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The foundation of our group is based on our similar needs, some of the prominent ones being independence/solitude, colour, and sunlight/to be outside. These are all things our creatures need, and these play an important role in our society.

Rules Seeing as food is not something that is predominantly important to any of our characters we decided that rather than eating actual food our characters rely on the sunlight for nourishment, as many of us crave being outside under the sun. We came up with the idea of 'Sun Rations'. As in for two hours a day you need to get your sun rations in order to recharge. lack of sun rations will cause us to become weaker and our colour to fade. One punishment for breaking the law could be no sun rations for a week, leaving you weak and miserable. There would be different levels of punishment as in any society, for example the crimes committed to be sentenced to death versus sentenced to community service would be hugely different. Taking one's sun rations away would be a punishment for a light crime for example, possibly our version of community service. As we are all independent and often solitary creatures, our worst nightmare is crowded spaces; being surrounded by busy, bustling people. A harsh punishment would be getting sent into the crowds of central London, and depending on your crime, for different lengths of time. We would call this 'Cosmopolitan Banishment'. The sentence would be decided by the society as a whole, not by one individual.

Aims As a society that loves colour our aim is to make drab cities like London a better and more colourful place. We also rely on London for supplies, as within our society we have no need for money or trade. We steal what we need from London, things like colours and paints. We do not like having to come into London as there is no sun and no colour, and we have to dress in dark colours like a Londoner to fit in, but we must try to make it more beautiful and get supplies. Within London we can also find inspiration when we search hard enough, and it can be stimulating for our senses.

Religion We are all equal within the society. However the character of Frances is a God-like, yet mortal being we can turn to in times of crisis. She gives us inspiration and hope and is a near-perfect example of the beings we wish to be. She is however flawed, just like all of us. Each of our characters represents one of the seven deadly sins which are sloth, greed, gluttony, lust, wrath, pride, and envy. This was a good basis for figuring out what counts as 'sinning', for which we would be punished. Katie's character likes to eat biscuits for example, but none of us Need biscuits in order to live; we have the sun. Katie would be Gluttony. She would also have to steal the biscuits from London which puts us all at risk, and for this she would be punished. We do not believe there is a Heaven, but we do believe there is a Hell, and it would be a terrible, colourless, busy place where you would never be alone. For this reason we are trying to create a 'Heaven on earth' by spreading colour all around. We are a small group of solitary beings and reproducing is difficult, as when a male and a female in our group decide to 'Couple', the male dies in the sexual act and the female dies during labour. As there is only Hell waiting for us after death we all fear death, and Coupling is a serious crime. Not only because of the threat of death, but because we are proudly solitary creatures. coupling would also lead to members of

the society forming alliances with one another. Tom and Chrysteena have similar characters who want to couple. You two would be Lust. My character would be Sloth as I like to sleep all the time, but this slows down productivity and weakens the group. Kim would be Pride/vanity, as she is the most colourful member of a society that practically worships colour, and she is always concerned about her chapped lips. Frances also has a sin; Greed. she, like Katie, overindulges in coffee and cigarettes, distracting the group from its cause. Hee Jung would be Wrath as she seems sweet and innocent on the outside but if you tried to take her companion away she would turn violent on you. Fred would be envy, as he is the least colourful member of the society and is jealous of the colours of others.

When we thought about 'Gods' we struggled with the idea of one god, as we are all independent beings and worshipping one god as a group seems to counteract our philosophy. So we decided that WE (our human selves) are the individual Gods of each of our characters. I am the god of my lazy, rocking, sleepy four legged creature, for example.

New Members Seeing as coupling kills us, this would be a difficult way for the group to expand. we can however seek out other characters we think are worthy, and ask them to join our group. This is how Fred got into the group, hence his lack of colour. He does however share our ethos and for that reason we inducted him into the group. to join our group one would have to participate in an initiation ceremony. we also have to be very selective of who we invite into the group.

I think that covers everything, let me know what yall think!

We want to meet up on wednesday at 1030 and we thought it would be good for each of us to come up with some propaganda. each of us could come up with an image that represents our deadly sin, like mine could be a propaganda poster condemning the lazy etc. think russian propaganda posters maybe . . . we also talked briefly about crests, flags, and maps for our society, which would probably work best if we planned them as a group.


uni work, BA illustration Camberwell


uni work, BA illustration Camberwell