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Division 10 North / Region 13 Cali-Nev-Ha District



August 2013


A Letter from the LTG


Greetings from the LTG & Editor UPCOMING EVENTS

EVENT RECAP Hello Ninja Turtles, Officer Training Conference This month was a crazy month with and June DCM school ending, summer starting, and ICON: Carwash for PTP International Convention. I have to say, ICON Internation Convention: ICON was a very different experience because it was my Region 13 Picnic first time at the east coast and I became closer to FEATURES so many people in our district. Richard, Mariela and I attended ICON in Washington, D.C. this year and we all agreed that it was an unforgettable experience. ICON really opened our eyes to Key Club International as a whole and the structure to the organization. Mariela and I had an Ethiopian dinner with the New York District Governor and other New Yorkers. It was also our first time meeting people from Alabama and Jamaica, their accents were really interesting. It was a great refresher to why we serve as leaders and individuals for our community. Sonny An I feel that every time I come back from a Key Club convention or event, I get this exhilarating, enthu- siastic ambitious feeling for the organization. We agreed that the learning from workshops and meeting so many different people from other states and countries gave us a different insight to the Key Club structure. Even though we are from different geographical regions, we have one thing in common: we love to serve. I was also very proud of the division for raising $225 for PTP this month at the Car Wash at San Marino High School. I have to admit that the promotion and advertising on the streets was at first a struggle, but paid off when customers started to swarm in and we were busy ninja turtles. It was a great summer event, and I look forward to the many events to come in the future.

In service, BETTY WANG

Editor’s Corner Hey everyone! I hope summer is going fabulous for you all. I don’t know about you, but I am currently rotting in summer school. Thankfully, there have been events I was able to attend and made my time worthwhile. As school is approaching, I hope you all consider going to a summer event if you haven’t already. Continue spreading that ninja turtle spirit!


Sonny An

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WHEN: Wednesday, July 24th, 3PM - 7PM WHERE: Factory Tea Bar (323 S. Mission Dr., San Gabriel, California 91776) WHY: Thirsty for some boba? Or hungry for some popcorn chicken? Feed your cravings while helping raise money for PTP!



WHEN: Saturday, July 27th, begins 9AM WHERE: Temple City High School (9501 Lemon Ave, Temple City, CA 91780) WHY: Come help out and volunteer at Relay for Life, an inspiring walk dedicated for raising money toward a breast cancer cure, at various booths.





WHEN: Saturday, August 17th, 8PM - 10PM WHERE: Pasadena Ice Skating Rink (300 East Green St., Pasadena, CA 91101) WHY: All proceeds raised will be for PTP, so come support and enjoy a cold evening with friends at the ice rink! Admission is $13 and include skate rentals.


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OFFICER TRAINING CONFERENCE and JUNE DCM On June 23rd, Division 10 North and 10 South gathered at the Alhambra YMCA to attend Officer Training Conference (OTC). Officers attended informative workshops to learn about their respective duties, while general members bonded with other Key Club members and learned more about the Key Club family. We played many ice breakers to get to know each other, such as Baby I Love You. Many officers asked questions about their duties to bring more fundraisers and service events to their clubs, particularly during the Vice President and President workshop, hosted by D10N and D10S Lieutenant Governors. After OTC, we had our DCM in front of the YMCA facility. Betty discussed future events, such as the Region 13 Picnic, Relay for Life volunteering, and the Twohey’s Eliminate Project Fundraiser. In addition, she presented awards like the Club of the Month to Excelsior School and Temple City HS, Member of the Month, and Officer of the Month. OTC was a great time for learning and getting to know new information on the division level! By Clare Chow

Sonny An 1) D10N, D10S, and Kiwanians pose for a group photo as a memory of the fun joint OTC.

On June 23rd, Division 10 North and South had an Officer Training Conference on located at the Alhambra YMCA, and around a hundred members attended. LtGs Betty Wang and Jason Basulto presented workshops which taught fellow members how to be better leaders and build better leadership skills. Jeffrey Leung and Simon Chau presented secretary workshops on how to assist the club president. All the division executive assistants talked about the Key Club history, organization structures, and important events. It is important to let general members know the basic organization structures and the history of Key Club because it is the oldest and largest non-profit organization in the world. General members are also the most crucial element to the organization and Key Club is based on members’ service contribution. As a new executive assistant, I reviewed the basic information at my presentation, giving me a valuable opportunity to interact with new members. After OTC, we had our DCM in front of the YMCA facility. Betty discussed future events, such as the Region 13 Picnic, Relay for Life volunteering, and the Twohey’s Eliminate Project Fundraiser. In addition, she presented awards like the Club of the Month to Excelsior School and Temple City HS, Member of the Month, and Officer of the Month. OTC was a great time for learning and getting to know new information on the division level!

By Richard Zhou

Sonny An 2) President Katherine Liu gives an overview of San Marino's activity over the past month.

Sonny An 3) LtGs Jason Basulto and Betty Wang, and their Kiwanis advisors pose together for a group shot.

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surviving the heat at the CARWASH


One hundred degree heat was not enough to stop Division 10 North Key Clubbers from participating in yet another fundraising project. On June 28th, when the sun was at its hottest, Key Clubbers set up shop at San Marino High School (SMHS) and held a car wash to fundraise for PTP (Pediatric Trauma Prevention Program). The car wash not only represented an opportunity to support a great cause, but it was also a chance for members from different schools to get together and bond. Even the laboring task of scrubbing down cars was made fun and enjoyable once everyone got to know each other.

Sonny An

Starting at 3:30 P.M., Key Clubbers gathered the highest quality car cleansing materials including newspapers, towels, buckets, hoses, and soap. Members quickly organized themselves into teams, each assigned a different job of equal importance whether it was advertising the event along the ever so busy Huntington Drive, washing incoming cars, or keeping watch over the donations box and food and refreshments. Members with posters advertising the car wash were strategically placed along Huntington Drive with the hope that drivers would be mesmerized by the beauty of our key clubbers and then read the signs about the event. The crazy dancing definitely helped. While the first hour was a slow one, cars ranging from a taxi to a luxurious red Lexus two-seater soon began to pour in. The Lexus may have dipped in net value after we placed a hand on it, but nonetheless, key clubbers rinsed, soaped, scrubbed, and dried every car with equal care and attention. 1) Ninja turtles unite in the fun and tiring mission of washing cars for PTP.

Sonny An

2) Yoon Lee gives passers-by a smile and a wave, enticing potential customers. 3) No car can match against Vivian Liu as she scrubs the dirt and dries off the cars.

While their cars were being washed, the owners were offered water and the chance to purchase baked goods. Members explained to car owners the purpose of PTP and the car owners eagerly donated generously to the cause. At the end of the event, at nearly 7:00 P.M., tired key clubbers gathered together and counted the donations which came out at 245 dollars. The car wash at SMHS can be summed up in one word: successful; not only because we raised a large amount of money for PTP, but also because of the great opportunity so many key clubbers had to make new friends.

By Calvin Tse

Sonny An

ICON @ Washington D.C. a week of celebration

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Mariela Carillo

Betty Wang

Richard Zhou

Mariela Carillo

Three Ninja Turtles, Betty Wang, Mariela Carrillo, and Richard Zhou attended Internation Convention, or ICON, in Washington D.C. from July 3-7. Over 2,000 attendees and Key Clubbers from all over the world gather and celebrate the spirit and service of Key Club from the year.

Richard Zhou

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REGION 13 PICNIC = Lionfish family bonding time

Sonny An 1) D10N LtG Betty Wang dresses her ninja turtles for battle! Noah Holland-Moritz seems ready for the challenge.

As I pulled up to the park, I was feeling overwhelmed because as the new president for Marshall's Key Club, I didn't know anybody. But as the picnic progressed, I met tons of great people and learned some pretty awesome cheers! My favorite part of the whole picnic was the spirit competition. I thought D10 North was loud but my shattered ear drums would prove that together, all the divisions can make some super loud noise! Although we didn't win the spirit blade, it was fun and one of my all-time favorite key club moments. Pictures were taken, people were socializing, and everyone was just having a great time. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have fun because it seemed as if everyone has known each other for years, and I just popped in from Ohio. However, I ended up making so many new friends and had such an awesome time, with my sore throat and shattered ear drums as proof. I’m glad that my club and I could go and I can't wait for other upcoming events! I am definitely starting to truly feel like a real ninja turtle!

Region Picnic was a blast! Everyone was so spirited and loud! We had spirit battles, boba, charms, and many new people to keep us interested. From the first ice breaker to the last water balloon, everyone had a lot of fun. Charms made by D15 looked awesome, and the origami animals from D35E were adorable. When the first spirit battle came around, everyone was pumped up, and our cult was ready to dominate! Although we didn’t make it to the finals, it was a lot of fun, and I’m proud to say that I’ve never seen D10N so united, loud, or spirited. And after the spirit battle, we found the best way to cool off was to throw some water balloons, and pour water on people. Thank you to everyone that went and made this event a huge hit!

By James Seto

By Gabby Lopez

Sonny An 2) During an intense water balloon fight, James Seto proved no match when a fellow Key Clubber used splash.

Sonny An

3) D15 Giraffes hand-painted adorable mascot charms that proved to be a successful fundraiser.



to submit articles and pictures! Hey guys, I would really appreciate any and all articles about any upcoming events! I am also serious when I say I will bake you goodies in appreciation. Please e-mail all your beautiful pictures and articles to before the 15th of each month! Sonny An

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D10N August 2013 Newsletter  

Happy August, ninja turtles! <3