the hallway and in the kitchen. We had to vacuum every where like twice because it was so dusty. Then we pulled up all the staples under there, and we put the floor in and we vacuumed again and I think it took like 2-4 days some where around there but take a look!!

Paige and Maya ( Paige left, Maya right) they love each other, but they also fight and and to the right are the pictures of the wood floors


LIFEMONTHLY September 26, 2012

My dreams are very weird i wouldn’t call them scary..... or sad! =) By: Sydney Green


Creeps By: Sydney Green

I had a weird dream once, it started up at my neighbors house. We were on their back patio. It was me my two neighbor buds Sarah and Becka, and my other neighbor Emma Lang. We were all just sitting in lawn chairs facing the corn field. When all of the sudden I see red eyes through the corn, it kind of frightened me so I was freaking out. The others said be calm we know what to do, so I waited and they said, “Stick up your water bottle it likes the color of blood, ad if we stick up our water bottles he will see the refection of his eyes.” So I did and while the wolf was distracted they told me to go inside so I did and I let everyone else inside. I was very confused but they ignored me so we all just went upstairs and when we did it was really weird the house turned into this huge arena thing and we were in a metal maze I didn’t know where everyone else went so I just walked forward. There were zombie's and some parts of the floor were muddy and there was a humongous clock on the wall and I guess at each hour the room changes, also quite a few people die At every hour I also had a ceiling view so i saw what was happening, like the wall was magnetic and I was the magnet. 4 Well whenever that happened I saw what people were chosen

to die. Some of them would explode and the others the wolf would come in and drag them away. After that happened the room would change. There were a lot of people there and the room changed to a cornfield and I ran into this couple that were freaking out, I had asked them what was wrong and they said “ we are in a corn field, thats where all the wolfs live,” they said, “ and they are looking for one person and thats you!!” I was definitely freaking out know!! They handed me a weapon to protect myself and they told me to me carful. I still knew we were in a mettle room because it was still mettle. We were all trying to get out of this sick game! But something happened, everyone was still so I figured I should be still too. Then all of a sudden tons and tons of red eyes were seen everywhere. Then everyone started screaming, pushing, and running for their lives! Then some people died and the room changed to a huge house, and I was surrounded by maids they were whispering in a fierce voice to me, “Get out, go run, the wolf is just upstairs!!” So I ran and it was dark outside, the street lights were on and I turn around and look at the house and the door to the house creaks open and the wolf comes out and then I wake up just as it starts to chase me!! The End

LIFEMONTHLY September 26, 2012

Sports, Dance, And living in the country! By Sydney Green

I am definitely not a sporty girl, like at all, I’ve tried

best ice cream place on the whole entire

like all the sports in like the whole world . I didn’t

UNIVERSE!!! Ya thats it =)

really like any of the though, but this year I xwanted to try out volley ball then I didn’t, I also wanted to try cross country but I am glad I didn’t because all my friends hate cross country and never ever want to do it again. So yeah. I have always wanted to join Michelle’s Dance Academy.... not just because all my friends go but I’ve just always wanted to dance. But I know I probably wouldn’t be good at it, mainly because I have no flexibility talent whats so ever!!! Also I suck at dancing, so yeah.

I have moved over 8 times, it’s hard to move, to leave your friends and close family. We have always wanted to live in the country. Its a beautiful quiet place,for everyone to live. So we moved to Iowa, and know our dream came true. We have AWESOME neighbors, A DOG!!!!, and we are getting chickens this coming spring (moms dream). We are living the life! I am especially happy that I have friends 21 steps away!!...... or more. I am soooooooooooo happy that we moved to Iowa, many reasons like.... I have a new BESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTEST FRIEND named Kayli, I used to live here and I had a best friend named Bethany, and now I can see her at school and I have a billion of other best buds too! =) We live 5 min. from the


FASHIONMONTHLY September 26, 2012

Falling Down By Sydney Green

Another short dream I had that I still remember, I guess we lived on the top of a cliff, and there was woods up there and the house was near the edge and the woods were back behind the house. I don’t know what I was doing but I came out of the woods walking towards the house when all of a sudden the ground is splitting the house and me apart so I take a few steps back, and I run really fast and jump. I guess I was running to fast or something because, I made it to the other side but I guess I was running to fast and I didn’t stop I fell right of the edge and I fell down all the way to the ground below. When I got down there I opened up my eyes and I’m laying down so I see these ladies and they are all staring at me. They have like these fashion designer clothes on and they said “ O my gosh she is such a piece of garbage!!! Lets go.” Then I wake up.

Blue Aliens and sorrows By Sydney Green

Well my dreams are occasionally very very... “strange” not scary or boring just really strange. Like I had know I had a dream last night but I really don’t remember what it was. But I remember a weird dream and kind of sad dream from when I was in second grade. We meaning my family ( mom, dad, brother, two sisters) were all sitting up stairs on the floor, I guess we were all just hanging out an there was a window right behind all of us. A little blue weird looking alien climbed up the window and walked over to me, it grabbed me, dragged me past my dad and I was screaming the whole time “ DAD, HELP ME PLEASE, HELP ME!!!!!”. My mom slowly turns her head toward my dad and says, “ Honey I think she wants you to help her, that or she needs something”. Then my dad turns toward me while the alien is still pulling me and all my


dad says is, “Eh.” I scream, The alien drags me out the window I wake up terrified.

Paris By Sydney Green

I have had a dream ever since I was 9. A very big dream, a dream of one day going to Paris!! I love Paris, I have always always wanted to go there and someday I’m hoping I will. I’m going to try to raise enough money when I’m almost out of high school. I’ve googled Paris many many times and it’s so beautiful! The lights, the Eiffel Tower, and the foods. I have also just want to go to new countries I just want to see other places and to try new things!! Me and one of my best friends Summer Thomas, we want to go there together and discover and try new things. We also want to go to Fiji we have also googled that place and there is and underwater hotel and we found that fascinating so we would like to also go there someday. It will be amazing!!!

FASHIONMONTHLY September 26, 2012

All about Me


By Sydney Green

My name is Sydney Green, my favorite color is.... well.... can you guess??? It’s green. It’s not just because it’s my last name but because I just love it. My favorite animal is either a dog or a horse, I love to ride my neighbors horses, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! drawing, it’s my favorite. I also took and interest in photography with my neighbor, so we have been experimenting around with that. I love action movies and my favorite Tv show is Once Upon a Time, and I have a ton of awesome friends. I have 3 siblings, 1 brother, and 2 sister, and I have a mom and a dad. I have a dog and 2 cats..... well now only 1 :(. I really wish we could get horses and I also wish we could live on a real farm, I mean we live in the country but theres not much out here but a house, garden, big garage, and tons of trees. My favorite food is fedachini noodles and my favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.

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