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Division 10 North / Region 13 Cali-Nev-Ha District



December 2013


A Letter from the LTG


Greetings from the LTG & Editor Hey beautiful Ninja Turtles! This month was so UPCOMING EVENTS amazing and incredible! What blew me away was Fall EVENT RECAP Rally. The amount of people Christmas Tree Lane who attend and the enthusiOctober DCM and asm involved was very Fall Rally Preparation heart-warming because it Fall Rally South reaffirmed the reason I joined Key Club in the first FEATURES place: to join a family. Thank you so much for being so supportive and organized on Fall Katie Chin Rally day and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I may not have ridden all the rides, but being able to spend my last Fall Rally with my ninja turtles was one of the highlights of the season. It also made making those turtle shells and buying spirit gear all worth it. Marshall’s movie night was a great way to end the day or pump up for Fall Rally which is what I did. I loved it. But December is coming and that means Rose Floats decorating and celebrations! I cannot wait for the fun season to come.


Editor’s Corner Hey lovely Ninja Turtles! I hope everyone is faring well. With the holidays quickly approaching, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so are many opportunities to volunteer. One of my favorite volunteer opportunities is definitely Rose Float Decoration hopefully y’all will be able to go experience it! But for now, stay safe and have a wonderful Turkey Day holiday.


Jones Ou

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Ice skating








25 HAPPY 2014!


SAVE THE DATE UPCOMING EVENTS SPHS & TCHS ICE SKATING FUNDRAISER WHEN: Saturday, December 14th, 8PM - 10PM WHERE: Pasadena Ice Skating Rink (300 East Green St., Pasadena, CA 91101) WHY: All proceeds raised will be for PTP, so come support and enjoy a cold evening with friends at the ice rink! Admission is $13 and includes skate rentals.

*More DECEMBER events TBA! The December event agenda will be e-mailed to you soon, so keep your eyes peeled! If you are not yet on the mailing list for D10N, e-mail Betty at to stay informed with upcoming events!


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CHRISTMAS TREE LANE DECORATING Getting lost, meeting new friends, and playing heads up—that's what I think of when I think of my experience at Christmas tree lane volunteering. At first we were all sticking to our own school groups and too afraid to talk to other schools. However, as we worked, we started talking to more and more people. While my friend Caroline and I were waiting for more work, we sat under one of the trees and soon people from different schools started joining us. Soon after, we merged into a large group of Key Clubbers talking about random things like band. By the end of the event, all the light bulbs were sorted and the lane was finished for the day. Since we had a couple extra minutes, someone thought of playing heads up with the whole group. At some point we were all singing and loudly whispering phrases while probably looking like we've gone mad. By the event’s end, we all made new friends and had a great time volunteering.

By Lauren Gan

Jones Ou

1) Ninja Turtles Charles Liu and Christina Chen help each other pull the ropes.

“Wait, where is it?” Confused looks were exchanged as various Key Clubbers, with some first-time event attendees, scrambled around to find the meeting place. The well-known “Christmas Tree Lane” in Altadena, California, collectively needed assistance in decorating the gigantic trees for the upcoming holiday season. Fear not, we say, as members of Division 10 North willingly and happily spend time to help contribute to the beauty of the holiday season. Upon arriving, we were given gloves and protection eyewear—and unfortunately for the fashion-forward, they were quite the unfashionable statement. Though a lady might say “beauty first before comfort,” I was thankful for the eye protection after seeing many bulbs shatter into pieces. We were given the instruction of arranging colored light bulbs into certain sequence, which required the cooperation of fellow volunteers. It was fun going from transparent, yellow, blue, green, and red, and sometimes entertaining at who gets to which bulb first. Later on, we hung the lights on the trees by sheer manpower—ropes! The ropes were at first a strenuous task, especially maneuvering; however, after kind instructor showed us the ropes (ha), we got successfully hung the lights on several trees. Volunteering for Christmas tree lane was definitely an exciting experience, because not many people can go visit the trees in their glorious lit-up state and say, “Hey, I helped with this tree!” While we started the morning off rocky by being lost, we ended with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

By Patricia San Pedro

2) Since the event had a large turnout, and Ninja Turtles assemble in a group awaiting for more tasks. 3) Lauren Gan and Caroline Bescoby help each other sort out the light bulbs by color.

Nicole Wang

Jones Ou


Fall Rally Preparation!

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At the October DCM, we started off with the ice breakers of speed dating and huggie bear. Though everyone was awkward at first, we all eventually warmed up to each other. After the ice breakers, we all sat down for Betty to present the awards and for each school to tell of recent and near future service projects. We next went over our cheers for Fall Rally. With our leaders teaching us the "How do you feel?" cheer, the "Ungawa" cheer, and the "All we do is serve" cheer, the whole group learned very quickly. After going the cheers a couple of times, we all broke up into our schools and began to make our turtle shells with cardboard and felt. It was a great October DCM/Pre-Fall Rally Prep!

By Joy Hwang

Katie Chin 1) Noah Holland-Moritz leads the DCM attendees in the Key Club pledge. 2) Spirit enthusiast Sheldon Choi leads the crowd in a cheer.

Katie Chin

The October DCM was a time for Fall Rally preparation workshop, and was also a time for meeting this year’s Builder's Club for the first time. It was a great experience because I got to meet the future members of Key Club and had a chance to talk to some of them. Also, we went over cheers to prep for Fall Rally like the Serve cheer and the Ungawa cheer!

By Jacob Tran Katie Chin 3) New and old D10N Ninja Turtles alike bond together through spontaneous icebreakers involving diverse groups.

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Katie Chin

Fall Rally South 2013 1) Eager Ninja Turtles, equipped with their spirit packs cheered in anticipation for the upcoming Spirit Rally.


I had heaps of fun riding roller coasters and hanging out with new friends in Six Flags! Fall Rally has surely been one of the most magnificent and remarkable events throughout the year. Abooga, abooga, ABOOGABOOGABOOGA!"

- JASON CAI, 9th South Pasadena

2) Fall Rally attendees arrived at South Pasadena Middle School at 6:30AM.

3) D10N Ninja Turtles, old and new, learn cheers from Fall Rally veterans. Members even participated in a mock Spirit Battle to show them how it’s really done! Katie Chin

Katie Chin



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Claire Chow 1) One big happy family: D10N Ninja Turtles gather for a group picture after a long and tiring day.

On November 9, early in the morning, Key Club Division 10 North met at South Pasadena Middle School to go to Fall Rally at Six Flags. Once we got there, we were given times of when to attend our rally. While we waited, we explored the park and rode some rides including Tatsu, which we waited over 2 hours for but was worth it. It literally felt like I was flying since we went so high, and we started horizontally instead of straight. When we got to the rally, it was a sea of many divisions dressed in different colors, all cheering and showing their spirit. There was an auction in which we bided on people onstage to hang out with. Then each division said their cheers and then the rally was over. We rode another ride, Batman, and then headed back for some snacks and pictures before we had to leave. Throughout the day, you could see many Key Clubbers from different divisions all across southern California. Almost every time we'd pass another division, we would cheer that we felt good. Overall, I think Fall Rally was a great way to see the different divisions from many cities, and I can't wait for next year's Fall Rally!

By Grace Kull 2) The D10N flag raises high above in a sea of multiple divisions as crowds cheer and roar.

Katie Chin

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November Congratulations for LAUREN GAN MARSHALL PHI NGUYEN

Member of the Month Club of the Month Officer of the Month This year's Fall Rally was a blast! It was one for the ages and sadly, my last one. Everyone made it the one day that I will never forget. Although we did not win the spirit stick, we made it to the top 5, which I am extremely proud of. Being a Ninja Turtle has changed my life, and I cannot thank you guys enough for that. Thank you so much for making my last Fall Rally, the best one ever. L-O-V-E, I LOVE MY D-I-V!

By James Seto

Grace Kull 1) Many members cringed at the idea of riding the reverse roller coaster.

Katie Chin 2) Some Ninja Turtles, such as Katie Chin, Lauren Gan, Caroline Bescoby, and Ariel Wei, went above and beyond with their spirit gear, making not only turtle shells but as well as customized capes.


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