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Division 10 North / Region 13 Cali-Nev-Ha District



November 2013


A Letter from the LTG

WHAT’S INSIDE Greetings from the LTG & Editor

Hey beautiful Ninja Turtles! UPCOMING EVENTS Can you believe another EVENT RECAP year of amazing Key Club is Region 13 Training starting up again? I certainly Conference (RTC) can’t believe it after visiting Club Rush some schools and some of the Feeding the Homeless club days. I attended San Marino’s club rush and I was FEATURES glad to see some of the interested freshmen asking for membership forms and I was especially glad to see San Marino pass out club pins to prospective members. At Betty Wang Temple City’s club rush, there was an incredibly long line for prospective members and we filled out so many sign-up sheets during that day. It was hot and crazy while I shouted the “How do you feel cheer” with some of the officers but it was definitely worth showing our spirit. October 20th is our Christmas Tree Lane volunteering event, so be ready to decorate some trees and beautify Alta Dena Drive for the annual tree lighting. I am so excited to be there and it’s never too early for the Christmas spirit! Last, of course I can’t forget Fall Rally! This year’s Fall Rally will be amazing with what we have in store for you. Come by Garfield Park on October 27th for a Fall Rally preparation/information session as well as meet other Fall Rally attendees. Your shirts will be passed out that day and I will talk about the spirit gear you will be receiving on Fall Rally day as well as the transportation meet up. Thanks so much, you might see me pop up at your service events every so often, don’t be scared. Peace out and stay sassy.


Editor’s Corner Happy Fall to you all! November is one of my favorite months of the year, with the anticipation of Turkey Day and FALL RALLY! Thanks to all of those who submit articles and pictures, you guys rock. November is definitely a more eventful month, and I certainly hope you all will consider joining in on the fun at Fall Rally. See you there!


Shuwei Wang

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SAVE THE DATE UPCOMING EVENTS CHRISTMAS TREE LANE DECORATING WHEN: Saturday, October 20th, 9AM - 12PM WHERE: Santa Rosa and Altadena Drive WHY: Come help decorate the beautiful trees with lights! Breakfast and lunch will be provided as well (yes, free food!).

OCTOBER DCM & FALL RALLY SESSION WHEN: Sunday, October 27th, 12PM - 2PM WHERE: Garfield Park (1750 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030) WHY: Receive your Fall Rally t-shirt, make spirit gear, and learn division cheers! This is MANDATORY if you are going to Fall Rally. Lunch will be provided.

FALL RALLY! WHEN: Saturday, November 9th, 7AM - 6PM WHERE: Six Flags Magic Mountain (26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355) WHY: One of the most exciting Key Club events of the year is here! Come to Fall Rally to join Key Clubbers from all over Southern California in a day of celebration.


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The Region 13 Training Conference, aka RTC, was such an amazing event! There were Key Clubbers from all the diverse divisions from Region 13. Everyone exhibited so much spirit by dressing in their unique division colors. I learned many things from the workshops I attended. We also made it to the final round during the Spirit Rally, and we were really close to getting the spirit stick! Although Region 35E got it, the fact that our smaller group made it to finals made the day even better.

By Vivian Liu

Region Training Conference was a really great experience! It was my first time going and I sure learned a lot. From the workshops I attended, I learned how to make club meetings more fun and interesting. I realized what Key Club is really about, and the LTGs really inspired me to take on a bigger role in Key Club. It was also great to see many of the faces I met at DCON last year again.

By Eva Mao

Katie Chin 1) D10N Ninja Turtles RTC attendees assemble in a group picture.

Katie Chin 2) Before entering the anticipated Spirit Battle, eager D10Ners practice cheers.

The Region 13 Training Conference this year was held at Cal Poly Pomona, and we still had a great turnout from Division 10 North! There were so many people from our Region who attended and made it a really fun event. We played games as well as attended workshops. The workshops were really helpful and there were a wide variety of topics, such as individual positions, running for LTG, tips on running your club, and more. The general sessions were the best because we got to sit with everyone in the region. At the end was an introduction to DCON as well as a spirit battle. Our division did really well and we made it to the second round! Although we did not win, it was really fun and showed that even though we were a smaller division, we still had LOTS of spirit.

By Annika Yip

CLUB RUSH for Key Club

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Betty Wang 1) Key Clubbers from Temple City High School recruit new members during their school’s annual Club Day.

Getting your friends to join Key Club may be difficult - often times, I receive excuses like “Oh, I’m too lazy to go!” However, once an individual experiences the spirit of the club, it’s hard not to come back. That’s what we say to potential members from our school; South Pasadena had its Club Rush for two days, and we received around 300 sign-ups. When we held our first meeting, confused expressions scattered around the room. What exactly is Key Club to a person who has not given it a chance yet? We do our best efforts to encourage people to attend events and see just how fun giving back and volunteering can be.

By Patricia San Pedro

Shuwei Wang 1) Similarly, South Pasadena Key Clubbers walk around their school’s Club Rush advertising Key Club.

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FEEDING THE HOMELESS at Lake Avenue Church This was my first time going to the Lake Avenue Church to help with feeding the homeless, let’s just say it was sort of like a karaoke night. One of my fellow Key Clubbers is an absolutely fantastic piano player and brought the music out of all of us. From Korean songs to Disney classics, she could seriously play anything. There was a lady who kept getting up to sing which kept us entertained while the food was being prepared. There were so many hungry people and a large number of volunteers that we ended up running out of food half an hour ahead of schedule and ended early. Serving at Lake Avenue is unlike other places I've been to, such as Union Station, because there is bigger sense of family. Everyone there knows each other and seems to have a carefully planned routine. I liked how they let us jump into their system and even asked us to come back again soon. And we did, a few weeks later. Feeding the homeless at the Lake Avenue Church is best with Key Clubbers all aiming for the same purpose: giving back and having fun.

Charmaine Yiu 1) A happy man receives his helping of bread thanks to help from the eager volunteers.

By Katie Chin

Nicole Wang 2) Matt Dietzel kindly passes out plates to happy guests who initiate conversation.

Charmaine Yiu 3) Jacob Lui shows us how cutting cake really should be done.

On Sunday, October 13, members of the San Marino High School Key Club volunteered at Lake Avenue Church. We helped to cook and serve their weekly Sunday community meal. I have volunteered at Lake Avenue Church multiple times before and it is always a fun event. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed so everyone also gets the chance to talk with each other. When it comes time to serve the meal, I always prefer to help place food on the plates. Even though this event is pretty simple, serving food, volunteers get to interact with people that we do not think about everyday, those who are going through hard times and rely on this meal every week. This time, there were also some new faces volunteering and some of them even started conversations with the guests attending the meal. Volunteering at Lake Avenue Church is a simple way to give back to our community and I always enjoy going there every time.

By Annika Yip

LAST YEAR, FALL RALLY... “I loved hearing people from all over Southern California cheer for their division, and auction their lieutenant governors to raise money for Pediatric Trauma Program!” - Mariela Carrillo

“...was crazy, but in a good way of course!” - Patricia San Pedro

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October Congratulations for KATIE CHIN SAN MARINO

Member of the Month Club of the Month

MARIELA CARRILLO Officer of the Month NEW EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT! ANNIKA YIP KEY PROFILE: Annika Yip Hello Ninja Turtles! My name is Annika Yip and I was recently appointed as Executive Assistant of Division 10 North! For those who don’t know me, I am a senior at San Marino High School and I have been an active member in Key Club since freshman year. I am also involved in marching band, winter drumline, and track. I reallyreallyreally like food, especially free food. And I also love to meet people and make new friends! My experiences in Key Club have always been really fun, so I am sooooo excited to be able to help out our Lieutenant Governor Betty this year! Look for me at events and say hi to me!


to submit articles and pictures! Hey guys, I would really appreciate any and all articles about any upcoming events! I am also serious when I say I will bake you goodies in appreciation. Please e-mail all your beautiful pictures and articles to before the 15th of each month!

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Until next time!

D10N November Newsletter  
D10N November Newsletter