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For information, write or call the seminary:

BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY at RICHMOND 8040 Villa Park Drive, Suite 250 Richmond, Virginia 23228 Main: (804) 355-8135 • FAX (804) 355-8182 • Admissions Office: (888) 345-BTSR (2877)

Welcome to the interactive BTSR factbook experience! To tell the story of BTSR, we felt words and pictures were not enough. That is why we have prepared this interactive factbook, so that through videos of students and faculty, you can discover “who is BTSR?” Throughout this interactive factbook you will come across a symbol or icon that looks like this...

This symbol indicates a clickable link that will go to a video that is directly related to that topic. As well as videos, there are clickable links to specific pages of our website throughout this factbook. We hope you enjoy this experience and will get to know our wonderful students, faculty and staff.

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond complies with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act and Virginia’s Disability Act. The seminary provides equal access to all educational programs of the seminary to every qualified student without regard to educationally-unrelated disabilities. Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond complies with Public Law 101-542, The Student Right to Know Campus Security Act of 1991.

Photographer: Skye Hallman

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR) is a different kind of seminary. This difference began with 32 students in 1991 and

continues in our 657 graduates sprinkled around the world. How are we distinctive?

Dr. Ron Crawford - President

• We are a free-standing seminary offering an unrivaled community life experience. • We balance academic rigor and training for ministry. • Spiritual formation is at the heart of all we do. We focus on holistic learning. • Our students are globally engaged through our matchless Mission Immersion Experience. • We offer two-thirds of both masters programs online. • As a member of the Richmond Theological Consortium, our students take classes at neighboring seminaries making us ecumenically open and racially inclusive. • We give priority to social justice, congregational ministry, an equal role for women in the modern church, and a clear emphasis on God’s call to ministry.

Choosing a seminary is a life-shaping decision. To be sure, the name of a col-

lege on a resume is important; yet more than a college, the choice of a seminary

casts a long shadow down a minister’s career path. Choose a seminary of which you can be proud of, because you are going to live with the implications of your choice for decades to come.

We want you to know BTSR well. Every year dozens and dozens of students

come to us believing this is the place God has called them. I hope you will be in those ranks.


The BTSR Community

Susan Blanchard

Director of Community Life

Life together at BTSR means being in relationship with God and with one another. Life together means being engaged and involved. Beyond the seminary classroom, you have countless opportunities

to connect and interact, to work and play, and to grow and learn through relationships with other students, faculty, staff and our ministry partners, near and far.

BTSR Community Life includes planned activities such as: Weekly Worship during Chapel

Shared meals, picnics and receptions ion Local/Global miss rvice se r opportunities fo

Holiday Potl

ucks and Events

cs� Church League Faith and “Hot Topi Basketball Forum The Annual Christmas Party We invite and encourage families, friends, and outside communities to participate in the life of the seminary. Community Life also provides referral and financial assistance when student counseling services are needed.

COME! Be a part of our growing community!

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Richmond Theological Consortium Click to read more


Baptist General Association of Virginia

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia

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VBMB- Virginia Baptist Mission Board

VIP Care

CBF NationalIdentity Partner

The Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care

Hymn Society of the United States and Canada


Who is A.T.S. and Why does an Accredited Seminary Matter? It matters to seminaries.

Because accrediting agencies help ensure integrity and effectiveness, BTSR is accredited by The Association of Theological Schools, a national accrediting body with over 260 member schools, whose sole area of focus is theological education. Accreditation is more than a stamp of approval; it is an ongoing process of institutional development in core areas important to your education, including an effective program of study that meets the needs to today’s seminarians and tomorrow’s religious leaders.

It matters to congregations.

Congregations depend on accrediting bodies to affirm that potential pastoral and program staff have graduated with a legitimate degree and from a program of study that has provided its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for ministry. All things being equal, including experience, a congregational search committee will more likely choose a candidate who has graduated from an accredited seminary than one who has not.

It matters to you.

Finally, attending an accredited seminary matters to you for all of the above reasons, and more, including the assurance that your investment of time and study will be recognized by persons and organizations that matter. Pursuing a doctoral degree, receiving professional certification, or being considered for a ministry position will all likely require consideration of the matter of accreditation of your divinity degree.

The Association of Theological Schools The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) is a membership organization of more than 260 graduate schools that conduct post-baccalaureate professional and academic degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. The Commission on Accrediting of ATS accredits the schools and approves the degree programs they offer.

Learn more about A.T.S. Member Schools, click here.

Master of Divinity Areas of Emphasis BTSR’s curriculum is structured to integrate into every course the three emphases of the seminary: spirituality, global awareness and ministry. No longer perpetuating the false compartmentalization between academics and the practice of ministry, the curriculum promotes academic integrity for the life of the Church. Dr. Ron Crawford says “we keep one foot in the academy while keeping one foot in the church.”

Spirituality Theological education addresses the mind, as well as, matters of the heart. To this end, you will take courses that introduce spirituality and the spiritual disciplines, especially prayer. These disciplines aid in cultivating both private and corporate means for spiritual development. In addition to providing courses in spirituality, the seminary community worships and prays together. Opportunities are available for special workshops and periodic retreats to help you in your spiritual formation and to facilitate developing spiritual resources necessary for effective practice of ministry.

Class notes: Dr. Stephen Brachlow Lecture


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Global Mission Immersion

Learn more about the MIE program from the director, Dr. Caleb Oladipo.

At BTSR, we recognize that the church exists in many forms all over the world. As a student, you will have multiple opportunities to expand your own global vision for the church. As a BTSR M.Div. student, you will take courses in global awareness, the most popular being the Mission Immersion Experience (MIE). While some mistake the Mission Immersion Experience (MIE) for a church mission trip, you might be surprised to know that the primary purpose is a cross-cultural education and a time of shared learning. Depending on the country chosen, you might be involved in activities such as living in the homes of indigenous people, participating in Christian worship in a foreign tongue, helping a community through mission work, touring the country from small town to big city, and observing the culture through arts.

Congregationally-focused Theological Education BTSR emphasizes theological education that is focused on ministry within a congregation or other communities of faith. The curriculum is designed to bring you into close contact with congregations and faith-based ministries throughout your academic career. For some students this will mean the congregation of a local church. For those preparing for other ministries, such as chaplaincy or social ministry, a different form of community of faith will be their “congregation.”

BTSR’s unique internship process: Once a week students attend a practicum group with 4-6 other students to process what they are learning and to do theological reflection on the practice of ministry. These groups are led by local ministers with proven track records of effective ministerial leadership. Once a week the intern and his or her supervisor meet to plan and evaluate the work the intern is currently doing and to reflect theologically on what the intern is learning and experiencing.

Once a month the intern meets with a lay led site team for mutual learning, reflection and growth. In all that we do, BTSR serves the Church by equipping ministers to lead congregations and ministries of the church for today and tomorrow. BTSR gives you a thorough acquaintance with church life and skills in congregational leadership so that you will be successful in ministry.

“Just as no one can learn to ride a bicycle while sitting on a porch, no one can learn to be a minister and serve a congregation while seated in a classroom. Theological training, which BTSR provides with excellence, is reinforced and deepened when students work in churches under the supervision of seasoned clergy and committed laity. Our church is better when we have a BTSR student working as an intern, and we believe we can multiply our ministry by teaming with BTSR to provide practical outlets for students to learn as Jesus’ disciples did in the field among the people.”

Dr. Mike Clingenpeel

Pastor, River Road Church, Baptist

Master of Divinity Degree

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The Master of Divinity is a three year, academic professional degree which prepares students for a variety of ministries; however, you may choose to take four years or more to complete it.

Required Core Courses




Mission Immersion Experience




72 semester hours

Electives Biblical studies History/Theology

Ministry studies Independent studies

Language Thesis


9 semester hours

Discover how David-Jamel Williams was called to pursue an M.Div. degree.



The Master of Divinity with a concentration in Theology will allow students the opportunity of an in depth engagement with theological themes and texts. Such a concentration presupposes that this understanding of theology as an academic discipline—knowing God— cannot be separated from loving God. The challenge for the student will be to determine how the study of theology best serves the church, both local and universal. In addition to the three courses in theology and ethics required in the M.Div. curriculum, students seeking the concentration in theology will take seminars in “Christology,” and “Classics in Christian Theology.” The student will also write a thesis on a theological topic of interest. The Master of Divinity with concentration in Theology requires 72 core hours, in addition to 6 hours of concentrated electives in the field of Theology and a thesis, for a total of 81 hours.

Chaplaincy/Pastoral Counseling: M.Div. & M.S. in Patient Counseling This dual degree is offered in cooperation with the School of Allied Health Professions at VCU and is designed to equip chaplains and pastoral counselors for the practice of ministry in their fields. You will spend the first two years of study in theological class work at BTSR, with summers devoted to Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs at VCU. During the third year of the program, the focus of learning is at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, where specifically designed advanced CPE work will join interdisciplinary seminars taught in tandem by university and seminary faculty, on a rotating basis. Course requirements are completed at BTSR during the fourth year. The program is designed for completion in four full years. Upon completion of all study you will receive the M.Div. degree from BTSR and the M.S. degree in Patient Counseling from VCU.

VCU Dept. of Patient Counseling Website

“The dual degree program equips you for pastoral care in a challenging setting with the support from both learning communities. My training, between the Seminary and VCU, allowed for dynamic growth and prepared me for ministry in any setting.�

Deb Carter,

M.Div. /M.S. BTSR Graduate 2008

Hear from Olivia Dawson who is currently seeking a BTSR Dual Degree M.S.

Dual Degree Programs

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Social Work: M.Div. & M.S.W. The School of Social Work of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has an agreement with the Richmond Theological Consortium that allows you to earn an M.Div. from BTSR and an Masters of Social Work from VCU. You will engage in a prescribed program of theological study at BTSR and then complete the two-year M.S.W. program at the School of Social Work. Upon completion of the social work program, you will receive the M.S.W. degree from VCU and the M.Div. degree from BTSR.

VCU School of Social Work Website

“I was excited to do the dual degree program because I see faith and social justice as being interconnected. I am really interested in working at a non-profit or in the social work field and I felt like I would be more empowered if I had both degrees, because I could see how feeding the hungry and visiting the sick was also part of Jesus’ mission when he dwelt among us.”

Ashlee Murphy,


Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

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The Master of Theological Studies provides a survey knowledge of theological disciplines. This degree is intended for students interested in their own general education, preparation for teaching or theological research, or preparing for non-ordained ministry service. The degree program provides exposure to a broad range of theological disciplines, including required courses in Christian history, ethics, biblical studies, and theology. This program integrates biblical, historical, and theological studies with cultural and social concerns. The degree program requires 51 semester hours for completion.

Dr. Beth Newman,

Director of M.T.S. program

“I chose the M.T.S. because my calling is in medicine. I can enhance my work in medicine and better follow God’s purpose for me as a physician with a M.T.S. degree. Although I do not exclude the possibility that someday I could be called to pulpit ministry, I do not believe that is my calling at this time. The M.T.S. allows me to follow my current career path without closing doors on future possibilities.�

Kelly Stuart, graduate,

M.T.S. program

Christy Foldenauer on BTSR M.T.S

Master of Christian Ministry M.C.M

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A professional-academic degree program designed to prepare women and men for competent leadership in specialized ministries in their faith communities. This program provides students with practical ministry training shaped by a firm grounding in rigorous theological studies. It is designed to meet the need for ministerial leadership training for the wide range of possibilities for 21st century ministry settings.

Required Core Courses






63 semester hours

Electives Christian Education Formation Elective Leadership Elective Thesis


6 semester hours

Doctor of Ministry in Contexual Leadership

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What is unique about BTSR’s D.Min? We utilize Bowen Family Systems theory to inform our contextual leadership focus. The most effective servant leaders function out of an informed theoretical framework, an authentic understanding of self and an ability to look at the big picture!

Can I really complete a degree while I’m working full-time?

Dr. Tim Gilbert, Dean,

Director of the BTSR D.Min. Program

Yes! Our D.Min. is designed for busy ministers. Core seminars begin online and culminate with a one week residential intensive twice a year. Elective courses can be taken on campus, online, or as independent studies.

Dr. Tracy L. Hartman

How can this program help me in my ministry? As a student you will: • Acquire knowledge and competencies for contextual ministerial leadership • Integrate knowledge and competencies with your working theology of church and ministry in your ministry context • Implement a D.Min. project in your ministry setting • Participate in peer learning on leadership and ministry issues “Among the most life changing events in my ministry, completing the DMin degree is one of the most profound. Clearly, I am a better person than I was before I completed the degree program. I have become mature in my approach to ministry, more disciplined in my study, a better listener for my congregants and more confident of my calling. I will always be indebted to BTSR for providing this opportunity for me to strive for the excellence and competence which is the standard in living out God’s calling to leadership.”

Dr. Cindy Privette, Pastor, Anchor of Hope and Galena Presbyterian

Admissions + Visiting BTSR We hope this brochure has answered your preliminary questions. The Admissions and Recruitment office is here to serve our prospective students. Please let us know if you have any other questions you would like answered.


BTSR has admissions requirements for all Five academic programs: Master of Divinity Master of Theological Studies Doctor of Ministry Graduate Certificate of Theological Studies Master in Christian Ministry M.Div. Application Fee

Melissa Fallen Director of Admissions and Recruitment




















BA/BS from an Accredited School M.Div. from an Accredited School GPA Requirement Number of References Resume Transcripts Question Driven Essay Writing Sample


Personal Statement Miller Analogies Test (Score 400)

If we have answered your questions and BTSR is the seminary for your theological education, then feel free to start our online application process now!

Ways to Visit BTSR! We encourage and invite you to visit our campus. You will have opportunity to observe classes, tour the facilities, meet with faculty and students, worship in chapel, and pursue other interests.

There are three main ways you can visit:

1.) Preview Days

2.) Personal Visits 3.) Skype with Admissions Personnel

Directions and Contact Information to BTSR 804-355-8135 | Admissions: 888-345-BTSR (2877) 8040 Villa Park Drive, Suite 250 | Richmond, Virginia 23228

BTSR Factbook  

Welcome to the interactive BTSR factbook experience! To tell the story of BTSR, we felt words and pictures were not enough. That is why we...

BTSR Factbook  

Welcome to the interactive BTSR factbook experience! To tell the story of BTSR, we felt words and pictures were not enough. That is why we...