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Intelligent Traffic Solutions

BTS Intelligent Transport Systems

MISSION & VISION With a significant track record for innovation our solutions contribute to social sustainability, mobility and healthy environment. Efficient use of existing road infrastructure, reduction of air pollution and traffic congestion equate to the improvement of future traffic management. B&T Signaal (BTS) designs, develops, implements and operates state of the art ITS applications with a network consisting of legal entities lead by entrepreneurs. Our solutions improve the efficiency, quality and safety of respective transport infrastructure. In doing so, we contribute to social sustainability and a healthy environment. We consider our employees and contractors as partners and team members rather than a usual work force.

WHO WE ARE B&T Signaal ApS (BTS) is the international division of Bro- og Tunnelselskapet AS (B&T). B&T was established in 1953 with the object of financing, building and operating transport and communications projects in Norway. BTS itself was set up in 2012 and is headquarted in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company collaborates with Signaal AS, an Estonian company which has a strong expertise in road marking, traffic lights and traffic management systems. Like its Norwegian parent company, BTS is a knowledge and technology-based company supplying operating services, hi-tech solutions and consulting services in the sphere of electronic payment services and intelligent transport systems. Thus, BTS combines the expertise of B&T regarding Tolling, especially Back-Office Systems (BOS) and operations, as well as consulting and traffic management provided by Signaal. The main focus of BTS is therefore the provision and operation of ITS applications by strongly cooperating with local players and small to medium sized companies providing specialized technology and knowledge. Moreover, BTS also cooperates with large players in the market either as distributer of components, or as subcontractor.

SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES BTS offer a wide range of solutions and services in the field of ITS. Our services include planning, implementation and operation of the aforementioned solutions and services.

CONSULTING Our consulting services include planning, analysis, testing and monitoring services to new and existing ITS systems. To keep up to date with the latest expertise and knowledge, we also strongly collaborate with the academic and research sectors. We therefore provide our clients with a tailor-made solution to fit their needs or increase the efficiency of their current systems. Thus BTS provides, amongst others, the following consulting services:

■ Traffic analysis and planning ■ Transport Economics ■ Project Management ■ Training ■ Project Development & Support ■ Testing and Auditing ■ Design of ITS Applications



Having its background in the operations of manual and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), B&T Signaal has developed various products and components in order to optimize operational costs. Therefore, we form tailor-made solutions from well-tested and proven components in accordance to customer requirements. This enables quick and effective realization of projects. Among others we provide the following solutions:

With B&T’s first operation of a tolling system occurring in 1953, BTS provides great experience with services such as booth and point-of-sale operations, payment and customer service and technical operations. Our state-of-the-art operation services may be fully turn-key or partially implemented and include all necessary processes related to ITS applications. We therefore offer the following services:

■ Enforcement ■ Traffic Lights & Traffic Management ■ Parking & Access ■ Ferry Solutions ■ Back-office Systems ■ Car Tracking & Fuel Saving ■ Road Pricing & Congestion Charging

■ Technical operations ■ Payment ■ Customer services ■ Booth and Point of Sale operation ■ Manual Verification

Our NETWORK BTS is not just an alliance of partners, but rather a network of companies dedicated to developing and providing the best solutions in Intelligent Transport Systems. BTS is constantly looking for its network to grow and therefore has expanded into international markets outside Northern Europe by building bridges and partnerships with local partners. However, apart from local partners, BTS has direct subsidiaries in a number of European countries. These subsidiaries allow BTS to have local and regional bases of operations in the respective countries and regions.

INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS B&T Signaal ApS Fredrikholms Kanal 20 ST DK-1220 København K Denmark T: +45 44 45 50 00 F: +45 44 45 50 01 @:

ENTITIES Norway Bro- og Tunnelselskapet AS Fjøsangerveien 68 BOX 5068 BERGEN Norway T: +47 815 00 067 F: +47 850 28 262 @: B&T CONSULTING AS Fjøsangerveien 68 BOX 5068 BERGEN Norway @: B&T AUTORISERT REGNSKAPSFØRERSELSKAP AS Fjøsangerveien 68 BOX 5068 BERGEN Norway @: DEMAND NORGE AS Fjøsangerveien 68 BOX 5068 BERGEN Norway @:

Sweden Bro- og Tunnelselskapet AB Drottninggatan 2 BOX 1248 SE-701 12 Örebro, Sweden @:

BTS Art Factory doo Skopje B&T Signaal Traffic Solutions doo Skopje St. Hristo Tatarchev 1,No.21A, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia T: +389 2 2783 493 F: +389 2 2783 496 @:

Poland TA Group Sp. z o.o. Mariacka St. 4 40-014 Katowice T: +48 32 726 76 87 F. +48 32 797 18 53 @:

Estonia Demuth Business Partner International OÜ Kadaka tee 86a ruum 305 12618 Tallinn T: +372 6659 460 F: +372 6659 468 @:

Macedonia B&T Signaal Traffic Solutions doo Skopje St. Hristo Tatarchev 1,No.21A, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia T:. +389 2 2783 493 F:. +389 2 2783 496 @:

AS Signaal TM Limi 3 10621 Tallinn, Estonia T: +372 6 563 532 F: +372 6 563 529 @: Serbia B&T Signaal ApS c/o Nedeljko Bakic Železnička xy 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia T:. +381 62 894 5355 F:. +381 21 480 4602 @:

Austria Demuth Business Partner GmbH Währingerstr. 20/17 A-1090 Wien T: +43 720 505 939 F: +43 720 5059399 @: Malta BTS Consulting & Services Ltd. Tower Gate Place Tal-Qroqq Street Msida MSD 1703 MALTA T: +356 2131 3060 F: +356 2131 3064 @:

Germany Demuth Business Partner GmbH c/o Nóra Vanessa Balogh Kunigunden Str. 20 80802 München Germany T: +49 (0) 179 510.5275 F: +49 (89) 954.64.124 @:

Our Team Management Team Our management team has long term experience in the field of ITS applications. Our people have been engaged in most of the tolling projects in Europe. We combine technical know-how, with experience and local knowledge to implement operations not only in Scandinavia, but also in Central and Southern Europe. The BTS team consists of employees, entrepreneurs and partners. The size of our network enables us to quickly form expert teams performing different types of projects. Thus, we combine all kind of expertise in order to realize projects for our customers in due time and with high efficiency.

Sweden From 2008 and onwards BTS has contributed to the Stockholm Congestion Programme with consultants and accumulated knowledge of tolling system operations. In Gothenburg, the authorities are in the process of finalising its city centre toll ring project. BTS has also contributed with reports as well as advisory and consultancy services. The largest project in which is BTS is currently involved is the development of a centralised national system for the Swedish Transport Agency.

Slovakia In 2009, BTS contributed to the successful launch of the Slovak Truck tolling project by providing consultancy and knowledge to the national operator SkyToll and their suppliers. The system is based on GPS and is mandatory for all trucks passing through the country – including foreign vehicles.

Malta In cooperation with our local partner KEY software, we have developed a state of the art web portal for Transport Malta. This portal is to be used by travelers, as well as the various authorities itself. Thus the portal also consists of a GIS application.

Management Team: Trond Juvik, Vida Raa, Øyvind Nordvik and Christoph Demuth

Some of our Successes Norway There are some 50 toll systems in operation in Norway, and more than 50% of these are managed by B&T which is testament to our experience in the tolling industry. Another example of a project is the “Miljøpakke Trondheim”, a project intended to provide cheaper and more frequent bus services, more foot and cycle paths, less noise, improved road safety and a more eco-friendly traffic environment. The project has been in operation since 2011 and has successfully achieved its goals.

B&T Signaal ApS Frederiksholms Kanal 20 ST DK-1220 Copenhagen, Denmark

T: +45 44 45 50 00 F: +45 44 45 50 01 BTS-MA-000001A

Intelligent Traffic Solutions

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