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B&T Signaal in the ferry market B&T Signaal provides Back Office Solutions enabling automatic Free Flow payments for ferries. Based on the same Free Flow concept for collecting road tolls, B&T Signaal have developed an innovative and reliable solution for ferry services. The technology is similar to that of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC):

■ Road side equipment ▪ On Board Unit (OBU) reading and/or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) ■ Back- office System (BOS) ■ Image processing ■ Payment and invoice services ■ Monitoring ■ Reading data from OBUs with hand held device

B&T is official distributor of the booking system Kapsch InnoFerry.

Kapsch InnoFerry™ provides a wide range of possibilities ■ Online ticketing and reservation system for ferry operators ■ Contains all functions needed in daily operations and customer service ■ Can be integrated within different environments in accordance to customer requirements ■ Hosted solution (Saas)InnoFerry is designed for smaller ferry operators, municipalities and privately owned ports, where needs are similar to those of large operators, but budgets are smaller and IT-infrastructure is more limited ■ The service is developed from knowledge of the demands and challenges that smaller ferry companies operates under and offers: ▪ Integration to a background database and ticket validation system ▪ Possibility for upgrading to EMV chip-based payment cards ▪ Optimisation in ticket handling and customer processes ▪ Reading data from OBUs with hand held device

Pilot Project From January 2010, automatic payment for all vehicles on the ferry link Flakk - Rørvik (Fjord1 MRF) in Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Norway was introduced. B&T provides the ferry service with a Back Office System (which enables more efficient transaction processing and customer relations) and associated operational services. In this system, road users are free to drive directly on board the ferry without buying a ticket at the ferry dock. Payment is made through the use of a transponder (AutoPASS and EasyGo), and the invoice is send to the customer based on a reading of the number plate or delivered onboard the ferry. The price is calculated from the vehicle’s size. This is measured by laser detectors when driving on board. The Back Office System can easily be connected with other booking systems.

Benefits from using Free Flow (ETC) for ferry operations ■ Less staff ■ Decrease of boarding time ■ Less space required on shore ■ Shorter time by the dock ■ Cash flow ■ Security ■ Environmentally friendly ■ Business Intelligence ■ Quality of information ■ Independent research shows a cost-benefit ratio from 1 to 6.5 in favor of the B&T Signaal solution

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Based on the same technology that enables Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), BTS Ferry Solutions is an innovative choice for a ferry operator...