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comes next. When the bar Claudia helps Anthony burns down they set themselves up for a new business venture together only their history together begins to complicate and thicken the plot. Claudia and Anthony set out on their path and secrets begin to unfold. The only thing is he is a vampire, and now the supernaturals are being hunted down and tested on. Needing to think of something quick to buffer the danger Anthony comes up with a plan but his secret won’t stay in the dark for very long. With a vengeful ex-girlfriend, friends that rely on him and a desire to be with the one woman he’s been in love with for years he longs to make things work. Ashlyn has done a fantastic job, her vampires are lush and full of life with a rare vibrancy that very few have been able to tap. I can’t wait for more! | Reviewer: Krissy Malott |

The Ghosts of Rue Dumaine Alexandrea Weis Paranormal Romance Heat Rating: 4

unexplainable deaths in recent years. She meets Pat the real estate agent who although very nosy, basically gives her a rundown of what has happened since she left the place all those years ago. It really did have a ghost whose name was Gaston and he even welcomed her back when she let him know that she had returned. Gaston was the first ghost she discovered upon her return. The 2nd one after she’d been introduced to the neighbor’s son from her first marriage and then the neighbor herself became one after dealing with dark the dark side a little to long and also dealing with sone unpleasant business with her family life. Gaston was basically the good ghost and tried to protect Danica as best he could under the circumstances. He was sauve, elegant,charming and very flirtatious when the right woman came along. He needs his own story. Just hope he doesn’t fall for a girl name Belle.(You know how that ended up!) It had romance, suspense, hauntings deaths, wise old people and some that kind of didn’t looke like they might hae sense, but they did. It was a good read with action that you didn’t quite see coming and a bittersweet ending hat was rather touching. But it was definitely a good read, so if you get the chance to pick it up and you like New Orleans ghosts stories, you’ll like this. | Reviewer: Cassandra Graham |

Ready to get her life back on track after ending a painful marriage, Danica Giles returns to the Creole cottage where she grew up in the New Orleans French Quarter. Danica is anxious to rekindle her friendship with a former resident from her old neighborhood, the seductive Gaston Deslonde. But Gaston isn’t exactly a normal guy. The charming man has been dead for over a hundred and fifty years, and the childish crush Danica once had on her ghostly playmate quickly turns into something much deeper. When a handsome new man enters Danica’s life, Gaston vows to do whatever he can to hold on to her. Danica soon discovers that the most forbidden of all desires cannot be satisfied without paying a grave price. Love can blur the lines between life and death when you are living among the ghosts of Rue Dumaine. Review: Danica Giles goes back home to the rented cottage that’s recently been plagued by a series of March/April 2014 | 79

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