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Alternative Planning For Stong Manchey

Alternative Planning For Stong Manchey


St 271

Existing Canal by JICA Planned Canal covering an area of approx. 60.000m2 Community under the threat of eviction

Possible new canal

Even if we could not find original documents regarding the new canal, we can probably make a close assumption considering the existing water creek and the previous canal planned by JICA. Above what could look like

Community Profile

Code of community: MC29 and MC92

Year of settlement: between 1985-1997

Community Name: Stung Meanchey

Number of family: 487 Families and 258 households

Local name: Meanchey

Number of member: xxx (F=xx, M=xxx)??? Not clear now, and wait for this week

Brief History: Stung meanchey (meanchey) is located in Stung Meanchey Sangkat, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh Capital. Meanchey is lying along the cannel bank where it (the cannel) flows the waste from the central of the city toward Boeung Prektakong Lake. In late 1985 there were not many houses settled on this area, and then more people moved in late 1993 just after the UNTAC mission in Cambodia. Meanchey village are divided into 7 small villages including, Preah Chankrahorm, Sovanna Phum, Stung meas meanchey, Samaki Meanchey, Sonsamprack Doeumbi Akpiwat, Meanchey Strey apiwat, and Samaki Meanchey thmey. Currently there are 487 families are living in the villages with recognition from the local authorities via identified card, voting card, family books, etc. The whole community was excluded from land titling in 2009. In Oct 20, 2010 Khan issued the eviction notice to the community to move away, giving them 15 days to leave the land without clear explanation the rational of eviction. 4. Location: Meanchey village is in sangkat stungmeanchey, khan meanchey, Phnom Penh Capital. The south is connected to Monireth Blvd near Stung Meanchey Bridge, along the waste canal and its east connected with Khemara Phumin Blvd (st271) 5. Type of houses/building: wooden house with wooden floor and zinc roof

Number of renting family: Also wait for ‌. Saving amount: 8,160,000 Riels Income status: Most families rely on construction worker, income generation, and motorbike taxi; scrap collectors, fruit sellers, and works in the local restaurant or company. Plot of land: 125,885.71m2 (Calculated using Google Earth) Land supported by: N/A Organized community: World Vision School: nearby (Samaki Chea Sim High school, and stung mean chey junior high school) Health centre: Stung Meanchey. Local markets are Sola and stung meanchey. Occupation: civil servant, motor dop, construction worker, company staff, and run small businesses at home. Community resource: The community is using electricity and running water connected by state

Community Profile

Tenure status/upgrading plans: Most of the residents have their owned house without land titling just only have house purchased certificate. The community was excluded from land titling since 2009. Land tenure documents: The residents obtain family book, voting card, resident book and ID card NGOs activities (name of NGOs + activity): WV working with this community many years. They have supported to organize the community organizing. So far 7 communities have been organized. Living condition after NGO’s supporting: People can access to Micro Finance for their loan and they can make money from income generation. Small bridge in community has been built and makes community having accessible. Main problem (infrastructure): No major problems, but WV has been working with this community for years. Main problem safety and security: Nothing has been mentioned in the announcement made by Khan Governor, including compensation, alternative location, consultation etc. Eviction issue: There is no eviction issue before. Only this year. Future plan for community: work with WV and STT to make map of community, writing back to sangat and Khan so they clarify the reason of issuing the notice, writing to MPP, and relevant ministries. Visit relocation site to see status of land and life of living there. Conduct regular meeting with community members to share and plan for fighting back etc.

Contact people: Community Rep No Name Sex Village Name Phone Number 1 Lim Vang M Meanchay 017 883 984 2 Chan Marouen F Meanchay 011 989 891 3 Pho Kun M Meanchay 017 756 050 4 Sam SamNang M Meanchay 1 017 356 731 5 Sok Sophat M Meanchay 1 097 863 913 4 6 Roth Saron M Meanchay 017 456 939 7 SoK Vanndath M Meachay1 017 372 540 8 Sun Sopha F Meanchay 012 709 541 9 Mol An F Meanchay1 099 856 824 10 Kuch Bo M Meanchay 1 092 951 205


To provide adequate space for the new canal. Looking at previous project by JICA in the same area we could estimate a canal section of 28m and 5m road service. Side drainage pipeline (probably underground, 1.5m diameter) should be considered. To provide feasible solutions for the households that need to be relocated. In case of on-site relocation to provide a temporary shelter for the families.

    Community on the canal path 䍗


ST 78


  䔡

 



Canal and maintainance road area

66.000 m2

Community area on the path (community xxx) Community area on the path (community xxx) Community area on the path (community xxx)

8.500 m2 1.500 m2 4.600 m2

Total community land area on the canal path

14.500 m2

Principles for the alternative planning

Reduce social impact of the new canal Provide a feasible solution to relocation of the households that would need to be moved Provide technical information to the community to raise awareness of the problems

Strategy A: relocation in the same community

A first possible solution could include relocation of the households on the path of the new canal in the same community. In order to do that reblocking the surrounding would be necessary. Of course, this type of approach requires cooperation and will to accept the new layout by the surrounding area of the canal.

In the areas outside the new canal path, it seems more feasible to leave untouched the houses that are build with more solid concrete structure and to reblock only the informal settlements.

+ Community can remain on site Compared to other solutions does not involve big contruction Community outside the canal path might not be willing to participate. Needs collaboration amongst all groups

Area for the canal: all households need to be removed Existing building with solid structure that will not be touched Area for reblocking

Some households need to be removed (red) and placed in the surrounding area.

The surroundings with the new layout. House with strong structures (white) are not touched, the remaining space is used for the new settlements.

Strategy B: reblocking over canal dITMenrenAelIRbLay

dITMenr enAelI RbLay

+ dITMenrenAelIRbLay dITMenr enAelI Community can remain on site RbLay Can provide a durable urban structure to the area


Higher construction cost Requires a bigger effort from municipality

dITMenr dITMenr Our first etimate found out that there are around 210 house holds to be relocated. A second appraoch could consists in covering small area of the canal to host houses. These platforms, built with simple concrete structures, would enlarge the usable space for the houses and create, on a vertical level, a clear boundary between houses and the canal.

p?ĂşveTA kan;s <ansTwg manC?y

Strategy B: reblocking over canal

The surface needed for the relocation is approximately 13.000 m2

Strategy B: reblocking over canal Alternative Planning For Stong Manchey

Perspective view of the bridges

Strategy C: infilling existing

A third approach could consist in filling the plot that are still vacant in the surroundings. This solution requires detailed information about land ownership and detailed mapping of the area. Surrounding community support is also a key factor. At the moment it is still not clear if all the 210 households could be relocated in this way.

After mapping the area a number of empty plots suitable for relocation are identified (yellow)

Reference: Bangkok

In this page examples of other communities nearby canal.

Strung Menchey alternative planning  

a study on possible alternatives for strung menchey community in Phnom Penh

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