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22-year-old Billy Raffoul has conquered more than most 22 year olds. From playing at the historic Ryman Theater to touring at some of the nations most well-known venues, the singer-songwriter has continued to pave a name for himself in music. On tour in support of ZZ Ward, we spoke with Raffoul about when he picked up a guitar first and what his aspirations in music are. Read our conversation with Billy Raffoul below. Beyond The Stage: Can you describe your sound for people who may not have heard it before. Billy Raffoul: My sound is like a melting pot of a bunch of different things that I like. I grew up on classic rock, British Invasion classic rock, so there’s definitely a rock and roll influence. But I am also kind of a fan of the great songwriters as well so I am a fan of singer-songwriter in there too.I like



soul music, garage rock, singer songwriter, it’s all in there. There’s nothing I don’t listen to and almost everything I listen to is part of my sound. So I like to think that it’s a melting pot of a whole bunch of different things. BTS: From what we know about you, you developed your musical talent really early, can you tell us a little bit more about that? BR: I love talking about my dad [who was a nationally touring artist]. But I can’t say enough good things about my mom. My dad was heavily into The Beatles and The Who, Led Zepplin and all of that. And my mom was too. But the sensitive side of me listened to Coldplay when I was younger. The first Coldplay record and Damien Rice, like the first Damien Rice records. My mom got me into U2, she’s the U2 fan of the household. They had different yet similar musical taste, I think that’s why my musical taste is so broad.

BTS: When did you start playing music yourself? BR: I got my first guitar when I was 10, it had a Union Jack on it, but I really didn’t pick it up until I was 14. I played hockey and hung out with friends, and I liked to [do that.] My mom was a painter so I liked to do that and draw. [My parents] will tell you that it started a little earlier than that. But I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was really 14 or 15 years old. And I immediately started writing songs as soon as I could play a few chords. I was ambitious. I was definitely trying to write songs before I could read music. BTS: We just read that you just worked on a song with Julia Michaels. Can you talk a little bit to that? BR: She’s incredible. I can’t speak enough good things about her. We’ve been writing for like 3 years now. BTS: What’s your songwriting process like? BR: It’s completely different every time. Before I moved to the states and before I moved to Nashville, I just wrote on my own, whenever I had a chance. Anytime. Sometimes melody first, sometimes lyrics first, often it was on the guitar. Sometimes on the piano but not so much. And then once I got over here and found some co-writers that really clicked, like Julia Michaels, you learn different ways of writing and it’s kind of all over the place. I don’t have a book of just words, I do have a book of words, but it’s no set formula and it’s different every time. BTS: You’re finishing up or maybe your debut album. BR: It’s been an ongoing great process. We definitely recorded more than an album’s worth of material. It’s exciting. That’s a great feeling when you’re playing songs and people have no way of hearing them but are liking them or dancing or singing along especially because they’re not available yet. But yeah there’s one that will be released, which I wrote with Julia Michaels, called “I’m Not A Saint” and I quite enjoy that one. BTS: What’s something that you want people to know about your music that they might not know? BR: I love writing and recording music, my favorite thing to do is play live. So I hope that any reader

who takes life into anything that I am doing, I’d love to see them in a bar or club or venue or wherever I’m playing it’s because that’s what I love doing the most. And I think that’s the best way to get the word across. BTS: Is there something that you love the most about tour? BR: I love me and my band. My crew’s dynamic you know? When the going gets tough or the weather gets bad or the drives get longer and we’re kind of like an elastic band. We get really on each other’s nerves and we get stretched really thin, but everyone’s kind of fighting. And then you have a really good gig and everyone’s just kind of like, “oh wow, this is what we do it for” and we all rally together. It’s exciting because it’s the constant flow of emotion and it keeps every day from being the same. We’re pretty lean in that aspect, we’re small but we’re all doing different things. BTS


BTS: Do you have a dream tour? I’d love to be on the road with Coldplay. I hope they keep making music. Maybe Bruce Springsteen. BTS: What can we expect from you in 2018? BR: Just to be on the road as much as possible, just like movie trailers in a city near you. And then new music. Whether that’s EP form, LP form or singles. More music and more often. Billy Raffoul is just wrapping up a tour, but with more music on the way and even his debut album, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the singer-songwriter.

















A free soul, a terrible hippie-rapper (as one bitter journalist notes)WW or an outspoken source of positivity—whatever you want to label him, Derek Smith (professionally known as Mod Sun) is the embodiment of living life to the fullest. Though his past was a trying journey, it allowed him to create The BB Tour and to explain the necessity of being present and mindful in the now. It’s January 29th and we watch Mod bask in his overwhelming, yet deserved sold-out House of Blues glory. With a smile that could replace the sun, he announces today is “special” not only for this reason, but due in part to fellow rapper and friend Machine Gun Kelly. “Let me just start this for real, I did an appreciation post for my good friend MGK because this day has a lot to do with him,” he details, “[I’m] very grateful for him and we have such a wonderful friendship.” Aside from his hometown show, Cleveland is Mod’s biggest night on The BB Tour, a tour that he scheduled himself for an album he released by himself. “It’s happening,” he explains when asked why this self-created tour is so important, “This is the first tour I’m having consistent sold-out shows, having people sing every word, and seeing new faces. It feels like things are growing.” And he’s right—they are. Because he envisioned and created it for himself. Mod’s journey is a resilient and tenacious one. Having lived on the streets of Long Beach, California, he had two choices: to accept it or to challenge it. And if there’s anything you should know about Mod Sun, it’s how deeply he believes in taking charge of your life. He tells us, “when bad things happen, that’s a challenge. You have to prove you’re worthy. If everything’s perfect, what are you proving to the universe that you deserve it? It’s the most worthwhile challenge you can give yourself.” So that’s what he did. Without offering us too much detail, Mod discusses how last year was the worst year of his life, but this year is, without a doubt, his best. And that’s how it’s supposed to go. Life throws you both the ups and the

downs. That’s how you “grow thru what u go thru.” His overarching mentality for life and subsequent theme of The BB Tour and album is “mentality over reality.” There’s a stream of consciousness one must adopt to go from the “bottom of the sea to the top of the world.” It’s deciding that you want more out of life and that you’re going to work the hardest you’ve ever worked for it. That you won’t accept where you are because you have so much further to go. And that if you have to force a smile a couple of times, it’s not fake—it’s necessary. “Hell yeah I’ll force myself to be happy and smile because you know it makes you feel good! It’s a superpower. It’s not fake, it’s practice,” claims the former 18-year-old stubborn, angry kid with a low self-esteem. That kid, who was so stuck in his ways, woke up one day and decided to change his life. “It all comes down to what I believe in,” he notions, “which is every thought you have is what you’re asking for.” So he started thinking about and manifesting love, mindfulness, positivity, and the law of attraction. Soon enough, those ideals found their way into his reality. And then he found himself playing sold-out shows on The BB Tour. How inspiring and beautiful it is to watch someone like Mod live their truth so openly and effortlessly. To prove that, for him, life is a choice and certain actions will help you in the long run: “I’d like to tell you to grow through what you go through. Quick success and come ups and feelings of joy are wonderful, but it’s so important to look at the art of what you’re doing. And trying to make something that’ll be here after you’re done. Choose art over reality. Make this a movie.” So, in the words of Mod Sun, make this life your movie. You’re in charge of your experiences and the ways in which you react to them. You’re responsible for your own happiness and you have the power to enhance it. Take your struggles and use them as tools for growth. The bottom of the sea is comfortable, but the top of the world is worth all the effort. BTS


















From indie-pop darling, to queen of the small screen, it is abundantly clear that Katelyn Tarver is a force to be reckoned with. While her more recent success comes from her role on the hit Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush, as well as her Tired Eyes EP, her big break came all the way back in 2003, when she appeared on the short lived Fox singing competition show, American Juniors; a spin-off of American Idol. Tarver reached the top 10 of the show, but did not place high enough to earn a spot in the band. This did not stop her success, as she released her debut album Wonderful Crazy in 2005, when she was only 16 years old. The following year, she became the body of Barbie using motion-capture technology in The Barbie Diaries. Needless to say, Katelyn Tarver wasn’t living the life of a typical 16-year-old. While Tarver started as a singer, she is arguably most known for her role on Big Time Rush, where she appeared from 2010 to 2013. Playing Jo Taylor, an aspiring actress and singer, and eventual girlfriend of Kendall Knight, played by Big Time Rush member Kendall Schmidt, Tarver immediately became a fan favorite on the show due to her girl-next-door



charm, bubbly personality and palpable chemistry with Schmidt. Because of the pure magnitude of the role, as well as how popular both she and the show was, it would seem as though it would be tough being able to fully dive into a character as an actress, while still being dedicated to musicianship. Tarver said balancing acting and singing can be tricky. “I think they both kind of feed into each other though. I think when I’m writing, I’m writing about what my life is like, what I’m experiencing, what it’s like to be a human, what I see in other people, what I observe and I feel like that comes in handy with acting too because it is sort of the same thing in a lot of ways,” said Tarver. “You’re getting into the mind of a character but it’s still meant to convey human nature and the human experience. It can be hard mentally sometimes to not have my brain be split between what lines I have to learn and a song I have to write so that can be challenging but I think at the end of the day they kind of feed into each other nicely, which is cool.”

Now as a 28-year-old, it is clear that Tarver’s outlook on music, and life in general, has changed quite a bit from when she was 16-years-old on American Juniors, and when she was 20-23 on Big Time Rush. “I mean for me, I’ve grown as a person and gone through different experiences of hardship and seeing friends go through stuff and realizing things about myself that I didn’t necessarily know five or six years ago so it’s cool to see new stuff be reflected in my song writing and kind of going back and listening and being like ‘Oh wow okay, I’ve seen a little bit more than I had at that point,’” said Tarver. “That’s what I can only hope, that my music is always evolving to this place, not that it has to be serious all the time because it’s definitely not but that it grows with me and I think the more life you experience the more you have in your toolbox to write about.” When listening to her music, this musical and personal growth is abundantly clear. Nearly six years after releasing her debut album, Tarver released her first EP entitled A Little More Free, and nearly another six years after that, she released her most recent EP, Tired Eyes. Each project represents, in a way, the different times in her life, both sonically and lyrically. After all, they are coming from a girl at ages 16, 21, and 27. While all three of these projects have Tarver’s uniquely bubbly and charismatic sound, there is an unmistakable evolution between the projects that show her progression as a musician, and as a person.

but there’s definitely something about the simplicity of the songwriters like Carole King, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and that just good writing that I feel like a lot of songwriters now are inspired by. I’m just trying to write the best music I can and tell the most truthful stories I can.” These sentiments are made abundantly clear throughout the EP, both sonically and lyrically, with songs such as the vibrant and upbeat “Weekend Millionaires,” which explores the idea of getting through the week with nothing in order to have everything during the weekend, and the heartbreaking ballad “Love Me Again,” which details a relationship where Tarver is questioning if her relationship is going to last, despite each partner showing their uglier sides. Also on the Tired Eyes EP is the emotionally charged “You Don’t Know,” which has taken off on YouTube, racking up over 20 million views.

With her Tired Eyes EP, released in March of 2017, her newer inspirations are as clear as ever. “I think I’m always inspired by, whether it’s a song or an article or someone just writing about being human and what comes with that, in like a way that it feels different,” she said. “I’m really drawn to sad songs or songs about the bittersweet moments in life so I feel like that inspires what I’ve seen in the world and then what inspires me.” When asked about her musical influences, she goes on to say, “I feel like it’s hard because I grew up listening to Motown 60s and 70s era music and was obsessed with the playfully lightheartedness of it while also just being good music and songwriting that is so simple but so dead on with different experience. I think the 80s are influencing a lot of pop music right now just with like the synths and I think that’s really cool. I think I’m influenced by a lot BTS


“I was at a place in life where I was around a lot of friends and even in my own life this idea of being sad and going through something that’s really hard, whatever that is to you, and there’s a tendency I think as friends or as people close to someone or even just going through it ourselves where we want to tie a bow on it and come up with a reason why it’s okay and kind of try to find the silver lining,” said Tarver. “I think that’s good and necessary but I think that song was about just wanting someone to sit with you and let you be mad or let you be upset and go through the gamut of what you’re feeling and not trying to have a positive spin on it,” said Tarver. Later, Tarver said, “It was cool to see how it resonated with people kind of saying they could relate to it with depression or getting a diagnosis or seeing their friend get a diagnosis so that was really special. I’m not saying sit there forever but it’s hard not to sometimes when you’re going through that, like it feels so heavy and like it’s never going to end so it was kind of trying to capture that feeling.”

for this new music. I wrote ‘Never Fade’ with Landon from the band Sir Sly and I mean I’ve been friends with them for a while, but I’ve also just been an actual big fan of their music so I’ve been trying to keep it cool but I’m like ‘Uh, I love you guys,’” said Tarver. “No, but we wrote ‘Never Fade’ a while ago and as I was getting ready to put this new music out I was kind of going back to it and I was like ‘This song, there’s something to this song that I really love’ so we got to go back in and Jason who is also in the band produced it so it was awesome to get to work with them.”

As for when fans can expect new music, a cryptic tweet of Tarver’s let the world know that new music would be coming on March 2.

As if all of this work wasn’t enough, Tarver recently got back on the stage, taking up a five week residency at Resident in Los Angeles. “The residency was so fun, I mean I love touring and can’t wait to do that again but it was just nice to not have to travel. I would just go back home and it felt like a little home base for a month and it was fun to learn from the week before,” said Tarver. “It was like you got a do-over for five weeks like ‘Oh I’ll try this next time’ or ‘that was good I’ll do it again.’ And the crowd, just seeing the same people show up every week was crazy. I loved doing a residency, that was my first one and it was so fun.”

“So the song is called ‘Never Fade’ and it’s kind of in the same kind of world as ‘You Don’t Know,’ but I feel like with a little bit more of a positive spin. It’s saying ‘I wish I could make this better but I’ll be here for you no matter what,’” said Tarver. “And as I was writing it I felt like this could definitely be like a cheesy sentiment but I feel like there’s something about to me all the saying are trite and cheesy because they’re kind of what’s true, if you’re going through it and someone who loves you is like ‘Hey, this sucks but it’ll get better.’ It’s kinda like ‘Okay, I think you’re right.’ So it’s kind of like that song ‘Stand By Me,’ it’s like my ‘Stand By Me’ kind of.” While Tarver was hard at work on her own solo material, she found the time to collaborate with DJ Duo Lost Kings on their The Bad EP in 2015, as the featured vocalist on the funky and danceable “You,” and told us about some more recent collaborations “It’s funny because I’ve actually gotten to write with a lot of people that I’ve been wanting to write with



She goes on to add, “I just worked with another friend who is also an artist and I’m working with maybe putting out a song I did with him. And RAC, we have a song potentially coming out. So there are a bunch of collabs actually which is awesome because I’m such a collaborative person and writer that it was cool to get to work with friends and they’re also very talented so it worked out.”

As Tarver is gearing up to release new music in the coming weeks, we asked her what her plans for 2018 are. “I think the main thing I want to do is keep putting these songs out and put out another EP and see where it takes me,” said Tarver. “I’m excited for all the collaborations and I feel like the music is headed in a really cool direction so I’m excited to share it.” With a career spanning artistic mediums and nearly 15 years, we can’t wait to see all the Katelyn Tarver accomplishes, and will be cheering her on every step of the way.






ALBUM REVIEWS Here Come the Runts AWOLNATION Red Bull Records Most famously known for the debut single “Sail,” alternative rock band AWOLNATION have released their third studio album Here Come the Runts. Since their 2015 album, Run, the Los Angeles group has shed most of their band members and transformed into frontman Aaron Bruno’s solo act. As the producer, writer, and recorder of the album, Bruno has definitely delivered. Within a few seconds of listening to the triumphant, groovy title track, Bruno clarifies the meaning of the album’s name by announcing, “I am a runt/baby you are a runt.” The strong drumming and electronic-rock sounds, along with the declaration that we are all united as runts, entices listeners to join Bruno’s revolution. In this diverse and creative album, there is really something for everyone. The single “Passion” lives up to its name as Bruno sings ‘passionately’ with a loud, guitar-thrashing chorus and the softly repeated phrase, “Blow my mind.” The catchy lyrics, “P-p-p-passion,” echo Lady Gaga’s Poker Face while also evoking an edgier rock sound. The single “Seven Sticks of Dynamite,” which features producer Rick Rubin in the video, follows a similar pattern of going from restrained to wild and then back again. “Table For One” continues the passionate feeling with lyrics full of overwrought vulnerability combined with a powerful sound. “Sound Witness System” is also full of passion, as Bruno details an intense romantic encounter and manages to actually rap without sounding awkward or forced. “Jealous Buffoon” is another standout track more than likely to get stuck in your head. The upbeat, Killers-esque tune is a contrast to the previous song, “Handyman,” which serves as the album’s first ballad with its confessional lyrics and acoustic sound. “My Molasses” gives a totally different vibe with Beach Boys-inspired harmonies. The final song on the album, “Stop that Train,” is a 6-minute-long epic that really concludes the album. Featuring the lyrics, “stop that train/I wanna get off” indicates the ending of the album––and it’s a ride that we don’t want to get off. Here Comes the Runts is reminiscent of late 70s and 80s rock, and AWOLNATION seamlessly combine classic rock and roll, electronica, and even surf-rock throughout catchy, noisy songs. 4.5/5 - Abby Fox Download: “Passion” and “Table for One”



ALBUM REVIEWS Technology DON BROCO SharpTone Records DON BROCO’s very anticipated third studio album Technology was released this February, giving you a reason to dance the days away. The band came to America for the first time early last year and since then, they have gained more momentum in the States, making this release even more exciting for them. The first single they released from Technology was the song “Pretty,” which helped transition the band from their previous jammy and dancy releases. The band put out a few singles throughout 2017 like “Stay Ignorant,” title track “Technology,” “T-Shirt Song,” and “Come Out To LA” to set the tone of the album. The songs feature vocals from Matt Donnelly (drummer), which works so well with frontman Rob Damiani’s voice. DON BROCO definitely brought in more heavy guitar riffs to their new album, which can be heard throughout. “Porkies” is a song that really stood out because of its heavy instruments and insane vocals. The song is truly something different and you have it stuck in your head for days. The band even brought back a single they released in 2016 named “Everybody” for the album, which is a very upbeat song that everybody loves to see live. The album is very focused on the technology in our lives. The song “Good Listener” quite literally talks about how our phones listen to us when we talk and can target ads and things straight to us. This album is a very good listen whether you are here for the groovy riffs or you love the great lyrics they have written. Surely, it will play on repeat for the next few weeks, maybe even months, after you listen to it for the first time. DON BROCO heads across North America with Our Last Night, I The Mighty, and Jule Vera next month. Be sure to check out Technology and see them when they come through because you definitely will not regret it. 5/5 - Chelsea Gresh Download: “¥,” “Pretty,” “Good Listener”

Man of the Woods Justin Timberlake RCA Records After what felt like an eternity, Justin Timberlake has graced us with a new record and a bit of a new direction. Following up 2013’s smash hit, The 20/20 Experience, JT’s latest effort, Man of the Woods, shows there is more to his music than just swoon-worthy hooks; it reveals a more raw, genuine side that we haven’t witnessed from him before. You can hear the maturity in his voice and lyrics, something that he has likely drawn from his real life as a husband and father. The album opens with the debut single from the record, “Filthy,” which is implicative of his previous work, while still including his newfound sound. The song instantly launched into the top 40 and is still dominating airwaves. From there, Timberlake takes us under his wing and propels us into his new era. “Midnight Summer Jam” encompasses much of the new sound and offers an authentic, outdoorsy influence. “Man of the Woods,” “Livin’ Off the Land,” and “Supplies” are other great tracks on the album that follow suit. Other highlights from the album include “Sauce” and “Morning Light” (which features a cameo from Alicia Keys). The latter is one of the more sweet sounding and stripped-back ones on the record. Timberlake also collaborates with country star Chris Stapleton on the infectious song “Say Something,” which proved to be a huge success with country fans and pop fans alike. Overall, this is a solid and exciting new step for JT. It is is a great follow up to his previous records where he played it safe. He is set to embark on his massive Man of the Woods Tour next month and will be trekking all through North America and Europe, so fans will be able to see that his vocal ability (and dancing ability) are just as good no matter the genre or influence. 4.5/5 - Lauren Klonowski Download: “Filthy,” “Midnight Summer Jam,” “Sauce”






At the young age of seventeen, Lydia Night is already the charismatic frontwoman wise beyond her years. The Regrettes, which Night fronts, is a new age riot grrrl act taking the indie rock scene by storm. Night’s first musical experiences, like sound checking and singing The Ramones at her father’s New Orleans nightclub were a good hint that she was destined for music. “The Ramones were my first favorite band so I’d sing, ‘Beat on the Brat,’” she remarked. At the age of six, she got her first guitar for her birthday and started taking lessons the next day. Songwriting and being taught to write music came early. “My guitar teacher was really big on songwriting and taught me how to write music and from then on I started writing, singing and playing guitar,” she added. Night started her first band at the age of seven, took on the role of lead singer and front woman and wrote all of the music. “I wrote my first song which was called “Sweet Lyla.” I still remember it so perfectly. The second song I wrote was “Two Little Love Birds” and both of them were a



minute long and I recorded them on GarageBand,” she said. Fast forward to 2015 where she met Sage Chavis (bass), Genes Gariano (guitar), and Maxx Morando (drums) in a music school in Los Angeles. Since they were already a band, Night found an opportunity. “I just wiggled on in and we came together and force The Regrettes,” she laughed. Over the years, the group has released a full studio album, an EP and numerous singles. They have also released several covers. “A lot of times the covers we do are just songs we’ve all kind of grown up with,” she explained. “We never do a song unless it’s something that we all think could be really fun.” The new EP, Attention Seeker, includes a cover of the classic 1960 Dion and the Belmonts track “Teenager in Love.” “‘Teenager in Love’ is a song that I actually used to cover in my band when I was seven, which is really funny. It’s obviously such a relatable song because it’s about the painful side of being a teenager in love,” she explained.

Night’s current playlist is jam packed with girl power. “I’ve kind of gone back to getting really into Blondie, but I’ve also been listening to some rap,” said Night. “I love Cardi B. Mostly as a person, but I also love her music.” Night says she loves “aggressive female rappers. “I think there’s something really cool about hearing a woman kind of speak about men in the way that men have always spoken about women. It’s a little shocking, but it shouldn’t be. There’s something interesting, like they’re kind of taking back their power in a way and I really enjoy that,” she elaborated. It is clear Night will not let anything stop her. In the music industry’s current state there are many common ideas that it is harder to be a woman in music. Night has a fearless conception of what it’s like being a young woman in an ever-changing industry and remarked, “I don’t play music with my vagina, so overall it doesn’t really matter.” On and off stage the group loves performing. “I just love the energy that you get when you play something live because you can’t capture that, even if you record it live. There’s something about just

the energy and the exchange between audience member and person on stage that you can’t really beat,” said Night. Their most recent tour was supporting SWMRS across the country. The group’s performances are raw, unapologetic and just completely fun. The last night of tour in Denver, Colorado, fans could be witnessed screaming along, clamoring towards Night when she jumped in the crowd and even moshing. “I’ll start singing some part differently and I’ll just keep doing that so they kind of take on a new life throughout touring which I think is really cool and really fun,” she added about touring. On the road, The Regrettes take full advantage of traveling. “The second we get to a city I’m trying to explore it and go see different things and experience it all. I like staying healthy and experiencing each place for what it is,” she said. She explained that before every day she’ll spend time planning exactly what they will do and where they will eat. “I think a lot of bands are just so exhausted. It’s probably because we don’t really party at all that I have so much energy and I just want to explore,” she added.



Fans are lucky to find The Regrettes on several of the major festival lineups this summer, including both weekends of Coachella, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo and Firefly. Night is excited to see Cardi B, Beyonce and SZA in April when they play Coachella. Karen O is one of her biggest idols, and she’s ecstatic to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs when The Regrettes play Governors Ball in New York. “The catering at all these festivals is always so nice too,” she laughed. A California run of shows and the upcoming festival performances are in support of their new EP Attention Seeker. The EP includes acoustic versions of “Hey Now” and “A Living Human Girl” and new single “Come Through.” “Come Through”



is a strong upbeat and bubbly track that showcases Night’s beautiful voice paired with the powerful guitars the group is known for. “‘Come Through’ is such an empowering song for me personally and I think it will be for other people. I just love songs that make you feel like a bad bitch and I fee like that song does it for me and I hope it does it for others,” explained Night. The Regrettes have always been self-aware and outspoken about being honest and empowering and this track is no exception. This new music from The Regrettes should be on everyone’s radar, especially with festival season on the horizon. Stay up to date with all of what The Regrettes are up to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.







After coming off a tour with indie pop band Sir Sly, SHAED, pronounce “shade, an electro-pop trio from Washington D.C., prepared for a show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. The trio is made up of twin brothers, Max and Spencer Ernst, and Chelsea Lee. The trio has been friends since high school, and are practically a family, since Chelsea and Spencer are engaged. “Chelsea is soon to be officially part of the family as well, which is exciting,” said Max. The trio began their rehearsal after their touring mates, Foreign Air. Max and Spencer took over setting up on the stage. Chelsea started off soundcheck by doing a mic check, singing bits and pieces of their songs “Too Much” and “Just Wanna See.” The track “Too Much” can be best described as an electro-pop track with Lee’s strong vocals adds to the catchy melody. “Just Wanna See” is a bit slowed down, but the music assembly makes the track stand out with a balance with Lee’s vocals. The brothers produced and share the instrumentation in the band and Chelsea is the lead singer. Spencer BTS


plays drums, keys and guitar, while Max takes over as bass guitar. “We’ve known each other since high school and just met each other through the D.C. music scene,” said Max. They became best friends and hung out with each other for a long time before they decided to start making efforts to put a music project together. In March 2016, SHAED was formed. SHAED’s sound can be described as alternative electronic-pop, but the band says it’s hard to pinpoint their sound. “We experiment with a lot synthesizers and just like electronic pop,” said Spencer. “I would say we generally listen to altzy music and we always try to listen to new stuff, right we are really into H.E.R.,” said Chelsea. Individually, their influences range. Chelsea grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, alternative 80s music and Peter Gabriel. “Spencer and I were more 70s, so it was Tom Petty and Crosby Stills Nash, but the crossover between our groups, like we both listen to the Police. That was a big influence for us,” said Max.

SHAED toured with Sir Sly this year and they had nothing but great things about the band and their experience traveling to different cities. “We love those guys and we were on the road with them for over a month and they are awesome performers, awesome people. We actually got to write some music with them too and yeah they are just all round fun guys to hang out with,” said Spencer. Max expressed how fortunate the band is to be on such great tours. “Our first tour was with Marian Hill and then we went on tour with Bishop Briggs and then

Sir Sly, so we been pretty lucky to tour with great acts,” said Max. SHAED has released two singles, “Lonesome” and “Too Much.” They also released an EP entitled Just Wanna See. Chelsea Lee says they are currently writing new material. “We all just moved into a house, so we’re putting all our efforts into writing bunch of songs after this and we already have big pot of stuff already,” she said. “A big focus is just releasing new music in 2018,” said Spencer.


1. The first concert Chelsea Lee attended was *NYSNC. 2. The first concert Max and Spencer attended was Coldplay, but when they playing smaller venues! 3. If Chelsea can bring back any artist back from the dead, it would Frank Sinatra. 4. Spencer would bring back Freddie Mercury. 5. Max would bring back John Lennon back from the dead.






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